Monday, September 18, 2017

the moneychangers

I had to break down and ask my brother for a loan until payday and he helped a girl out even though he's bewildered how I can't make ends meet with my "big fat salary."  I am not nearly as frugal as he is plus I tend to get off point with bookkeeping.  I almost had a stroke when I saw a year's worth of webhosting charged to my card by GoDaddy.  There's got to be another way and I have, indeed, moved it to Blogger so it's once more a work in progress.  I doubt there will be much time for that in the near future what with Reaves coming around the bend.  

I could have sworn I saw the Camry thief on a bicycle this morning hidden behind the gas station where I stopped for a biscuit.  Gotta' check out mobile patrol just in case he got sprung and we can get restitutution...ha.  I felt dizzy and nauseous all day and managed to get my meds picked up so maybe that will help.  Must have Celexa or turn into a hysterical banshee.  I can tell a difference without the levothyroxine as well.  My TSH is up and that causes things to be wonky too.  

It's still as hot as hades around here and I feel so bad for all those water logged folks in the hurricane areas who have no power and standing water.  They are coming back slowly but surely but it will be a very long process.  Meanwhile two more are swirling around out there.  

I remain faithful, in spite of the way I feel right now because I know that "this too shall pass."


Sunday, September 17, 2017


As usual I had the details off and, as usual Wayne corrected me on the year of the horrible tornado.  Dates kind of run together now when I try to remember things.  All I remember was the terror of it and so many casualties.  I went out there with Gumbler while he was constructing the new cross and was amazed at what he was doing.  He was a part of another adventure when one night he was cutting a utility pole for a bonfire and it turned over on him trapping him in the ditch down the lane.  All kinds of folks came as first responders after he called me from the ditch in a plea for help.  The crew used pure strength to lift the pole up while others slid a piece of metal under him and pulled him out to safety.  They were prepared to give him morphine and transport but he got up and walked away like nothing happened.  He did have a couple of shots of Evan to calm his nerves.  

Lauren is still on hold until she hears from the doc tomorrow and has a shower today in Jackson thrown by her local peeps.  The BP is still kind of wonky but not hospital worthy.  Walgreen's gave her a reading of 160/105 on Friday which sent her to JMCGH emergency OB triage.  It was normal there.  Sometimes you just don't trust it unless it's done the old fashioned way with cuff and stethoscope.  Whatever happens we are T minus 2 weeks and counting.  

She was born on September 22nd after two days of sporadic contractions at home.  On the third day I showed up and told them I couldn't take it any longer which ended up with an induction and 12 hours of labor plus forceps.  My legs were numb until the next day and still swollen!

I've had two back to back 12 hour naps and done very little so my shoulder is not hurting today.  So, duh.  Rest is the answer only it's not possible when working full time. Catch 22.  I have all sorts of appointments lined up for the next two weeks and may or may not make them according to what baby Reaves does.  

So far there's no news on Barnabus the wonder dog who went missing on Friday.  Hopefully he will be found and get another chance at a forever home.

As for the nozy asses they're every freakin' where.  They meddle and stir and generally keep folks in a twit for their own pleasure.  I can't stand this kind of behavior.  Drama is not my friend.

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are and whomever you're with.  As for me, it's the critters on Pecan Lane.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

story time

I had every intention of loading up for a Jackson trip today but turned off the alarm and slept 'til 11.  Lauren and Reaves are both fine and it's just those last two weeks that are the most miserable.  This too shall pass.  Mitzi's creations are in the back seat ready for delivery.  My bag is half ass packed.  There is a pack'n'play and rocking chair in place at grammaw's.  

Mamye came by and we started swapping stories which led me to remember when William and Teresa bought a camper and it caught on fire while we were cleaning it.  The house almost went too but thanks to the DFD  it was saved.  All three of us bailed out the door at the same time.

Conversation turned toward nature events like Irma, Harvey and the big tornado of 2002.  It tore through Millsfield like the cat 5 that it was an killed a lot of people.  The cross on the bluff was destroyed and my friend Gumbler helped to rebuild it.  That was shortly before they found Karen Swift's body in the kudzu. That remains an unsolved crime.  Been watching Holly Bobo's killer and the trial.  If this guy doesn't go away for a long time, I don't trust the court system.  Big hole in the skull years later and a young girl dead with her stuff strewn everywere.  Nursing student, I believe.

Florida and Texas are still trying to deal with the infrastructure and public health crises that extreme weather events cause.  If my employer were to offer pay and travel costs for me to do relief work, I'd be there in a heartbeat.  Our sister hospitals could use somebody like me.  

I have a few other stories to expound on but I'll save them for another day.  Next up.....*nozy asses*

Friday, September 15, 2017

warrior women

Well, as things go it could be worse.  However I'm broke as a joke and have a daughter who's a week or so away from delivery who needs a visit from Mama.  And so it shall be.  My last check was short by a day which is "not a good thing" by any means.  I'm gonna' have to turn tricks to make it through until the eagle poops again.  I've always been resourceful with selling stuff but haven't had much time to concentrate on that what with all that is my life.  Even the 20 dolla' check for jury duty would help at this point.  My quarter tank of gas will get me to Jackson and back which is all that matters right now.

I'm wore ass out.  I got a hysterical call from the rescue dog's owner today that had had busted out and was missing.  I know that horrible feeling of not knowing where your furbaby is or what's up.  The day Sophie disappeared I knew it was a bad sign, especially when she showed up later and crawled under the porch the next day.  I'm thinking she got snake bit.

I am tough to a degree like my Daddy.  I call out to him in times of trouble and he usually shows up as a bird. While I realize that thousands of people are suffering from the hurricanes I still feel entitled to the weariness that is being 62, exhausted and out of options.  Faith keeps me going.  


Thursday, September 14, 2017

death and taxes

Well, the IRS caught up with me again and this time I thought I had my butt covered.  But no...after reviewing my 2015 return I found that I had not reported my retirement income ( again ) which means I now owe them 1200.  I thought for sure that the first time I got burned on that I corrected myself but that must have been in 16.  Sucks to be me.  I only got a couple of hunded back last year because of the same deal with 2014 so this time they'll get to keep it all.  Fine then.  We'll just keep swapping things out until I'm even.

I am taxed at the rate of around 13% which doesn't sound like much to the high rollers who pay NOTHING because of legal loopholes.  In other countries, an across the board tax rate not much higher than that subsidizes single payer healthcare for all citizens.  Our country is so screwed up with its' priorities.  To think that my tax dollars go to pay for some minion's honeymoon trip makes me sick.  I don't care if they did pay it back.....that's just wrong.  I bet there were no penalties and interest.  

We the (little) people deserve much better than we are getting from a government that blows money like no tomorrow.  Our voices are not heard and the clown who is president has made us a laughing stock around the world plus put us in all kinds of danger.    Rant over.

