Thursday, October 31, 2019


I don't know if we had a freeze last night or not but it seems a sure bet for tonight.  Since the pecans are already falling I headed to Pennington's this morning to buy some burlap bags in preparation for the harvest.  It didn't seem THAT cold until I got to the cabin and out into the icy wind.  Lerd.  I said a few cursies, picked up a few and decided to wait for warmer weather.  Or at least less wind.  One of my fondest memories is of my Daddy standing over me while I crawled around on the ground outside his house.  It was the last pecan season he lived to see.

I'm assuming the impeachment inquiry is under way.  At this point it is conceivable that we could have a President Pelosi and I know that makes a lot of butts draw up.  I just want the whole mess to be over.  I don't expect it to be an easy transition for this country.  We have three years of mess to clean up before we can even begin to look ahead.  But hey...we will survive.  

Reaves has a unicorn costume but who knows what trick or treat looks like for her.  I remember hauling kids around all over town watching them run door to door.  Folks don't do that so much anymore because it's just not safe.  Sad but true.  Now it's more like take your kid to an event and be done with it which is cool.  If it weren't for FB I wouldn't even know it's Halloween!  We never had trick or treaters out here but we did get a good yard rolling one time thanks to Vicki Autry.  It's considered an honor, you know.  

My trick or treating days were spent in the vicinity of Alice Thurmond Elementary school and the houses on Pate street.  There was a spaghetti supper and costume contest.  I won first place as a bale of cotton but the bad thing was I couldn't sit down because of the box I was covered in.  Must look for picture!  

If you see an old hippie flying by on a broom, wave at me ^j^

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

rant time

Two days ago I planted a campaign sign on Samaria Bend Road across from the entrance to the golf course.  Today it is gone.  Not blown over but just *poof* somebody pulled it up.  Now it's not like there are a lot of campaign signs out here in the boonies.  Some over zealous Republican yanked it up, in my opinion.  Our county is littered with signs for the four Republican candidates for the district 77 representative.  Mike Smith is the under dog here but he's got a lot of people working on his behalf.  Even the Republicans are turning on each other.  It's disgusting.  Casey Hood who was the interim appointee by Governor Bill Lee is going down low and dirty on the front runner in the GOP race.  Dirty politics.  

A friend told me a story from a witness to how things happen in Nashville.  The vote on school vouchers was tight and this person witnessed the power players pulling folks out on the balcony to sway their decisions.  Therefore, DeVos got her way.  This person was promised, in exchange for his vote, that it would not affect Knoxville.  Hide and watch dude.  I am a firm believer in the public school system and in fact have a friend who is on strike in Chicago over class size, lack of school nurses and social workers, among other things.  It's not all about the money folks.  It's about what's right for the kids.  Of course Ms Betsy has troubles of her own with the student loan deal.  

And then there's the Ukrainian ambassador who was thrown under the bus about like Frank Underwood did with Zoey and the train.  Even Republicans are standing up to defend those who are trashing him.  Enough, people.  Do the next right thing. I could go on and on but I won't.  It just pisses me off and that's not good for inner peace.

It's been raining like a mofo around here and just slacked up.  There are below freezing temps coming up so I expect to see a lot of pecans laying around if somebody doesn't get to them first.  I will cut'choo, just saying.

I believe in equality for all races, sexual preferences and lifestyles as long as it doesn't interfere with my life.  Somehow I don't see immigrants lined up at the border as something that will affect me directly except for the way they are treated which is pretty badly.  Deporting those military personnel who have served our country and risked their lives is beyond comprehension to me.  I am pro-choice.  I used to be against the death penalty but I'm moving more toward the middle on that.  If the DNA is there, let 'em go or get it done.  

Politics makes strange bedfellows, for sure.  Keep the faith.  Be considerate of others.  You never know when you will be the one who sparks change ^j^

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

pecan party

I think it was the Sojourners class at FUMC that brought all their kids and folding chairs and baskets to pick up nuts for a class mission.  There were bags upon bags of them collected by people with a purpose.  If I remember correctly there was one very pregnant lady sitting in the middle of it.  Another guy sat on the porch swing reading the paper.  It was that kind of deal.  We had them cracked and sold them in bags at church for a fundraiser.  Later we made sausage and biscuits and sold them to those who didn't eat before they came.  Those were the good old days.  

