Saturday, November 30, 2019

shop local

I originally got out just to vote but I decided to visit some small businesses and pimp them out on Small Business Saturday.  I shop locally as much as possible because I believe in boosting the economy of this area.  We have some really cool businesses run by both young and old entrepreneurs.  Of course I only visited a handful but it was an eye opening experience.  Small businesses are the friendliest because they really WANT you to have a pleasant experience and be a return customer.

Sammy D just got jumped by the other two and I had to take a paddle to them to break it up.  I guess because he's the oldest and weakest they pick on him.  And it's always over food.  This time it was cat food that Ellie knocked off the table onto the floor.  I learned the hard way not to get hands or feet involved in a dog fight.  

It is Novemblah Plus today so I'm creating my own little paradise in here.  A few candles ought to do the trick.  Y'all be good because Santa's watching.

Friday, November 29, 2019

black friday

I'm not one of those people who get up in the dark and fight the crowds at big box stores.  My sold purchase was two shirts and a sweater for me at 20% off  Cute stuff that I will actually wear.  My other present to me will be a day at Headlines.  I can never expect to find Sugardaddy looking the way I do now.  

I ordered two more things for Reaves and I'm done.  My friend Taylor, RN has started an online children's boutique with very reasonable prices.  We were in the trenches together on more than one job.  

I actually ate another whole plate of leftovers last night and it was even better warmed up.  Funny how that works.  The electric knife died on me so I stuck the other breast in the freezer to slice later.  I have no clue where the carcass of that first one went but last I saw Ellie was tearing it up

I know it's not Advent yet but I'm about to light the first candle just because I'm a rebel like that.  Peace on earth ^j^

Thursday, November 28, 2019

table for three

I cooked my southern fried ass off yesterday so that I'd be ready when Bubba got off.  Lauren got here a bit earlier and we finished laying it all out.  We had to lock the dogs in the bedroom to keep them off of Bubba's truck and out of the food.  While I was cooking yesterday evening Ellie ate a whole stick of butter and a package of rolls.  Bad dog.  I put the breast bone out of reach and them let her have at it today.  She is currently sleeping off the tryptophan.

We talked about Thanksgiving past and every little thing and it was nice to be together even though it was just us three.  We have a strong bond and even though he's not a kid person, he loves him some Reaves.  

I started watching The Irishman yesterday and I'm hooked.  It seems that the streaming channels is where all the talent is these days.  When I find myself watching "real tv" the commercials annoy me because I'm not used to that.  One more reason not to have it.

It is now acceptable to put up your tree.  Carry on with joy toward the manger ^j^

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

dream a little dream

I don't normally dream much but the past few nights I have.  Night before last there were people in a little wagon on wheels that drove like a car and had chicken wire around the box.  Uh..okay then.  I must have been scared because I fell out of the bed and knocked my head on the night stand.  Like I was about to run like hell!  Thank goodness that woke me up or my whole body would have hit the floor.  

We had a heavy wind last night that shook those nuts right on down for me.  I spent a couple of hours at the cabin on all fours.  A lot of them were on the deck!  I remember how they used to sound like bombs going off when they hit that metal roof.  The turkey wasn't supposed to be ready until 2 but I took a chance by going early and it was ready.  Got to visit my old crop duster friend who is idle for the winter.  

I'm procrastinating on this deviled egg thing but it must be done so I'll find some big girl panties and get 'er done.  Y'all be thankful and blessed ^j^

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

christmas cards

I know, I know.  It's only Thanksgiving eve eve.  I was at a meeting today where the subject turned toward sending Christmas cards.  I was astounded at how many still do it.  Which is totally cool!  I treasure each and every one I receive but I just don't do it myself.  Y'all know I love you and wish you some happy holidays and all.  A whole bunch of warrior women took on what seemed like a task that couldn't be accomplished and did it in two hours.  That's teamwork kids.

