Friday, August 31, 2018

on the road again

Lauren had lots to get done before work today so I got up early and hit 412 for grammaw time.  We had a blast, to say the least.  This child runs around in a diaper most of the time because it's so freakin' hot unless she's going somewhere.  She had scrambled eggs for breakfast which was a messy clean up and then we played and watched TV.  When she started rubbing her eyes I gave her a bottle and she fell asleep in my lap only to wake WIDE up when I put her on the bed.  We laid there and she jumped on the pillows and played patty cake forever.  She doesn't have the roll'em'up part down yet but she knows it's coming!  I took her outside in her walker which has always been our go to place but that didn't last long.  She got mad when I wouldn't let her go all the way to Sam's so we gave it up and went in.  Same thing happened when we tried again.  She spent about 30 minutes just playing with Lauren's devotional book, intent on trying to open it for wisdom.  Or something.  By then she was crazy tired so I gave her another bottle and she passed smooth out. I just laid her on KayKay's little animal pallet and covered her up. She was still snoozing when I left. 

My next stop was at Rice Equipment in Friendship for a potty break and directions to Cathy's house.  I found it easily and piled as much of the stuff in my car as it would hold.  I was almost out of gas so had to pay 20 cents higher than usual to get home.  

I love watching regular TV for a change when I'm at Lauren's which usually includes The View, Jeopardy, WBBJ news and The Chew.  I'm VERY good at Jeopardy, by the way.  All that knowledge serves me well while playing along.  This morning ABC had live coverage of John McCain's transfer to the rotunda.  It was sobering to watch the precision of the military personnel tasked with carrying his coffin up those steps in pouring rain.  

Life goes on.  I'm broke as a joke and looking hot and heavy for part time work.  The writing may pay off, but it won't be much.  I'm waiting for direction from the universe.  

Y'all enjoy your long weekend if you get one.  Most folks don't.


Thursday, August 30, 2018

court square

I have lived here all my life and just now figured out where the one entrance is to the courthouse.  The other three are exit only and if you don't know where to go it's a hike.  I went back to take some pictures to go with an interview I did the other day with the lovely ladies at the assessor's office.  There were some folks getting married with all their kids present right there in the lobby.  Small town glory.  They were all dressed to the nines and happy as could be.  

We did, indeed, catch a shower yesterday.  It was just enough to bump the humidity up to window sweatin' level.  My grass has gone to seed and the last cut will be next week.  Wanted to wait for the little rain spurt growth.  Mayberry is so good to me just like propane guy.  His tank is currently covered in autumn clematis.  

I went to the cabin today to make sure my windows are still there.  If I know community watch nobody would go NEAR that house.   There were no snakes visible and the yard was freshly mowed.  It's totally different, yet the same.  Know what I mean?  It's home.  I could kick myself for not salvaging the windows at the Bizzle house.  All we did was scrap it.  There was an old barn and pond next to it where the cattle did their thing.  Daddy tried to raise chickens in that barn but the snakes kept getting them.

The ponds were all filled over a two year period after the cattle sold.  I grew up with cows everywhere and I miss the mooing.  We never had pigs, but Son and Miss Lockie did right across the road.  The first time I saw a chicken get his neck hacked was over there.  I helped collect the eggs as a kid and played with his grandkids in the Forked Deer backwater.  Times were simpler then.

So, anywho. Still no news.  I save it until later in the day so as not to start the morning with a media hangover.  And OMG...i just remembered.  Colbert is offa' vacay!  Praise be.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


I got a text from Lauren last night that Reaves has taken her first two steps.  Pretty soon it will be on like donkey kong!  At a little more than 11 months, she's right on target.  I could just eat that baby with a spoon.  I can't wait to see her and AJ playing together.  She'll have to pick up speed to keep up with him.

I have a lot to write and as usual I'm procrastinating.  Even a brief outing in the heat saps what energy I've got.  But write, I will.  I delivered the last of the old rope pulley windows today to a friend who painted something for Reaves.  I do so love to barter.  She was so excited you would have thought I'd given her a million dollars.  She is a real artisan with lots of talent.  

No politics today.  There were a few elections yesterday but I haven't caught up on who's who.  Meanwhile, Senator McCain lies in state with the flag lowered again.  The net is getting tighter with the band of crooks as one by one they make deals for immunity.  History in the making.  

I'm still looking for a part time job without much luck. You would think that there would be part time positions out the ass because it costs the company less.  I don't care what I do really I just want something different and the additional income because the budget is a mess.  Several folks have been good enough to help a girl out and that means so much.  

We're planning a casual one night event for the DHS Class of 1973 reunion, our 45th.  We've lost quite a few since the 40th.  Lord willing, we'll get together again in October.

Don't worry.  Be happy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

all in a day's work

I just spent a couple of hours of quality time learning a bit about the processes that go on at the Dyer County Property Assessor's office.  My mind was blown at the history of these loyal civil servants and their varied histories.  One girl actually has a degree in ag business.  Several of them are life long friends so we had an old fashioned round table discussion about exactly what they do.  And it's a LOT.  

My utility bill just came and it's 40 bucks less than last month thanks to that little cool spell.  September's will be right back up there I'm sure.  There's a chance of rain the next couple of days so let's hold hands and do a dance.  Hell burn some sage.  It can't hurt.  

The big ass tree is still all over the yard but that's okay.  I'm gonna let it die off before I attempt to do anything with the wood like make a Swedish torch.  Those things are cool as hell!  You can even cook on them.  Which may be what I have to do if times get hard.  