I can't remember who the preacher was then but it was probably the great saint Willis G.  In my job as transfusion service supervisor at the Dyersburg hospital we changed providers of blood products during his tenure.  This man preached to the choir and got a Dyer county volunteer blood program to pack the shelves at West Tennessee Regional Blood Center, now known as Lifeline in Jackson.  They are a for profit organization now but one of my dear friends still serves on the board.  

Blood donors are a unique breed.  They show up at the bus, roll their sleeves up and give anonymously.  It's all tested and re-tested to make sure the product is safe.  A lot of people wonder what would happen if they needed it and said product wasn't there.  That crosses my mind from time to time.

To be a donor you must have a minimum iron level and answer a shit ton of questions about your sexual activity.  If you are 16 you need parental consent.  Minimum weight is 110 pounds.  The products are tested for HIV, all forms of hepatitis, West Nile, and on and on.  

I remember after 9/11 there was a rush on blood banks with people wanting to donate only there was no need.  Not many survived.  Be proactive if you've got good veins and pay it forward.  

Monday, October 28, 2019

blah blah blah

Sometimes I just feel like typing in silence, like today.  My friend came over and hooked up the antenna which actually works.  Praise Be!  I've been running like a madwoman all morning starting with exercise.  Then came personal shopping and business.  One of the things I was looking for was a pie server.  After visiting two stores, I went back without said item.  When I told him he said " well I guess I could pull out the sterling silver one."  My reply was "use it."  What are you waiting for.  I don't keep things for "special" anymore.  Who even knows if that day will come?

I saw a post challenging people to go just one day without saying something bad about somebody.  Now, I usually look for the best in everyone because I'm a Pollyanna like that.  I can go weeks at a time without saying something ugly unless it has to do with Trump.  As for the baseball game what did he expect, to be knighted or something?  Geez.  The greatest thing he could have done was stay home and let the fans have their glory.  I have also seen pieces declaring that fans represented our country in a bad way by "booing" the current POTUS.   UH, excuse me?  I don't think we could make it look any worse.

It is what it is.  And it will be what it will be ^j^

Sunday, October 27, 2019

mini visits

Trying to arrange visits with a toddler who needs a nap is a real challenge.  Like her Mama, Reaves is stubborn.  "A strong willed child" as they say.  She was asleep when they got here so you know how goes.  It took about 30 minutes to get her off of mama and willing to play.  She can run her little self to death out here and the dogs will follow sometimes.  There has been this Little Tikes slide sitting out in the yard for a year and she spotted it today.  It was on like donkey kong!  She went at it from several different positions and had a blast doing it.  Enough so that when she started coughing from the chill and we brought her on she had a running Stafford fit.  Precious time.  Every time she comes her she picks out something to take home.  Today's prize was a little mailbox ornament from one of my parents' Christmas parties.  

Church was, as usual, inspiring.  I sat with my old friend Louise and we made a joyful noise.  She is undergoing chemo so has to wear a lot of garb to stay warm.  I got a big hug from a long time no see friend and reminded one of the bell ringers about the show again.  The woman next to her smiled shyly at me and it dawned on me that her father was buried yesterday.  When I went looking for her afterward she was en route to see her family off.  I had a little meltdown yesterday when I saw pics of my late friend Spike at his son's high school football game.  And I shared those tears with his wife.  

God is good.  All the time ^j^

Saturday, October 26, 2019


It's a perfect day to stay put in the house while the rain pours.  The girls are going to wait until tomorrow to come here when it's not flash flooding.  It's been a long time since water stood on the end of the lane but I drove carefully through it for my one trip to the chicken store.  

I watched a video today of the tribute given by Elijah Cummings widow at his funeral.  She got a standing ovation and I cried.  The sweetest part was when Mitch McConnell got snubbed by one of the pallbearers.  Mitch stuck his hand out and dude just passed him right on by.  That's class.  She spoke of the harsh treatment and harassment that her husband endured during the last months of his life.  By, guess who.  

Little by little I'm pulling together stuff for the art show.  There will be a wide range of art on display in January.  The talent amazes me.  At one time I was a very good photographer but I've gotten to where I use my phone all the time and that kind of takes away from the clarity.  The Leica is back in service so I can use that for serious picture taking.  

Turn around....don't drown!

Friday, October 25, 2019

the morning after

I now have a mild case of the flu which is what happens when you get the vaccination.  Waking up late I pushed myself to go to exercise where I checked my BP and it was like, higher than yesterday!  WTH.  They left it out for me to recheck after class and it was "normal" for me.  The med plus the shot have kicked my ass.  This too shall pass.

