Saturday, October 8, 2016


The hallmark of any sort of Anonymous group is that what goes on inside that setting stays there.  You may or may not know these people on the outside, but whatever the case their stories must be safe with you.  It's an important part of a program that has helped generations loosen the grip of whatever their addiction may be.  All 12 steps serve a purpose and don't necessarily go in perfect order.  There tends to be a lot of going back to the beginning.  

The weather is finally beautiful and a cool front blew through as Matthew roughed up the southeast coast.  Work was a nice team effort and I got to go out with BG and her friend for El Patio queso crack.  My morning totem was none other than skunk and he was not dead but smack in the middle of the road.  Needless to say I swerved quickly.  

I have several health matters to attend to including the colonoscopy.  Periodic bouts of muscle spasms keep me stretching and pulling and breathing deeply just to release them.  Somebody said it's just cuz we're getting old.  Lerd, that is so true.

I miss Larry so bad I may just have to go visit him.  Now that Sophie isn't so attractive, he's staying close to mama which is good because she's having some hard times.  Puppy love always helps.  

As a woman and a progressive voter I detest Donald Trump with every fiber of my being.  That there is even a discussion at this point about who will be POTUS is absurd.  When the libertarians line up with HRC, it's over buddy.  

So there you have it.  One more day above ground and another 50 cents richer.  I'll take it.  Over and out from the lane.

Gratitude ~

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  1. Amen to the paragraph about Trump. I'd vote for a turnip before I'd vote for him.