The Dyer County Fair starts on Monday which is a big deal around here.  I grew up spending the week there because of my parents' heavy involvement.  As a teenager I worked the gates at the old fairgrounds.  I'm pretty sure that's not on my resume.  I had my first serious make out session in a guy's car one night when I slipped away.  Proceeds from my mother's famous cookbook went to help fund the family life center at the new location.  Now THAT is a labor of love.  

Stay cool and know your limits.  My boundaries are so firm right now they are kinda' like a stretched out rubber band.  You better test it before you cross.  

Namaste ~

Monday, August 27, 2018

bump in the night

Oscar wouldn't come in last night and was barking like the bogey man was out there so I just waited until he shut up.  I thought I had heard a thud but I was locked in tight so I wasn't worried.  After an early wakeup I headed to the chicken store for some caffeine when I noticed half of a freaking 100 year old pecan tree laying in the south side of my yard.  No wind.  No lightning, just split down the middle.  I'm glad I wasn't standing there when it fell.  Mysterious ways y'all.  I've had near misses with them before like one dropping right after I passed under it.  That was a real chiller.  

I've been out and about today first interviewing the widow of Larry Wadley of Moody Wadley Automotive fame for background on the original events.  We visited awhile and had a very nice chat while she shared some pictures for me to use.  They were featured in People magazine not once but twice by Toyota.  Since I was in the hood I went on down 104 a bit and dropped in to see Heather and AJ.  Nanny was busy whipping up a good old country lunch for the crew.  AJ is six months older than Reaves and all over the place.  Looks so much like his Daddy they could be twins.  

So I see the White House flag is back up because can only be so disrespectful before people start calling you out.  From death 'til interment.  That's the tradition.  I'm sure Cheeto head and Sarah caught a lot of flak over that one.  That he did it that way says volumes about his egotism.  No invitation, sir.  

I'm about to explore ways to turn this pecan wood into money.  Gotta' Google Swedish torch per Lorna.  Stay tuned.


Sunday, August 26, 2018

butterflies are free

I get a real kick out of the whole morphing from a worm to a butterfly concept, especially when they are as thick as they are right now.  It is a good totem to be surrounded with currently what with the planets going retrograde.  Julia googled that, by the way.  That little reprieve from the heat was nice but it's back to more of the same old series of days with days of no rain and scorching temps.  The garden is dead as a door nail. 

As I was coming home from the chicken store I passed Patrick walking as I was cruising for my one bearing pecan tree.  The kudzu has taken over the bank in front of the dairy barn and it's pretty cool to just sit and look at that tin roof behind all the green.  Still no blooms though.  

I was sad to hear of the passing of John McCain, one of the greats in American history not only as a veteran and POW but a political force, particularly in his last years.  I read that some twit of an Arizona Senate candidate claims the timing of his announcement to end treatment was set to sabotage her campaign.  Girl, please.  It ain't all about you.

Another day, another mass shooting this time at a gaming event in Jacksonville FL.  What's it gonna' take folks?  Are we all just going to have to hide in our bunkers and not go into public venues?  I feel helpless and hopeless on that subject.  If Sandy Hook wasn't enough to change things, it's beyond fixing unless the NRA is neutered.  Babies....little children.  Killed with guns that were legally obtained by the shooter's mother who was also murdered.  Meanwhile charges mount and Mueller works on digging the hole a little deeper, one shovel at a time.  

Interesting times we live in dontcha' think?  

Serenity ~

Saturday, August 25, 2018

another day in paradise

I've had several visitors today which is nice.  It's way hot and the corn children are getting ready to come out and look for water.  Like the snakes do.  O.M.G.  There ain't no water in my basement because it hasn't rained in weeks so I think I'm safe in the house.  It's costing a lot to run the irrigation system here I'm sure.  But, it improves yield so there ya' go.  Basic farming practice.  

Once upon a time I had a kinda' sorta' boyfriend who lived around Bradley.  During a big flood of the Mississippi the water would reach up to their houses and beyond.  Many were destroyed. These are the hazards of living on a river yet many have done it for generations.  More than once Heloise got washed away.  And Chic.  And Finley and Richwood.

The flow of our rivers has been altered over the years by the Corp.  I remember watching, as a child, the channeling of our branch of the Forked Deer.  My brothers both hung out down there with the big equipment,  That project protected us from the floods until they got too big for all the feeders.  When the Mississippi backs up, it's emergency mode for the Obion and Forked Deer.  I've been to the place where they all meet.  Pretty cool stuff.

I can still hear the beep of the smoke alarm with the dead battery.  I think it's time to pull that bitch out.  It disturbs my karma.  

Faith ~

Friday, August 24, 2018


I'm here to tell you right now that this being a grown up is not fun.  With aging come obstacles that are often more difficult to overcome than when we were all young and dewy eyed.  Many of us, myself included, spent our entire careers working for the man which is usually a corporation.  If you are fortunate to work for one that truly cares for its' employees feel blessed.  At one time I did but that went away over time and acquisition.  

I totally enjoyed hearing about the history of Buff City Soap Company which is about to open a store here in Dyersburg.  Chris Donaldson expertly interviewed both the founder of the company and the owner of the Dyersburg store to be, exploring in depth how the founder literally began the business in his garage.  The products are all natural and organic.  There was a pop up shop in the lobby where I could have spent the rent money if I'd had it on me.  Thank goodness I didn't!  

So, the house of cards continue to fall.  The country is in all out revolt mode and Lord only knows what's next.  I'm not go into all the Trump bashing because I don't roll like that.  I will say that I believe it to be possibly unconstitutional for a POTUS under active investigation for multiple charges to have the freedom to appoint a Supreme Court justice.  That can wait until the dust settles.  