This entire country has gone insane.  These investigative hearings are held with representatives of both parties and closed for a reason.  It ain't the sunshine law's the way things work.  To me it seems like more Trumpsteria.  If any of these people would just agree what's best for our country that would be swell.  There are criminal charges against the man.  Running like frat boys to protest is ignorant.  

I went to bed with the sound of combines and beep beeps.  They were trying to beat the rain that began this morning.  Farmers watch the weather like hawks.  Speaking of which, one flew over my house this morning.  

Don't stop believing ^j^

Thursday, October 24, 2019

in loving memory

I can't remember when I didn't know John Hart.  He had boys around my age and we all grew up in true Dyersburg style.  If I remember correctly the home place was on McGaughey.  My friend and I were talking about him today and she told me a sweet story from when she was a flower delivery girl.

I visited him last year at assisted living and posted a selfie of us lookin' the fool.  Big huge smiles!  The beans are being cut so it's kind of dusty and loud.  I'm just waiting for the perfect shot.

Keep the faith ^j^

checked up and out

I had my yearly exam with the FNP this morning and found out that my tinkering with the BP meds was not working, in spite of exercise.  170/80.  Not good.  I got a flu shot and refills on my meds and headed straight to the pharmacy to get that BP pill filled.  I've taken a half and will take the other half at bedtime.  Don't wanna' be stroking out or anything.  

For about the past year my right clavicle has been about twice as large as the left.  It doesn't hurt but it's just there and obviously not normal unless I've had a fracture.  That was xrayed and an order put in for an ultrasound of the chest and carotids.  Mo' money.  

I am thankful to be in relatively good health compared to a lot of others folks.  The key, I believe, is staying active and involved with both mind and body.  I have very little stress these days which also helps.  My CBD came early so that should help with the aches and pains of arthritis.  

It's another beautiful day in the hood.  Let us be glad and rejoice in it!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


One by one the survivors of my parents' generation are passing away.  The news I heard today was very sad to me personally because I honestly loved the man.  He and Daddy were big buddies for years and he always came out when the apple crop came in.  They served as Red Coats together at the hospital until neither one of them was able.  Each time one of them passes I feel a little bit more like an orphan.

I can really begin to tell the difference that regular exercise makes in my over all well being.  I've been out of CBD oil but some is on the way.  I'm experimenting with no BP meds prior to my FNP visit tomorrow to see if the exercise has made a difference in that whole deal.  If not, I'll start it again.  I just read today that (duh) it's best to take those meds at night.  Most doctors will tell you it's an am thing but that was making me feel like crap.  So I switched to bedtime.  No prob.  

The guys are putting the siding up quickly down at the cabin and it looks good.  I went down there for pictures and to see if the big rain knocked off any more pecans.  It's still early but they're already falling.  Praise be!

Please be nice.  That's all I ask.  If you don't feel nice, fake it 'til you make it ^j^

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

on becoming organized

I, unlike my mother and daughter, have never been organized.  These past two years I haven't had to be  Hell I didn't even have a calendar until this month.  It was a wakeup call to me that I totally forgot about an appointment yesterday.  It worked out last minute, but.  It should have been written down or in the phone or something.  My bad.  

Today I managed to be at 3 different places at a reasonable time.  The last stop was for homestyle at Coby Jo's.  Carol met me there and my brother had just left.  He told her that I'm always late.  Not true, brother.  I am usually early.  

My friend and I held our heads up high as we were summarily ignored in passing by a local candidate today.  Dude knows both of us.  That speaks volumes about arrogance.  Yeah, we're the little people but we keep on fighting.  

There's a guy on the lane marking trees to be trimmed because every time a limb falls DES has to come out here to no man's land in the pouring rain.  Smart move!

I pray for so many things.  Humility is huge.  I don't want to stand out personally but be a little piece of stained glass in the big picture.  The name of my book is A Stained Glass Life.  It included blog posts from right after 9/11.  Pretty soon I realized that I do better with shorter pieces.  

I guess you say I'm a story teller, not in the Nawasa Jonas way, but in my own words.  When I get movie rights on it, you will all be given fair warning.  Besides you always change the names to protect the innocent.

Namaste ~

Monday, October 21, 2019

with the flow

I had my alarm set early for a doctor's appointment.  Right before the thunderstorms hit I got a robo call from the office saying that due to scheduling conflicts I was canceled.  Cool with me.  Only I was already awake soooo....I went to the Y.  And then I ran some errands and came home.  Shortly after that I got a call from a West TN artist named Lowell Tillman wanting to know if we were "still on."  OH crap.  He lives in Nankipoo and was already here so we met at the library.  I was blown away with his talent and ended up buying three of his children's books for Reaves.  Signed, no less.  I do so love me some art.  Lowell is one of several artists who will be displaying at McIver's Grant library during the month of January.  

