Monday, October 31, 2016

skipping halloween

In company speak, and that includes many industries besides healthcare, an RCA is a meeting to dissect the documentation of something with a negative outcome.  I have participated in one in my career and was absolutely nailed to the wall by a surgical staff that tried to shift blame on the transfusion service.  It didn't work, by the way but was really REALLY unpleasant for me and the other two getting hammered.  The surgery to lab ratio was about 10-1 in each meeting.  The surgeon didn't show up until the very end of the last one.  It was bullshit. It's a very useful tool when used correctly if all heads remain calm and objective.  If the person in charge of the team does not have the respect of those involved and the courage to ask intimidating questions, it's all for nothing.  Just my humble opinion.

So....It's still hot but the light bill went down due to that cool spell so I'll embrace that and say amen.  The cash flow that was divvying up our parents' estate has come to a grinding halt and while it wasn't a fortune by any means, it helped me make it through this year's financial challenges like a hefty raise in rent.  The BK trustee is evidently not going to work with me on a reliable vehicle so there ya go.  I'll just have to get the little annoyances of the Camry fixed and soldier on.  I now depend on others to take me on the road because I'm just not feeling real safe in it most days.  

My phone did an off calendar re-set for DST time so Iasked Tim to call and wake me up at 5 because I couldn't figure out how to fix it.  He even had a note on his shirt to call me and forgot until six am!  Poor guy is about as ADD as I am.  It was a madhouse from beginning to end.  There were a few folks dressed up and I had intended to let out my inner Janis Joplin but was just too tired to mess with it.  

But guess what?  That means we're just days away from a presidential election that has been a shitshow from day one. Thank you sweet baby jeebus and Mother Mary also.  

There is a Thanksgiving plan in motion which may or may not include my brother.  Dude can piss me off quicker than anybody in this world.  Don't lecture me on duty and honor.  You know me like a book and realize that I always try to do what I say.  The emotional load of all this drama, which mostly I have carried, has about worn me out.  PS.  Love you anyway.

Over and out from the lane and BOO!!

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