Friday, April 24, 2015

at your service

My cousin Mo is a traveling salesgirl of sorts as a designer for a company that furnishes high end hotels. It is the dream job of the artist in her which has always included presentation of meals and homes in a favorable way. She just so happens to be on location in Califreakin' fornia and this morning Granny got sent to the ER for back pain. I haven't seen her since Mom left the home and she actually looked better in ways. I stroked her head and soothed her while my friends took care of business. Her nurse was a new face to me but then I don't get out much. She was sweet as pie and very efficient. The monitor techs called and kept me posted and we stayed on the same page an entire country apart because that's what sistercousins do.

So wouldn't it suck to finally make it to the Statue of Liberty and have to evacuate that thing??? That would so be my luck. My theory on that is some pissed off Duck Dynasty people and not ISIS or the middle school kids. I'm such a deep thinker that it often occurs to me that irony and satire are something that can only be truly appreciated by intelligent people. If you just "don't get it" move along and try not to be offended. I was raised on the political satire that is SNL and that says volumes about where I stand which is laughing my ass off at their larger than life portrayals. I don't guess y'all knew that Lorne was once my celebrity boyfriend. That was prior to Cusack, of course.

I'm counting down to my vacation of 9 days with no plans except a Lake county sleepover. I owe her one after that heart attack week in sub freezing temps. Lord.Have.Mercy. We're tossing around a brand which could be quite hot. More on that later, though. My mother has commanded that we gather for a family meal at Casa Grands and it will be early and al fresco. Ms. Faye (blessherheart) is off on a religious ladies retreat with her church buds and they've been just kind of hanging in the breeze down there since last weekend's fall-a-thon.

My last babies will be leaving tomorrow and I have to admit that I'm trying not to cuddle so it won't hurt. I may end up caving at the last minute because it sure is sweet watching them grow. Sam is so annoyed with all of it that he's about to snap and go postal. Y'all know how I am about MrSnake and I saw my first baby one of the season the other day all slithering and being sneaky. I try to look at him now as an omen of change what with the skin shedding and all. That's what ethereal friend says anyway.

You can't make this shit up@

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank everybody who has contributed to feeding and otherwise coddling our team of lab professionals during our special week. For 38 years or more we've been serving citizens of the 'burg and everybody has seen some a boatload of big fish eating the little fish kind of thing. It has only been since the 1940s that blood was even given type specific following the discovery of the ABO and RH systems. This grew from the necessity to treat casualties of war in a more pro-active fashion. Truth be told, blood is as safe now as it has ever been as far as disease transmission and transfusion related issues. Same thing for other "tissue implants". It amazes me that I have lived to almost 60 and not seen a viable substitute for human blood cells when re-quipping the body. Being a conspiracy theorist I suspect the Koch brothers own the brand on that along with a cure for cancer. My friend has chosen radiation which is wise because they're her tribe. Then again, so many others are as well. I heard a rumor about Hawaii and I hope it's true! It's cloudy again and has been mostly for the month of April. Lots of rain which is good because July's a coming and that big blob in the Pacific is trying to decide what kind of havoc to wreak. I'd blame that one on Palin, straight up.

I've been used to being "invisible" on FB because I'm not real bright, and was amazed that some right wingers jumped on my question about the Duggar family so quickly. My point is this : If you use your family or your lifestyle to make a living for said family and money to pass around freely, you are selling your soul to the devil even if you do teach Bible verses to all 83 of them. It's the motive people, not the act itself. This applies to all people who live extravagant lifestyles as a result of our adoration of the entertainment industry. It's not rocket science...just, as Jon Lovitz put it "ACTING!" Freedom of the press is something that is about to be history unless money is taken out of media and the political arena. And here's the kicker y'all..Big E knows your heart.

So today's puppy momma was NOT a no-show and is en route as we speak.The nice rescue lady from Memphis is coming Saturday for the rest of the wolfpack. They are enjoying cool days together as siblings, rolling in the fresh monkey grass and feeling the connection. Looking back over the time since their birth, I see that I've let go of a lot more than just Ryder and Faith. Much to my dismay I opened yesterday's mail in the car and found that my shoulder surgeon's group has turned me over to collections out of who knows where. There was a pending WC claim which turned out to be denied but nobody informed me of that so uh. Here we go again! Oh..and get this. My employer's sawmill owned gyno clinic charged me ten bucks over the usual co-pay for a wellness visit. I wonder if I could scan my badge for that?

