Wednesday, August 31, 2016

the un-friend

One of the hardest lessons for me to learn is that friends are made and held tight for a period of time and then they fade into their next chapters and me into mine.  These are the best kind because they come out of the woodwork when you need support the most.  They will text at just the right time or pick up the phone or just stop by.  My house is finally presentable enough to have company so we'll work on getting a comfy living room.  The kitchen chairs are hard on old asses.  

Lorna and the kids are about 3/4 to their destination and hitting the weather from TD8 on the way.  My friend Billy in Ft Walton noted that Florida hasn't seen a bad storm in several years but it looks like this is Louisiana grade flooding potential. 

I bought a FireStick yesterday and discovered right quick that the laptop and stick don't like to share bandwidth.  So I just turned off the TV and headed for the keyboard.  I know.  I'm Janie and I'm an addict.  

As it turns out my date for colonoscopy got cancelled by the facility and as a matter of finance I chose to wait until they re-open for business.  Thank goodness I'm not bleeding to death but then if I were I'd just go to the ER with everybody else.  Lily is knocking off pictures of my great grandparents because she an and she knows sit pisses me off.  *sigh*

Happy hump day ~

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

last pass

The electricity is off at Casa Grands now so trips must be carefully planned to avoid the heat which is still horrific.  I was headed down there early morning to get a few things and remembered that I had not given the mayor her B12 shot.  I eased in there and got the job done, then headed to get her slow cooker from Mom's which had no knob.  I reckon one of her many kids will fix it.  Her house is the homeplace for all of them, along with Clara's house of chickens and such at the very end.  She loves her girls!

I'm tickled to death to be home for the day and it's only 10am.  Anything else can wait until tomorrow.  ATT guy is on the way to fix the internet so I don't go into overdrive on the phone data.  The warning message suggested to me I might consider WiFi.   Like, duh.  It takes a week to get an appointment!

BG has a job interview with a company for whom she previously worked for THREE years while she was in college so that's a really promising thing.  She's headed to NashVegas this weekend with Heather and Joe and the baby in waiting.  They have salt cave appointments, no less.  It's opening season for college football so that's what's up with Joe and the guys.  He's an Alabama fan to the hilt and the proud owner of Daddy's Bear Bryant coke bottle.  

My left hip still hurts which leads me to believe I did a little damage with the fall other than the funky finger.  It's still stiff but I can use it and it doesn't hurt much.  The hip on the other hand, hmm.  I remember the worst injury of my life was when me and BG were exploring the cemetery down at Gerald's house and I slid down a steep hill and tore my hamstring.  I could not sit for three months without pain.  The entire leg turned purple and I was tested for blood clots.  It was TERRIBLE.  BG barely got me in the car because the leg was useless and numb.  And that?  Is the very cemetery where I will be laid to rest.  Ya'll enjoy the day.  I'll be around here piddling my little heart out.

Love ~

Monday, August 29, 2016

just another road trip

Lorna and Gracie just left here on a mission to get Jasper and go back to Silvertop to pack for their trip to Miami.  It will take two days to get there and we chatted about all the hoohah surrounding the big Zika.  She is a board member of Beyond Pesticides which has proven that the birth defects are coming not from the virus itself but from the pesticide used to kill larvae.  Meanwhile the entire diagnostic industry that is Rick Scott and his Mrs. is geared up to test the world for something that is like a dengue fever.  Our first request came months ago from an ER doc on a chick who had been to Mexico on vacation. *sigh*   FDA clearance for the Roche test is being pushed through.  Think Epipen at a diagnostic level.

I get a day off tomorrow with no plans other than to meet the ATT guy between 8 and 12.  I've learned to shut the doors where Lily can't get to where i'm sleeping if it's an opportunity to snooze. I honestly haven't had a day to stay in jammies for several months.  My house is looking much better but not quite there.  It's time to move the paint supplies from that March job to somewhere like the basement steps where Mr. Snake lives.  

Through all of this sorting and selling and remembering I've selected a very few select pieces that will remain with me and be passed on.  My mother's china cabinet is one and my great grandmother Ethel's maple set minus the cute side table.  The chair and settee are banded with steel to hold cushions so will need some slats.  Surely I can find somebody with a saw.  

