Friday, October 21, 2016

girl vs snake

He wasn't very big but sure did scare the bejesus out of me when I walked into the bathroom last night.  I was all ready to do the face wash lay down thing but I had to deal with this emergency first.  (Of course) I took his picture and by the time I returned with a towel for transfer he was on the other side of the toilet.  I got him in one determined swoop and could feel him wiggling as I held on running toward the door.  Out into the night with you serpent!  Go eat some mice.  

Larry is pretty much part of the landscape now because Brook is busy with work and her sick grandparents.  We stay in touch and assure each other he's okay.  Sophie adores him and the boys are warming up enough to let him eat on the porch.  It's cooled off considerably so that they can all enjoy being outside more in between naps on my bed.  These folks got it made.  Just saying.

I have another toothache so it's time to visit Dr. Bobby even before I've made the first payment on the root canal for the bridge.  Lerd.  It's better if I eat soft stuff.  Work was pleasant today with a chance for old friends to catch up on life.  We all know each other so well it's pitiful.  I told my story one more time today, and was heard.  Thank you for that opportunity to bond, dear Lord.  

Somehow I erased this first version of this post so these words will have to do.  Happy Friday even if you're working the weekend.  Which I am.  

Faith ~

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