The weather did a number on the pecan trees but it's too wet to pick.  That's okay because I'm a patient sort of gal.  I have to share this y'all.  We Methodists are known for a lot of liturgy and a smattering of progressive music that we sing on from the big screen along with the old faithfuls.  We know the tune but just can't remember the words.  Yesterday the parish choir did a number that had the whole congregation clapping and smiling along with them.  The pastor plays the tambourine on occasion.  That's what true worship is about.  Swaying with the Lord in praise and adoration.  


Sunday, October 20, 2019

heavenly treasures

I don't know about all y'all, but at our church we hit stewardship hard at the end of the year.  I always just assumed it was a Methodist thing asking for money for next year's budget.  Mary Beth's sermon today gave me an entirely different perspective.  She asked us to list a few things that we consider treasures.  Mine were family friends and spirituality.  She then began to list heavenly treasures here on earth: Restoration. Grace. Forgiveness. Generosity. Justice.  These are treasures that we can share freely here on earth in our homes and community, even with ourselves.  

Restoration is a big one for the least of these, particularly in regards to addiction.  So many times addicts are shunned when in fact they have a disease.  It is grace within their communities that keeps them alive with hope of a better life.  I can speak to this at a personal level as my daughter is a recovering addict.  The recovery center in Jackson is where she landed of her own accord.  It was not a magic pill and it was hard work.  Still is.  One day at a time, as they say.  They have an event every October called SoberStock where the entire community gathers for fun and fellowship.  The first year Reaves was born Lauren was in the hospital and I heard it in the distance along with the Lane marching band doing pre-game.  Reaves was a month old.  

Justice is not something that we can always make happen.  But we can certainly speak up and out when it is not being served, even if it's unpopular.  I'm at the age where I don't give a flip what people think about me.  I just follow the heavenly guidance and do what I feel is the next right thing. 

Forgiveness is easy for me as a Christian.  I know what Jesus did for me so who am I to judge others.  He did it for them too.  Whenever you get all wrapped up in what you DONT have, count your blessing and live life with gratitude.  It works.


Saturday, October 19, 2019

4 sale

Today is a yard sale hunter's dream.  Perfect weather and one on every corner.  I noticed several group sales which is an excellent way to go.  The two or three sales that I had years ago were not worth the trouble, honestly.  Plus, I've gotten rid of everything except what I wear. Marie Kondo and Lorna taught me that.  

I visited with my lab peeps today and had a lovely time catching up with them.  When I got home I found a package from WalMart on the swing which has several things for Reaves for Christmas thanks to a benefactor who shares the wealth.  Next comes toys!

I've been on the phone most of the day which is a good thing.  It's about time to head out for pecan pickin'.  That, in addition to exercise class has got me kind of sore.  Plus I'm out of CBD oil.  It's en route!

Plans change.  Roll with it ^j^ 

Friday, October 18, 2019

help meeeee!

The old version of The Fly was always one of my favorites.  Currently I had 4 or 5 very quick ones in the house and no swatter.  It's an end of summer die off, so to speak.  I have been known to stake them out with a rolled up newspaper.  Patience is the key.

From what I've seen. trotting Mulvaney out for a press conference wasn't such a great idea.  But then, what should we expect?  Meanwhile people are nit picking about the difference between a democracy and a republic.  Cut and paste, no less.

I am sore from two good workouts this week but that's a good thing.  It means I'm using my muscles and deep breathing.  Now that it's warmed up it's time to check the pecans.  

Over and out ~

Thursday, October 17, 2019


Well, I have the stooping position for the next few months to gather pecans.  Back in the day I would sell them to Pennington's.  Now I'm just wanting enough of the really good ones to use for myself and friends.  After a frost and a good wind, I'll sit and work an area around me then move on.  Easier on the back and all that.  When the poachers show up, I'm all over them. It's private property people.  Remember that.

My errands were quick today and I like it that way.  I was incredibly sad to read about the passing of Elijah Cummings who is a true American patriot in my book.  I also noticed that the Democrats walked out on Trump when he went on a tirade during their meeting.  Like Pelosi said "nothing will be accomplished here."  

