Monday, October 24, 2016

centering down

In Quakerspeak, that refers to the process of becoming quiet and still to receive the spiritual message of the meeting.  As in, leaving room for it to work.  My friend the Little General was raised a Quaker and joined the UMC when I was still an active member.  Her congregation in Halls suffered complete devastation of their church by a tornado and my cousin Debbie helped the ladies make wind chimes out of the broken stained glass.  I still have mine.  

I'm dragging like....bad.  Fatigue is something that I am very in tune with these days and too much interaction other than what's necessary just sort of wears me out.  I enjoy visiting with folks 99% of the time.  That other 1% I just need to chill and center down.  

I ran to the drug store to pick up some necessities like coconut oil and a new toothbrush and headed to the DQ for a grilled burger.  I didn't even feel like eating but it was time so there ya go.  It's cool in the mornings and almost hot when I get off.  We seem nowhere near a frost so it seems odd to see so many pecans down.  Thanks Obama.

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