As Jerry would say, y'all have a Marvelous Monday!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

the way we were

Continuing in my live like trailer trash theme, there is a futon laying in the yard that I got sick of looking at and cleaning around.  It was a gift to me many years ago from folks who were kind enough to help a girl out.  Now I'm giving it to some dude for his shop or duck blind.  

Today was busier but not bad and I felt even better so there ya' go.  I can actually feel some of the spring coming back to my step!  One more day and I'll have one off to get the innerwebs restored.  I'm not sure what this blogging by phone is doing to the data but it can't go on forever.

I use an albuterol rescue inhaler for asthma and bought a new one last week which I can't find.  They are pricey even at co-pay because there's no generic.  Once upon a time ( until 2011) you could buy Primatene Mist inhalers OTC at drug stores everywhere.  The government decided to save the ozone *ahem* and require that the propellant be banned.  I know this because you can't find one anywhere which means I'll have to pay full price to replace mine.  The makers of Primatene are being held hostage on the alternative propellant thing by the FDA who is in bed with Big Pharma.  See: Epipen and their mama'n'them.

I read today about the horrific abuse suffered by a 10 year old girl out west in the hands of her own mother and was aghast at the display of mental illness and prison records for these folks.  And you know what?  They're every freakin' where.  Especially in poor places.  The guy who murdered those nuns in Mississippi for God knows what reason is slowly being lowered into hell on a metal elevator which will more than likely pick up those three from New Mexico and get stuck right over the flames.  

What bothered me the most was the voyeurism of the mother who got off on seeing her boyfriend do what he did.  It takes a lot of meth to get that messed up.  Just saying.  Meanwhile the Mexican cartels continue to funnel that and the heroin and the cocaine and the people.  They don't require a license down there for Sudafed.  

This is the day that the Lord has made~let us rejoice!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

live and learn

It 's break time here on the hill.  Work was pleasantly dull today so there's that to be grateful for.  However, it's still hot'n'humid.  I'm feeling it for all the folks out tromping around the Obion County Fair about now.  As for me, the stretching continues and maybe my back will straighten itself out if not the finger.  

Ya'll all know how FB throws out random memories.  Well, today was a shot of me in a sling taken two years ago about a month after RTC repair sitting in the rehab with my Mama who broke her femur about two weeks after my surgery.  Picture this: Me in a sling in the ER getting her admitted for emergency surgery the next day.  The guy who did my shoulder also did her spiral fracture and she was in surgery a looooong time.  She went to ICU and then the floor and into the revolving door of rehab.  First there was 30 days locally, then two weeks in Martin followed by a month in a nursing home here.  She swore to her dying day that the reason Daddy talked to himself was that she was gone for four months.  He started long before that.  

We had Thanksgiving there at the home thanks to Cousin Mo's organizational skills and determination.  Granny was still there then and it was a big old room full of kids and elders and in betweeners enjoying family time.  (Of course) I was working but it was right next door so I just walked across the ER parking lot.  That was the last time we were all together.

Fast forward to last year and you find us celebrating the holidays at Maple Ridge with my widowed mother.  We had plans for a birthday lunch on September 9th and early in the morning she had another fall and broke her wrist so, umm.  The sad thing is that she was so upset because she thought she had ruined my day!  That cast was on for about six weeks through UT football season.  She and Harry watched most every game together.  

Mom loved Christmas and Santa Claus more than most any other thing and so did Daddy.  Two weeks into the advent season she got Tracy to take her to church and was moving from SS to service when her hip broke.  BG was on the way to meet her for the service and I was perched at a table at Regina's house of jewelry chatting.  Another ambulance and another ER visit.  I've lost count of how many over the years.  

That was the beginning of the end for her.  The hip was pinned and it failed miserably because : osteoporosis.  This required ANOTHER five hour surgery which went surprisingly well for such a frail one.  She made it to the floor and did well until the bellyache which would have required yet another procedure to repair.  The people I work with are amazing in many ways and I will never forget how my family was treated during times like these.  I feel sure that the first time I see snow again, I'll think of that day before she died.

Friday, August 26, 2016


Two weeks after my fall from grace the shower I can feel the normalcy trying to filter back into my body.  The finger is stiff and will probably never be right but I'm working it as is.  The worst pain was my lower left back and hip which ran all the way down but I've been stretching and resting so that seems to be resolving.  Next on the medical agenda is an eye exam and then colonoscopy.  After that, dental work.  I have let myself and my body go by the wayside during the past few years because of multiple layers of stressful situations.  It's time for me.  

