Sunday, October 9, 2016

where the heart is

Mine is full and broken all at once if that makes sense.  The weekend with BG and work was relaxed and enjoyable.  The first thing she did when she hit the door was start cleaning which is fine by me.  Sometimes it's overwhelming with all these critters.  We came and went and did our own things which is also fine by me.  Heather came for dinner looking all pregnant and stuff and actually glowing!  They were both appalled that I didn't have any clean forks or plates.  Entertaining is not my forte.  Early to bed is my motto especially when work comes at 6AM.  She came by the sawmill to give me a hug this morning on the way back to Madison county.  I missed her before she was even off of Tickle Street.  

I asked Brook for visitation with Larry and she informed me that he's at Granny's house where her Papa is finally home because he LOVES him some Larry.  I reckon he's got his own fan club now.  Last night I noticed this big ass truck cruising down the lane and my first thought was "law."  The truck pulled up in the driveway and out jumped Adrian Montague with my very own yard sign for his campaign in the 8th congressional district seat.  He is an Iraq vet and has no party affiliation which means he's the underdog around here.  The rebel in me loved him from first sight.  We sat at the kitchen table and talked about what he stands for and his history.  I'm gonna' plant the sign down at the end of the lane so as to give it more views!  

Two days off.  It's been a long time since I had that following a weekend.  It was probably just a comedy of errors but I intend to embrace it with lots of sleep and outside play.  Leave a message at the beep.  


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