Tuesday, September 17, 2019

under his eye

I can't imagine being Jeff Bezos cheating all his brazillion employees like that.  It just goes to show you that greed breeds greed. Ironically I received two packages from Amazon this week which are birthday presents for Reaves.  When I saw the dude scanning the thing out at the mailbox I thought to myself "Oh hell, another registered letter."  Only I'm cool with the IRS and they're the only ones who do that.  

Lauren's cat is steady looking for things to get into.  Stalking, perhaps.  The dogs are just tired and hot and grateful for a cool house. On the other hand, she creeps up while I'm blogging wanting attention.  No biting though.  

One of several journeys today took me to a couple of  historic sites in downtown Dyersburg. Three actually. I love it when happens.  I was visiting with Gay when Larry and Ms Joy came in to join us.  We had a big old time with Huck the therapy dog.  I even got a puppy kiss.

Y'all hang in there.  I don't have any answers to what's wrong with the world.  It's in God's hands ^j^

Monday, September 16, 2019

open book

You know how sometimes people say "stop me if you've heard this"?  Sometimes I forget that I'm telling my story day by day and have a lot of readers. Many of these readers are real life friends so if I start a tale and they "know" it's because they've read it here.  They are always kind and complimentary even when I ramble.  

I have a house watching gig for several weeks.  Not sitting exactly but checking.  That will work well for me as I'm in and out all the time.  Yesterday I did three things which I hardly ever do and today I'm tired.  That's what getting old does for you!  Well, plus the heat.  It literally zaps me to get in and out of a hot car 5 times a day.  

So poor Purdue has filed for bankruptcy to protect them from that ginormous opiate judgement.  Typical corporate behavior.  Will oil prices go up or not?  We shall see.  With only 5% of our supply coming from the Saudis if it is handled correctly they should be stable.  Trump is "locked and loaded" which is his usual stance.  Nobody even pays attention anymore except to speculate on war and the markets.

Corn dust + ragweed equals major allergy symptoms.  The heat doesn't help.  Anywho, you can't change the weather unless you do it globally over several decades but I think we already did that one.  It's a real thing y'all.  

Happy Monday to you and yours!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

the lord's day

It is about a week until the first day of fall and today's high was 100.  Honey please.  We were fanning in church this morning.  I sat with my family and got fed like I always do.  My client needed groceries so I worked that in before an arts council meeting.  I basically just went to check it out but was amazed when two other people were there for the very same reason as me.  I love it when that happens.  Strength in numbers.  

This particular venue is a museum of Dyer County History among other things.  As I was listening to business I glanced over and saw an old FFA jacket hanging on the wall.  I remembered that Mom had donated Daddy's so after the meeting I turned it around and there was his name.  Billy Stafford, President.  

Daddy had a rare opportunity to attend UT Martin school of agriculture on a scholarship arranged by Sam Reed, his teacher.  That's a big achievement for a sharecropper's son.  I swear if he were alive today he would "get" the science of hemp production.

All in all it's just another brick in the wall ^j^

Saturday, September 14, 2019

the network

I am involved in a lot of different things right now and have to watch myself on over commitment.  The plate is full so to speak.  I haven't had a girls' fix in over a week except for FB pics.  We will be together all of next weekend for their birthdays.  Lauren will be 35 on the 22nd and Reaves will be the big 2 on the 21st.  I'm hoping the 'zon delivers before the party.  

This gives me a pause to remember both births.  My labor lasted 12 hours once I finally got up in there.  Lauren's went for THREE days ending with a late night emergency section.  I was there and was the first to hold Reaves.  I'll spare the details of the procedure, but it wasn't pretty.  She had a CRNA on one side and me on the other talking her through it and holding her down.  Seems the epidural didn't work.  I will never forget that experience.  

We are all born for a purpose.  Sometimes it takes half a lifetime to discover what that is.  I am easing into what I see as my own future with guidance from above.  If I hit a wall, I know to go in a different direction.  That's what happens if you live long enough.

