Monday, March 2, 2015

the end is near

Well as best as I can tell Bibi is headed to Congress in the morning to broker a deal with Iran and Boehner. I'm off for a couple of days and I don't imagine that will be on my radar. Most of the non-hardcore conservatives will be absent, I imagine, as well as the majority of Jewish folks. This is really a whole bunch of drama that is so not necessary during these times of global warming crises and such. All we gotta' do is send the carbon down instead of up! A real dreamer never gives up when it seems that nothing else can be done to save mother earth and the glorious times we've had with her. Around here we're expecting more winter weather of like 5 degrees on my next day to work so I hope the Camry holds out or else I'll be broke. Well, broker than usual, if you know what I mean. Daddy almost got overdosed on an anti=psychotic when he went for a traveling neuro visit over at the local doc's office/strip mall. I was asleep at the wheel on that one because I've been absent for a couple of weeks due to extreme winter weather conditions and a terrible viral infection that produced a whole lot of potentially infectious bodily fluids which I coughed and hacked up for days on end.'s flu season and I took the shot. This year it didn't work.

My friend Lorna is camped out here because Obama cut off her electricity up in Lake county which is about the poorest area of Tennessee except for their giant port next to the Big Muddy and Reelfoot Lake which used to be a primo crappie fishing spot and home to bald eagles and cypress trees. Hopefully the powers that be will see fit to save that for the future. Boogs has a double ear infection so he's been home with his TT today getting lots of hugs. Sometimes it's good to be the baby! Since FB has failed to hook me up fo' free with blog posting anymore I reckon I'll have to depend on word of mouth to tell my story.


Saturday, February 28, 2015

babyman turns two!

Jordan Owens aka #babyman and Boogs will be two years old tomorrow and he celebrated today with a room full of toys, food and loved ones. He had been there about ten minutes when he ran smack into the edge of a table and got a black eye. Five minutes later he was full force again. That's the wonder of being a get back up and try again. Sometimes you learn how not to fall but usually it happens in a way you just never recognized before. With age, comes wisdom. I wasn't vertical for very long yesterday and didn't move until the alarm went off this morning for work. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine using a day off just to sleep. It seems like a waste, but then the body knows what's up. I've been fighting a cold for a couple of weeks and trying not to develop pneumonia. Cough that crap up man! I can tell that pretty soon I'll be among the vapors set. Thankfully, Money Mike sells those too, right down the street from the sawmill. I believe he got a beer license as well.

The wheels in my head are turning in such a way that I'm bound to have a stroke of genius sometime soon with my "brand" and whatnot. I was all excited about sixties next week and it won't even make 50 PLUS there's more freakin' snow behind it and 12 degrees. No comment because Mama said that thing about if you can't say something nice. She is consulting with Lori about visiting the SS dinner tomorrow after church. She has missed them and they her. Even the girls at eggs and doughnuts ask about her. Every time I drive by the home where Granny is I think about her lost up in there dreaming about happy things like parties and pianos. It is from her that I inherited my alto voice though she can go either way. We sang together many a time, with Daddy on tenor and Mama just humming along making a joyful noise.

I am quite disappointed about the state of the world right now. Global policy is being played out by the MSM like a weekly episode of some crime show or superhero war. World stability has gotten a bit more fragile and the seas are already beginning to rise a few cm. Global warming and outsourcing of labor are two of the biggest atrocities of our day. It's like "okay, we got busted in the US for doing that shit so we'll just move the whole thing to India!" Slave labor keeps the wheels turning even in the good old US. Thank you Walton's and whomever else for putting in the two bucks. Now if you'll give fulltime hours? You've got a win-win deal. Anybody who has to work more than one minimum wage job just to survive is spinning their wheels right now.

I read a strange piece today about a football player whose family was murdered by a gang member many years ago. I am very much anti-death penalty and noticed that he wasn't. His search for peace from a thug included seeing that thug die for what he did and a large part of me understands that. I'm a peaceful person by nature but if you mess with me at the wrong time I can smooth go all out crazy bitch. I try to reserve that for important things like "leave me alone" Anyway, this sheet of ice should be melted before the snow comes which could be pretty if it's all snow but if it's more ice? Somebody just shoot me.