I'm digging like a demon for contacts and story leads.  Actually it's a good way to meet new people and get to know the ones who are my friends on a deeper level.  I'm enjoying that part of it.  My cool ass neighbors delivered a late dinner of steak with the trimmings last night.  After snacking on cheese cubes and dip at a meet'n'greet that was a welcome end to the day.  Plus Patrick and I like to talk.  

I was up 'til after midnight and out until 11AM today.  Worn out.  My next goal is to get the house clean and keep it that way.  I'm sort of like the kids who drops everything wherever I am and goes back to do recon on the whole mess.  Must.Get.Organized.  I'm manifesting that for myself with a sage burn.  

Y'all stay happy and healthy and look for the upside.  It's there somewhere, you just can't always see it at the time.

Justice ~

Thursday, August 23, 2018

a tale of two crosses

Mamye bought a beautiful stone cross about a month ago and lost it on a visit here the day she got it.  Last night I was walking the yard at dusk and spotted it a couple of feet from the front steps.  Kaching! The other special stone from Jane Yates' funeral went missing AGAIN after I dropped it in a friend's office and went back to retrieve.  As I was cleaning out the car today I spotted it, beckoning to me like a beacon of faith.  I love it when that happens.

Right before I left the house for an event at The Mill Workspace I started getting messages that my FB account had been hacked.  I didn't really have time to deal with it so I went on and did my business.  When I got home I found that a wise young friend had discovered, blocked and reported the hacker.  Way to go Annie!  You are the woman.

Her cousin Rachel and I met today for a quick lesson on how to properly use my camera which I attempted  at this evening's event.  I will have to learn by trial and error but it's a start.  My friend Mark the Precious is going to take a look at the badass Leica to see if it can be salvaged and give me more extensive lessons.  You can't be a real journalist without good photography skills.  My batteries went dead but I managed to get some good shots before they did.  

I'm feeling pretty conflicted right now.  Lots of things swirling  around in my mind that need some resolution but as we all know, that's a process.  

Patience is a virtue ^j^

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


More and more my days consist of making contact with people for story leads.  That is my fun thing at the moment.  I know a shit ton of people and if I don't know them personally I know somebody who does.  I am currently pulling together recommendation letters to go along with my resume as I search for a part time job.  

My only outing today has been to the 'gentral for toilet paper.  As I pulled through the Corner Market parking lot I noticed this huge guy on a motorcycle with a tiny little dog riding on the seat in front of him.  I wasn't quick enough to get a picture but then he pulled out ahead of me and I followed he and the biker dog all the way to Dyersburg.  I noticed him petting the pup as he drove and thought to myself "how cool is that!"  Dogs love adventure.  One of my friends is a pilot and he takes his lab flying.  My poor babies are just happy to ride in the back seat of the trusty old Camry and hang out the windows.  Oscar starts barking as soon we hit the lane because he knows he's home.  

So, yesterday was definitely not a slow news day in Washington.  I just tuned into the live White House briefing in time to hear Sarah say for the billionth time that President Trump isn't worried because he's done nothing wrong.  Alrighty then.  She better be working on her resume as well.

Desperate as I am for a job, I stopped by the golf course which is literally in my back yard.  Got a contact # for a conversation with the current manager.  Followed up on that.  How sweet would that be???  You can see my house from the second green.

Y'all be safe out there.  Love ya.  Mean it ^j^

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

black and bleu

My friends and I met at an Italian restaurant for lunch and what did I do?  Order a burger, of course.  Something about bleu cheese makes my taste buds flip over the edge.  We had a nice long visit like retired ladies can do. There are decades of family history among us and we hit a lot of the bases today.  Patsye's dad and brother have farmed this land as long as I can remember.  Mary Beth's mother and mine played bridge together for 50 years.  The other usuals couldn't make it but we missed 'em.  

On the way home I got a call from Lauren telling me she had fallen taking the trash to the dumpster and was in pretty bad pain.  Soon as I got home we discussed it and she had found an urgent care that offers on site x-ray.  If that doesn't show anything, an MRI may be necessary.  Alrighty then.  Just what she needs right now.  If I know her she was in flip flops and in a hurry to get to Kroger.  I messaged her the kind of knee brace I've been using and told her it's a must have.  As far as the rest, ice and elevation thing....that's pretty much impossible for a single mom.  Soldier on sister.

I woke up wonky and sickly again today so I broke down and got the Zpak filled.  I sure don't need pneumonia on top of the sinus infection.  I finished my first article and submitted it with pictures to follow.  My dumb ass deleted the first draft so I had to redo the whole thing.

We were under a tornado warning last night and I never even saw a drop of rain but it sure did look scary what with all the dark shelf clouds.  My friend Cathy has a pile of cool toys for Reaves and she sent me the sweetest story this morning.  Her grandkids came over last night and saw their stuff piled up and wanted to know the scoop.  She painfully explained to them about her friend with a grandbaby who is littler than them and didn't have big girl toys.  Said she was going to give them to somebody in need maybe.   Immediately these two little ones suggested that why doesn't she give their toys to her FRIEND's grandbaby!  I do so love it when that happens.  It was a grandmaw teaching moment.  

Y'all keep smiling and shining.  Even when it seems impossible, it's a lot more fun than sitting in a hole having a pity party.  Take it 'til you make it.

Monday, August 20, 2018

write on

I've been out and about today trolling people to interview for the new publication.  Lots of contacts but no callbacks yet so I will stick with what I know best.  I feel like an unpaid beat reporter!  If I could figure out a reliable way to monetize this blog that would be sweet. But then again, that would take away the therapeutic value somewhat.  This is where I go to think and ramble and rant on occasion.  That other people enjoy reading it is just a side benefit that brings me joy.

