Thursday, October 27, 2016

pickin' with peyton

Tommy and his daughter Peyton came to visit Aunt Janie yesterday afternoon and she was thrilled to find that I still have piles of stuff for her to go through.  She was a little put off by the dogs but loosened up and roamed around to see what she could see.  I gave her a basket and told her to have at it.  "Ooohhh" she would say when something caught her eye.  "What is this??"  For most things I had an answer but there were a couple of unidentifiable things that we passed on.  A bit later her daddy said "I think you need a bigger basket" so we found another and she proceeded to fill that one too.  Kind of like shopping.  Her favorite was the heart basket because she loves the shape.  She found a mini Christmas tree for her doll house and a whole lot of other stuff.  As Tommy strapped her into the truck, I put her treasures on the seat next to her and she made SURE that heart basket was visible.  Mama's dining table was secured in the truck bed headed to a new home in the BlueRidge mountains. He'll be back for the house moving whenever that takes place.

I've only been back to the cabin once since our last sale.  There are still books and pictures to clean out but nothing else.  That dining table was the last piece of furniture that was our life on Samaria Bend.  I love that the next generation of Staffords will be using it!

There's no other news here so I guess that's a good thing.  Slow news is better than bad news any day.

Happy ladies night ~ Always remember who you are.  

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