It's quite blustery today.  Warm enough but with a strong wind.  As I was talking to one of the pickers today the heavens opened up and I almost had to pull over in Southtown because I couldn't see.  What really irritates me is these fools who drive with their lights off in the pouring rain or at dawn or dusk.  Please think of the safety of others.  

Tomorrow will be cooking day which is when I make a thousand deviled eggs  Dressing is frozen and ready to cook.  Other sides are simple.  It's those dang eggs that are so much work!  But man do I love them.  

The next person who annoyed me was a chick parked at the gas tank at the chicken store talking on her phone.  I had to maneuver every which a way to get to a pump after sitting behind her glaring for a few minutes.  Chickie got out, went into the store and never bought gas.  OMG.  

I went on a country girl binge last night and fried a whole pack of fresh chicken filets, southern style.  Now, I'm not used to eating like that so you can imagine what it did to my gut.  I'll spare the details.  

There is a little town about 30 minutes away from here, give or take.  They have cancelled their Christmas parade because of social media controversy over an "inclusive" float featuring a rainbow.  Knowing that county, and West Tennessee as a whole, that doesn't surprise me.  But it makes me sick.

I am thankful for a lot of things which I talk about daily.  I rarely say thank you to the ones who come to read, comment and like.  You are the ones who keep me writing.  And smiling :)

Monday, November 25, 2019


Many of us are accustomed to thinking in the realm of scarcity.  New cars.  Fancy clothes.  Expensive food.  Hoarding "things" here on earth, so to speak.  I used to be that way but no more.  I give daily thanks for what I have which is simply, enough.  I'm not rich financially and never have been.  This life on the farm has been and continues to be a gift that many cannot imagine.  My daughter and grandchild still get to enjoy it.  That's four generations y'all.  

It is important for kids to know from whence they came.  You can show them pictures all day long but there's nothing like experiencing that in real time.  Lauren has come up with memories from where she was two years old of things that I had forgotten.  The blood of our ancestors and the blessing of family mean a lot to both of us and to the heritage that is Ferguson Farm/Calcutt Farm.  I have spoken to many of my age people who kept their horses here when Mr. Council was the horseman.  The late Ms Mary Crawford walked the house with me and explained what every room was for back in the days that she lived here.  

This old gal has been so busy I haven't even gotten the kitchen cleaned up for Thanksgiving.  While Lauren was washing clothes I tackled the dishes..always leaving the silverware for last.  It's still laying there screaming my name.  But at least I have a fork and something to eat with it.  

Y'all be blessed ^j^

Sunday, November 24, 2019

always check your messages

It was still dark when the alarm went off but I forced myself to get up and hit 412.  I thought it was odd when I had to knock and wait for an answer.  Lauren opened the door and I was like "huh?".  As it turns out, she has strep and was told not to go back to work until Monday.  She messaged me late last night and, of course, I never look at messages when I first get up.  I had to laugh and then I went in and woke up Princess Reaves  who is not an easy riser.  After a few minutes of rolling around with closed eyes and me messing with her, she opened them up and grinned the biggest It's Gaga grin you ever saw.  Not a usual early morning sight for her.  We played a lot and she was in a great mood.  I bet she said my name a hundred times  Bonus:  Me and Lauren got to watch CBS Sunday Morning in honor of my parents.  

I hauled that huge ass turkey up into the apartment for their friendsgiving next weekend.  I hope Kim has a big oven.  Anywho, Lauren is on her way HERE now to wash clothes.  We have lots to talk about.

This is the day that the Lord has made ^j^

Saturday, November 23, 2019

the party's over

The event that was almost a year in the making is over.  Taking down is not near as much fun as setting up, just saying.  Of course I was dead asleep by the time the show was over but I heard lots of tales today while we were cleaning up.  There wasn't a huge mess so we were done in a couple of hours.  Lots of alcohol to be returned for credit due to a smaller than expected crowd.  Those that were there had a blast I'm told.  

We're back to the cold and gray part of Novemblah again today.  There will be no picking unItil it dries out and warms up.  I'm waiting for another big drop.