The prayers are felt and appreciated.  Tomorrow I'll be having lunch with some friends which I look forward to especially since mine is fo' free.  Thanks Lil' Patsye.  The cold continues to improve daily so I guess it's just running its' course.  Everybody else has had it too and it lingers.  My friend Cathy is moving and has more loot for Reaves from her grandchildren including a little John Deere table and chairs.  How cool is that! Reaves may not live in the country but she sure has the rural roots.  

No politics today.  Period.  

Peace and Grace ~

Sunday, August 19, 2018

mama bear

More than one wise woman has said to me "a mother is only as happy as her unhappiest child."  If you are not a mother, you really can't grasp that concept to the full extent.  When your child hurts, you hurt as well even when they're adults.  We do what we can to try and "fix" it but ultimately it's a process of growth and development.  As mothers we have lived through what you are struggling with now.  Did we do it perfectly?  Of course not.  But with each mistake, we learned.  

I think maybe (fingers crossed) I've turned the corner with this demon upper respiratory infection.  Not 100% mind you, but not coughing all the time and feeling like crap.  Thank you Lord.  I read an interesting piece today on why doctors are leaving medicine as a career and it really applies to all healthcare practitioners.  I have personally watched the system go to hell in a handbasket since I started as a young MT.  The red tape, insurance, even the electronic medical record are all culprits.  Practitioners are overworked because people are leaving the field.  The ones who really got into it to "help people" get burned out quickly jumping through corporate hoops.  Meanwhile, we the patients get the raw end of the deal.  

My friend recently had triple by-pass surgery and needed inpatient rehab.  His insurance company denied it.  Do what????  He's better off at home than being institutionalized anyway and young enough to do it outpatient.  What about those who are not or who have no caregiver to help?  Unless he wins the appeal with Aetna he will be stuck paying out of pocket for the rehab that was recommended for him post op.  BTW, Aetna and Cigna are the world's worst at this kind of crap.  

Meanwhile, Rome burns.  The parade was cancelled thank goodness.  Even the VFW was opposed to all the pomp and pageantry.  Even though you are POTUS, Mr. Trump, it's not about you but about the citizens of this country who are affected by every move you make.  And then Putin goes and dances at an Austrian official's wedding.  Watch your back folks.  

I suppose I've rambled on enough for today.  I still believe that God is good.  All the time.  And I still believe that justice prevails.  I may not be alive to see it when it happens, but I know in my heart it is real.  Just hold that thought when times get tough.  

And keep the faith ^j^

Saturday, August 18, 2018

rescue me

I have never been one to indulge in magical thinking.  Sure, I joke about having a Sugardaddy but that's just a blog ploy, so to speak.  I have worked all my life beginning at age 13 or 14 as  lifeguard at the Moose Pool.  That is where I got the money to pay half down on my first car with my parents' match.  I had not had it long until I learned my first hard lesson.  I let a friend leave a party in my car and he promptly picked up somebody else and totaled it in a deep ditch.  There was a gallon of whiskey in the back seat and it sure wasn't mine.  That, in a nutshell, is how I ended up driving a hooptie 63 chevy automatic in the floor with no muffler or paint.  It eventually got both and was electric blue.  Lots of adventures in that old car, right Lisa?

During my college years I  sold shoes, babysat and did work study, etc to make spending money.  The only year I did NOT work was the intense last year of Med Tech school at UTCHS in Memphis.  I was never poor really, just lower middle class where it's all a struggle and you have to push extra hard to get where you're going.  I remember that MT school was so freaking hard I was considering either jumping out the 8th floor window of the dorm or quitting with three months left.  My poor Mama had to drive to Memphis and give me "the talk" about keeping my eye on the prize.  

Following graduation with a BS in June 1977, I took a job at the Dyersburg hospital in the lab where I never once left for 41 years.  Others came, went, came back and whatnot.  Until December 7th 2017, that job was my life.  It provided me with a decent "lower middle class" income for many years.  

My point is this:  There are many people out there who believe that the world owes them something.  They feel a bit "entitled."  Most have never worked really hard at something for any length of time and many have learned how to use the system to their advantage.  The government funded social safety net became a huge cash honey hole for "I don't have to work."  Hell, unless you're a Trump or a Koch you have to work for what you have.  I'm retired and going BACK to work because I can't make ends meet.  Where's that Sugardaddy when you need him?

Case in point.  I know a young lady, single mother, with a college degree.  She works a minimum wage job which is just about what's out there everywhere.  Her food assistance was cut because she "makes money" but her healthcare is mostly free.  If not, she and the baby would be sunk.  This is what infuriates me about the top 2%.  Can you not get off of some of that cash which is more than you could EVER spend and help people out like veterans and old people.  Geez man.  Your heirs are just standing in line waiting for you to die.

If it were not for my faith in God and a lot of good friends, I would have jumped out that 8th floor window on more than one occasion.  But I was never really that desperate, choosing instead to see tomorrow as another day to manifest happiness.  One of the things that I admire about the owners of this farm is that they are dedicated to preserving the history of the place and sharing it with their own heirs.  It could be sold for a kazillion dollars and developed but that's not what Calcutt Farm is.  It is much, much more.

My babygirl is headed over this afternoon for a sleepover, just me and her.  We haven't had that in forever, since before Reaves was born.  It helps us to remember who we are.


Friday, August 17, 2018

the good old boys' club

I'm sitting here with a prayer angel in my pocket eatin' absolutely delicious leftover fried veggies....cold with ranch.  My day didn't turn out as planned but that's okay.  At least everybody is safe.  At the center of today's angst is something that I will not speak about but it concerns me.  Like...a lot.  And on a lot of different levels.  But I digress.

