Tuesday, September 18, 2018

new beginnings

Transitioning from a blogger to a professional writer is a real learning experience.  What comes off as charming to blog readers is not really formal enough for print.  My next purchase will be WritersWork, a platform for freelance submissions for a reasonable one time fee.  I did have to break down and buy Office 365.  Gotta have Word, ya' know?  

There was another fight this morning and Sam lost again. I think he growls at Ellie and after that it's on.  Or maybe she just wants to fight, who knows.  I'm not having it.  Sam and Oscar were here first and they're my babies.  Oscar got me on the arm during the night.  I have lots of Oscar scars.  This one won't be big.  

SOMEBODY is peeing on the living room floor and since the dogs are all in the bed with me, I'm suspecting the evil bitch catch.  I'm tired of trying to keep the litter box situation going because she just shreds it no matter how clean it is.  I guess she has feline anger issues.  

I'm learning to use the Kroger app to pinch pennies because they have some very good deals if you pay attention.  More than likely I'll have to ask my brother how to navigate it.  He's the fuel center guy.  As more and more businesses compete for customers, these apps are great marketing tools.

Still hot.  I can't remember this kind of prolonged heat in September EVER in my life.  The leaves are turning and it's 90 degrees.  So, I don't care what Kavanaugh did to whom.  That's not the point at all.  The point, in my opinion, is that appointing a conservative judge while the Orange one is neck deep in alligators is foolish.  Wait until the dust settles y'all.  Mueller is almost ready so hide and watch.  

Peace and love ~

Monday, September 17, 2018

camry tales

I bought my first Toyota Camry when they debuted in 1984.  It was small and square and ugly but it drove like a dream.  When the timing belt went out and left Lauren and her Daddy stranded we decided to trade it in and I've had one ever since.  Little did I know when I bought that car in 2001 that it would still be driving me around.  It is patched and dented and has a lot of stories to go with it.

Anna and her family took it to Chicago to see a relative and Lauren went with them.  She promptly got the epizootie and totally missed the Chicago experience.  That was the longest trip the old Camry ever took.  One time at a house party somebody backed into it and busted out the tail light cover.  I figured it wouldn't be a big deal and I was busy so it just stayed like that until I got lens tape.  And I still replace that lens tape regularly.  

Then there was the time that Tara, and she was a big old girl, leaned on the window button too hard and the whole damn window fell into the door and busted.  I literally drove with plastic over the window until I could afford to get it fixed.  The motor was out and that had to be replaced too.  Then the front door knobs broke and, of course, I had to get one from the salavage yard and pay Patterson Brothers to install it.  Passenger side still has to be opened from the outside and the plastic part of the handle is broken off.  It's so funny because I forget if I have a passenger I have to let them out.  There's an art to it without that plastic part. 

Some asshat parked right behind me at the chicken store and I have a huge dent where I hit his bumper trying to get out.  Those people park every which'a'way up there.  It's so busy they sort of need traffic control.  

Then there was the infamous car theft at the hospital where the robber left his bicycle where my car was.  He abandoned it at the mall but not before stealing another bicycle and leaving it in the back seat.  When I picked it up from impound I had to go straight to DPD to get rid of the evidence.  Even his hoodie from the hospital video was back there.  The car smelled  like him for months.  When I went to his hearing as a victim, there were five other people there who had been his targets.  Even with all that this guy had the stupidity to disrespect the judge by posturing with his handcuffs on. He got got a verbal lashing like I've never seen in a courtroom.  And.  He's still in jail.

I have hauled many things in that car including straw bales and garbage and everything else.  I can fit three bales in the trunk and one in the back seat!  It's beyond need detailed but that's pretty expensive so I'll just wait 'til it cools off and do it myself.  I need a new(er) car but this engine only has 136K miles on it and the block was replaced at 60K due to the Toyota oil gel settlement thing.  Oh yeah, and it needs a manifold too.

Y'all be grateful if you got wheels to get you where to be ^j^

Sunday, September 16, 2018

grammaw time

Lauren and Reaves came for a quick visit and my birthday gift to her was new bras from WalMart so she went shopping while Reaves and I played outside.  We started out on a blanket on the ground and the dogs immediately got into a fight which scared the bejesus out of her.  Inside Ellie went.  She is so alpha.  After a bit of crawling in the dirt and trying to eat sticks, we moved to the swing.  I couldn't get one of the latches to work so we proceeded with caution but the worst part was trying to get her OUT.  The other latch was stuck and wouldn't come loose so I had to cut the strap to get her free.  We were both worn out by the time that was done.  It's been hanging there since Jordan was a baby so it's time to replace. 

Two hours with a one year doesn't seem like much but it kicked my old butt and hers too.  She missed morning nap so she probably slept all the way home.  She is such a happy baby until she gets tired.  Then it's running Stafford fit time.  She's standing on her own without assistance but no steps except for those first few.  I'm amazed to just see her pull herself upright and stand without holding onto anything!  Little things.  

