Thursday, October 20, 2016

busy busy

Right after my alarm went off this morning I got a text from my boss about a timekeeping question.  I was up anyway but GAH.  I was first in line at the ortho guy's office which he shares with general surgeon guy, both of which treated my parents at the end.  I stayed pretty angry for a little bit over Daddy's predicament but then I realized that everybody did the right thing trying to save him, but that's what killed him.  Mom's was just a big old hot mess of CHF and broken bones.  A LOT of broken bones.  The first I remember was her foot from wreck #2.  Osteoporosis was a big factor.  Anywho, the doc did a thorough range of  motion exam on knee and shoulder and ordered an x-ray.  Thank the lord it wasn't an MRI or CT.

I got through there quickly and headed to the courthouse to vote early.  Only I was early myself and it was 12 minutes 'til opening time.  Well, crap.  Time to go Krogering and swing back by.  Paid the light bill too.  My last stop was at a local upholstery shop to get a quote on caning chairs.  He and I stood out in the street in front of Pennington's watching a cop hemming in a supposed person of interest.  They were talking nice but the boy looked scared shitless.   I could hear the wind chimes inside Mike's store playing their little songs in the breeze.  I've spent the grocery money in there many a time and also with Bill Newsom and Randy Burns.  

Of course I didn't watch the debate but I hear old Donald nailed his foot to the floor while everybody said "told you so."  There were two pages on my ballot today and several names that I knew.  I felt empowered knowing who Jill Stein is and what she stands for.  Same for Hillary and Adrian.  Traffic was heavy and that's a good thing, though I do believe I saw a lot of Trump folks tromping in and out.  There were three of 'em waiting for the doors to open!

My neighbor and Larry's mama is having an episode with her grands that's just worrying her death.  Her grandpa has end stage lung cancer with a prognosis of three months to live.  The oncologist offered a "glimmer" of hope as in low dosage in a not so palliative way.  The end of life folks always have my heart.

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