Friday, October 7, 2016

in the blink of an eye

As I'm going through boxes and sorting I've run across a lot of cards and whatnot from the past few years.  I found a note today praising me as a "super tech" per my peers at the sawmill.  It was dated June 16, 2015 which is when my entire world began to unravel.  Five days later, Pnoler died.  Aunt Nancy had been two weeks before.  That's the one where I ran over Daddy's foot at the visitation.  Stressed out?  You betcha.  

Daddy entered "the system" in late June and was in and out of rehab/hospital until his death in early August.  I was part of a very intense class during that time and on more than one occasion I had to bolt and run to see what was up with him.  They gave me a certificate and free chair anyway!  Thanks be to Beaver for pulling that one on her own.  Our department lost two key people during that time, one due to medical conditions and the other transferred.  It was pretty chaotic from then on out.  

We got Mama moved to the manor in late August and all was well for a little while.  She watched UT have a sucky season with Harry for company and got lots of candy.  They made her get up at 7 which she detested.  She broke her wrist first, and then her hip.  She died on January 23rd of this year during our only snowfall.  

BG moved out in the spring and thus began the journey to Jackson for strictly regimented visitation.  Now, mind you, it's only 45 minutes away but the Camry just ain't safe.  I went anyway.  Lots of times.  It was during the course of all this that I got put under the microscope for sub-par job performance.  I can honestly say that it was almost the straw that broke this camel's back.   When I asked for mercy and a little understanding, all I got was more of the same.  "Everybody's got something" they said. 

I am losing one of my most favorite co-workers of all time and that makes me really sad.  Tristina came to us as a young girl with a child and a love of life that knew no bounds.  Lots of time we danced to tunes while we worked and her enthusiasm was contagious.  Tori attended lots of lab meetings and was the center of attention just by being precious.  To hell with a bunch of power point, right babygirl?

Hope you have a glorious weekend.  I'll be saving lives :)

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