Will holla!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Right now I wouldn't give you a dime for a pain pill but would gladly clean your entire house for some steroids because GEEEEZ this is some heavy pollenage. And yes, that's a word. Add to that the fact that our sawmill air is OUT for the 5th day in a row and it's just a plain old allergy fest. I had almost made it through the day when mama called and said the old man took another tumble and would I come and look. When I got there it was the usual bloody mess of bandaids hastily applied with no cleaning of body fluids and I said to hell with gloves and grabbed some gauze. I doubt he's got anything I've not already been exposed to except for a case of being ornery. We marched right up to the butter churn and picked two canes to try and he opted for the taller one. Meanwhile mama's over there worrying about being available for a doctor's appointment but not on hair day. I asked if they had moved his clothes and she said he's just leaving 'em down there as he sheds. Whatever works without the steps. I am the DPA for this little rodeo and it's not my first.

We had a puppy photo shoot this afternoon because it's bye bye time for the other six soon. Hopefully some nice Weakley county folks will come pick up Chester Jr. and the Memphis rescue lady will help with the others. My old friend Elaine came to scope them out yesterday and they were solid sacked out under the steps where you can't get to them. She left empty handed but I sent her a pic from when they scooted out from under there. The lady and her brother who had come earlier had the same problem, but I managed to snag one before they left. Everything's gonna' be alright.

Soooo..since I went grocery shopping we have fresh pork loin with caramelized onions plus asparagus and whatever else is laying around. To hell with the processed shit if there's a choice and there almost always is unless you don't know any better. I will never eat another ramen noodle as long as I live "she says in her best Scarlett voice." And tomorrow is another day.

Monday, April 20, 2015

robbing peter to feed puppies

After this weekend's on call with the grands drama we were too worn out to do much except go to bed and make a grocery list which I scooped up bright and early this morning. Included in that list is a 50 pound bag of dog food which lasted a week and a half after the babies were weaned. Of course they get help from our three but they eat twice a day and are growing like crazy. SammyD has decided that they're the devil and he barks and raises hell every time somebody comes to puppy shop. This is why we can't have nice things. There is one little girl left and six rowdy boys, one of which looks just like his daddy Chester. I've already named him Junior for the time being.

I found out yesterday that there was a third fall during the night on Saturday during which my invalid mother went up the steps to help Daddy get off the floor again. Now these are not your real STURDY steps by any means and there's an old cypress rail that runs all the way up and falls if you touch it. Last night he was busy hammering it back into place. *sigh* We are moving on to Plan B quickly which means no more stairs for either of them and a new bed for him plus pre-packaged meds. Hey...I have a day job, you know.

That day job has served me well for a lot of years and I've made decent money. Not great, mind you. Just decent..enough to pay the bills (sometimes) and afford dog food. The cost of living has jumped so much since 08 that fuel is a real killer for this old house. It is loose and on top of a hill facing northwest thus taking the brunt of weather patterns. Essentially I am heating and cooling three floors and I only live on one..and there's mold.

A guy offered to help me get the 50 lb bag in my trunk just about the time I flipped it in. He had an Australian shepherd barking to high heaven from the seat of his truck. Last week was volunteer week and the first time that the Gerladine H Reaves volunteer award wasn't presented. Nobody there much remembers her and finally my Aunt Kathy got one so the circle is complete. The volunteer awards have been received by every member of my parents' families and that says volumes about who we are.

I miss MFR and the peace that comes with zoning out for an hour while Gay does her thing. I think it's probably psoas time again.

Over and out from puppyland ^j^

Sunday, April 19, 2015

never a dull moment

I was resting late yesterday afternoon when Mama called asking for help because Daddy had fallen. Again. BG and I couldn't get him up so we called EMS and they did a field assessment to determine if it was stroke. We all tried to get him to go to the ER and he refused. Which is is right, BTW. I learned that the hard way when old Mr. Paul Barch fell out in the pecan grove and drove AROUND the emergency vehicles to escape. The paramedics knew that look and just stood back and watched him take off. An old guy like that can get violent in a hurry. I think often about the beauty of how our little home health team works what with BG being in social work and me at the sawmill. When Lori showed up for church this morning, the house was dark and she had forgotten her key so I met her there and was pretty worried to see the light still burning on the flag and the newspaper still in the box. He met us at the door, still groggy from sleep and declining on church which is the first time EVER I think.

