Wednesday, October 12, 2016

stay grateful

That was the parting message left with me yesterday from Didi.  We've met each other in person once on the side of freakn' 412, no less, but chat often.  We have a lot of things in common including a stubborn streak.  

I spent those two days off piddling and sleeping so the house is still not done.  Closer, but not there.  I may have to hire Bubba's cleaning ladies for a kickstart on the floors.  My bright idea with the cable tie for the washer hose on the Camry didn't work so I have to buy an 18 buck part and find somebody to fix it.  I bet Patterson Brothers can!!

I mentioned the high ER bill that I got and lo and behold BC decides to do one of those "can anybody else pay for this" kind of deals.  Whatever!  For the first time in six weeks I can bend that finger.  The system ebbs and flows and us little consumers just ride the waves.  

Jesus or somebody told me to go visit my neighbor Ronnie yesterday and I'm glad I did.  He's very very sick but I'm considered family and I was allowed a few minutes with him.  The hospital bed was to be delivered later in the day.  The tribe is gathered around him no doubt. 

So the really evil side of me is wondering just what's gonna happen on Halloween when everybody shows up as a clown.  I mean helllooooo....please check your guns at the door.  My co-worker showed me a picture of her own personal piece and she almost had to use it on some intruders last night.  Now this girl weighs about a hundred pounds and is short stuff with an attitude.  Kids beware....janie's got a gun!

No wisdom here.  Just unwinding from the day and enjoying the quiet.  Keeping the faith and wearing big girl panties.  Pondering the next chapter.  

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