Today at the sawmill was just a day.  Not too bad but busy enough.  We work together well most of the time helping each other out to get the job done.  That's a team if I ever saw one.  To all my works ya. Mean it.

I'm on another "get a dog adopted" mission with a labradoodle and bull mastiff/lab mix.  He looks pure labradoodle to me so I guess the daddy had strong genes.  According to his owner he's sweet as pie and plays well with others.  Outside dog who needs room to roam.  Holla' if you know of anybody who might want him.  

Have a good ladies' night ^j^

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

the countdown

Evidently Lauren is developing pre-eclampsia per her doctor's visit today.  There will be blood tests and a 24 hour urine and then possibly induction after they talk on Monday.  Her blood pressure is elevated and there's some swelling but she's okay and getting excellent care.  Time will tell.  Reaves is already 8 plus pounds so she's locked and loaded.  

My FNP sold her business and moved back home to South Carolina so I met the new staff today for the first time and was quite impressed.  The fact that they take appointments is a major improvement.  Plus there's more than one practitioner.  Tracy is damn good but was killing herself seeing all that volume by herself.  I have new scripts for everything and go back in three months to recheck some things.  

As I was zooming up the lane I passed a black and white road kill victim and had to double back and make sure it wasn't Oscar.  Just a the middle of the road.  Remembet THAT song???

Y'all keep us lifted up with the delivery.  If all goes well, Reaves will be with us before her due date.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017


The first time I woke up today it was 9:22 and raining.  So, I rolled back over and slept until after 11.  I feel blessed to be able to rest like that because so many folks can't sleep for more than a couple of hours.  Irma's rain is lingering still.  The word from Florida is that it's a huge mess, especially the Keys.  Six million without power, hot as hell and flooding everywhere.  This is not a good combination.  Last I read from Mangrove Mike the bridge is being tested in sections and there is no food, water or gas.  Bless all their hearts.

I made my gentral' run and am back in the house for the day.  I should be doing a lot of things instead of tapping the keyboard but maybe I'll get a burst of energy and actually accomplish something.  My ADHD keeps me going in a hundred different directions.  

According to Bannon Trump's firing of Comey was a stupid move.  That should stir some shit up on BB.  I'm just biding time until Mueller gets his plan in place.  Can't wait to see how it all plays out.  

It's a slow news day.  Over and out :)

Monday, September 11, 2017

the party continues

I was thrilled to find another birthday card in the mail today and even happier to see that the total of donations to the Humane Society has passed 300 bucks with an initial goal of 200.  I feel the love kids.  Thank you for every single birthday wish.  

I went back to PT today and Jeanette did an asessment to give the NP a progress report.  I have full range of motion but limited strength with external rotation.  This includes things like getting the arm out of a sleeve.  I still have five visits left before seeing the NP again but it's much better.  It may take another round of therapy to get me in shape.

I'm in economy mode due to a short check last week.  The utility bill will just have to be late , as in ON the cutoff date.  Even then there will be an overdraft.  I'm really bad about keeping a running total in my head and forgetting what's out though I make it a habit to check daily unless I'm having a blonde moment.  

There's some kind of epizootie going around where people throw up and have to hang out out in the bathroom floor.  Please dear Lord, do not let me get this.  I'm worn down enough as it is.  But you know what?  At least I'm not living in Waterworld.  Yet.

I have a day off with a possibility of Irma's company.  I'll take it either way.  Y'all wear your seat belts, you hear?

Peace ~

Sunday, September 10, 2017

water world

I remember being scared when I watched that movie, even though Costner was hot.  As we all watch in horror as our coasts erode and try to help each other and be prepared, there are politicians who are not stepping to the plate in a national emergency situation like this.  I mean don't have to be elected by a certain party to get shit done.  I prefer to think of it as a hybrid of sorts.  Fiscal security is something we kissed off long ago to China.  My buddy Tim went there for work and said it was pretty bad.  Bought all the girls knockoff watches!

We can do this thing together.  The POTUS and his tribe have no clue what it's like to be living in this time of hatred and division which he PROMOTES.  Wall my ass.  Put the wall money toward infrastructure repair before the whole continent collapses.  Do not tell people who have known only the US as home that they will be deported back to the 'hood.  Over the wall, of course.  Phhhtt.

The only thing that keeps me going is comedy like Stewart and Colbert and of course SNL.  I haven't heard from my good buddy Trae Crowder lately but I bet he's on the porch somewhere speaking his mind about hurricanes and whatnot.  Hey...It's a Tennessee thang.  Speaking of which another superb win by the Vols over ummm.  I forgot.

We have very little UT memorabilia left.  One piece is cartoonish and hangs on the office wall.  We sold them one by one to folks who wanted a piece of the Stafford legacy.  Some were gifts.  Of all the kazillion birthday wishes I got yesterday nothing thrilled me more than seeing that friends had passed the goal for my furbaby fundraiser.  I love everybody and you're next.

I also got to see pics of two of Ryder's puppies who are beautiful young 'uns.  I will never forget the sight of Carol and those kids in the mud checking them out.  They took 2 , one of whom is known as Maggie.  Her brother's name is Jet and lives with his buddy Nova.  Julie Purdy rescued five, bless her sweet heart.  It takes a village.  Always be kind and gentle because you never know how that love will come back to you.  I truly believe that with a healthy dose of realism.  Shit happens and it's happening at an alarming rate because of fossil fuel use.  

Always....the next right thing.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


I take spells of missing my parents, particularly around the holidays.  But, hands down, the day I miss them the most is on my own birthday because I am an orphan now.  They gave birth to me and raised me up to be a smartass strong willed woman in spite of being surrouded by southern gentility.  Their diverse backgrounds contributed to who I am now two years after their passing.  There was always a special card in their distinctive handwriting and a birthday supper complete with ketchup bottle visible in the pictures.  

It was a nice at work....quiet for the most part.  My lunch was bought along with some mini-white frosted cookie cakes with sprinkles on top.  Casey's best!!  Of course I'm loving the crack that is FB birthday.  To each and every one of you thanks for the good wishes.  At 62 I'm getting older and hopefully a litte wiser.  Just gotta' make sure I watch that smart mouth of mine.  

Mike Forster is a friend of Lorna's who lives in Islamorada.  Though we've never met, I feel like I know him through her experiences and from watching his hurricane coverage.  He is one of the ones who will be riding it out to keep others safe.  I admire you sir...and all the others who are doing the same thing.  The torrential ever present rains depicted in Bloodline are nothing compared to what's coming. 

The clock is ticking for the arrival of baby Reaves.  A couple of girlfriends went to visit Lauren today and did lunch so they could catch up with each other.  This bunch was inseparable when they were in high school and I'll save the details for another time.  Needless to say, there were cops involved!!

