Thursday, October 13, 2016

a chair of bowlies

If I were pressed to choose one artist that is my favorite it would have to be Mary Engelbreit.  My friend Sally introduced me to her signature style years ago when we were doing aerobics and raising kids together.  Her art is colorful and very recognizable and is almost always accompanied by a quote, sometimes silly.  Thus ..." life is just a chair of bowlies!"  My mother always made sure I had the current year's calendar with ME art and sometimes more than one.  Now it's up to me.  

We got rain last night but nothing like what's whipping Bermuda right now.  The rivers in NC are still rising highlighting the hazards that persist way past the eye of the storm.  And poor Haiti.  

On a positive note the Republican party is feasting on itself with one after another rat jumping ship away from the Donald.  If it wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny.  This entire campaign, on both sides, has been based on personal actions not opportunity to save our country.  Perhaps I sound jaded and illuminati like but I don't really think it matters at this point because it's all such a clusterf**k.  Ain't I just a little ray of sunshine? Hey.  I'm trying, and always grateful.  

And the greatest of these is love ~

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