The hearings are done and it seems pretty cut and dried to me but then you know how I believe in justice, which isn't always served.  We shall see what the Senate does.  It should be interesting concerning the ones up for re-election.  I'm watching House of Cards again and it's a very timely view considering what's up in Washington.  

Tomorrow is a Reaves sitting day so I'll be on the road early.  I decided after seeing that picture of myself that it's time to get the hair and eyebrows done.  I'm not ready to be totally gray just yet...and especially not eyebrows.  My present to myself for Christmas will be a visit to Marla the magician.  And maybe a botox treatment for wrinkles.  Hah,,,,just kidding on the botox.

Other than that, I've got nothing.  I'm not feeling real inspirational or nostalgic today so it's time to piddle.

Keep the faith ^j^

Friday, November 22, 2019

goal met

My phone is constantly reminding me that I'm not active enough, mostly because I rarely have it ON my body, just close by.  I spent a day of setup for the FunkmonsterI event and around 4:30 my smart  (ass) phone told me I had reached today's goal!  No shit!  Of course I couldn't stay because I'm blind as a bat at night and had no driver.  Actually I do okay around places with streets that are lit.  It's those long dark stretches that get me.  

I looked at a selfie of me and my old friend Angie today and saw a lot of wrinkles on my old face.  I'm talking " get you some moisturizer gurl" wrinkles.  On the list, check.  It's been raining off and on for two days now.  I call it Novemblah.  

Y'all be kind and hug the next friend you see.  Hell just hug a stranger if they look like they need one ^j^

Thursday, November 21, 2019


My brother and I have a long history of me crying like a girl when he gets frustrated and bitches.  As he ages, that has become less and less frequent.  I was with him when he started a nightclub that eventually died, but every step of the way we had fun.  Dude knows the business, just saying.  He is having an event tomorrow night at the fairgrounds featuring Dr. Zarr's Amazing Funkmonster.  I told him I would help set up and tear down so there we were, four of us putting out chairs and tables and wiping down restrooms.  After that we went to lunch at Mickey D's.  Haven't been there in forever.  I was sitting at a tall table being all inconspicuous and having a nice conversation with a lovely bi-racial young lady, who happened to have pink hair, and her boyfriend.

She told me that the elderly lady seated next to us was giving us dirty looks.  I glanced over there and she just looked like a mad old woman.  After my brother got there with our food I noticed they were gone.  They had moved several tables over but she forgot her little rain hat.  It was quickly returned to her in a pay it forward fashion.  God loves us all honey.  

So yes, I am staying busy.  Putting out those chairs was great exercise and we worked silently, arranging them in true club fashion.  By the way, I recommend the bbq bacon burger at McD's if that's where you end up.

Namaste ~

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Of course I've been watching the impeachment hearings.  Things don't look very good for the POTUS.  Sondland flipped on Trump, probably to save his own ass like Cohen and all the rest.  I heard that Stone bailed out until his sentencing in February.  Alrighty then.  

I did a couple more hours of pickin' this morning and then went to lunch with some friends.  I'm about to lose steam on this thing even with the good weather.  My two favorite trees  on the lane are still holding on tight to their bounty.  I can see me now after the next big freeze with a rake and a basket on my knees.  

I would like to give big old hugs for those who are hurting as we approach the holiday season.  Firsts are always hard no matter who you lost.  Reaves' bonus mom lost her mother today, on my late mother's birthday,  Kind of eerie in a calming sort of way. We always had a huge traditional Thanksgiving feast and way too many places to go on Christmas until the final years which were pretty much Snoopy tree and brunch cooked by me, Bubba and Lauren.  I miss those days, with Daddy stomping snow off his boots when he came in from pulling a calf.  