I'm glad I was born......peace love and humility ~

Friday, September 8, 2017

birthday eve

Lauren and I have this thing about celebrating certain occasions ahead of time on the eve or eve eve.  I got my happy birthday eve message this morning which was followed by a card in the mail from my good friend Marti Ann.  After that I treated myself to coffee rubbed brisket at The Bus Stop and visited with my partner in journalism Rachel for some brain storming on the new project.  It's a long way from reality but an attainable goal I believe.  

I talked with Lorna this morning and she's pretty worried about her daughter Hazen who is right smack in the path of Irma.  We're trying to be upbeat but it's a pretty scary situation.  Add to that a big ass earthquake off the coast of Mexico and two more hurricanes and the west on fire and you have the perfect "storm."  Meanwhile the presidential team is off on retreat for the labor day weekend.  Meh.

The dogs are barking so that must mean Mamye is here!  Y'all have a wonderful long weekend and stay safe.  


Thursday, September 7, 2017

another one bites the dust

My date after work today was at the dentist's office to get another pulled.  Pretty soon I'll be gumming the groceries.  Tommorow is payday and I work the weekend which includes my birthday.  Please let there be cake.  One of my favorite nurses, also named Janie, used to bake everybody in the hospital a cake on their birthday.  She's still there kicking with the rest of us old souls.  

God bless Florida is all I can say.  And St. Martin and all the other places that were leveled even before Irma decided to run up the keys and then along the east coast.  I talked to my friend Scotty today whose inlaws have a property in St. Martin and he said the airport was totally destroyed.  He and wifey live in Hilton Head and even THEY have an evacuation plan for the hospitals where they work.  Think smart people......climate change is here to stay.

The fires scare me more than anything.  With that much of our country burning there's bound to come a time when there's no way to stop it from jumping the ditch.  Plus people are stupid and throw cigarettes in the woods.  I'm a smoker and I don't even do that.  

I know...I should quit.  And I will eventually.  If you measure what I burn up in ashtrays against what I inhale, I'm probably under 10 a day.  My mother did the same thing.  As did her mother.  

I have a day off.  Leave a message at the *beep.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

which dog is yours?

You all know the type.  It's that person who really thrives on drama and inserts themself into a process or situation in which they have no dog in the fight.  None.  I find myself now with zero tolerance for that kind of shit.  And as a former co-dependent from hell, I earned it the hard way.  

Lauren is counting down the days with Reaves and saw the doc today to find that her BP is slightly elevated ( normal for me without meds ) so that bears watching.  Tomorrow is the final ultrasound which I will miss due to that pesky job.  But hey....there will be pictures and I'll get to see her in person soon!  

I played hooky from PT today but they were swamped so it helped them out a bit.  I have an appointment to remove one of two rotten molars with crowns tomorrow.  Sorry, but I can't do do two at once.  I have limits and one day off to recover.

Florida is at great risk of being slammed by Irma probably at CAT4 level.  On the east coast alone there are millions of people who may have to evacuate with limited access to roads.  The keys are already under a mandatory and more will be coming.  My friend Kathy lives in Tampa and was plotting a retreat to the little cul de sac that is Pensacola etc.  Who the hell knows what to do?  As much as I despise Rick Scott, he has stepped up to the plate with this one.  And he's not even up for re-election!

At one point in my life, I thought I had all the answers.  Now I realize how little I know in the true sense.  My life has been structured around work and making money to afford bling when I could have been living simply and mindfully all along.  Then I wouldn't need a Sugardaddy.

Namaste my friends ^j^

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

click it or ticket

90% of the time I wear my seat belt....100% on the highway.  Occasionally around town I forget like when I'm cruising city streets at 15 mph.  This afternoon I was about to turn onto Cedar Street and spotted a trooper with a guy pulled over.  I immediately buckled up and this dude jumped in the car and followed me around the corner to make my day.  There was no time for video so it was his word against mine.  I was firmly buckled up when he approached the window and ran my ID.  The smartass grin on his face when I asked him if he had me on tape was sickening.  "I saw you with no belt on" he said.  Right.  While I truly understand the importance of safety on the roadway, I think it's a bit of overkill to have state troopers trolling city streets for seatbelt violations just to meet quotas and feed the court system.  Local law enforcement is too busy working to be trolling grandmothers in waiting.  The fee this time will be 75 bucks if I'm not mistaken.  All three times have been the same overzealous trooper on a mission to meet that quota while hiding and waiting for some poor sucker who had a brain fart.  Thanks Officer Brewer!  What was a lovely day ended up with you in my face.

I had just left physical therapy which is going well.  I'll be back there again tomorrow.  The progress has been slow but steady and I'm pleased with the treatments.  Fred and I talked about Fat Bastard in NOK and what the options are.  First there's do nothing.  Then there's cutting trade in various sectors. Then there's a nuclear war.  I don't know about ya'll but I am partial to do nothing but be diplomatic and play nice.  Yeah I know.  I'd say at this point we need to be besties with China since we owe them our entire country and they're a major player in this deal.  

I've been catching all kind of jokes about my story of the cat smacking my face with the bulletin board.  "That's your story, huh? "  You can't make this shit up.  Mitzi brought some to die for cuteness today for Reaves.  I sent Lauren a picture and she gushed like BIG time.  

Here's hoping Irma doesn't live up to her expectations ^j^

Monday, September 4, 2017


No, I'm not at the sawmill but have my work cut out for me here at home.  I've steady been washing, folding, hanging and whatnot since Thursday night.  I am now about to tackle the dining room that's been blocked off forever and the living room minus all the baby stuff.  There is a walker, car seat and stroller here for Reaves and a swing still hanging on the tree from our baby Jordan days.  Now we wait.

I went to the gentral this morning ( of course ) to get supplies for the cat that injured my nose.  What a thankless job being her mama!  My neighbor mentioned that she had a chest fo' free and I stopped by there to look at it on her totally cute front porch.  There's also a queen size mattress and springs.  Holla if you want it, also fo' free.  I loved the chest and will get it transported whenever some guy with a truck helps me out.  I had to dodge the meanass rooster named Kevin and then watched with delight as all the baby chickens went running around the yard.  

I'm doing my homework in fits and starts on the shoulder.  It's much better thanks to our fabulous PT department.  My time with them is actually FUN!  I just want to maintain enough pain free mobility to avoid that hideous surgery.  Been there, done that.  It's awful.

My little dream of an artist's colony downtown is still on the back burner but lots of folks are interested.  Since I do not have the money, I would have to find a financial backer for said enterprise.  My cousin Wayne told me I'd die of starvation which is probably true.  Hey...there's always Etsy.  I am currently creating a staging area in the dining room for just that purpose.  