The humidity is absolutely wicked and everybody is sick as a dog.  Weather patterns include daily showers with the sun poking in and out just often enough to produce steam.  Daddy is being honored along with Jerry Jackson during the opening ceremony for this year's Dyer County Fair.  That is colonoscopy prep night so umm..I'm not sure I'll make it.  We'll see how it all goes!  

Other than that, it's the same old song and dance.  The sawmill continues to run with or without me which is always a good thing because I'm all about separation for mental health purposes.  Today's mail contained an insurance claim notification that is almost to statue limit and I just made a call and put it on the "to do" list.  Come and get me, kids.  Same to you IRS.

Do no harm ~

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Cousin Marilyn scooped me up this morning and off we went to Jackson and a nice visit with BG.  Lauren chose Olive Garden which was enjoyed by all.  Little treats like that make the world go round!  Marilyn and I have family in common but we also have work and country living as bonds.  She's been in nursing all her life and me, well.  I'm ALMOST one.

Of course the bitch cat Lily insisted on breakfast at 7 and commenced to knocking things off the dresser to let me know.  There was a strange black cat with white gloves on the back porch yesterday and I whispered that he might want to go somewhere else because Lily just doesn't share cat time with anybody.  

I had to hit the bank this morning along with the shady dolla' gentral for dog food and Dawn.  Now there is no excuse not to wash the dishes.  There is always method in my madness.  The three of us discussed mental health disorders, each naming our own tendencies toward a particular set of behaviors, sometimes multiples.  BG has always referred to me laughingly as ADD and I own that.  My trouble comes with focus and seeing a task to completion.   I tend to have great ideas with good outcomes but lack the skills to get it done.  I think I need a keeper, actually.

I was amazed at how many relatives we covered in the space of four hours, and caught up on every other little thing too.  Lauren looks beautiful though swollen from the allergies that dog us all.  She said the ER folks were quite sympathetic  and helpful in quickly treating her attack.  She told us she heard gunshots next door last night which is worrisome.  The neighborhood is pretty tight around their compound but umm...

Just for fun, I've zoned out on the election and am focusing on getting focused on SOMETHING even if it's Netflix on my phone's data.  I've been too busy to pay the satellite bill because I never watch it.  Payday is tomorrow so that's a goal!

My very first blog was titled A Stained Glass Life.  It didn't last long but contains the one piece that I remember writing post 9/11.  Miss Anita was in that piece along with her mama Miss Annie Bell.  We stood side by side in the doctor's lounge and watched in horror as the towers fell.  She is the angel who called me when my daddy died.  Soul sisters, if you will.

The humidity is stifling but not as bad as in LA, I bet.  Come on cool front.  Poopie is calling you east!

Humble ~

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

hot spot

Desperate times call for desperate measures which is why I'm using the badass phone for wifi since I have no service via the land line since Sunday.  Of course you have to reserve half a day to have a service tech show up at random so I'm doing this until Tuesday just to get a blog out.  I know right?  I'm addicted.

Today was another meeting of the minds and pickers as buyers came to retrieve their stuff and walk through the sweltering house one.more.time.  Dennis showed up and Vicki and then Joey and Bubba and them.  That's when I hightailed it to my place on the hill where there's air and clothes to wash.  I ran into Kevin at the chicken store today and told him I'd never been so glad NOT to see somebody as him.  That was after I made the first payment on my washer and bought a soy candle during my lunch break.

We all have trials and tribulations but at least we're not in the rubble of an earthquake, yet.  The earth is shifting and all the homeland security in the world is for naught unless we reach out and help someone close to home.  It's what Jesus would do.  

Faith ~ Hope~Love

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

the sting

I was walking through the parking lot yesterday and a damn wasp lit right on my index finger of the "good" hand and stung the crap out of me.  It took all day for the swelling to go down.  Of course I totally looked up that totem and it was mostly about procrastination and figuring out how to move on because the time is now.  

This was a long day as we had after hours training for upcoming changes in service delivery.  I picked up some chicken on the way home from work and in between work and work delivered my wedding china to a friend and took down the curtains at Casa Grands.  They are currently residing in Trisha's back seat.  AT the sawmill.  Today is her birthday and so is Natalie's.  Happy happy!!!