Friday, February 27, 2015

the pipeline

Once upon a time before the local Best Western closed I attended a seminar there which promised to teach me how to buy/sell/trade online. At that time EBay was the primary portal for sales whereas opportunities are springing up every which a way currently. These slick presenters followed their power point slides with a limited time reduced fee offer for them to manage your life on the internet. Now this was pre-FB, mind you and options were limited but the cash just was not there for a start-up company so here I am still trying to figure out a marketing strategy. There's the photography piece and the story telling part and the cooking and humor and everything that I play with just to feel like all is not lost to the wingnuts. I've never been really good at channeling success.

So now it seems that my blog feed is wonky because without FB (the lazy man's reader) nobody cares about what's up at Pecan Lane. I seriously figure this is where Zuck starts charging us to post dinner pictures. As for the dress, it's purple and green if you want it to be. It's a nice distraction from IS be-headings and Republican dumbassery. I'm off today and still in my jammies, not likely to change until bedtime with clean ones. It's still only in the 20s(barely) and the wind is sharp. Snow and ice patches persist almost two weeks after the latest big one. That's normal though, right? It does seem more seasonal to me than having every jonquil in the yard past bloom on March 1st. The quince that usually blooms in February is still holding tight to the buds just waiting for a few warm glorious days above freezing. The Forked Deer is flooded and frozen almost up to the bottom of our lane which will turn into a spring flood for sure when the upper Mississippi thaws. Other than that, I've got nothing. Daddy's visit to the neuro was uneventful except for the addition of 50 mg of Seroquel which should help a bit but won't be an answer to the whole situation. There's been a dirt moving machine parked across from the house for about six months that just got cranked up out of the blue. Gotta' go check that out! You never know where Sugardaddy is going to pop up.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

warrior style

You know when you're all sick and tired and the weather is like YUCK and gray every day? And when there's dirty snow which is nowhere near as beautiful as the fresh fallen variety? The past ten days have been spent navigating the road to work and back with little, if any, stopping on either way. It's just been too damn cold and nasty. Plus, I've been sick for a week and I'm smooth gonna' kill whatever kid gave it to me...or their mama. Or both! As a front line provider I see everything from bags of blood to snotty noses. It's what you call a "generalist" which means you're a pretty valuable player because you can multitask and all that stuff. Corporate loves it! Anyway, generalist by their multi-tasking nature don't like idle time so they specialize in something and take on responsibility. I did that with our transfusion service about 30 years ago and never looked back. Providing safe blood and blood products to patients is something that most take for granted until there's a now. Bad weather has kept people off work and at home which hurts mobile drives that feed our local supply. Icy roads? No buses running, or couriers either. We have a disaster plan with them just like with everything else that is healthcare. That mobile unit will be at the sawmill tomorrow accepting donors and giving out t-shirts so y'all come on down and help a girl out. I mean gah!

The worst thing about winter to me is the dry eyes from forced heat. I can't wait to throw open the windows try to open them with a screwdriver and hammer for the spring. It's cool enough for about six weeks with an occasional hot day, just to air the house out and let winter into the atmosphere back up to that global warming place in the ozone. I am sarcastic now about the whole thing because I can see that we're screwed when the majority of Americans and IN FACT leading countries of the world, are so enamored with wealth while people suffer and die needlessly. You have to start small and right now I'm planning a straw bale garden. It will be small but I will baby that bitch until I grow something wonderful and always be mindful of how to survive on nothing but carrots. It beats the hell out of bugs.