I heard a few gunshots this morning which means somebody got after the doves for a minute.  That place is so off the beaten path you would have to have an ATV to get there in the mud.  The last hunt my Daddy attended was five years ago on the hill right across from my house.  Bubba fried lunch and all the guys took off with their guns.  As I remember Jim Houston was the only one with a dog.  Love me some retrievers.  Daddy held court next to the cattle rub from PH White days and had a blast.  

Y'all be careful out there ~

Sunday, September 3, 2017

reflections from 412

I still slept three hours later than normal and got my ready on to visit BG and Reaves in Jackson.  About the time I hit the shower the yard guys showed up.  Glad I was already awake!  I chatted with them about some additional weed eatin' and they promised to get it next time.  Said they are covered up due to all the Harvey rain.  

I noticed in the Jackson area that the damage was much  more pronounced which included an ancient uprooted tree that fell on a car in the parking lot at her apartment complex.  Thank the lort it fell that way instead of on the building.  There was debris everywhere and lots of limbs down.  Lauren said there was flooding as well.  Memphis took the brunt of it and it just moved on up.  

The crib is up with Mitzi's signature quilt hanging over the side.  She is slowly but surely making a pile to carry to the hospital that includes car seat and accessories and a going home outfit.  She has a gown coming and a couple of nursing bras.  The neighbors all filtered out to visit including Sam, Layla and Jonathan.  We had intended to go to Panera but in the name of avoiding Vann Drive chose Cracker Barrel instead.  It was good old comfort food with lots of leftovers.  We spotted a couple of things in the gift shop that if my mother were still here, would have totally bought for Reaves.  A tiny UT suit with an orange tutu.  A Thanksgiving dress with turkeys.  I bought her some candy and she bought us both mini-woodwick candles.  She rented some movies because all there is on her TV is news and The Flying Nun.  I kid you not.  She knows all about current world things because of that but it gets old.  No wireless means limits.

It still makes me want to spit every time I hit the asphalt in Madison county because Crockett is so perfectly smooth.  A car like mine could go flying in one of those Jackson area potholes.  I know the landmarks by heart from Country Club Lane to Jim Rice Equipment company in Friendship.  That's when I know I'm almost home.  

My nose looks like somebody smacked me real hard and I've noticed people trying not to look at it.  Lauren said I look like Grandaddy. As I drove away I honked at her...she was hauling laundry back to her little nest.  Gawd I love that kid.

We talked about every little thing over the din that is signature Cracker Barrel and remembered times we hauled the grands in there and Mama gave special instructions for every little thing.  Always with cheese on the grits.  

Y'all enjoy the fruits of your labor ~

Saturday, September 2, 2017

new injury

My cat Lily is a total diva and bitch.  She prowls around the office whining when she's not getting the attention she believes that she deserves as the golden child, even when she has food.  I wasn't paying a lot of attention to her rambling this morning because I was doing the wake up and check the internet thing.  All of a sudden a bulletin board that was propped on the side table came crashing down and smacked me on the nose.  And yes, there was blood.  If you see me in the next few days just act like you don't see that bandaid over the middle of my face.  

There is lots of activity at the fairgrounds this weekend in preparation for the annual Dyer County Fair.  It's a bittersweet time for me because of my parents involvement over the years.  I worked the entrance gate for several years and almost always my birthday falls during fair week.  Last year's fair was in honor of my dad and Jerry Jackson.  I was supposed to go to opening night and receive the honor but had an emotional breakdown over the thought of it and was a no show.  Joey Pritchett accepted the award for our family since he's been here with us for a lifetime.  It was still just too fresh for me.  

I visited the chicken store for beer and crispitos ( breakfast of champions ) and found that gas prices have jumped from 2.09 to 2.47.  Thanks Harvey.  Just in time for holiday travel.

It's a beautiful day in the hood so I should get outside and play a bit.  The garden is almost gone except for a few tiny green maters and some herbs.  Time for fall crop planting if there are any on the shelves.  We shall see.  

If you are laboring on labor day, bless your heart ^j^

Friday, September 1, 2017

free bird

I'm off for four days and it's been a looooong time since I knew that feeling.  The rainfall predictions from Harvey went from flash flood to a reality of a slow steady rain which we sorely needed.  I went to bed with the window cracked so I could listen.  

This morning has been full with gentral' shopping and physical therapy.  I had an appointment after to view a property downtown but we got our wires crossed on the time so that will come later.  What I'm really enjoying is the freedom to take my time going from one thing to the next and dreaming along the way.  As I sat in the fall like breeze on the bench across from the courthouse I found peace in the simple act of people watching.  Only a month or so ago I was climbing those courthouse steps for jury duty.  People started filtering in for lunch at the cafe, homestyle cooking of course.  The county clerk's office is back home where it once was with a new and improved look.  

I had just gotten home and was on the phone with the property person when a random guy knocked on my back door.  Said somebody told him I owned that red log cabin down there.  For the 100th time I told the story of who owns the whole thing and everything on it.  His story was long and involved mulitple moves from Louisiana to Ohio and finally a landing in Tennessee.  He and his wife are looking for a nice place in the country for chickens and their three dogs.  I also met the wife and all the dogs!  If I had a dolla' for everybody who wants to live in that house, I'd be able to retire.  And honestly, I'm one of them.  It's all I would need after it's moved and situated.  I have a big old house here that is "a lot" for one person.  

Another former neighbor is being laid to rest today, William Swift.  His family still lives all up and down that side of Samaria Bend.  The dove hunt got postponed due to mud so no shooting this weekend unless the neighbors go down in the holler to make noise.  

Anywho.  Lori asked me in our initial conversation what I was dreaming of doing with the property.  It came up so quickly that I was kind of on the spot with no business plan, just some pieces of the puzzle.  Writing. Photography. Gift items like natural soaps.  Internet cafe.  A kitchen is a very expensive item so no cooking for now.  A this and that kind of place where people can wander in and out and see things that make them happy.  Maybe buy a one of a kind print or gift.  I know....I dream big.  All featuring local artisans.

What y'all think?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

flash flood watch

My house sits high on top of a hill which is great during floods except there's only one way out and it normally gets covered with heavy rains.  It all drains downhill and ends up standing at the end of the lane.  If we get the amount of rain predicted I'll probably have to drive through standing water to get to work and may not be able to get home.  But hey...I'm not a gonna whine.  I'm not perched on some rooftop waiting for rescue or sitting in a flooded shelter.  The Camry rides low to the ground if you know what I mean.  My lug nuts are rusty from all the going to and fro through said flood water.  Thanks Harvey.  You have gotten our attention.