But that was then, and this is now.  I am blessed beyond belief to have led a mostly healthy life in spite of taking risks.  That's all I need to have a happy holiday ^j^

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

downward dog

Two years ago on December 7th I had surgery on my left shoulder.  It was an old tear that resulted in the ends of the tendon not meeting for repair. This was totally different from the right side when I fell on the ice and it was promptly repaired.  Plus a bunch of arthritis scraping out.  The torn left side came on quickly over about six months.  I had one shot and was over it ready to fix it.  Only they couldn't.  My only options were a reverse shoulder replacement with limited mobility or a cadaver implant with a nine month recovery period.  I chose to sit on it.  

During that time I left work.  I knew in  my heart that I could not do the job anymore in my physical state. I had insurance and pay for three months following the surgery.  I was 62 and knew what I had to do.  One of my former co-workers actually signed me up for SS.  It was divine timing because things were a hot mess.  I had a new grandchild that I needed to go see in another city and the freedom to do that.  I can't help it y'all, I still think she's the cutest kid that every lived.  

I did the blow, rake and pick routine.  As in modified downward dog with my own dogs eating them while I crawled.  Ain't nothing like the sound of a nut cracking.  I got hit on the head by one falling the other day and it stayed sore forever.  The weather has moderated for a bit and it's a beautiful day on the lane.  

And the greatest of these is love ^j^ 

Monday, November 18, 2019

sweet baby jesus

I put out the decades old nativity scene yesterday in anticipation of Advent.  I'm not about waiting games anymore.  In other news, that's the only thing out but the same can't be said for my client.  We spent two hours together hanging garland, wreaths and whatnot.  And yes, it involved a stepladder.   With me on it.  I also got a parking ticket while I was there from homeland security for parking in a no parking zone.  I know right?  

I blew a few more leaves today and tomorrow looks like a picking day.  I can't believe I do all that bending and scooting for sixty cents a pound.  Tis' the season.  If I had a dollar for everybody who told me they were making grandma a pecan pie I wouldn't need a Sugardaddy.

What I need is beach.  Where's there's no algae or toxic chemicals.   Pure white sand and a warm sun.  Kind of like in The Truman show without Ed Harris running his evil.  Fiji.  That's what I need.

I went through two boxes of ornaments last night dividing by keep or donate.  Little things like Christmas ornaments are something we take for granted.  We could give 'em out at the church!

Y'all think of ways to help others.  That's where the joy is ^j^

Sunday, November 17, 2019

the easier way

My sincere thanks to whomever invented the leaf blower and to Del Hudson for letting me borrow hers.  I can't believe I've never used one before with the pecans but then I'm broke most of the time and can't afford power tools.  I've always wanted a chain saw even though I know I would probably hurt myself.  I do have a drill but i've lost the bits and charger so, there you go.  

I lost 20 bucks somewhere yesterday and that is worrying the crap out of me.  Lauren and Reaves were here and she was going to pick up food so had the money tucked in her boob only a diaper change had to happen.  I said to heck with it and she passed the money over to me.  I had to get gas before going to El!Patio!  I paid with cash, pumped and headed toward Mexico with the food money in my back pocket which was 2 twenties.  When I reached in there to pay there only one.  WTF?  Anywho, we all searched the yard, purses, car and made a couple of phone calls to the two places.  Crickets.  I guess that's my karma for accidentally stealing dog food the other day.

Twenty dollars is a lot of money to me, unlike some folks.  For minimum wage work that is two hours.  I never really thought about that when I was making 27.  I don't see how single parent families survive.  And yet their benefits continue to be cut. But I won't get started on that because I'm in a good mood.  

When you're down, and troubled.....and you need a helping hand.   James Taylor 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

not for sissies

We just had a nice whirlwind visit amongst the girls and me and Mamye.  It was chaos which is normal for us.  I did some raking and picking this morning which is pretty hard work for an old gal.  Plan B is for Mamye to rake and me pick.  There's a whole 'nother field to be either blown or raked so we have our work cut out for us.  