The stress is lifting but there was a big fat horse fly buzzing me in the car this morning which means more yada yada is in  my future.   But you know what?

This too shall pass ~

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I slept in today until 9 and still wasn't ready to go back down *there* but did it anyway after a dolla gentral run for laundry soap.  I don't like the pods for a heavy load.  Thelma came first and then Clara and Mozella and James.  We are family in the truest sense of the word.  Everybody fusses and fights but when push comes to shove, there will be some grilling going on under the tree.  Labor day weekend, I believe.

I gave up on shoes today and padded around in sock feet first then bare.  I need some MFR like you wouldn't believe.  It's been a very long year.  This will be my first birthday as an orphan.  I was blessed to have my parents with me for a lot of years.  That being said, the past ten were * how you say....stressful on a lot of levels.  My brother, daughter and I were on call 24/7 for the grands.  Ms. Faye did their cooking and whatnot and Mama continued to try and do stuff she knew she had no control over.  

The bloody stool incident with low blood pressure scared me.  Probably nothing but still.  I rescued my grandmother's silver from the rain today and it's drying out as I type.  So is the box that says Reaves.  What can I say except I'm sorry Gaga.  I won't let you down.

I am at my house now, the one I pay rent for and share with three dogs and a cat.  The dryer is running and washer waiting for another load.  It's all good in my world.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

a long story

Sale day went well in spite of periodic monsoon activity.  The usual suspects showed up before opening and after closing and I talked with a whole lot of folk who just came by to say hi and swap history.  Mamye and Teresa were there to help a girl out.  It's thinned out but not empty so maybe there will be more visitors tomorrow when the weather breaks.  

My hands down favorites of the day were a pack of about 7 women one of which is my new best friend in the history of Ferguson/Calcutt farms.  She went to school where Keith's house now sits.  They left Casa Grands in the pouring rain headed to Tiptonville for another sale.  Bless.Their.Hearts.

Mr. Harold was the one who gave me the ugly cry.  He's been a fixture in my life in many ways, beginning with church and continuing into my years as a blood banker.  He always had candy for BG in the fellowship hall of FUMC and volunteered his service to Lifeline like Mark currently does.  Small world.

Danny and Pat live at the dead end by the river and they have a couple of godkids who showed up on bikes and scooters and a four wheeler along with a dog I mistakenly called Billy who is actually Larry.  You know...the brindle beauty.  It was kind of like a funeral visitation of sorts where folks came by to pay respects to our heritage.  That's faith in action.  

There were butterflies everywhere in between showers, flittin' here and there in the cooler breeze.  Becca and her fiancee crawled down into my snake infested basement and picked out two doors and two windows for their wedding backdrop.  There was a two foot snakeskin hanging on the concrete wall over the steps.  UCMTSU.

Anyway, there's still a Mayberry house or two left so I'll have one this Christmas season.  All is well you know.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

basic necessities

That's the name of the gourmet shop around where my brother and his family live up in the Blue Ridge valley.  They're somewhere close to the spot where Elisabeth K Ross established a hospice for HIV patients back in the day.  Around Afton and Walton's mountain.  Good night John Boy!

I met with several clients at Casa Grands after sawmill duty and everybody had a good time picking and playing until I got tired and had to go home.  Which is where I am currently with a cat on the table purring and lusting over the meat on the stove.  Sorry bitch...that's for the dogs.  

Daddy always loved dogs but kept them outside in cages never allowing them to run free except in the pasture.  He always had border collies ( of course ) because hay and cattle.  The craziest I ever saw him was mudding across the road hollering at the cows and banging on the door of his Toyota truck.  

Pierce bought the whole herd when Bubba took over.  Daddy bought his faithful Gator with the proceeds of that sale.  No more fences, thank god.  I have many memories of him out there with tools trying to keep it all under control because it was his watch.  There's this beautiful brindle pit that lives close to the cabin who has been coming to visit.  I think I'll call him Billy.