Which brings me around to Joel O'Steen.  Nobody from the city of Houston "asked him" to use the 16K seat church as a haven so it didn't dawn on him to offer it up like Jesus would do.  Now today, he throws out the theory that social media whipped everybody up into a frenzy about that oversight by the flock.   Nobody to staff it, he said.  No supplies, he said.  There's probably enough coffee and doughnuts in that place to feed the entire state of Texas.  I am disappointed, but not at all surprised.  It's how the Elmer Gantry types roll. As for Cruz, he's an outright liar and as much as I despise Christie, I'm proud that he called him out.  

If you have a truck and get a call from Samaria Bend Road tomorrow, that means I need a ride through the water.  Holla.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

make mine a double

I started the day at the chicken store for a biscuit and ran into Bone who was chattering up a storm about Sam being sick.  He asked if I ever hear from Claudia which I do on occasion.  Everybody's just so damn busy!  He used to play golf with Lynn and they went to UT games.  Love all of 'em.  He was also a regular at the kudzu bar back when I hung there.  

I keep imagining what it would be like to be in South Texas right now.  It will be a month before the waters recede and I know this because I'm a river dweller.  The roadways are being damaged as they sit in the flood and won't be safe.  There is a very low body count so far but that's because the water's too high to find what happened first.  I noticed a piece on Huffpost today about the TX legislators who voted overwhelmingly against a funding package following Sandy.  I could be snarky but my opinion is to give Texans what they need and remember how those Republicans treated the people of New York and New Jersey.  Ted Cruz my ass.  Jesus doesn't like that kind of stuff and if you think about it all these natural disasters may be Big Ernie's way of letting us know that he ain't a bit happy.  "Play nice" he says.  "Meet your friend in the middle." "Do the next right thing."

My friend Cathy brought me a walker and a quilt that Mamye made for her grandson 13 years ago.  I think that's a pretty cool thing for it to be passed onto Reaves.  We are at T minus one month give or take a week with daily doctor visits.  Lauren is focused on her well being and prepared to be a good mother.  I'm so sure I'll cry like that baby when I experience the three of us together.  Family.

I donated my birthday to the humane society on FB so y'all run on over and donate because furbabies don't deserve to be euthanized if at all possible.  The volunteers who keep that shelter alive along with a very competent staff do a great honor to the names Betty Parker and Tommy Lipford.  Hey....they got Larry a home!!

I hug more these days.  I bet I've had five today.  They are people that I genuinely love and treasure as friends and co-workers.  

Love the one you're with.

Monday, August 28, 2017

pain + gain

When I first started therapy on my shoulder Fred told me specifically that the goal was to do the exercise just to the point where the pain began.  If it hurts, don't do it.  He gave me a test today which I failed miserably because I couldn't remember what all of them are.  I do what I remember but the old mind doesn't retain everything anymore.  There was a new one today involving a swooping upward movement that is a good stretch but a bitch on the way down.  That one I will remember.  I chilled with the therapy department listening to the chatter between the OT and another lady share stories about a social worker named Boss.  

My phone was blowing up and one of the messages was from my friend Chucky.  I knew he was in LA with Monica's family and checked to see if they were leaving.  They're headed to FL while Daddy stays behind to help friends and family for a day or two.  Then he will join them.  Harvey

Everybody's all being armchair quarterback on how that many people got stuck in the water.  The number one reason is that it would have been mayhem evacuating 4 million people in a day.  After all that eclipse traffic we sure don't needs millions hitting the highway in Texas.  IN the rain.

Water and food are priorities during a search and rescue mission.  So are volunteers.  What I see happening is a coming together of kindred souls trying to help each other out with no regard to race, creed, sexual orientation or political party.  And no can't take credit for that.  It's what we survivors do in spite of your hideous so called leadership.

The sawmill was decent for a Monday and now I'm not listening to the white noise of constantly running centrifuges.  I met the family of a co-worker which was delightful.  They never knew what she really does until today!!

Y'all be kind and gentle.  In the end, that's what matters.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

hear them roar

The cicadas are so loud I can hear them inside the house.  Such is the death call of summer.  I saw my first wooly worm this morning and it was brown on both sides with a black streak down the middle.  I'm not up on forecasting by worm so I'm not sure what that means.  Yesterday I found a FROG in the toilet.  All kinds of strange signs.  

Another death....a brother and husband to my friends.  His wife and I met up a couple of weeks ago at the dog show downtown.  Then the next day I saw both of them at Kroger.  In the blink of an eye, y'all.  

I'm not into fights so I don't care who won.  I do, however care that Texas is about to float off into the gulf while Trump tweets that all is well.  Tell that to the folks in Houston in person dude. Global warming is real.  

It's kind of funny that I got more comments on the Wallyworld road rage post than any I've ever put out there.  Some topics are just universal!  I won't be back there for another five years but I got my quilt by golly.  If it weren't for Kroger, I'd never go down 78 at all.  Meanwhile there is still no grocery store in South Dyersburg. I seriouosly don't get it.  Somebody could make a million out here with an alternative to the gentral.   

I got a thank you letter in the mail from the judge for serving o jury duty but still haven't got my 20 bucks yet.  As far as I know the Camry thief is still incarcerated.  It's still a joke that my old rat trap of a car was chosen to be stolen from a sea of luxury vehicles owned by doctors.  If I were going to jail for car theft I'd dream big.

Over and out from the lane ^j^ 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

road rage

I absolutely despise WalMart and haven't been there in years.  However, the gentral' doesn't have quilts and I needed one so here I go to wallyhell.  It's bad enough under normal circumstances but damn near impossible with Mall Blvd under construction.  The only entrance from there is behind the auto center which I didn't realize until I passed it and found the others blocked.  Plan B:  Proceed to Lake Rd and take a left to the front entrance.  All went well until I was trying to pull out and turn left to go to McDonald's .  I waited and waited and there was some asshat in a pickup pulling an RV waiting to turn left into WalMart.  There was also a car behind me waiting to turn left.  Already frustrated, I hear dude in the truck yelling "what the f**k are you people doing.....turn right!  Which I did and as I passed him said "have a nice day buddy" as loud as I could.  Back down Mall Blvd and no McDonalds.  This is why I don't go there unless I have to.  People of Dyersburg certainly understand what a cluster it is out that way right now.  Do I hear an amen?

Prior to getting cussed out, I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up something at the window and spotted customer appreciation day going on.  I missed out on the shirts but did manage to get a big hug from Ms Barbara who was holding court at the hot dog grilling.  She was the 5th grade teacher who actually cried when I told her me and Lauren's dad were getting a divorce.  She's a very special lady to me and my co-workers.

Back in my little haven I have no plans to leave again.  Just me and the critters which include tomato worms munching on the plants.  At this point, I don't even care.  I've yet to have one ripen because I pick them green and fry 'em up.  

Ya'll have a blessed weekend.  Remember to turn around and don't drown.  


