Monday, October 10, 2016


Hurricane Matthew continues to wreak havoc in its' wake.  The people of Haiti, still struggling to recover from a massive earthquake, got devastated and now the threat of a cholera outbreak is very real.  Their sugarcane crop is almost completely destroyed.  The infrastructure which was fragile to begin with is about to collapse.  And while North Carolina flooded, two presidential candidates put on a show for those who cared to watch.   I could care less because at this point even Mitch McConnell is probably not voting for Trump.  His attitude toward life in general, but especially women, is disgusting.  I don't care how good a business person you are, when there is blatant disrespect and sexual harassment shut the eff up.  Even Madea said so!

The weather is to die for.  Farmer Joey is finishing up beans on this fine windy day but they're downhill so that's all good.  I tried to get Adrian's sign into the ground but it was all rock down there so I'll wait 'til they finish that field and stake my spot for an independent candidate.  

I skipped the gentral' today and chose the chicken store and ATM.  I was puzzled about the banks being closed and remembered Columbus day so there you go.  That can only work in my favor.  I suppose that means no mail either.  I don't get much any more and the covers have fallen off both front and back of the box so I often find in laying in the road.  Note to self:  new mailbox.  

Mamye and I did some bead therapy last night and spelled our names out on the kitchen table.  It's a wonderful feeling to dig through beads and let 'em fall like sand through your fingers while incense burns.  Sounds kind of witchy huh?  I certainly can be and I know for sure that Mamye puts spells on people.  

I love these days...the ones with no agenda and lots of potential. I've finally learned to expect nothing and be surprised when it happens.  

Brotherhood of man~

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