Grace ~ 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

the worm turns

Well well well.  Remember the scam artist that hit me up at multiple convenience stores last month?  As it turns out the law finally caught onto him and he's in the Dyer County Jail for something like until he bonds out.  According to his FB profile it looks like the whole family is happy and eating well.  A word to the wise...don't give money to people you don't know.  And sometimes even to the ones you DO know, right Tristi?  Poor girl bought a car from her cousin for cash and was on a road trip when it went into meltdown on 412.  Her daddy had to pick she and Tori and the bug up with a trailer.  Said car is now at the shop and cousin whoever refuses any responsibility.  Go figure.

I hauled some boxes down to the sale barn awhile ago with the last bit of energy I had left.  I am not well, but on a mission to get this thing done.  I'm sure there will be a giant giveaway on Sunday for somebody who wants to clean the place out 'til we see floors and walls.  And they are beautiful, by the way.  Y'all know where to find me.  Come visit!

Faith ~

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

trading memories

Another of the Ike Peel era trilogy went home with a lifelong friend who just lost his dad and brought me a bird house made by Mr. Harry.  I've been mindfully sharing the bounty with people who knew them and there are others to be delivered.  Mark gets the Mayberry patrol car from the village and there's a little post box figurine that will go to Steve.  Gracie and Lorna came by for a look see and she picked out a watch and cute little set of appetizer knives.   They lost GG not long after Lorna's birthday and just a couple of weeks past my Daddy's death.  Gracie tearfully recounted a visit with her ethereal great grandmother that happened last night.  Then she wiggled her way up the stairs and through a bed frame to unblock upward motion and we toured the 2nd floor.  I have literally walked more steps this past month than since both parents were alive.  

It's quiet need for YouTube or Netflix at the moment because I need to decompress.  Scott dropped by yesterday to fix the back door that wouldn't lock. I've been propping it shut with a chair at night I kid you not.  But you know, at least I'm not stranded on a flooded interstate.  Even Idgie the braver of Atlanta ice storms would have been screwed because there was no place to get beanie weenies and tiny wine.  

I still can't bend the finger but now have Arnica so I expect a full recovery by sale day.  Bubba and I just discussed sale strategy and we're on the same page.  Git' her done.  

Over and out from the lane ~

Monday, August 15, 2016

letting go with dignity

I feel a whinefest coming on so it might as well be here on the internet where I feel heard.  After I fell and dislocated my finger then worked two days with it I noticed that my head had a sore spot and like ALL my joints hurt.  Now either I have Lyme disease or that fall was a bit worse than I remember.  It did ring my bell, literally.  The soreness from an injury like that takes awhile to show up except in the case of crooked dead finger which was immediately apparent.  Even my neck muscles were sore.  

With the sale date fast approaching I busted my smart ass every day off I've had for the past couple of weeks.  Yesterday as I sat at that massive oak table with my brother wandering around, it sank in that home really is going away.  We are a unique family in that my parents lived in one spot for 61 years and we all grew up as a farm family old school style.  Telling the history of the place as we prepare to end that chapter is bittersweet.  The heritage of this village runs deep and stays alive only because of the passion of our forefathers for telling stories and recording history in the making.  When I look at the headlines right now, I see nothing as interesting as the past.  

I remember the day we took Mom away from her home for the last time in early September last year.  We made it an event and visited often.When Millette drove away with Mama behind the moving van, Bubba and I had an ugly cry moment before we headed out.  Worse than the funeral. that month before.  The dynamics of this past year could be made into a hit movie because UCMTSU.  

I miss my BG something awful but it's time for her to soar which is all I ever wanted.  She has a good solid support system and so do I.  Sometimes you just gotta' be pitiful to be strong again.  If someone is kind enough to validate your pain, you've got a friend.  


Sunday, August 14, 2016

the long way home

I've spent my weekend off at Casa Grands working on the liquidation of their assets.  My friends came out to help and we managed to get a lot of stuff moved plus had fun in the process.  It was an all day event involving heavy rain.

The more I poke around and look the more I'm glad that I'm not a hoarder.  I could never be one of those folks who runs sales all the time looking for a bargain.  Most of what my parents have was purchased at top dollar when the money was still good.  I actually threw 20 years worth of boxed National Geographic volumes in the floor so we could move the cabinets containing them downstairs.  Somebody will have to climb and do the rest.  I'm over it.

It's really good therapy to do this.  My parents both died one after the other in the past year.  They had lived in the log cabin since I was a year old.  My next birthday will be my first as an orphan.  Only 61!

