Wednesday, October 19, 2016

there is no I in team

Team building and problem solving are two of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry.  Clinicians are quick to burn out when on the front lines and usually corporate could care less as long as they don't lose perks or shareholders.  There's an O for every little detail of the entire operation with dozens of divisions mixed in amongst it.  In our case, the hospital is owned by a financially troubled company that went way too far into debt to get too big to fail.  Yet, fail they did. They are now in the process of reorganizing things into parcels that will survive, some of them.  The ones that have an acute care facility within 30 minutes and two in-patients will go, as they should.  Every little burg needs a top notch ER and transfer capabilities that are dependable to handle trauma and obstetrics and surgery.  ICU beds.  To have a patient mix like ours which consists of lots of ER abuse and end stage everything as in-patients makes money but it's also kind of a clusterfuck at times.  I don't pretend to be an expert on these things.  I just have an opinion based on 39 years in the hospital as a loyal employee.  

My worries about the future of Tennova are zero at this point because Dyersburg will always be a dot on the West Tennessee map.  My disillusionment is not with the local leaders but with those at the next level who let employees and the community sit in the dark while they spin deals.  We deserve to know what the plan is.  One of the biggest industries in Newbern just shut their doors and put 58 people on a hunt for jobs.  Around here, there ain't many.  

I've got a doc's appointment in the AM for evaluation of left shoulder/right knee plus a long list of shit to do.  I'm working this weekend so Kimmmaye can go to Florida with hub on a golf trip.  Girl had no clue she was headed straight toward where Matthew hit!

Keep thinking positive.  And keep the faith ^j^

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