Friday, October 28, 2016

on being heard

As a healthcare advocate I am tireless in looking for new ways to improve patient care.  Sometimes that doesn't always line up with corporate financial expectations but whatever.  We're there to heal and help sick people.  In spite of a 43% drop in stock value yesterday, I firmly believe that Dyersburg will always have a hospital.  It could be a FANTASTIC one and hopefully will be someday.  We have a lot of talent in leadership at the local level.  All we need is a smaller operating plan.  157 hospitals and thousands of clinics is way too much to manage efficiently even by divisions.  Sadly, it's the American way for healthcare to be bought and sold as a commodity.  But enough about the sawmill....

I'm off for a couple of days to get some rest and sort some more.  It's still hot in the afternoons and coolish in the morning darkness.  Last I heard from my brother he was passing through Gatlinburg making his way back to VA.  It's a longass drive and as much as I hate to fly, to get me there will take just that.  To hell with wasting precious vacay time in a car.  

I found a papershell tree that's bearing yesterday so I've got my eye on that one for sure.  There won't be many but they're a good size and texture.  Larry is (still) here chilling with the tribe.  I haven't seen Lily yet so she's probably curled up in a ball somewhere or chasing snakes.  

There is something in my heart that keeps telling me to do the next right thing.  It may be God or my ex or my parents but I'm listening to the voices.  Against all odds good will prevail over evil.  Not all the time, by any means.  Just one day at a time.  


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