I knew as it was unfolding what the end game would be.  We have lived here for 60 something years by the grace of God.  My father was the manager of this piece of paradise for many many years.  When he became unable to perform, Bubba stepped up.  That's one of his three jobs.  I'm glad I just have one even if it aggravates me at times.  

BG comes out of blackout tomorrow so I reckon I'll drive my ass to Jackson in the trusty Camry to see her soon.  One of my customers was a young lady who was on her first 8 hour pass from a local rehab faciity.  Her mentor is an old picker friend and they bought the cotton bookends plus the quilt rack. 
 Wonders never cease.

My whole left side hurts, especially the birdie and hand.  Plus, I didn't realize it but I hit my head too.  Yow!  Right about now i'm doing chair yoga and stretching.  It's the natural way to heal.  


Saturday, August 13, 2016

round 2

The sawmill called about six this morning because they thought I was scheduled for today.  Fortunately I passed out at eight last night and got a solid ten hours.  I was supposed to get a haircut but things happened like Gulf coast flooding and me meeting pickers.  I had to hit the gentral first for some dog food.  
They were totally starving in spite of Papa John's leftovers.

Since I was awake, I headed on down to the house where I was met with several up and at 'em folks who did walk throughs.  The one lady's brother was in the AF with Daddy and they hitched rides to Biloxi.  There were two more but she couldn't remember whom.  

I had to leave early but not before meeting up with the lovely Jessica and her mentor.  There is no place like home when the soul is weary.  There's an air show going on down in Lauderdale and I noticed the planes coming across this morning.  WWII...the big one.  

Other than that, I got nothing.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

insult to injury

That 2.5 of hydro did the trick to get me through yesterday and into bed last night.  When I woke up this morning I was ( as usual ) running late and  in and out 2 or 3 times only to just miss slamming the front door on my funky finger.  More blood, pain and swearing.  As Tiffany would sing "Jeeeeesus!"

The splint won't stay on so we rigged it with co-ban this morning to get through this day.  It kind of dragged on and one with busy spurts and lots of scurrying.  When a hospital gets almost empty and then has to convert back to full force via ER admissions, it's an adjustment.  Peace never lasts because we are one moment away from saving a life.  

Kay was gonna come and pay for mama's dresser and move later when hubby gets back and I told her it has a SOLD sign on it.  Not a rush, hon.  Besides, my whole body hurts now from the fall.  It takes a day or two for it to all hit.  The antibiotics are beginning to work.  I honestly believe that had I not had the day I had with the goal of getting out of pain, I could not appreciate pain free days.  They are a gift, especially for elders.  
Sometimes I feel guilty for now being more able to feel my parents' situation but it doesn't last long.  I know that I did all I could to care for them for a number of years.  Ironically, that was one of Mama's greatest regrets with Gaga.  

The universe says learn to be still.  I'm workin' on it.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

funky finger

Well kids, it's been an eventful day.  Last night after my friends left I got in the shower and slipped while getting out landing me on the left hand.  When I came to my senses I found that the birdie was all crooked and numb.  Hmm.  Keep in mind that I know what the ER is like at 10 PM and the pain wasn't too bad so I just went to sleep with a dead finger. I managed to get to the sawmill a little early and headed to ask for my favorite doc to treat said finger.  There was lidocaine and a little bit of blood and SEVERAL xrays.  After that he pulled the joint back into place and in spite of the swelling, I'm able to type and finished up the day at work.   The black and blue is coming out slowly.

The sinus/dental pain that I've been having is pretty severe now soooooo I headed out to Tracy's this afternoon for a look see.  I was just about to give up the ghost and go home when she took care of my blubbering self.  More xrays.  A shot. Some antibiotics.  Lord only knows what I've got because you know I work at epizootie central.  She even hooked BG up with some help for her eczema.  This is what good healthcare practitioners do.  They are rebels with a cause.

Over and out from the lane.  ^j^

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

referred pain

In the medical world, that refers to pain that occurs in a site other than where it originates.  I'm assuming most of this is from things like nerve compression and wonky synapses.  Right now I've got a helluva toothache from what I figure is my 30 year old TMJ syndrome.  A former ice chomper and gun chewer, plus jaw clencher...I was diagnosed many years ago and given ativan and a mouth guard.  It was already too late.  The way that joint is supposed to work is in a sliding motion like on my right side.  The left?  Nothing but muscular movement.  Add to that I haven't been to a dentist in a few years and there you go.  Ibuprofen helps a little.

