Friday, October 14, 2016

falling leaves

My grandmother Geraldine used to play the electric organ for entertainment at ladies events or just to amuse herself.  There's one particular piece that I can't name but it came to mind as I scooted through the dried up leaves toward home.  Mama played piano and so did I.  She took lessons from Ms Gerster Neal and mine were with Uncle Jim and Aunt Nancy plus the lovely Charlene Fisher from the Blue Mountain Conservatory of Music.  Daddy's people were from Tippah county.  

He was about my age when he really got interested in ancestry as in but there was a lot of handwritten stuff as well.  All of those volumes are either here or in the cabin waiting to be looked at.  In all my spare time!  I was delighted to find Adrian's sign still standing and this afternoon it was a little straighter.  Looks like they mowed too.  

I have all these random friends who know that I never go anywhere and will usually be seated in the kitchen at the oblong table tapping away.  I watched Michelle Obama's speech and for the first time during this campaign heard the words from someone's heart rather than what speech writers had on the cards.  Okay..I'm sure she had some cards but.  The quivering voice when talking about our children let  me know she was sincere.  We're all precious.  Here's the thing with that:  You can only work so much when dealing with life and all that goes along with it.  In the end, it's a job that if you did your best?  Be proud.  I learned the hard way that overextending for corporate is not a healthy way to live.

People tell me that I look much better these days...rested.  My face is different.  The constant sense of struggle seems to have left me which is timely in the grief process.  My daughter is happy and healthy and that's a gift from Big Ernie.   And yes, I'm staying grateful.


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