Saturday, October 22, 2016

in the garden

Today was up and at 'em at 5AM for sawmill duty.  I was met by Tim and Sherry and Nat and Tiffany *jesssusss*.  Marfie Sue was right behind us and on a mission.  It's her 45th class reunion and she's loving every minute of it.  That makes me happy, ya know?  There was no crisis of epic proportions so that's always a good thing.  That full moon was a bitch though!

I took my lunch break to visit Ronald's family at the parish.  After all these years I finally knew all their names when prompted including Walter from the great state of Florida. Brother of Ricky and Sonja.  Our mayor looked weak and fragile but was surrounded by a cloud of witnesses including Jean and Aunt Molly.

I had never met Ron Jr. until today.  As I was leaving I stopped to introduce myself and asked if any of the kids from Northview had stopped by.  "A few" he said.  He told me about a co-worker sharing that HIS kid had done a FB post about Mr. Ronald and his impact on youth.  He was a veteran and mentor.  Kickass griller along with his brother James Frank.  

The grandaddy of all this clan is Son Johnson who helped to build the dairy barn that sits atop Pecan Lane.  Daddy told me that he had a house on the hill (where the kudzu is) and built that barn and the silos from the ground up.  The two houses on our lane were already built circa 1918.  From there it turned into a huge farming operation that was purchased by a man who made a fortune off of a contract with the US government during WWI.  

There was a pond with swans in it right behind my house in the low spot and an asparagus field across the road.  Peonies every freakin' where according to Ms Mary.  There was a chute to send them down the basement steps to be packed for shipment. 

I realize the blessing that is knowing the history of a home that I have known for 61 years.  Every day that I watch the sun set over that bluff, I say a big fat thank you sweetbabyjeebus.  God is good. 

All the time ^j^

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