I have a gig on Monday with a client who is ready to decorate for Christmas.  So be it!  Lauren and Reaves picked out which ornaments they wanted today since I'm not gonna have a tree unless it's a Snoopy one.  Tradition means passing it on.  We had fun talking about where they all came from.  Many of them are from Mom's girl's trips.  

I have a string of white lights hanging in the kitchen and another retro looking strand in the office.  I'm a big believer in not saving the lights for Christmas.  

Y'all be blessed ^j^

Friday, November 15, 2019

blue wave

A few of us Dyer County Dems went to Tiptonville day for a meeting with the locals featuring our candidate Mike Smith.  Up front and in charge was my old friend Ro who is quite the motivational speaker.  By the time we left she was headed another hour away to a different county function.  Girl gets around, just saying.

No pecan picking for me today so I have to hit it hard this weekend.  I sold my first bag today for 26 bucks at 65 cents a pound down at the crack store known as Pennington's.  Stanley and Steve showed me how they are graded.  If your crackhead cousin comes up in there with a bucket full of hulls, he might as well just turn around.  This is a business folks and there's an art to it.  

I stood outside the courthouse this afternoon and looked up to see the Tiptonville water tower.  Debbie gave me a tour of everybody's homeplace.  I finally found Ms Virginia!  It felt good to be driven like Miss Daisy.  

Keep trying, always ^j^

Thursday, November 14, 2019

tools of the trade

If you see a crazy old lady driving around in a hooptie old Camry with a rake in back, give me a wave.  It warmed up enough that I worked up a sweat taking down at the cabin.  Slowly but surely I'm getting it done.  I remember one time using a 20 foot tall PVC pipe to whack the limbs and make them fall.  That was Daddy's idea, bless him.  

I am doing this not so much for money but because it's in my blood. It's kind of addictive in a way.  Like Easter egg fact I use an Easter basket as I pick then dump it into a canvas bag and start over.  

My errands were about an hour's worth and a joy because it's warmer.  At below freezing, my struts get cold and I feel every bump in the road, which is a lot around Dyersburg.  

Still working the art thing and it's baby steps but getting there.  I picked up the hand painted logo today and it's cute as can be.  Thank you Laurie!

Y'all be cool and nice and respectful.  It's what Jesus would do ^j^

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

moral dilemma

I finally got to go grocery shopping today ( the eagle pooped ) and I took my time and chose only what I know I will eat or need.  I used to be an impulse shopper but no more.  I'm not an extreme coupon person so I have to take it easy.  I checked myself out and proceeded out the door.  The alarm went off and the checkers just waved me on out and said "you're good."  It wasn't until I got to the car that I noticed the dog food on bottom that I didn't scan.  Hmmm.  Here I am halfway across the parking lot and it's colder than heck.  What to do.  I chose to carry on and give them 8 bucks next time I'm there.  I ain't no thief and I was freezing.   

I spent some time with my friends this afternoon working on a common cause.  You should have heard us whooping and hollering all at once.  I know you're supposed to be quiet in the library but.......I just got word that the mission was accomplished on time.  

All the leaves have fallen off so now I have to rake before I pick more.  Meh.  I'ts good exercise.  Y'all keep the faith ^j^

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

why i hate winter

I am not a duck hunter is probably number one.  Until I got older, the cold never bothered me anyway.  Each winter that comes brings the stiffness that my daddy used to call arthur, as in arthritis.  I have been without NSAIDS for a few days and the high today is in the 20s.  Faucets are steady dripping.  I had to crawl into the Camry from the back seat because the doors were frozen shut with ice.  It wasn't a lot but just enough to screw things up.  The gas was on E so I went to the chicken store where I found that the gas cap cover was frozen.  Oh boy.  I sprayed it and not so gently popped it open with an ink pen and now it won't close.   UCMTSU

At the gentral' I found empty shelves and coolers.  Seems that the Snowmageddon people wiped 'em out.  I had to search but I found the envelopes I needed for tomorrow.  Never give up!  Mostly I got soup because's winter.  Some pickers that are always here showed up knocking on the door this morning and the Simpsons got permission as usual.  With boundaries.