I'm still drumming up artists and making plans.  More later on that.  Delivery was made of three more windows to my artist friend Laurie Ann.  She will also be making my logo on one of them.  The girl has mad skills.  

It became obvious when I started piling up Tupperware that the neighbors have fed me well.  I left two sacks on the back porch for refills!

Don't worry.  Be happy ^j^

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

contractual agreement

I love my exercise class and our instructors.  The program is called Silver Sneakers and many elderly folks depend on their Medicare supplement to pay for it.  I'm not there yet, but....  The YMCA collectively in the state of Tennessee has failed to negotiate a contract with BC/BS to cover this particular program.  Participants were referred to a couple of other for profit fitness centers.  Hmmm.  

Meanwhile in the White House the orange one literally added layers to the trauma experienced by the British parents whose son was killed by an ambassador's wife.  She fled the country and sought immunity here.  The great wise one decided to hold a press conference and surprise them.  It didn't go well for Trump.  I thought I had seen the lowest of lows but the devil's work.

I've had fun going through a box of toddler clothes and picking stuff out for Reaves.  Never underestimate the power of a bargain!  My favorites are the paisley top and kitty pajamas.

Ya'll give some serious thought to getting outside the box.  My presidential boyfriend Bernie suggested that we remove all corporate contributions from the election process.  I'm down with that.  Why should some rich corporate geek decide who runs our country?  He has raised all his money through small individual donations.  Who can say that?

Y'all be blessed ^j^

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

and whatnot

There are times in your journey when you realize that what you are doing is what the good Lord intended.  When the spirit works, and you have to let it, amazing things happen.  It changes a person's perspective on day to day life.  It took a lot of years struggling to let go of control and just trust.  It's sooooo much easier.  

I had lunch with the loveliest bunch of folks today.  We had to pull chairs up as folks kept coming in.  With a common purpose we discussed our goals and dreams.  And ate some great food! Since there is nothing to watch I'm re doing Disjointed.  And then it hit me, I'm the whatnot girl.  

I've just made two doctor's appointments because it's that time.  End of the year and all that.  On one of my trips home I stopped to take pictures of the Pritchett crew cutting beans across the road.  They will soon move to the next batch and the next.  Guess what comes next summer?   *corn*  omgrrrrr

This morning I went by and visited with a lovely friend of my late parents.  It's a long story, but she was a drop off point for some toddler clothes.  We stood in the driveway under the autumn sun and remembered them, truly remembered them.  The circle, she is unbroken.

Be happy, humble and blessed.  It is in humility that we find grace.  ^j^

Monday, October 14, 2019

at the altar

One of the ministries of our church is prayer quilts for the elderly and disabled.  My mother got two of them and they are now at home with Lauren and Reaves.  Yesterday I noticed a couple of them draped over the communion rail.  The little boy behind me wanted to go see them up close.  I told him " come on" let's look.  His father joined us and we explained to this six year old what the quilts are about.  People prayed over them, and I was one of them.  The church family that stuck with my parents until the end is a solid part of my faith and heart. 

I was a slacker this morning and skipped exercise. There was a list a mile long and I got that stuff done including Kroger.  So now I'm here with the dogs listening to JT.  All is well.  I priced heaters at a couple of places today and they are over a hundred bucks, most of them.  What happened to the 30 dolla' oil filled radiator looking things?  I returned the (wrong) bulb for the pump house and bought another one at Tractor Supply.  It's used for chicken houses so it's RED.  I asked the girl what was up with that.  "Something about being easier on the chicken's eyes!"  Lerd.

My neighbor loves to grill and I got some ribs and all the rest delivered by four wheeler at just the right time.  We have each others' backs out here in the boonies.  

Y'all have a marvelous Monday ^j^

Sunday, October 13, 2019

blessed day

As they say in Gilead.  "under his eye"  I have had a different kind of blessed day in which I learned about Jesus and lepers, sang a lot of old hymns and got to talk to almost every member of my family plus a few old friends.  Life is good.

Reaves got the whole farm experience thing today and climbed a lot of stairs.  She played gymnastics on the framing for the kitchen stuff and crawled behind her great grandmother's closet door.  All in a way too big dress with leggings and new glittery shoes.  A girl is only a girl once.  Bubba brought the gator around for her to ride and she wouldn't have any part of it.  Nada.  She was tired and running on adrenaline.  I feel sure she was out by the time they hit 412.

I don't expect anything out of life really.  Things suck and people get abused and governments get corrupt.  I'm not an ^j^alarmist by any means but this Trump tirade has me worried.  Somebody please step the eff up and do your jobs for the people who put their trust in you.  Rant over.