Hot'n'humid and tall grass.  I asked Ryan to skip the next mowing since I owe him for my firstborn child.  I have some assignments to do in the next couple of weeks and I'm an on the go kind of research girl.  If that chick can get followers putting on makeup in a car, I can write a damn article or two.  Who cares if I get paid.  I'll be a published author beyond Blogger.  

Thank you sweetbabyjeebus that parade got cancelled.  I mean gah.  I depend on SS to live every month and they want to cut that and throw an egofest?  I have no words.  Except, thank you David Petraeus for stepping up. Finally.

I'm still mourning Aretha and listening to the music over and over again.  The cool thing about all of it is that's it's recorded and those songs will never go away until we get nuked.  Fake news is probably in the dictionary by now filed under Donald J Trump.  What a legacy!

As for me I'll keep watching Colbert and the makeup in the car lady for fun.  Because in the end?  That's what's up.  ^j^

Thursday, August 16, 2018

the king and queen

How ironic is it that Aretha and Elvis died on the same day of the year.  Both from Memphis and both legends of rock'n'roll and soul.  And both just as revered as musical artists of our generation.  My cuz posted a video of Aretha doing "you make me feel...." at the Kennedy Center and I was absolutely amazed at her performance but also delighted to see the excitement of the song's author Carole King.  Little things move me these days.

There is a lengthy thread going on my FB page about racism and playing the blame game.  Charts and graphs and all kinds of things.  To deny that racism does not exist is especially wrong in a day and time where people of color are repeatedly targeted by not only law enforcement but the government:  i.e. The great wall.  Trump's military parade went over budget by 88 million or OUR taxpayer dollars so that he can play Big Ike like fast bastard and Putin.  And still, his fan base sticks to their "guns" and helps him to divide us further.  Meanwhile the queen of charter schools Ms. Betsy is plotting to destroy public education as we know it.  As we say in the south "how niiiice."  

I'm trying to get Lily to do her business outside because I'm sick of the litter box.  She used to do that but I had the bright idea of getting the box about a year ago and she shreds it every time.  It's a game to her,  much like knocking shit off the table.  There was a big storm coming last night and Lauren texted me to please bring her inside.  Which I did.  I'm not that mean, though she has a nice little hidey hole under the back porch.  She is currently being a good girl sitting on my purse on the desk supervising my typing.  

Still sick and struggling to breathe what with the humidity following the rain.  That's the only water the little garden is getting now and tonight's dinner will be fried squash, onions and green tomatoes.  Except for a little turkey now and then I'm pretty much vegan.  Maybe some bacon on a special occasion.  Or pork tenderloin.  Or brisket!  I've lost ten pounds since I retired and much of it is because it's expensive and difficult to eat three meals a day when not on a schedule.  I eat when I'm hungry.  

It took a couple of hours of hard labor to clean up the dishes that were piled in the sink last night but I take baby steps when I have a spurt of inspiration.  I miss my girls like....bad.  She's working a pretty wonky schedule if you know what I mean.  Such a good little mama to Reaves.

Y'all be careful out there.  And keep the faith ^j^

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

dead elvis week

I finally decided yesterday that I might, indeed, die from this cold so I made an appointment at the clinic for this morning.  The guy who called me back said he had been waiting hours for something to do.  Following a CBC and chest x-ray which were both unremarkable I got a big dose of Rocephin in the hip but no steroids.  Rats!  My usual FNP was off today so I saw her doctor instead and he's quite the character.  He halfway apologized for his "salty" language to which I replied that I knew my share of it and have used it extensively over 41 years in the healthcare field.  Hey...whatever works.  He also prescribed me a robitussin like cough syrup and Zpack, neither of which I got filled.  I'm already taking guaifensin as an expectorant and my experience is that the Z packs don't work too well.  What I need is an inhaler which costs 200 bucks so I'm using the Himalayan pink salt inhaler instead.  Thanks big pharma.

We had a long meeting today about direction for the future of the writing gig.  If it flies, it will be cutting edge.   More later on that as it develops.    

I read that the wounded suspect from the robbery gone bad over on Wheeler Street passed on.  Just bless him.  I ended up going to the dolla' gentral' not once but TWICE because I forgot something.  I seriously need a keeper.  

No word from the girls today and I don't even know what their schedule is.  I'm counting on them to come to me next time.  Like a real "let's go see grammaw" visit.  I have a friend whose birthday is either the day of or the day before when Elvis died, which I remember vividly because I was living in Memphis at the time.  For the last few years we worked together everybody always wished a happy birthday/dead Elvis day.  UCMTSU.

Be happy and healthy and drama free.  Call your mama if she's alive or even if she isn't.  She's always there with you in spirit ^j^

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I feel worse today than yesterday. This is one evil hanger on of a cold.  The cough is better but it feels like my head is in bubble wrap if that makes sense.  No? get the picture.  It's an other world type of experience akin to watching life your life on TV like poor Truman did.  I love that movie.

I managed a dolla' mcmuffin and sprite for breakfast and headed down to The Mill to find Lorna peacefully sorting pictures of her life.  She is softer and gentler now in a way that only grief can give as a gift.  When you lose a child, it is devastating.  

So today's big news is that I received an email from a friend coming from a guy whose grandfather lived on this farm around 1920 which is when the barn and silos were being built.  Since we are steady mining the history of the place this was like a golden nugget dropping from heaven.  More things to write about!  Yay!

If I die from the epizootie i have no life insurance so y'all help all involved get me cremated and honored accordingly.   Start a go fund me page or something.  LOL.  I'm just kidding.  I won't die from it because I'm a tough bitch like that.  Anybody who has raised kids while working a full time job knows you just keep on pushing the envelope.  

