Monday, October 3, 2016

too big to fail

I've been steady trolling the innerwebs for corporate news and haven't seen much new until this weekend when I stumbled across a piece describing the labor board complaints against the company that have been leveled not just at the original hugeass conglomerate but also extends to their spinoff company Quorum.  Meaning, in my humble opinion, that particular set of dogs won't be easy to unload and will more than likely "divest" as they say in the business.  

In hindsight, I've seen this coming for several years.  Friends who have been through job loss have shared that they knew it was coming but rode it out 'til the end.  Season 7 of Nurse Jackie is so parallel to my work life it ain't even funny.  There are several good facilities in the West Tennessee area, ours being the strongest.  If I were the powers that be? I'd be negotiating with West Tennessee Healthcare based in Jackson.  Solid business sense if they can get the financing for us feeders.  Other than a bailout like the banks and big retailers got, there is no way out.  

I work in a hospital and pay for somewhat decent insurance.  A few weeks ago I dislocated my finger and showed up for work and treatment of said finger so I actually COULD work.  It took all of one hour to get that done.  I now owe the hospital a 100 buck co-pay because I wasn't admitted and Independent Radiology.  The kicker is the ER doc's bill stating that I owe 842 dollars after insurance because "deductible."  And it's October!!!!  You are punished for not getting sick in some twisted way.   There will be more discussion with this particular provider's group.  

Also in my mail was a bill from the dentist who did my root canal and I was pleasantly surprised to find old school value up in there.  Most of the time you can't touch a root canal for less than 700.  His was four.  Gotta love connections.  

At some point, each of us has to decide if we're in it for the money or for the mission.  Do no harm.  Help people in need.  Provide value for hard earned dollars.  Keep your own faith.  In the end, integrity is what matters.  


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