I'm steady scheming on the advertising side of the Casa!Grands!  treasure collection.  In MY old house and that one, we have the contents of our entire family's history much of which has been transported hither and yon from the homes of other folks, some long gone.  I actually took on the scrapping of the Bizzle house with a partner but I was younger then.  Daddy had a motion sensor dog bark and named him Rex.  Dude sounded ferocious.  

What election?  

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

the morning after

All I can say is "oh my aching body!"  I got a little rowdy yesterday with the furniture moving and managed to injure my weak knee even more.  There's probably a brace or two down there but I'll be damned if I go back this afternoon.  It's a hundred degrees again.  

My friend Linda Sue's mama passed today and she got there just in time.  They've been expecting it and, once again, hospice saved the day.  Nobody lives forever.  Embracing a philosophy of care that encourages a pain free environment for the client and family support is the only humane thing to do IMO.  And remember, I'm almost a nurse.

Ryan did yard magic today and it looks mighty fine and snake free.  I've been stepping lightly and praying the past few days on the way to the trusty Camry.  After Mama died we brought her Christmas carol clock here and listened to it chime for several days until it got on our nerves, then the batteries came out.  I put them back in the other day just for shits and giggles. Noel!


Monday, August 8, 2016

in a nutshell

Because I have been eating nuts and corn lately, my diverticulosis has flared up so I headed in to see my rebel doctor today.  We scheduled a scope because it's time plus there are symptoms.  I try not be be totally stupid with all that.

Today has been productive in a drag shit down the steps sort of way.  As long as you flip it, you're good.  If it breaks, nail that thing back together.  It was Daddy's bookcase that did me in and brought blood.  He built it in shop class.  I picked out things I want to give people who have been a part of my life.  The UT bundle is a great deal and I think the mailman will like his horse belt buckle.  Got something for Beverly and Marilyn too.  It pays to see what people *like.

It is a bittersweet time but great therapy.  Keeping the faith ^j^

Sunday, August 7, 2016

empty house

As fate would have it it was slow at the sawmill today so I burned a couple of vacation hours and headed on down to sale central to meet a buyer.  Bubba stopped by to give me instructions on how to do it all.  There are piles now, one of which is all Big Orange and everything related for only 500 bucks, knives excluded.  Personally, I could care less because I see Peyton on the elevator doors at work  It's all about the money.  Before that it was a bride and pregnant lady, I kid you not. is what it is.

I'm off tomorrow and have an appointment with my one and only healthcare provider at the moment.  There has been some blood involved in places where it doesn't belong.  I don't care about Trump or Hillary or the rest of them.  My life is being controlled by corporate and that's not cool.  It's why I take Celexa.

My friend Joe is retiring from the blood center in Jackson where we have worked hand in hand since Willis and that board hired him straight from Saudi Arabia.  That's the story as I've been told.  He and his wife Patti are both blood bank experts and Methodists I believe.  I have spent the past few years feeling sorry for myself and expecting everybody to excuse my lack of focus.  That, is on me.  

Life happens randomly and without respect to what kind of mood we're in or what's going on in the world.  The thing that makes it worth living to me is learning to appreciate the random gifts that come along.  My time with Pops, Dodo and Addie on Wednesday was just that.

In a perfect world folks would realize that a hospital is not a really nice place to die.  It takes a terrible toll on caregivers when they really care about patients and see them being funneled in and out of various facilities only to end up at the funeral home.  I don't want to be a beautiful corpse...just a happy live person.  And I'm getting there :)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

dog and butterfly

Thanks to sweet baby jeebus, the clouds have gathered and the temp didn't go past 90 today.    It's the little things that make me humble.  My current totem is a mish mash of lizard, moth and wild turkey.  So far no snake sightings but it ain't over til the fat lady sings.  The neighbor has noticed an increase in random traffic on our DEAD END driveway so she called the law for extra patrol.  I told her it was probably people who have weed planted in the corn!  Dumbasses.'

Speaking of Weeds, I'm starting all the way back to when Shane was Strange Botwin and Celia and Nancy became umm..not sure what except a trainwreck, each of them in a different way.  I'm a big Nealon fan from SNL days so there's that to enjoy.  