Okay kids, got to get caught up on the Omarosa drama.  Play nice and remember who you are ^j^

Monday, August 13, 2018

like old times

Lorna and I were meeting regularly at The Mill for quite some time before the grandkids got out of school for the summer.  Then my money dried up so that I couldn't really afford a membership.  She was there this morning and I stopped by for a visit just to get my fix of the atmosphere there.  We ended having a late breakfast at Dave's, of course.  As we wandered back to The Mill we peeked through empty storefront windows of buildings that are perfect for just about any kind of business.  Much of it is owned by the Develdy Mustard Company.  We peeked into the Buff City Soap under construction and found them almost done!  Flooring is going down now.  

The summah' cold lingers as does the heat and drought.  I'm about to quit watering and weeding and let nature play its' course.  I plan to divide some herbs in pots over the winter and attempt to keep them going.  I never hurts to have the smell of lavender and basil around.  Aromatherapy.  

It is amazing to me that I'm almost 63 years old and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I know I want it to be fun, that's a given.  This is where you have to be careful about making a hobby a "job."  Sometimes you lose the passion that drives creativity.  Lorna was sorting through totes and boxes of pictures this morning making preliminary piles to be gone through again later.  I'm doing the same thing or attempting to when I'm not distracted by a plane or a squirrel.  I definitely have a touch of ADHD.  

So, in the opiate crackdown there are big restrictions being put on prescriptions and lots of pain clinics are going under.  The sad thing is that these addicted people have no resource like THC to help them recover.  Most recovery programs consider weed a "drug" and I suppose you can look at it that way.  I see it as plant based holistic medicine.  I do know that methadone and suboxone are just substituting one pharmaceutical for another.  Both are abused regularly and sold on the street.

And so it goes.  I need to get organized and manifest my destiny, whatever that may be.  I would be a good teacher of many things.  We shall see what the future holds.

Keepin' the faith ^j^

Sunday, August 12, 2018

heaven on earth

I sniffed and coughed my way through church and sincerely hope that I didn't give anybody the epizootie.  I sat with my homey Delores right behind Ms Polly and her crew.  I like to switch it up, unlike my mother who would get quite upset if somebody sat in "her spot" which was, historically, front row of right back section.  In the end, she couldn't make it that far so she sat on the front row with Tony.  

It was eerie driving through downtown with the flag at half mast and each corner decorated with net and ribbon in memory of one of our locals from the sheriff's department who died in a wreck.  I used to work with his spunky little wife and know his parents well.  He was a K-9 officer and well liked.  

It has indeed been a tragic week for a small community like ours.  I distinctly remember a conversation with my daddy about whether he believed in heaven and hell.  He was raised Southern Baptist and converted to the Methodist church because of Mom.  I could just as easily be Cumberland Presbyterian or Episcopal but there's something about Wesley's philosophy that hangs onto me.  The transient nature of church leadership leaves room for the spirit to work by delivering new messengers through annual conference.  This causes a lot of heartache for those who become attached, but it's the Methodist way.  

Daddy told me that, while he believed in life eternal, he pretty much saw that you create your own heaven or hell here on earth through your relationship with God.  That surprised me a bit but it makes perfect sense.  I cannot imagine living without the Holy Spirit working daily and the ability to recognize that.  God, as you understand him.  That's a powerful comfort.  

Reaves is almost 11 months old and lordhavemercy how did that happen?  She is precious and a little heathern all rolled into a cute smile and strong attitude.  When Lauren started pre-school at Ms Carole's she took me aside one day and gave me a copy of The Strong Willed Child.  Said I definitely needed to read it.  Boy was she right!  There's one thing about it though.  If a child is raised with the will to not just survive but thrive, they are the ones who will make it the going gets tough.

I have a 30 day trial on Office so I'm tinkering with my writing for this upcoming gig.  After that I guess I'll have to use the grocery money for a subscription.  

Be strong, be faithful and have a heavenly day. ^j^

Saturday, August 11, 2018

wings over pecan lane

I'm still sick and not at all into going into the heat of an airport for a show.  Thankfully most of the planes have been visible to me coming in and will be a sight to see when they all leave Halls.  There was an air base there during WWII and it presently houses a museum and the yearly show of aircraft maneuvers.  Very impressive.  I remember my Mama talking about so and so and so and so meeting up when he or she was stationed there and then they got married.  It was a happening place.

The corn box is slowly withering, thank you sweet baby Jesus.  You can be sure that on the day it goes down, there will dancing around a fire.  Actually it sounds like a reason for a party in my book.  In other news there will be a very active sunflower field on opening weekend, totally by invitation.  It's probably easier to get an appointment with the Pope than an invitation to a dove hunt.  There will be live coverage, of course.

My friend Carol and I talked for an hour and a half like we always do because it's sporadic.  We talk grandma stuff and work stuff and generally every little thing that needs to be caught up on.  It's nice to have the luxury to do that.

Gotta' go check for produce but no watering until the sun moves.  I've fried enough stuff that way to know that you must water early or late.  Since I don't do early, late it is.

God bless all y'all out there watching the show in 95 degree temps with no breeze.  I'll catch 'em when they leave.

That's what's up.  How about you?

Friday, August 10, 2018

live from the lane

I've been relatively healthy since I don't get out much but some kind of crud has got me by the balls.  Lots of coughing and nose blowing.  My friend Rachel has strep but I think this is what is known in the south as a "summah cold."  They are a beast.  I got out long enough to visit Cheryl with a payment and picked up my prayer stone.  God bless you honey.

Several people have lost their lives this week in one vehicle accidents.  This is sad beyond words.  There are parents and friends and children all stunned and missing their loved ones.  In the blink of an eye y'all.

