Sunday, October 23, 2016

something to believe in

Lord have mercy ya'll, I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger.  More work today, but there were blessings.  On one of my rounds I found none other than my 92 year old childhood caregiver.  She didn't remember me at first, but when I explained who I was she mentioned Samaria Bend Road.  Her brother lived here with his wife Margaret who made a mean chocolate pie and had braids all over her head.  We all lived in the same neighborhood so there ya' go.  

Later on in the day there were a couple of other challenges which I met with intent.  Because of HIPPA I can't disclose the details but I can tell you that both situations scared me to death.  I'm too old for that shit.  I'm somewhat of a FB celebrity because of the snake and nobody can really believe I picked him up and threw his ass outside.  Just remember....there was a towel involved.  

I've always been prayerful at work.   When I see something where there's suffering at any level, I pray silently right then and there for God's will to be done and please pull it out of the ditch if possible.  If not?  It was meant to be.  My best friend on the medical staff prays with his patients before every procedure.  Formerly a Lutheran he now is a devout Methodist.  
Natalie schooled me on Messianic Jews yesterday at  lunch and I was kind of inspired by that whole story.  Everybody has one  you know.  And it definitely needs to be told.  I've had pecan pickers every day this week only these ones are people I know and love.  Mo and her crew came by today before Nelson left to go back to NC.  Ron Jr is back in Cali aleady.  We talked about things like the house moving.  The weather is primo right now.  

Other than that, Larry is semi permanent between here and Brook's place.  He's so in love with Sophie it ain't funny.  I've got a feeling there will be more puppy pimping going on around here.  I haven't seen Chester in a year or two.  I'm pretty sure Pete keeps him close to home.  

Grace ~

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