Friday, August 25, 2017

modern day problems

As I've mentioned before, I'm not tech savvy....especially with a phone.  Some time ago I created another page by mistake and it's gotten all wonky with me trying to log into the real one.  I fought with it yesterday until I got the laptop back where it needed to be but the phone is a whole 'nother story.  Looks like I'll have to visit the ATT store tomorrow.  

Somehow I just managed to hit a key while typing that turned on cursive.  And then POOF it went away.  I definitely need to hone my skills before I launch that website full force.  Today was PT day again with Fred and we watched Harvey barreling toward Texas while I did isometrics and he did strength training.  By the time I laid down for mobility I could barely lift my arm!  He told me all kinds of hurricane and Florida stories while we did our respective things.  Kind of like being in a gym only I was the gimp pushing the wall.  My favorite part is the ultrasound and soft tissue work.  

We got to visit with baby TJ today and passed him around like the treasure that he is.  He is a beautiful child just like his mother and his mimi.  Reaves will be up next followed quickly by Lisa's and Kendra's then Natalie and Janie.  Lerd!  Lab puppies everywhere.  

The weekend is mine and the weather looks good here.  I visited Texas once and actually went to South Padre when Lauren was about two.  We drove 18 hours nonstop with Aunt Nez and Lauren in the back seat.  Oh, and by the was Aunt Nez had no legs and was on diuretics.  All I can say is that we were younger then.  I pray that the folks in the warning area were not stupid enough to make things worse.  Either be prepared or haul ass.  You've had the time to do both.  I totally respect the decision to make evacuation non-mandatory thus keeping rescue workers from as much danger.  At that point all you can do is hunker down.  

My prayers are with these people and with the rest of our country where we struggle with no real leadership to survive a somewhat crazy world.  Riders in the storm.

Be safe and give somebody a hug just because ^j^ 

Thursday, August 24, 2017


I don't know about ya'll but that eclipse kicked my ass....well that and the heat.  I am totally loving this breeze and cool mornings.  I didn't even mind stopping at the drug store after work for naproxen and size 1 diapers.  I think she's got plenty of newborn.  I also bought a thank you card for someone who pulled me out of the ditch the other day when I was hysterical.  You know who you are.

Last I heard Ryan and McConnell are on the shit list that gets longer by the day.  Some lady up north won the biggest powerbll evah' and she's young enough to enjoy it.  Won't be reporting for work again much like that bitch on the plane with all the designer hashtags.  Puleeeez.

My birthday is coming up and I'll be 62 which is the time to retire if you can live on 1500 a month.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  I did manage to recover my FB account today which is a miracle in and of itself.  Can you imagine if my mother had been able to *like* there???

Keep it between the ditches.  All is well ~

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

phishing forecast

I'm getting a lot of random phone calls from all over the country that are "not ones I know."  Of course I don't answer them but it pisses me off  because i have to  make the effort to autoreject.  The whole thing reminds of scammers like Prince Fred.  Anybody remember him?

At the time I was totally smitten with a guy, single and cruising Yahoo chat rooms for fun.  The prince would talk sweet to me with falling hearts background and asked for my address so he could send me something.  A few days later some flowers arrived with a teddy bear.  He asked if I received them and I said yes.  Bingo!  Destination fraud.

Within a few days I was receiving packages daily containing all kinds of high dolla' stuff like cell phones and cameras and size 13 flip flops from Nordstrom.  I made a phone call and found that it was all put on a credit card, but not mine.  Sooo....then I called the cops.  The prince had sent me a UPS label by email to an address in Nigeria to which I was supposed to ship the stuff.  
The law came and he pretty much told me the stuff was mine if I wanted it.  Instead I packed it all up and returned it on MY DIME because it was the right thing to do.  This really pissed him off.  Dude started threatening me and even called my work on that operator assisted deal where they type and you listen.  She advised me that it was a scam.  Later I heard it happened in Covington too.  Bless all our little hearts.  UPS loved me that day.  

I'm stretching constantly, not to the point of pain but loosening up my body.  There is nothing like self treatment when you know where it hurts.  That thunderstorm yesterday cooled things off quite a bit so it's not like an oven anymore.  Lerd, it was miserable.  

But that was yesterday ~

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

give peace a chance

Rumor had it that when the the eclipse was full blown the temperature would drop 20 to 30 degrees and there would be total blackness.  This was the prediction for areas directly in the path like Hopkinsville KY where Kim and Carter took a day trip.  She was still bubbling today about the diamond ring and he showed us pictures.  Cool stuff.  As for my experience it was kind of disappointing.  The thunderstorm that just rolled through made it much darker.   But hey...the sun's out now.  Y'all know what that means!

Jeannette the employee of the year did my PT today and the soft tissue massage and ultrasound were heavenly.  We talked about the grands and work things.  Mostly she was attentive to where the pain was located.  She found a big know on my arm on the deltoid which is probably what's causing most of the current pain.  Live and learn and stretch. I think fat bastard must have killed the internet because FB isn't updating.  But I mean's fo' free.

Manifest ~

Monday, August 21, 2017

rare light

My day began early with a six AM alarm which is an hour extra, thank you God.  Lorna and I loaded up the crib and headed for Jackson. She played wonder woman while me and the one good arm did our part.  I left screwdrivers just in case help comes around.  

We had plans to view the eclipse at Grubb's Grocery and actually showed up early only to be told that free glasses were only available after 12 to the first 30 customers in their deli.  I bought 20 bucks worth of oil and we headed back home with two items that Mike had hauled over there Saturday. It was 94 degrees at 11:45 with a heat index of 110.   I drank lots of water and we had a honest conversation.  Sam stopped by to help with laundry duty.  

As it turned out I experienced the great event right here on the farm with Mamye.  There was no total blackout, only a subtle change in light that was like late afternoon only right after lunch.  I feel really bad for those folks who traveled far and wide.

This week's agenda includes two PT treatments and a tooth extraction.  That should be loads of fun!  I should prolly load up on naproxen and take omneprazole or drink baking soda in water.  So far chair yoga is working.  

Heads up folks.  There have been many earthquakes in Missouri recently.  This is the New Madrid Fault and the Mighty Mississippi.  Any questions?  Google Reelfoot Lake.  Best crappie and eagles around.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

repetitive motion

The shoulder is painful and that's all I will say about that.  I stopped by the shady dollar gentral' on the way home from work and forgot to get naproxen which totally works.  The cashier hollered HELLO like real loud which they're taught to do but she made me laugh. Unfortunately I'm fresh out of opiates so I'll just keep resting it while I'm not at work and make my PT appointments.  We are all about strengthening and getting that impingement loose. The bitch is about to freeze up on me.  

We were talking about tomorrow's big event  at the sawmill and my friend Miss Anita told me that she was invited by her granddaughter Kam to come to school and watch the "apocalypse" with her.  It's a date I believe.  Nasvhille traffic is a clusterf**k right now according to those who have traveled I40 this weekend.  