I am attempting to become a bit more numb to the fact that life sucks.  You can either pick up and go on, or lay down and die.  Your choice.  I'd rather go down fighting if there's a chance and if not, so be it.  I'll take it as it comes because you-know-who is the caller of shots.  

Just had a thunderstorm to the south but no rain here.  I'm watching another one in AK to see it that one develops.  Stay tuned and peace out ^j^

Thursday, August 9, 2018

interview this

I went for a job interview today for a position using my writing skills.  It sounds promising.  Time will tell.  I carried Jane Yates prayer stone in my pocket when I went in and got home and noticed I had lost it.  Calling back to the office I quickly found that some kind young lady had found it on the floor and is keeping it for me.  Leave room for the spirit to work, always.

Well the chance for rain went from 80 to 40 and it looks like we're getting missed.  At least it's not 100 degrees in the shade.  It's time to get into shorts and at work on this house.  It's not like I have a dishwasher or maid.  I have fond memories of a dishwasher once upon a time.  This is why I buy a lot of bleach.

Y'all be happy and healthy and always remember who you are ^j^

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

crazy magnet

Evidently there is something about me that attracts the strange ones.  I've never really had a stalker before but I have for several weeks now.  You know the type.....likes every single post and has some kind of weird online attachment.  I talked to one of this guy's family about it and he told me he's "not living in reality" when it comes to FB so I unfriended him.  Today he was still commenting so I blocked him.  It's been a challenging couple of weeks for me online as I've had an anonymous person trashing me on the blog and another one telling me how un-Christian I am on FB.  I don't need this kind of drama....any of it.  I welcome open dialogue about most anything, but do not go around talking shit about me.  Not cool.

My cousin and his family got to see Joe Bonamassa live at Red Rock and I'm green with envy.  He has and will always be on my bucket list.  In my opinion he is one of the most influential blues guitar players of our time.

Lauren called ecstatic that she got her title transfer done and is driving her own car.  I am so proud of her perseverance and faith.  As a mother, she tops me hands down.  Reaves is one lucky little girl.  

The older I get the more I appreciate true friends.  We may not talk often but when push comes to shove, I know who has my back and that's a comfort.  

Y'all be kind to one another.  You never know when one little act of kindness will change a life.  ^j^

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

caution: wet floor

Unfortunately there was no sign where I hit a wet patch on the laminate in flip flops and went down HARD.  My friends Craig and Ann were here and I was scurrying to get my phone to take their picture.  I'm sure they heard me loudly holler "SHIT" what did I slip on?  I fell on my left side ( of course ) and have lots of wounds to show for it.  It was a bloody mess, but I'm okay thank goodness.  And of course I believe Lily to be the culprit.  Just saying.  

I almost overslept for my lunch date Ava the queen of RBF but I managed to get there on time.  She is between contracts as a cath lab nurse and will be leaving again soon.  It was fun catching up with her about every little thing and gossiping about the past.  When you're in the trenches with somebody,  there's always something to remember.  

Right behind us sat Charlie and Sam, my favorite blended family kind of folks.  Between them they have four kids teenaged kids.  Lerd.  Across from them I spotted another dear one who was consoling her teenage daughter following the unexpected loss of a friend.  Very small world.  

At this point in time I'm going on faith.  Faith that I will find a part time job and that the money will hold out until then.  I've got several leads just nothing solid.  Let us pray for manifestation on this.  

As for the weather, rinse lather and repeat.  Hot.Hot.Hot.  Ad Infinitum.

Mercy ~

Monday, August 6, 2018

miracles and missteps

First...the good news.  Lauren called yesterday and has been GIVEN a car by her friend.  This will change her life in so many ways that I cannot count.  Many of us take mobility for granted until it's gone.  She has soldiered on carless for two and a half years dependent on the kindness of others for rides to work, grocery store, doctor's appts, etc.  What a blessing!  Chelsea you are an angel.  

Right after I got that great news call I noticed that a friend in FB only who is a local business person felt compelled to publicly unfriend me because my demeanor and language are "unchristlike."  Dude, seriously?  If you don't like what I post you could have quietly unfriended me without calling me out publicly and passing judgement.  You do not know me.  And my judgement is not in your hands but God's.  It was a very passive aggressive move and I imagine the businesses with which you are associated will feel the effects of your behavior.  I'm not mad or hurt.  It just never ceases to amaze me how people are so quick to judge others.  That, in a nutshell, is what is what is wrong with the world today.  

I read (or heard) recently that there has been a breakthrough treatment for PTSD with a drug that has been used for other things in the past.  Now THAT is a breakthrough in the mental health field.  Other than that, I don't know anything except for Trump etc which I pass over when reading the news.  I did see where his advisors told him to stop tweeting because it only adds fuel to the fire.  Like, duh.

God is good....all the time ^j^

Sunday, August 5, 2018

once upon a time

The past few years are sort of like a blur to me.  Work was chaotic a lot of family died and Reaves was born.  I became unexpectedly retired which has been a huge adjustment.  The bills are getting paid but just barely so I'm looking for options to make some extra money.  Time will tell.

The cabin still sits empty with no action in a couple of months.  I saw the electrician today and he said he's been checking every week or so to see if they're ready for him.  Not even close.  It was exciting seeing all that activity at first and disappointing to see it come to a stand still.  Not my circus, though.

I missed a chance to chat with Reaves this morning while she and her mama were still in bed.  By the time I called back she was busily playing.  My next planned visit is on Saturday after Lauren has a graveyard shift on Friday.  I try to be there when she really needs me but she's got a great support system.  

Still don't know if robber #2 has been caught but the victim pretty much f**ked up #1 which I applaud.  You reap what you sow buddy.  Justice is coming around in  more ways than I can count and that gives me faith that if you are persistent it CAN happen.  Each dealer that is removed from the street is a victory for all of us.