Keep on the sunny side 

Saturday, October 12, 2019

pizza delivery

Evidently Mamye heard about my pizza dilemma and she brought me some today.  Thin crust, no less.  Somebody loves me bigly.  

I have accomplished absolutely nothing today.  There are dirty dishes to tackle and whatnot.  I did go the 'gentral where I saw my precious friend Mark using his five dollar coupon.  He was on a mission.  

I am, however, caught up on dirty clothes.  Been organizing the closets and such.  I can be so OCD at times but normally not.  I just need to know where my clothes are.  No lights up in there.

Lord willing my girls will be here tomorrow.  Let's all hang onto that thought ^j^

Friday, October 11, 2019

fast and furious

I'm here to tell you I was on a tear this morning as I went from place to place and it was pouring the whole time.  First I stopped by to see about some business then headed to Pierce's to get Stella a birthday toy and cookie.  I was into a long visit with all them when I got a call from someone I was supposed to run errands for today.  Oops!  I totally forgot.  He laughed about it said it wasn't the first time he'd been forgotten.  

I had an appointment with a prospective client and we figured out pretty quickly that I'm not her girl because I can't lift what with the bad shoulder.  I mean I can lift, but I can't transfer if that makes sense.  I might drop her or damage my shoulder even more.  My goal is to avoid shoulder replacement.  She's a sweet lady, too.  I'll go back by just to visit.  She remembers coming to my parents' house for Christmas parties.  Those little memories make me smile.

I don't know y'all.  It's all I can do to NOT think about the Kurds being slaughtered over there.  I am particularly ashamed because they are our allies and we just threw them to the wolves.  Not cool.

This Trump shit is getting old.  Everybody's tweeting everybody else and calling names and claiming conspiracy and "but,but....obama".  If you will put the koolaid down long enough to remember what has happened in terms of national security during his tenure maybe you'll see why us demolibtards want him gone.  As in "i don't have to look at his ugly mug on daily news" gone.  

Peace be with you ~

Thursday, October 10, 2019

drunks and idiots

It has been said that the good Lord takes care of both.  On one occasion or another I have been both and by His grace survived to tell it.  I do not drive AT all if I've been drinking.  Even one beer.  As for the idiot part, y'all all know I'm an accident waiting to happen.  I woke up before the sun and decided to knock a few errands off my list which actually turned into three trips.  I had breakfast alone at Dave's and popped in to see Anita 'n'them over at their new place. It's super nice.  She gave me the nickel tour so I saw where we will be early voting soon.  

As previously mentioned my antenna was missing five screws that are essential so I headed to Lowe's to try to find them.  Everything there also, was in inches.  I just bought a pack of various size ones hoping that one size will work plus a heat lamp for the pump house.  Gotta get ready for winter, ya know.  I was assisted by a lovely lady named Valery.  She gets a personal mention on the store survey.  I now have in my hand the title to my car which is a miracle in and of itself.  Had I been involved in a wreck during the past four years, I would have been up shit creek.  

I got home and proceeded to call the pharmacy for refills phone.  I vaguely remembered laying it down in the bathroom at Lowe's so I headed back up there where some kind soul had found it and turned it in.  "Thank you sweet baby Jesus!" I exclaimed.  The girl got real tickled over that.  I finished up with a trip to the 'gentral since I was out....again.  

Johnny is still at the cabin but I haven't been down today to see what's up.  Siding colors have been chosen and that will be next.  After that it's on hold I reckon.  There is still wiring, plumbing and HVAC to be installed plus floor refinishing.  

My brother used to own a nightclub here in the 'burg which is where I became familiar with Dr. Zarr's Amazing Funkmonster.  They are great entertainment in a disco sort of way. They will be coming back in November and I can't wait to see those boas and sequins.  

Y'all be nice.  And say thank you to people who help.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

the dashboard

I have been using Google's Blogger for 15 years or more.  There have been three names and together they tell the story of me.  Sometimes like, over and over again.  I am leaving a legacy for my grandchild and getting therapy at the same time.  Win win.  So many of us have trouble receiving rather than giving.  About the time I hit 60 I became very cautious about who I gave myself to.  I have God given talents and those who do are called to use them.  Anything but clerical and I'm down with you.  Squirrel!

After exercise class I visited action central down at the cabin.  Bubba was there plus Johnny's usual crew.  We took the time to do a walk through and found an heirloom on the kitchen wall.  It was a crafts fair style switch cover painted with cotton.  Pure Janice.  

