Monday, October 17, 2016

groundhog day

i'm pretty sure that's the mystery critter and I got a closer look this morning because dude does not run very fast.  He also made no attempt to get out of the way as if leading me toward my day.  I'll definitely have to google that one for wisdom as I burn white sage.  I know, right?  Hippie or what.  We were talking at work today about my rebel side and Kimmaye said I had flower power.  Most people call it an opinionated lady with a side of kindness and love.  For the life of me I cannot understand why people don't "get" that not only is global warming real but it's now irreversible.  When the bees die, there is no food.  That's how we get into the Hunger Games .thing.  I sincerely hope I'm in heaven before that happens.  

I have always been very focused on family because we have strong bonds that have held way past the grave.  I still have cousins and an aunt and brothers and a daughter and niece and nephew plus a kazillion friends so there's that big huge blessing.  Nobody can understand what it was like to be there like somebody who was there with you', I feel badly for BG in that respect as an only.

Gratitude ~

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