I hauled garbage and did other errands while BG was picking up Boogs for a day visit. Chester's grandma called to say that they want a puppy so there's that to look forward to. I love it when they get to go home with nice people. There are still 8 but a good faith promise of a full rescue by next weekend. Though I did consider hitting the dolla' store parking lot with them, I'm glad it's worked out this way. That their mother bore them in a barn and kept them safe there for three weeks is a miracle in itself. The circle of life. It's as if she knew her last day was coming because just one week prior to the accident she hauled 'em all up next to the porch. To say it's a nasty mess is putting it lightly.

It's monsoon season which adds to the humidity fest that is Tennessee. That's just one more reason to clean house and go to bed early which is what I need. Y'all all need a puppy and I know you're reading this now so Holllla!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

the countdown

The puppy count now stands at 8 with an offer for a complete rescue next weekend of whomever is left. I had forgotten how much fun it is to watch someone get picked by their pet. John and Beth arrived yesterday and we hugged and chatted about church and stuff. He moved over to the side of the house to check out the view and Jet followed him. It was ON like donkey kong! Speaking of views, the to die for house now has new windows and trim and a bathroom and TILE! What I would give to live in that place. It sits right on top of a bluff and has quite a few reptiles so that would be the only drawback. There are guys in my yard planting oak trees in preparation for corporate's visit. We have hauled off the dump worthy stuff and the garbage will go next.

My biopsy was benign, thank goodness. I just knew I was being eaten alive by some terrible awful fungus but it's some run of the mill skin ailment that I've just developed. Slowly but surely my body is healing from the past few years of stress and worry. I try not to dwell on the trials and focus, instead, on the blessings that have come from that time in the desert. And I know in my heart that it will come again with different challenges.

My youngest brother is also scheduled to visit next week so it will be a busy one on the farm. It is also National Medical Laboratory week which honors all of us who work in the lab and give your doctor test results so you can be treated properly. We are "almost" nurses, you know.

Peace out and keep the faith ^j^

Friday, April 17, 2015


It is a curse that the very beauty of spring flowers is what makes me sick as a dog every year. And fall too, BTW. Shots fell out of the budget years ago when co-pays went to forty bucks a pop. I must say that it worked very well while I was in treatment. I had this really AWFUL surgery on my sinus cavity as an adult where he put windows in and I do mean carved them. That was following multiple pain filled office visits for infections. Now babies get 'em popped in like an earplug. And tubes! I will never forget my pediatrician asking us to just take the smoke outside and not harm the little kid. We didn't listen.

WE had the perpetual conversation about morals and shame at the sawmill today and I'm just outnumbered by people who want to set limits and have rules because if anything, I'm a gray person. You do your thing and I'll do mine and as long as we don't hurt each other on purpose, it's good in Big Ernie's eyes. So much hatred and judgement is sprayed out on those who aren't cookie cutter white bread gawd bless 'mercka. News flash has always been thus and so. It's just that now the rules and regs that are almost completely church based are no longer valid. Because the church is not a building but the world. To expect the least of these to find their way when there are expensive cars and fancy clothes and Pharisee based type carrying on is to deny a loving God. Anyways, you all know where I stand on separation of church and state and I'm terribly excited to see Ms. Hillary take on Marco the minority. It should be interesting and Bernie is still a clear and present danger to our non socialist society. The NRA guy is counting how many guns Obama is blamed for or something equally as ridiculous while this whole culture of gun rights people become a menace to peaceful society.

There is a beautiful stand of wisteria right across from the sawmill next to an abandoned building and my fool self pulled off the road to break a branch for the dining room table. It looks swell with dogwood and even falls on the table for added value. I'm expecting a puppy person soon so I'll keep you posted on how that works. Hopefully he'll take the special which is two.

Faith kids~