I'm still window shopping and I have a feeling that will be what I notice most from now on.  Many of them sit empty because that side of downtown is umm..not occupied much.  And the rent is high.  There is very little foot traffic except around the courthouse proper and the election commission.  I dare you to find a parking place on court day.

If what I hear is correct, we are about to find out who killed Karen Swift.  It's in the DA's court now.  This has been a multi-year investigation by numerous agencies including private detectives.  I'm sure there's a tale to tell.

Anywho, the weather is perfecto for fall break.  Unless you're in Florida where I guess it's perfecto too!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

the cabin

Many of you know that I grew up in a red log cabin on the Calcutt farm.  My Daddy had a lifetime promise of free housing as long as he and or Mom was alive.  Within a month of his death she was in assisted living and the house became eerily quiet even though all the stuff was there.  We had two sales and Damascus got the rest.  Had I not been working at the time, I would have done it myself.  Live and learn. In the years since then I have watched a dream come to life as that house is being improved.  I'm sure my parents are smiling in heaven.  

As luck would have it my antenna was missing 5 vital screws which I will have to go get at Lowe's and find something that can translate from inches to mm.  That may be tough.  Plus, I misplaced the directions.  Gotta search online for that.  I so need a personal keeper.  

I went by the library to visit the lovely Kathryn and see what they have to offer for the January show.  Lots of options.  I am seriously impressed with this library as a whole.  They have rooms for meetings and a ton of valuable services.  More than just books, ya know?

See y'all on the flip side.  ^j^

honey please

I started a post and worked on it quite a few minutes before I hit the wrong button and it went *poof*.  That's okay.  I can tell a story in a heartbeat.  I never lie though.....just stretch the truth a little.

I went to exercise this morning and got my butt kicked which is totally what I needed.  My focus these days is window fronts.  Cruising through downtown I see a lot of vacancies but nobody doing anything to pretty it up.  My intent is to change that, one piece of art at a time.  We shall see.

It rained and cooled off a LOT which is a blessing.  I see chilly nights and warm days coming up.  Just my kind of weather.  I made a business call today to an old friend and we ended up talking forever telling tales on our kids.  Kimowasi and Lauren were best buds back in the day.  Kim told me a story I had never heard.  We laughed our asses off!

When I got up and left the house this morning Ellie was absent which is unusual.  She met me in the driveway when I got home.  All I could think was " i just spent 80 bucks on this dawg"  I love her brown self big.

It's gonna be something and I'm not sure what.  My faith tells me all is well.  

Sunday, October 6, 2019

tit for tat

As usual there is a storm raging over a post I put on FB that was not complimentary to Trump.  I'm pretty much a by-stander at this point.  Here's the thing:  I have many friends on both sides of the aisle.  I don't call Republicans bad names and I try to meet them in the middle.  I either get branded as a crazy ass liberal or receive a pat on the head like "bless your heart."  Very condescending.  

Today was communion Sunday and Millette and I had an Olivia sandwich going on.  She's precious and waves to her Mommy in the choir. I ate my bread before dipping it so I had to get another one.  Must have been a brain fart.  I am at home there now for the first time in years even though I've just gone through the motions some days.  

Carol and I had planned on going to a movie but we decided to just eat Mexicans and skip the show.  It creeps me out in there going through the dark tunnel to find a seat.  My next trip will probably be to see Lucy in the Sky.  

I'm putting off this antenna thing until I have some moral support with the figuring out.  I'm not real bright when it comes to putting things together.  

Y'all be blessed.  And keep the faith ^j^

Saturday, October 5, 2019

check's in the mail

My financial situation is quite precarious as a retired single gal.  IMy insurance comes through the ACA marketplace and, while it's got high deductibles, it's worked well for me because I don't go to the doctor that often.  Once a year for meds.  I've been flying on faith that I will get propane guy paid off before deadass winter.  Lo and behold, I received an unexpected check from my insurance carrier.  I figured it was just an EOB or something.  Bingo!  Money for Butch.  When I get a surprise chunk like that it goes to the people that have floated me like he and Ryan.  

I received a release for the title on my car this week and just have to go to get it transferred back to me.  My plan is to wait on the 8 months of BK and use THAT money to get a newer one.  Only eight months left. seems like a lifetime.  Thanks Liz and Barbara for you perseverance in this matter.  As it turns out, the lien holder failed to file a claim with the trustee so they got nothing but have been sitting on the title for 4 years.  Asshats.