I have been totally off task this week and have accomplished zero except for laundry.  The dishes are piled high.  This is why I don't cook, even though I love it.  All this fresh summer food has been delish but it sure does a number on your gut when you've got diverticulosis.  Nuf said.  

I'm trying to walk the walk right now.  Be who I am and do the next right thing.  Stand up for human rights and help those in need.  I can't give 'em money, but I can sure listen.

Peace ~

Saturday, August 4, 2018

oldies but goodies

I slept late and showed up at the Little General's house just as their bunch was finishing lunch.  Her son and his two kids were there.  I hugged JT and met the kidlets and Sharry gave me some clothes for Reaves.  Then we headed on over to Halls proper to visit our old road dog Ro.  It was a nice visit that included german chocolate cake and some drop in friends who were delighted to meet us.  They got cake too :)  We went back to Birch Bend and I went in to tell the family goodbye.  Lord knows when we'll ever see each other again.  

It was essential that I stop at the 'gentral on the way home so I got what I needed and loaded it up in the heat.  Over at the gas station I had to ask a guy to get ice out for me because it was all stuck together.  Turned out to be Scotty Nash!  Small world.  

When I got home I found out that there was an armed robbery in town today with shots fired.  The suspects were three on one little store owner but by golly he had his own gun and shot back.  He and one of the suspects are hospitalized.  Two are, I assume, still on the run in red shirts.  Sadly, this is the norm.  I wouldn't run a convenience store for any amount of money because of the robbery danger.  It's happened at a lot of them around here.  

Happy thoughts.  Blessings. Gratitude.  

Friday, August 3, 2018

post election

Not a lot of surprises really because our state is so very red.  Twice as many Republicans voted as Dems.  At least Diane Black lost so we don't have to look at her hatefulness anymore.  She was endorsed by Mike Pence, BTW.  Didn't help, obviously.  Bill Lee won the GOP nomination for governor and former Nashvegas mayor Karl Dean got the dem nomination.  My friend Benny lost his local race but then he was facing a very powerful incumbent.  My friend Adrian Montague won his county commission race in Madison county but it was close.  This man totally deserves it.  He will work hard for district 2.  

We had oldtimers day at the lab for lunch and it was so much fun plus the food was great.  Thanks to all of you who honored us.  After a few days respite, it's hot as hades again.  Just getting in and out of the hospital wore me out.  More surprise lilies are busting out and the corn continues a slow death march which will end in a few weeks.  After that I can see out again.  

Be safe and stay faithful ^j^

Thursday, August 2, 2018

highway song

My car, and thus the radio, is ancient and the knobs don't work half the time.  Lauren took it out for errands while I kept Reaves and she changed the station and I never could find Jack FM on the way home.  That's the station where I play "guess the artist."  Last one I identified today was Pat Benatar.  

Reaves was in the kitchen floor crawling up her mama's leg while she cooked her eggs for breakfast.  She sat in her high chair like a big girl and fed herself which is quite messy as we all know.  After that we played but she was obviously tired so we rocked and did half a bottle but she fought it off and played some more.  Eventually she gave it up and fell asleep in lap with the other half.  

Today is election day here and most of the ads on the radio were Republicans sticking knives in each other over a hotly contested GOP primary for governor.  It's all about anti-choice and anti-immigrants in their book.  These folks want to get back to REAL conservatism.  Lerd.

When Lauren got back we visited with Granny Jo and her son Sammy.  Jo is so much like  my  mother it ain't even funny.  I guess she will be the great grandma.  Mamye donated ten bucks for a roll of quarters for Lauren to get the laundry done.  This one poor girl had her electricity cut off and thank goodness it hasn't been blazing hot.  

One of the many things I don't get is the battle over funding Planned Parenthood.  I understand the premise if you are pro-life but NO federal dollars are used to pay for abortions.  However, PP offers a wide array of womens' services including contraception which is a valuable resource for NOT getting pregnant.  

Virginia brother called me on his way to Charlottesville and we got caught up while he was driving which is about all we can manage with his home based business and two little kids.  

Y'all keep 'em straight out there ^j^

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

turn the page

Well August, here we are like it or not.  I just flipped the month on my favorite Mary Engelbreit calendar above the desk.  That is a tradition that my mother started years ago because I love her art so much.  Now I buy my own.  Today was my 4th day in a row to walk and it's getting easier each day.  Tomorrow is election day so if you didn't vote early, get thee to your polling place.  Saturday is the 3rd anniversary of Daddy's death yet it seems like yesterday.  Life rolls on.  I so wish that he and mom had lived long enough to see their first great grandchild Reaves.  They would have adored her plus she looks a lot like mama.   

I have one bag of corn left from Mary Beth's delivery because I have eaten the hell out of it.  Last night's supper was squash from my garden cooked in olive oil with onion.  Yummy!  I've just about become a vegetarian though not by choice.  Meat is expensive!  We had a monsoon rain yesterday so that should help the garden.  

When I was at the Four Points store they were all talking about tomorrow's election because our current constable stays there all the time and he's facing opposition.  All the good old boys promised to vote for him.  

Tomorrow is visit the kids day for me.  Reaves is growing by leaps and bounds and developing quite the personality while learning the meaning of "no."  It's a tough lesson, you know.  I feel really blessed to have the array of friends that support me and those girls.  

The quest continues for a part time job.  I can make 17K per year while drawing SS which seems ass backwards to me.  I can't do anything that requires much use of the shoulders because both of them are arthritic post-op.  We shall see what God has planned for me.

Over and out from the lane ^j^