I'm not real up to speed with the impeachment thing.  I'll just read about it as it happens.  I'm sure if there's something big we'll get a special announcement.  There are layers of lies and deceit in the funding of many political organizations.  Watch how your reps vote and who gave them money to find out what they really stand for.  

True thing ^j^

Monday, November 11, 2019

my favorite veteran

Lord, y'all it would take me all day to name them.   My Daddy served during the Korean conflict in the Azores.  My friend Joe was in the middle of Iraq.  My cousin in law Ron served in Vietnam along with Larry Williams and countless others.  There are very few WWII vets left but I know one of them and his name is Richard Hill.   My buddy Chuck learned the lessons of a lifetime in the Army.  To all who have served and protected our country I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

I decided to try exercise again today and it wasn't too bad considering I've been out for two weeks with the knee.  As I was leaving I noticed that the Veteran's Day festivities were getting rained out but hopefully they made up time when the showers stopped.  I am now in my pajama pants conserving that 30% of propane as long as I can.  And for all you people who have up Christmas decorations?  It's your fault.  

I can't tell you how many times I have de-iced that old Camry in the dark so I could get to work.  On time.  I have no carport you see and the ice does so fly up here on the hill.  Doors frozen shut.  Been there, done that.  Plus, the cardboard on the windshield does NOT work.

Stay warm peeps.  Looks like the arctic blast is about to get us where it hurts ^j^

Sunday, November 10, 2019


We are still focusing on stewardship at church and today's sermon was another good one.  My daddy always told me that when you pray, not to do it for attention.  Go in the closet where nobody sees you and God sees your heart and motive.  Now that doesn't apply to all situations.  We have group prayer and individual prayer and even service as a prayer.  Any time you do something good that is pleasing to God if your motives are pure, the gift is accepted.  No praise necessary.  I'm not one who can help a lot financially but if I have cash on me I drop it in the plate.  It's not much, but added together with all the others it adds up to provide funds to keep the ministries of our churches in the mode of helping others in a variety of ways.  I overslept and still ended up getting there early.  My little family came soon after.  

It is heartwarming to be with what little family I have remaining in that place which has raised generations in the UMC.  I feel the spirit of my parents there, especially when somebody mentions them.  One friend remarked today "Billy would be so proud seeing you there on the front row!"  He knows it, and so does mama.  It's pretty cool sitting behind acolytes and being close to small talk.

Mamye is here pickin' and we noticed a japanese beetle invasion plus a honeybee swarm.  There's a bee in my house but I refuse to kill him.  Unless he bites me and then it's on.  Today is the last really good day to be out there pickin' but I'm still sore from yesterday so my participation will be light.  I'm still sitting here in church clothes.

We are shifting in our focus I do believe.  Only so many lies can be forgiven.  I see more community building and general caring about each other than I ever have in my life.  The reason for that is I went looking for it.  That is the only road to change.


Saturday, November 9, 2019

across the aisle

I've worn my Bernie 2016 hoodie for two days in a row because it's warm enough to pick pecans in.  I even slept in my clothes last night because it was so cold.  I went up in the chicken store this morning and the gentlemen beside me said "I like your shirt."  "Oh" I said.  Do you like Bernie?  He grinned like the devil and tipped his camo hat at me that had Trump on it.  At least it wasn't one of those hideous MAGA ones.  I stuck my hand out to shake his and we agreed to reach past that difference in opinion.  Ain't America great?  We should all try to do that more often instead of hurling insults and arguing.  
I spent a solid two hours picking at both places today and had to give it a rest.  I spoke with the lady who will be doing the crack and blow this morning and their operation starts up on the 18th.  My burlap bags are getting fuller by the day with two different varieties.   My brother's old saying "If ifs and buts were chips and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas" comes to mind.  