It's my kind of weather right now.  I consider highs in the 80s a blessing following the blistering heat of this summer.  Now that I have covers on the vents it will be more manageable to heat and cool this old house.  Baby steps.

Y'all have a lovely weekend.  Shoutout to Debbie and Steve Sanford.....we've missed y'all!  Safe travels home ^j^

Friday, October 4, 2019

the short list

Today was water the plants and get the mail day.  I am beginning to wake up around 8 regardless of when I went down so that's a good thing.  While I was out I stopped by for the few items I needed at Kroger.  This girl don't eat a lot except for hummus, crab dip and spring mix.  I feel sure that if I ate a ribeye my body would revolt.  

It was past time for Ellie's heartworm shot so I came home, loaded her up and headed to Pierce's.  She went batshit crazy the first time I took her in but was nice and polite this time.  Only she wasn't having any of that nail cutting.  "They got a few" she said.  I remember the last time and it was a fight to the death.  There wasn't enough pheromone in the world to calm her down.  She hasn't been in the car enough to understand the joy of hanging out the window.  She usually just runs beside the car when me and the other two go for a ride.  I swear she lopes like a deer.  Oscar knows when we hit the lane and starts barking that annoying terrier screech until I let him out.  

We have had a loss in not only our church family but the world.  A young lady that I remember as being full of life and vigor died earlier in the week and it has hit everybody really hard.  RIP Andrea.  

Reaves is headed to East Tennessee this weekend so y'all throw up a prayer for safe travels.  It will be awhile before I can see her but it's enough to hear the squeals and giggles.  

Faith ~

Thursday, October 3, 2019

the devil's workshop

If idle hands lead to that, I was pretty safe today.  I went a bunch of places but the highlights were the food pantry and our county Dem party's meeting.  We may be neck deep in Republican territory but we won't give up.  Ever.  Now I'm like Trae Crowder on this one.  He cusses a lot and is cute in a country boy way but knows his politics, especially the Tennessee variety.  Which is so red it ain't pretty.  

It's time to begin seriously scoping out thhe pecan crop which Mamye will help me do.  Note to poachers and thieves:  I will shoot your asses.  

No news in the search for a storefront art display.  Everybody's already got their "stuff" up in there.  Geez...all I want is a window front place for artists to be discovered.  A new one is born every day.

Giggle.  Snort.  Rinse and repeat ^j^

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

dry cut

I mapped out my destinations today starting with the flower watering/mail gig and ending with an impromptu hair cut by sweet Amy at Headlines.  Plus I made a new friend.  Chucky luckily had a client who enjoyed our lengthy conversation about every little thing.  It was nice being in there without 20 voices chirping and dryers blowing.  Just us old hippies laughing it up.  He has received but not listened to my "final" video list for my funeral which hopefully won't be soon.  The insurance is accidental death only for 3 years.  Kay got the other copy just in case.  

I need to take Ellie to the vet but that's a dedicated trip because I can't leave her in the car.  Chucky ordered me this HD antenna so I can try and pick up local stations.  I'm on a hill so that should work.  Lauren starts a new job and chapter in her life tomorrow.  Praise be!  God is good.  All the time.


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

terrific tuesday

Lily cat is determined that I will not sleep in.  Before daybreak she comes in and starts knocking things off to let me know it's time for me to give her some attention.  I smack her off the bedside table and she jumps right back up.  Heathern.  

I ran to do some errands this morning which included eight vent covers.  All of them were uncovered except for one and I had to pry the old one off with a spoon.  I stopped by the library for a couple of reasons and then met some friends for lunch.  There were 8 of us plus a baby and we made a lot of noise so I'm glad it wasn't busy.  We might have gotten kicked out!  The baby was the most quiet of our bunch.
Like many, I'm holding my breath to see who tells the next lie in politics.  "Witch hunt"  Conspiracy!  All the makings of a good spy novel only this is real and our country hangs in the balance.  I will never forget waking up the day after election 16 and finding out who the POTUS was.  I didn't think he had a chance.  Ever since he's been building his base causing mayhem, violence and further division.  More people will be locked up I feel sure.  Pompeo might be a good one to start with.  Liar.

That being said, I've decided I want to be a kid again.  I would qualify because I like to play, eat ice cream and sing.  I'm potty trained which is convenient.  And I rarely throw tantrums but when I do, you better back up.  It's called a "running Stafford fit."  

Do unto others.....