American Idol and Voice and all the NCIS's are all winding up and I don't even know who's on what show. That means that I miss out on a lot of conversations at work and end up scrolling through my phone or wondering what the grands are up to. Yesterday my brother and I walked the newly refinished hardwood floors at the dead end house. Each room features a different type of wood that was covered for years with carpet and vinyl thus protected well. Ten days and a reasonable price later they are to.die.for. PLUS! I get the scraps to frame with. How sweet is that? I told Bubba I'd be finding me a sugardaddy to pay for that to be mine. The sun sets over a mound in the middle of a slough that is a haven for wildlife. Two fireplaces, three bedrooms and a lot of shiny hardwood. I watched the shadows play outside the master bedroom and knew that it would be a fine place to spend your final days no matter who you are. Since the house was built in 1918ish, only very wealthy people could afford those kind of floors. And the money just trickles on down. BF flew yesterday with some gas money which is greatly appreciated around here. Of course we all know propane guy would have just put it on my tab but to have it paid for is a miracle of heavenly proportions. Her mama is sick again which always pains me because she's a bridge club buddy of my very own mama and has a spirit that won't quit. Oddly enough, her sister and husband are high school classmates.

So, it's still winter and Israel is playing Big Ike with the GOP. What else is new? Lady Gaga really can sing really well but I doubt what's his name will ever respect her as an artist. So far James Taylor and a BeeGee or two are still alive but Elvis is dead as a doornail and Paul McCartney ain't looking so good. Jon Stewart is almost gone but Larry is pretty funny and Colbert has a beard so all is not lost. If all else fails, watch Stewie and laugh. I spent the entire winter of '14 watching House of Cards and Nurse Jackie. It can be done if the spirit is willing to be out of contract.

Baby steps............

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

small victories

As it stands, my daddy has an appointment with a second opinion as to his mental health this week. We shall see if the universe intends for him to have more OCD medication or for my mama to just continue to wither on the vine down there. He's a very obedient type when it comes to doctors. Jimmy Noonan put him on a low triglyceride diet when he was fifty something so he went to yogurt instead of ice cream for dessert. He's still 82 and healthy as a horse except for the occasional running Stafford fit and that pesky remote habit. Mom, on the other hand, is about blind and has her wheely-whirly moments but lord, who wouldn't with all that micromanaging drama 24/7. I can barely take it 8 hours a day!

So it's still cold and there's a lot of ice everywhere and that can of fix-a-flat has come in quite handy this past week what with me getting to work and able to hunt and gather food at the various stores that are nearby like the Dollar Gentral. Plus! There's this. The big house down the road has been redone and looks like a million bucks only there's no toilet yet so you have to pee in the slough out back. I have been blessed with the wood that is left over from some mighty fine craftsmanship and it will go to good use preserving the history of Pecan Lane. I'm sure that somewhere down the road there will be a museum.

I read somewhere that IS (short for ISIS) has kidnapped a whole bunch of folks again which just really sucks but what do you do? If you're a proud 'merkan you don't sacrifice your youth to a war that has always been thus and so. I'm so mad at the conservatives about the immigration/HS deal I could spit but in the end? It will be what it is. Let's just put everybody in a camp like we did in the 40's umkay? That way it'll be OBAMA's fault. I daresay middle ground is looking better all the time, with transparency of course. Homeland Security funding is being held hostage by the GOP Boehner and McConnell.

Let us pray ^j^

Monday, February 23, 2015

who am i ?

I'm not a Christian music purist by any means but Casting Crowns haunting ballad always makes me feel humble and safe. If only we could all just stay in that mindset, you know? Another of my favorites is All is Well by Michael W. My UMC raising didn't have a whole lot of contemporary in the mix. We sang hymns (in order, of course) with a piano and or organ but preferably both. There was always a choir directed by some musical genius who felt that God called him or her to draw a salary for talent sharing. The senior pastor made around 90K and the associate half that. The youth program was just parents until we hired our very first director at about 25K. This was the kid who took me and BG home one day after church because I locked my keys in the car.'s what you do for the brethren. He later became another minister at another church and has ended up for the time being in Tipton County with beautiful kids and a great message. It's an unbroken circle, I'm telling you! My heroes of spirituality run the gamut from Larry Tubb to Susan Sharpe with a lot of others woven in-between the years and conferences. My dear friend the Little General converted switched to the UMC as her home away from Quaker home. That's just 15 miles down the road, due south.