I am also keeping a keen eye on propane usage and have done well so far by keeping the thermostat on 62.  That will change next week I'm sure.  Last year, I was unemployed until January so money was right and propane guy fronted me.  I'm slowly paying him down 200 bucks at a time.  And once again, I am unemployed.  But you know what?  I'm blessed and I'm making it by the grace of God.  

The girls were going to come today but Reaves is having a terrible twos day so it's not really worth the drama when she's in that mood.  She said my name on the phone but didn't want to go anywhere because she would have to put on socks.  LMAO.  Boy do I know that feeling.

Y'all be careful out there, and remember who you are ^j^

Friday, November 8, 2019

bone chilling

Picture this, if you will.  I stayed up way past bedtime and woke up refreshed enough to visit the cabin for some picking.  I check it every freakin' day.  It was about 35ish and me and the other two pickers on the lane were just about froze.  Looks like two days of a little warmer so, there's that.  I may be the only girl in the world who gets the yard mowed according to pecan season.  No, Lorna does that too.  Only she has an orchard!!

Living on Pecan Lane with its' hundred year old trees draping over gives me a sense of peace.  Not that times won't be hard or bad things won't happen.  It's just home to me.  There is nothing more beautiful than a winter sunset from my front porch.  

Art is perking along.  We are a far flung bunch and I'm not a great organizer but I'm getting better.  All it would take is one day of clerical work to get my ducks in a row.  That's on the calendar.  Thanks to all the good cooks yesterday I still have some leftovers.  The colors out here are straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.  


Thursday, November 7, 2019

discussing the issues

The Dyer County Democratic Party hosted one of our hometown guys who now serves as a State Senator for a town hall meeting at Dyersburg State this evening and it was a howling success.  Jeff is a hard working Dyersburg loving legislator who knows how to mesmerize a crowd.  He was very informative and provided honest answers to the many questions posed by the crowd.  He also introduced our candidate for District 77 state representative Mike Smith who will face Rusty Grills in the special election coming up in December.  Many thanks to all those involved for making this event a success. There was enough food for an army thanks to the volunteers who work tirelessly for our party.  We had enough for lots of take home plates which is a win win.  

When we went out to set up this morning it was pouring rain.  Miraculously it stopped but the temp started dropping pretty fast.  My bedroom smells like skunk because of the pizza eating dog known as Ellie.  While I was cooking sausage balls today I had to keep everything on top of the frig and away from her.  She's quick to grab and run.  

Weather permitting I'll resume pecan pickin' tomorrow until it gets so cold I can't stand it.  If you find me frozen out in the yard just call 911 and tell them to bring hot blankets!

Love thy neighbor ^j^

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

red herring

I visited my FNP last week and I showed her my super sized clavicle bone.  She checked around for a carotid pulse and had a little trouble hearing on the right side.  I just assumed it was because of the big fat bone in the way but she sent me for ultrasound which was not a bad experience.  When we talked afterwards, she told me that one of my right carotid arteries is "occluded" which means time for a vascular surgeon visit.  Great.  Just what my underinsured self needs.  

I had a great day otherwise with lunch and intelligent conversation plus a cute baby.  Shhhh. It's a secret society y'all.  As I was leaving I spotted a very talented chalk paint artist doing the front window of GAFCO.  I stopped for a meet and greet and got a cool picture.  While I was out and about this morning I found the DSCC library and checked out the art show there.  Amazing stuff from a well taught group.

The Mayberry Lawn crew just left and the yard looks great.  I can't wait to get out there and see what kind of pecans were lurking under those leaves.

Namaste ~

Monday, November 4, 2019

church is where you have it

The struggle is real y'all.  I'm kind of bad about saying "thoughts and prayers" on social media so I choose usually to talk with folks by phone, at least, when I know they're struggling.  My bestie has a big job on her hands deciding on a care plan for her disabled husband.  We were talking about it just now and she asked me to pray for her.  Without blinking an eye I started praying on the phone and naming all those who are hurting at the moment.  It was a prayer for vision and strength and the ability to do the next right thing.  It got me to sniffling so there's the grief coming out already.  I think that we are constantly grieving something whether it be loss through death, separation.....even leaving a job or house.  