I'm over the statue thing so let's just all get along.  Boston was impressive with their quick dispersion of the crowd.  At its' core, ethnic cleansing is the work of evil people and their followers like Adolph Hitler.  I admire those who feel empowered to march and protest peacefully.  Somebody has to make a difference which is why the next elections are heavy on my mind.  

The heat index reached 110 today which is about 9 on a scale of 10 in West Tennessee misery.  If you feel inclined check out MidSouth Life.  It's another place to see pictures and get the blog feed besides FB and it's a work in progress.  On the flip side it's almost dove season so y'all get yer guns ready for roasted bird.  

Over and out from the lane ~

Saturday, August 19, 2017

one of these days

When will I ever learn to keep my mouth shut?  Probably on the day I take my final breath and the Lord stills my voice.  With the best of intentions and a fierce sense of loyalty to the least of these I often speak my mind when others just don't want to hear it.  I can be like that fly that keeps buzzing around bothering the horse in the dead of summer.  No more, kids.  I shall keep my thoughts to myself and do what I'm told like a good girl in certain venues.  

Reaves' daddy just stopped by in a pickup to haul most of the baby stuff to Jackson.  There was no room for the crib so that will have to go with me and Lorna on eclipse day.  I've bought a domain and added the blog feed to it but I'm on the learning curve so it will take awhile.  My friend Chris at The Mill Workspace has promised to help.  That's his thing....incubating small businesses.  My number is already getting spammed by "offers" of website design at "reduced" costs.  I'll pass and go local.

The physical therapy really helped and I'm looking forward to becoming pain free soon.  I've gotten accustomed to not using that arm for lifting.  Pain will do that for you.  Consider me chastised and humble.


Friday, August 18, 2017

the final eclipse

I've only witnessed one full solar eclipse that I remember and they're not that common so I'm thinking Monday will be my swan song on that.  Lord willing and the creek don't rise I will be with my soul sister Lorna, Lauen and Reaves at Grubb's Grocery.  Nothing like an eclipse party for lunch!  We plan to load up Lorna's vehicle with all it will carry of the baby hardware and go over to Jackson and help a pregnant girl out.  She's nesting like a mofo and ready to get the nursery ready for Reaves.  

I'm trying my best to heal the shoulder without surgery so I started physical therapy today with the fabulous Fred Woods at the sawmill.  He told me all about his experience which includes but is not limited to knowing John Barnes and a long tenure with the VA system.  He explained the difference between a "bad war and a good war" in VA terms.  He also schooled me on how the passage of the ACA resulted in drastic Medicare reimbursement cuts because the roll out was funded with their money.  We all know how the government wants what's best for all.  Treatments that were previously covered for elders are out of reach now and we're talking MOBILITY.  The ability to move and contribute to society and enjoy life.  Thank you for the knowledge Fred.  And thank you for helping out my poor shoulder.  I promise to be compliant.

My head is clearing out slowly but surely from the meltdown on Wednesday.  I feel more focused and goal oriented with the #1 goal being a peaceful life.  Just say no to drama.  Walk away from confrontation unless human rights are involved.  Be an advocate for someone.  I remember a quartet of junior high girls that included Lauren doing a mime for a school DARE program to Bill Withers' song "Lean on Me."  Basically, that's what being an advocate consists of.  In every situation that life presents, there is always the choice to do the next right thing.  


Wednesday, August 16, 2017


I whispered the serenity prayer on my way into work this morning.  Wisdom and courage.  Serenity is not what happened but I can feel it closer now that I've had a major crying jag.  I'm cycling through the grief in fits and starts and wondering if it will ever end, knowing that it won't.  It'll just be different.  The cosmos led Lorna to the parking lot when I was getting ready to leave and she gave me hugs and stern warnings about mental health.  "What are you afraid of?" she asked.  And honestly, I don't know.  I'm not paralyzed to the point of not functioning....just lacking the ambition fo choose a different life.  As a life long well taught co-dependent, maybe I'm just afraid of serenity itself.  Of not feeling the chaos.  My boundaries are pretty loose in a lot of areas but at least I'm aware of that and focus on keeping them.  I could probably use a week with Melody Beattie!  Chronic physical pain is a factor.  Sometimes I feel like I have PTSD and I suppose we all do in some form or fashion.  

I slept with the therapy ball under my shoulder last night and the pain has moved into the upper arm area, hopefully on the way out.  I'm gonna' need that shoulder to hold the baby, you know.  Seriously, I can't just put a name to the whole thing and I suppose that's my inner control freak wanting to know "why." Sometimes it just is what it is.  

I seriously need to find my warrior woman spirit and tackle the business plan that is the rest of my life.  For that, I will need professional help because Celexa ain't working anymore.  I need a vacation.  I feel respected and loved by many people and realize that I have some mad skills that are not being used.  This is the time to explore how to use those to bring myself joy.  

The grief triggers this time were subtle but powerful....surprise lilies and autumn clematis.  My mother's favorite lamp blinking at me while I typed yesterday.  She was telling me to be happy. And basically, I am.  There is not much negativity in my personality and normally I look on the bright side and keep rolling.  Today isn't one of those days.  

There are certain things I know for a fact about my psychological makeup.  Definitely an introvert who tends to stay in the "pondering" phase too long.  Not a follower, at all.  I use my intelligence to think things through and look for solutions rather than focus on problems.  Though my loneliness is often self imposed, I find peace in it with just me myself and I.  Well, and the critters.

I hate hot weather, adore flowers and water....especially the ocean.  Music is as much of a balm as burning white sage which I need to order.  I go through it pretty quick.  The people who read this blog know how I'm feeling on any given day and reach out with likes and comments at just the right time even when I don't realize that I'm in crash and burn mode.  Right now I just feel drained from the massive release of emotional energy one.more.time.  

Leaving room for the spirit to work ~ 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

once a methodist

Today was a bit slower at the sawmill so I was able to step out for lunch with a few friends.  We gathered at The Bus Stop as the rain fell, each of us grubbing on Asian salad covered with coffee roasted brisket.  To die for, I'm telling you.  I always drop my keys in my pocket so didn't realize until I got back to work that I had left my purse.  Patsye's phone went to voicemail so I called the restaurant and they let me talk to her about delivery. It's definitely the kind of place where they would have called me anyway.  Thanks for the drop off Lil' Patsye!

As I was coming back in I passed a familiar figure sitting in the waiting room.  I paused and called his name not really expecting him to remember me because I was not a regular attendee during his tenure as FUMC senior.  That was his second round there and my parents thought he walked on water.  He was gone by the time they died.  What I saw was a kinder gentler face with a lot more understanding about what community is following time climbing down the ladder.  Each "parish" in a West Tennessee county is being included in a group that will help their congregations figure out how to get what their folks need.  I find that concept fascinating in a connectional sort of way.  The UMC was founded on the itinerant lifestyle for pastors so never make the mistake of getting too attached.  I do anyway.  Wesleyan tradition warms your heart that way.  