One of the biggest problems I have had with the church proper is their refusal to recognize gay marriage or even entertain the thought of being a bit more tolerant. I can still remember the news clips from all those gays jumping off the pews at the big general conference. Jesus wouldn't like that...not one bit. To me church is worship...a living breathing conscious effort to do the next right thing rather than putting self first. It is only through giving that we receive, and all that. It's kind of sad how so much of our government in caught up in the money and who can have a nicer house in the Hamptons when the whole damn thing is gonna' wash away to England. Or Cuba, by gawd.

Every soul deserves a hug no matter what, no matter when with no strings attached. At this point in time it's absolutely vital for survival since GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX!!!! I've noticed a marked absence of ISIS videos which can only mean that Obama's done something right for a change. For all of you folks who are not sure that the GOP has a viable candidate, just look at how their long list has been shortened already. Sorry Jeb...keep the faith ^Y^

Sunday, February 22, 2015

fast forward

One week ago today Daddy and I were sitting at eggs and doughnuts listening to the weather forecast that turned out to something that's still on my lane. I had already fixed the flat tire and was waiting to hear from heat and plumber. BG and Boogs had bundled up and run for the hills a warm place. Early this morning I got a text from a co-worker who thought I was expecting him saying that he got stuck in front of his house...get there when I can. I barely remember the ding from that one so when he sent another saying he was on his way I figured I better let the sawmill know he wasn't in a ditch somewhere. I slept for 14 hours last night and feel kinda' sorta' human again. The sheer amount of energy involved in navigating a storm wears a body out in more ways than one. Somehow I managed to keep from falling on the ice all week, always mindful of that torn subscapularis that hurt like a mofo. Poor Lori has been laid up sick all week with two kids and stuck in the country. She came to stay with Mama this morning and promptly fell on her ass on the ice throwing tea every which a way.

When the thaw/monsoon started yesterday all kinds of ice chunks started flying and a lot of them went into drains causing a huge flooding problem for many local businesses. My lane is still covered in ice and will remain that way because it's now cold again. *sigh* Next weekend marks the first of March which is normally when we see green around here. I'm not counting on it this year either because hey...I'm a realist. My straw bales are sitting there all snow covered just dreaming about being home to big huge tomato plants. It will happen, it's just a matter of when.

Since I've slept all weekend there's been no TV except for SNL's 40th again which I loved. I'm glad we have it recorded so that when they cut me off again I'll have something to watch besides Ridiculousness. I'm hearing that Fleetwood Mac is about to start their final tour which makes me feel both really OLD and really grateful that I've been privy to their kind of musical genius. I have never seen them live, but have seen a lot of others over he years beginning with Led Zeppelin at the Coliseum when I was about 14. My poor mother carted us all the way to Memphis and I stepped out of my shoes on the way from the vehicle. Yes, a true rebel. As an adult we went to see Huey Lewis and the News and Robert Cray and I believe that was my last visit. Auditorium North Hall was where I sat in the balcony and jammed with the Allman Brothers.

I saw many others at the Coliseum including Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Elton John, Jimi Hendrix, and some I can't remember. The venue sits empty now, thrown aside for the new and improved FedEx Forum with high dollar prices. Once upon a time there were plans for a giant pyramid arena for sports and music that sat on the banks of the Big Muddy. It went belly up prior to FedEX and just recently got unloaded by whomever held the note. Sidney had a dream, and it didn't take so it must not have been in the cards. Mud Island is also a really cool place for concerts when the weather is right meaning spring or fall. Otherwise it's hot as hell and rain or shine. I saw JT again there (in the rain) along with Hootie and the Blowfish and a couple more. The hottest new venue is Memphis Botanical Gardens which has a nice set list of performers until the August heat of Memphis sets in. The Overton Shell has been renovated and sees steady attendance. I saw Target there many moons ago.

And then there's Memphis in May. I've never been to this event but BG has and, once again, you pray for no rain at times like this. She happened to be there in the mud and lost one of her companions in the huge crowd. I remember when one of her friends' brother got lost and just climbed up on top of the car until the sun came up. They found him sometime the next day! I guess that kind of adventure just crosses generations. There's a big international BBQ cooking contest and a different country is featured for each week long festival. Beale Street still thrives, a tribute to the blues that started the career of many a Southerner, including Elvis who is STILL in the building...the Coliseum, that is.

Peace~Love~Rock Salt