Tuesday, November 1, 2016

the view

There is an ancient tree right outside BG's bedroom and the kitchen that died this year.  Mr. Homes the tree guy was out here picking pecans when I got home and will return tomorrow to take it down before it gets the house.  Now every picture I've ever made of that barn from the back porch has that tree in the front.  Imagine what a feeling it will be to see it wide open!  The first snow will be a sight to behold.  The tree has always been there.  I think the grapevine killed it...ha.

Since Halloween is a memory Sunday will be All Saints Day at the local FUMC and many others who observe.  I know the hymn by heart and at my home church there is always a solemn reading of the names of members who have died in the previous year and a bell is rung with each name from the choir.  Last year I cradled my sobbing mother as we listened for Daddy's ding and when she heard it I swear she perked up.  For a minute.  She was still grieving him pretty badly at that point and had moved from home.  Dell mentioned to me during the time of Mama's funeral that she remembered seeing us there with KayKay right on the front pew.  This bell will be for my mother.  That may require a valium, if you know what I mean.

November 20th is her 83rd birthday.  I'm sure I saw her on the 82nd but that was a lot of drama ago.  I bricked on the sit down dinner at the home but we did all manage to pull off Thanksgiving in her room all Cracker Barrel style.  A couple of weeks before Christmas down she went in that very church where we will celebrate her sainthood.  

I so hate that her last days were spent in rehab.  The hospital was much better in that there's good communication and more room.  Plus, I work there.  Win, win.  It was hard for some folks to understand why I didn't go back up there at night to visit.  It's different when it's your job AND second job....right Pax?

So...tree guy is going to leave the stump out back in the flower garden so I can decorate with it in the spring.   Mamye brought me a fly trap for the kitchen because those little bastards are driving me nuts.  Storm doors have a purpose.  

Other than that it's all unicorns and rainbows on the lane.  Peace out y'all.  

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