I woke up with the sunrise and went to WalMart ( i know, right?) to get a knee brace.  I chose a S/M and it was so tight it cut off the circulation in my leg.  Alrighty then.  Back to where I NEVER go to exchange for a L/XL.  Guess what?  That won't stay up.  *sigh*  I'm hoping if I wash and dry it maybe it will shrink.  I also picked up sausage balls at Kroger for a Thursday event and my brother saw me pulling in the lot!  Called me to say my deviled egg tray was in his truck out front and needs a refill.  UCMTSU.

I have hit up the two trees at the cabin most every day since the frosts.  I need to rake it like I did in my own yard.  Actually I'm getting pretty good exercise by doing this.  I can feel the hamstring pulls when I reach.  

Y'all be merry and bright.  Because Charlie Brown and the Thanksgiving turkey are right around the corner.  

Sunday, November 3, 2019

spirit animal

Today's totem is deer, of which I saw a little group of four on Highway 412.  I'd rather think that their grace, quickness and agility are my omen for today rather than the road kill I passed.  Armadillos and skunks I believe.  Lauren ended up not going to work and I woke up not knowing what time it was because my phone didn't change.  Lerd.  We had a nice leisurely visit and she got to take a peaceful shower while Reaves and me played.  They have a coffee table with four small drop leaves and her new thing is to make that her bed.  The child is a hoot when she feels good.

I learned this morning of the passing of an old friend.  I haven't seen him except here and there in many years but we used to run as a pack when we were young adults.  It makes me sad even though he never missed a chance to be a smartass!  He and the guys were the type that claimed Superbowl Sunday a national holiday.  AND the day after.

It was a beautiful day for a drive with all kinds of color and cotton fields waiting to be picked.  Crockett County is cotton central.  It's all about to come to a close after the last stuff is harvested and winter wheat planted.  I love seeing that green when it's cold as a well digger's butt.

Be safe and grateful ^j^

Saturday, November 2, 2019

on all fours

It's warmer today so I picked up a couple of nuts down at the cabin.   I've been doing this long enough to know which ones to pitch.  The native tree in my yard is doing well also.  As fate would have I have emergency Gaga duty tomorrow.  Long story and out of the blue.  The biggest problem with me traveling is in the dark because I can't see well.  Especially on two lanes!

I read an article today that really hit home about the way we the people behave in response to Trump as a person rather than the office of President.  The office itself has been filled by many great men who have solved some of our problems but never all.  I don't see one thing that he has accomplished ( well good things) but by imitating his behavior we give him more power.  Like Michelle Obama said "When they go low, we go high."  People scream and boo at baseball games all the time.  Personally, I wouldn't have gone there but he did.  

The far left is just as guilty as the far right when it comes to nothing getting done.  Most of us are about close to the middle.  I am a democrat for a lot of reasons which I won't go into again.  And to whomever pulled up Mike Smith's sign " A pox on you!"

Get out there and enjoy this glorious day kids.  They are fleeting toward duck season.  

Friday, November 1, 2019

frost on the punkin'

But yes!  Right on target for Halloween night.  The kudzu will be brown within a few days because it's drooping already.  Pecans fell, lots of them.  Remember we have attack dogs out here.  I fell on my knee the other day so exercise has been restricted to  bending over to pick nuts.  I assume that's good for your core.  

I am sitting here owing the propane guy a bunch of money and it ain't even winter yet.  Let's just say the electric bill will be higher from all these heaters.  Next comes quilts over the doors.

Kay and I have this thing where when we get the dressing mixed we let each other know.  Today was my day and I had to run to the 'gentral for more broth.  I saw Bubba and Sally so I stopped and we had a proper chat.  Just two siblings on a kinda sorta' day off.  If you go see the Funkmonsters, I'll be the one banding you so have ID ready.  This girl don't play well in crowds.  Burn baby burn.