By the time I left work the sun was out.   

Monday, August 14, 2017

it is my circus

Boy did i walk into a s**tstorm this morning.  It seems that a couple of interfaces were jammed up with very important bytes of info while I was trying to result a large run of patients.  We compare printout hard copies with results the computer screen before they are released but that wasn't happening in the proper sequence which resulted in mucho confusion.  Then the damn instrument just froze up.  Twice!  Meanwhile all manner of folks were calling wanting to know what was up with their labs because we all know how important that is to a practitioner.  Ahem.  It continued to be a shitshow sort of day and I'm totally blaming it on the coming eclipse.  Or Trump.

IMHO this radicalization of our country has flourished since his campaign began because he fuels hatred and disrespect on both sides.  It makes sensational reading for media hounds who want to be a part of something and not think for themselves.  Sheeple, so to speak.  There is very little difference between what happened in Ferguson Missouri and Charlottesville Virginia and it's not all about the alt right or black lives matter.  It's a seething frustration of a people who are not represented by their government.

As of August 7th, I have worked at the same job for 40 years.  Early retirement is available at 62 so I made an appointment today to be told face to face that I can't afford to live on that.  What's really sad is that my ex-husband worked until he died and never saw a dime of what he contributed to SS.  I could draw off of him or myself but the end result is the same......a 25K per year cut in income.  Did I mention how tired I am?

I know....wah wah wah.  Full retirement age for me is 66.  I'm assuming I can get Medicare at 65.  Unless Sugardaddy shows up that's exactly what I'll do.  My yearning is to be employed doing something that uses my talents.   All ears are to the ground on that one.  

I can't get either Mamye or P on the phone so I reckon there's some kind of phone outage with their networks.  Or maybe they're just out of minutes.  Anywho, there's nothing to talk about but the weather.  Right now most of West Tennessee south of the 'burg is getting hammered.  Y'all be safe down there.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

fueled by hatred

Yesterday in Charlottesville was an atrocity started by the vice mayor of the city in response to the removal of a Confederate war monument.  Lest y'all think I'm a total demolibtard, I do not agree with removing these statues.  There are a part of our history and removing them does nothing but create chaos.  It does not undo the evils of slavery.  We all need them as a reminder of how this country turned on itself because it looks like it is happening over and over again.  Yes, all lives matter, even the lives of these hate mongers.  Counter demonstration, unless it is peaceful, is worthless.  Let the idiots do their thing and move along.  Several people were killed as a result of this tragedy, one by a 20 year old who mowed down a peaceful crowd after they were dispersed.  There's a special fresh hell for that dude.  

As my daddy would say "It has always been thus and so."  I was a teenager when Kent State happened at the height of the Vietnam war.  Talk about your innocents being mowed down.  Older folks didn't understand the frustration and anger of a generation who was vehemently against a useless war.  That the vets were treated badly is just another piece of the story that nobody wins with war.  Watch Born on the 4th of July again for a reminder.  Or The Deer Hunter.  

I ran into several folks at the "under construction" Kroger today, one of which was my brother doing his weekly chore.  I go about once a month after a payday and it lasts a couple of weeks.  From there I eat on the run until the spirit moves me to do the deed.  I also hugged and chatted with two old friends who have recently had corporate downsizing affect their lives.  It's happening in every business.  I heard Redneck Friend behind me and knew exactly who she was.  Huge spontaneous hug and long grocery store catchup.  Life is good.

This is the extent of my socialization.  I work and see people there both practitioners and patients.  Most of them are happy to see a familiar face.  I come home to my quiet spot and recharge for another day.  There is an occasional trip to Jackson to visit with "the girls" I am definitely in self improvement mode right now and intend to stay that way.  I will not give up.

Something got all but one of my squash plants so I'm down to that and a couple of maters which aren't doing well.  Maybe next year if we don't get nuked.  All I pray for is that if it's to happen Lord, make it quick.  I'm not up for any Hunger Games.

Peace and love ~


Saturday, August 12, 2017

spontaneous saturday

I got up before the alarm went off at 830ish, ready for my date at Headlines with Marla the wonderful.  It's always fun to go there because Chucky and Vick are my high school classmates and have ALWAYS done my hair ever since back in the Chuckles days.  We gossip and catch up knowing what's going on because uh...Facebook.  It's the first time in forever I've paid attention to how I look because I ain't getting any younger.  While I was there I got to visit with my mother's errand runner Miss Tippi.  She is forever young and on fire with red hair.  Headed to San Francisco to visit her hippie son.  

While under the dryer I was scrolling through FB and noticed a group of old friends gathered at the courthouse for a benefit dog show.  I pulled in across the street and was greeted with shouts of delight as I crossed the (dead on weekend) street.  We had fun for a few minutes and then went our separate ways.  

Presently Anna, Conner and company are working on a horror movie production because my house has such old features.  These folks are a hoot.  And of course Anna is the director!!

It's cooler but horrendously humid so I'll be in the rest of the day most likely.  It's my turn to piddle.

Seize the day~

Friday, August 11, 2017

tired as if i'd been ironing

That was always the reply of our old school pharmacist Captain Lee when asked how he was doing.  It's a pretty apt description of how I feel these days and he was probably at the age I am now when he last told me that.  How time flies!  All the others who have gone before me are living the dream without the worry of working for a check.  At least I'll get one someday.  Maybe, unless we all get vaporized.  Once again the master is at it proclaiming an opiate emergency when, in fact, a large part of our economy runs on that very thing.  My personal opinion is that he jumped ( too late....way too late ) on that bandwagon to draw attention away from his little hissy fits with NOK.  I've seen the 25th amendment in the news lately considering the bizarre behavior of our POTUS which sounds good but would leave us with Pence.  Pick your poison.  We have floundered around for almost a year now with an unstable cast of who's in charge or what and nothing but fire and brimstone from the orange one.  I am soooooo over it.  I'm thankful not to be in Guam at this point.  

Charlie Brooke spends most of her time online watching Bruno Mars or shopping so she depends on me for the short version of world news.  "It's dicey" I told her as I described the purported nuclear warhead capabilities involved.  It's a pissing match between two crazy men who think nothing of collateral damage.  Trump is the main reason Kim hates our country more than the 30 others that sanctioned him.  He just won't.shut.up. and be presidential.  It's all about the win with him and this is not a game show or a golf tournament.  It's our future.  Speaking of the military, I wonder how many trans soldiers have been given their walking papers to date.  I'd say with potential war looming this is not a good time to be picky about the sexual preferances of those in uniform.  But that's just me being my demolibtard self.  

Forward motion ~