Peace and Grace ~

Friday, September 13, 2019

random acts of sweetness

I went to my exercise class this morning in spite of my lazy ass turning the alarm off.  Hey, I was awake so use it or lose it.  There was a gentleman there that I've not seen in ages and we started chatting about a mutual friend.  "She's a democrat" he said.  "Yes I know.  I reckon God loves all of us no matter what party we affiliate with."  Dontcha' think.  I smiled that Jesus loves us southern belle grin and that was that.  

Though I'm not surprised, it kind of blew my mind to see the depths of hatred that were reached with that RNC ad during the Democratic debates.  That is pure stirring of the pot and capitalizing on dividing people.  As for the debate, I don't know who won or lost.  I saw a lot of turning upon each other instead of unity.  I expect this to change as time goes by.  

Since Lorna moved to FL, I have found that our best chance at a proper chat is when she's in the school line.  She said it's about 300 cars long so she normally gets spot 2 or 3 and we talk about life.  The universe has lined her up with exactly what she needs which is pretty cool.  She has the knowledge and experience to help a lot of people.  

Kroger....done.  DG...done.  Dog to vet.....not done.  That's okay though.  There's always tomorrow ^j^

Thursday, September 12, 2019

going with the flow

I guess I'm getting rested up because I woke up before daylight this morning, laid there a bit and drifted off again.  There was a list of things I needed to get at the 'gentral so I went through the carwash and headed that way.  The trusty old Camry looks a lot less sticky from tree sap and rock dust.

Since I'm "almost a nurse" I am the go to girl for my brother about all things healthcare.  We chatted this morning before he went to work and I headed off for a ladies' lunch.  I was privileged to sit right next to a ten month old who was absolutely adorable.  She's learning to walk and let go.  Pretty soon, it will be on like Donkey Kong.

I don't know what's going on in Washington today but I don't care at this point.  I'll watch the debate or highlights of it.  On the other side it's the same old same old.   People who are brainwashed to support a candidate in spite of obvious dysfunction are not critical thinkers.  That goes for both parties.  

Note to self:  corn = change AC filter.  Y'all have a good one! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

remember when

There are certain moments in life that make a big enough impact personally that you remember exactly what you were doing when it went down.  When JFK was shot I was a student at Alice Thurmond Elementary and I remember hearing the news in the restroom.  At the time I didn't really know what it meant, like most of the country.  I stayed with my grandmother down the street after school and I arrived to watch it all on her black and white TV.  Though I cannot tell you what I was doing when I heard about Bobby or MLK , these assassinations also stuck with me.  Peacemakers, all of them.  Yet they were taken out because of their influence.  

On 9/11 I was at work ( as usual ) when Miss Anita came and got me with a panic stricken look oh her face.  "Miss Janie...come with me."  She and the Little General and I snuck into the doctor's lounge and watched as our worlds changed forever.  Sometimes I wonder how that could have ever happened to US!  But what was really amazing is that we all pulled together to realize, as a world leader, we had been attacked from enemies within who literally flew under the radar for five years.  Hmmmm.  

I remember as hours became days and months and still Ground Zero was not cleaned up.  There is a nice memorial there now but it is a stark reminder of a dark day.  I wrote a tribute for DC Roe's project some years later about one of  the victims.  He was a high roller in politics and the money world, just what the terrorists hated most.  As I researched his life, I paused to reflect that there were thousands just like him who lost their lives that day, a large number of them fire and emergency crews.  Their chaplain never gave up, ministering to these first responders as they lost their own lives to save other.  He was carried out but it was too late.  

That was the beginning of a huge crater forming in our country.  Muslims were the target of a lot of hate because the terrorists just happened to be Muslim.  That struck me as wrong, right off the bat.  Things have gone further and further down the road to the point that global warming is past real and mass shootings are the norm.  We are better than this.  If only we could come together as if this 9/11 were a remake with a chance to bring hope and peace to our citizens.  No more Twittering the government.  I'm sure he has some troll staying up all night to do that.  

Be nice.  Love thy neighbor as thyself.  Keep the faith ^j^