Thursday, October 6, 2016

disappearing act

I'm not exactly sure what happened to yesterday's post but it's sitting there as a draft not viewable to many.  Honestly, I go on and on so much I figure it's not worth trying to figure out how to restore it.  I'll just start over!  Most of it was about the blessings for going to a gig that I usually detest but did not and how the past couple of times I've been truly blessed to be that at the right place and time.  

Today was very long.  I did some shopping between work and work because so far I still have a job and I desperately needed towels and sheets.  There's a store at the mall that I've never been in even though it's been there for like uh, five years.  Anways, it was cheap for sheets but not on the towels so I had to hit up the gentral' for that.  I got current on car insurance and washing machine payments and still had time to burn when I got to the sawmill.   I was at the shady gentral on Forrest pulling out when a pan handler decided to hit me up for 65 cents and try to make me feel guilty.  I told the old dude I had nothing but a card and he sure wasn't getting that.  He continued to bullshit and told me he knows my husband.  " My husband?" I replied.  "I don't have one."  He said "well got me on that!"

I never carry cash and find myself apologizing to the carhops at Sonic for not having tip money.  Yeah I know.  I'm a pushover sometimes.  Larry showed back up at home to his mama's delight and is now going to doggie day care again.  Plus, Sophie is out of her "special time."  It remains to be be seen if we get brindle puppies out of that little adventure.  

BG will be here tomorrow for 48 hours and of course I'm working half of it but it will be nice just to have her in town.  Maybe we can do lunch at the sawmill!  To all you folks in the path of Matthew, peace be still.  


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