My friends Larry, Vicki and Paula came shopping at Casa Grands after I got off today.  It was hot as hell because the AC stays off until I get there.  Vicki's mama just died recently so she's kind of feeling the pain herself.  Georgia had fun running up and down the stairs.  And I pulled off more freaking stickers!

I've put on 8 pounds which doesn't seem like much except I feel it in the old mid-section so it's time to slack up on the eating.  For so long I just didn't care about eating because nothing sounded good.  That was depression and resulted in a 30 pound weight loss over several years.  People told me I looked sick.  I did and I was.  

It's my time and it's now ~

Thursday, August 4, 2016


I spent the day down at the grands' house meeting pickers and piddling. Even with two ACs going it was hot what with all the activity and was actually a good chance to catch up with old friends.  There's some kind of 17 mile yard sale coming up so Boatwright was all busy figuring out how to double his money.  Marla bought a UT print for her son in law and I have a bag of pink four o clock seeds to drop on her flower bed next pass.  Mom's nurse Tracy wants her bed.  It's all good because I've got two weeks to get her done.  A one week ad in the local paper that will be too tiny to see costs 50 bucks.  Besides, nobody pays a dollar for it except to read Rachel's stories.  They are totally uplifting.

I feel some naproxen coming on, just saying.  Y'all be careful out there.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

all my children

When BG was growing up I was "that mom"....the one who hosted sleepovers that were way too large for my own mental health.  They came, they stayed up all night and they remember the good times which makes me happy.  I ran into one of those kids today who is now a mother to two of her own children.  She is visiting her Pop who is sick and helping out with things a bit.  Never one to miss a chance for a picture, we snuck off and got a cute one privately.  Her grandparents were a couple that ran with my parents over the years and Pop quietly counted off who's left.  And when he said "I miss Uncle Billy" I almost broke into tears.  Me too, honey.  Me too.  Much love to the entire McDivitt clan.  

The heat continues with no relief.  BG has eczema and this kind of weather is the worst in the world for outbreaks because of sweat.  Atopic dermatitis is often inherited and requires periodic bouts of steroid treatment to get things under control.   She has struggled with it all her life to the point that she had to take dosepacks to go to Girl Scout camp.  

I left my Daddy's hospital room on August 3rd of last year not knowing that it would be the last time I saw him alive.  He was sleeping soundly, not in distress and in that between place where physical life ends and the spirit is set free.  Were it not for faith that would be just another ending.  I choose to see it as a new beginning.  

I'm off tomorrow so it's back to the sale agenda for a day.  We are a little over two weeks out and down to the nitty gritty.  Bring it on pickers!

Over and out from the lane ~

Monday, August 1, 2016

mad enough to cry

It is part of my emotional makeup that when I get really angry I cry and I hate it.  I guess it's probably a release valve so that I don't stroke out or something.  Try as I might I can't always go with the flow and let it go.   Tired old women have short fuses, if you know what I mean.  

The atmosphere is as they say "juicy" right now because it rained and then the sun came back out where I could see steam rising from the pavement on the way home.  I had to stop by the hot house down the road to take a couple more pics but that's the extent of it until I have a day off.  Soooo....the corn sweat is just rolling around out there waiting to attack anybody who has to get out of the house.  I guess that's what gives the children their superpowers.  

I'm ready for the election to be over, by all means.  We discussed Trump in the break room today, two of us liberals and a couple of Donald's fans.  It was a draw because I was too tired to argue.  That and religion can get you into deep shit in a hurry.  The maddest I ever got over something like that was when my younger brother supported Dubya.  I even got in an argument with my MOTHER about it.  Lawd.

Dianne Guthrie Roberts was a high school classmate turned career long co-worker. Her bright smile and cheerful attitude earned her many friends some of whom were her patients at the local cancer center.  I sometimes lovingly refer to it as "the chemo factory".   She was on the radiology side and me in the tiny little lab.  I've noticed the last few times I've been over that there are volunteers now helping with patient needs.  This. Is awesome.  

An oncology group from Memphis sees patients two days a week and radiation work is performed daily under the direction of the clinic owner.  Dianne has been sick for a very long time and her best friend/cheerleader/husband has kept the world at large aware of how her days have been going.   She will be missed, but I will always remember her smile and style.  

And heaven gains another angel ~