The farmers are taking the Lord's day off I imagine.  All the equipment is still here but the dust has settled and I have my view back.  The contractor said he would be back at the cabin next week so phase next is close.  I am grateful that that plus a whole lot more.  I got the paperwork yesterday to retire my state medical laboratory license.  It's easier to get it back if you do that rather than just not pay.  

So, all is quiet again here at Casa Poops.  Y'all keep the faith ^j^

Saturday, September 15, 2018

teardrop pattern

The farmers are still at it with the corn and I visited with them for a few minutes before heading to town for an interview.  Beans will be right behind the corn until it's all done.  A few are ready right now.  There were three generations out there amongst the huge equipment.  It's very hard to walk corn stubble without boots and I almost tripped and fell on my butt.  

The interview was with Debby Cresanto , a charter member of Pickin' Up The Pieces quilting guild in Memphis.  She was in town to sew at the local quilting shop and came by The Mill for a very special presentation.  My friend Lorna lost her youngest daughter unexpectedly in December and it was a devastating loss for the whole family, including Hazen's two young children Gracie and Jasper.  Lorna's oldest daughter Amy is a member of the quilt guild and their mission and ministry includes donating quilts to those who have lost a loved one.  Today she presented Gracie and Jasper each with a quilt so they can wrap up in their mama's memory.  It was quite touching and we all cried especially when Gracie tuned up.  Debby told about how they just pick people who have lost a loved one and often deliver to the funeral home because they don't even know them.  It was so heartwarming to hear her stories and to experience this moment with that family.  All of them were involved including Uncle Chris who allowed us to meet there.  There's more to the story, but that will come later.

Since I had a few bucks I went back to Buff City Soap Company and treated  myself.  They were packed as usual.  All the girls there are super sweet, especially the owner Charli Gorman.  As I was leaving I heard my name called from over at Pennington's and couldn't tell who it was until he took off the sunglasses.  The guy I'm accustomed to seeing in dress clothes who loves my cake was wearing a cap and getting ready to do some mulching.  Big hugs, always.  

I returned to find the corn shelling moved across the road and rocking on.  Ryan's crew was here mowing the last time when I left.  Life is good.  It's still HOT as heck so I'm in for the day.  Gracie's plan was to go home, put on her PJs and wrap up in that special quilt to watch Supernatural.  Sounds like a plan.

Y'all be blessed ^j^

Friday, September 14, 2018

ride on

I finally had to break down and go to Kroger because ya' gotta' eat and the cupboard was beyond bare.  Heading up Highway 51 I noticed blue cop car lights flashing at two intersections and a bunch of headlights so I assumed it was a funeral procession and pulled over.  Instead it was a caravan of literally HUNDREDS of bikers riding for St. Jude.  I was too busy gawking to even take a picture!  They were followed by the group's bus.  I know it took a good ten minutes for all of them to pass.  That, makes my heart swell.

I spent longer than usual in the grocery store trying to penny pinch and couldn't get the digital deals because I couldn't remember my password to log in.  People were swarming the 1.99 detergent center.  As fast as it got restocked, folks scooped them up.  I'm straight on the app now so next time I'll be ready.  

I wondered why they quit with the corn after just a few rounds last night.  This morning when I went out they were broken down and have been working on it ever since.  Good old Mr. Neely was supervising the situation when I came home.  I got a call from Lauren who told me that her second interview went long and quite well.  A long interview is good.  She should know something by next week and as she said "It's in God's hands."  She got teary telling me about how she sees that when she does the next right thing, it comes back to you.  

Ellie somehow got my custom Rivergator poster by John Ruskey and tore it to shreds.  *sigh*  Nothing is safe.  She is keeping the litter box cleaned out....lol.  It's hot as hell but there's no hurricane so I'll take it.  

Y'all be safe over there on the coast.  Over and out.  

Thursday, September 13, 2018

retail therapy

Lorna was my wake up call this morning and we threw together plans for an early lunch.  Wanting something different, we chose Coby Jo's diner on Forrest Street and man was it good.  We'll see each other again on Saturday at The Mill for an interview with the quilt ladies and a very special presentation.  That's my kind of feel good story.  

In not so great news that, following a phone tip, local law enforcement found a decomposed body hanging from a bridge.  O.M.G.  Everybody has a theory and most of them are talking about a man who went missing on Father's Day which I didn't even know about.  We shall see what the coroner discovers.  I suspect that it has not been hanging there the whole time but was moved to make it look like a suicide.  If not, nobody's paying much attention when they drive over that bridge.  I mean seriously y'all.

Florence is headed our way so thoughts and prayers for all you folks on the East coast and especially inland.  On a timely note I read today that Trump took 10M in funding from FEMA to finance ICE.  Jesus.H.  He has come completely unglued.  Those folks in PR are still struggling a year later.  

I've been a writer my entire life but have always done it for fun.  I actually got some money today for writing and that validates me in a way I can't describe.  The style is somewhat different from bloggin and I'm learning but it's a challenge that I enjoy.

While I was a lunch I saw a Budweiser delivery guy wearing a Michelob Ultra t shirt and I just HAD to ask how to get one because I'm kinda' sorta' their poster girl.  He told me to go to the distributor and ask...fo free.  Just my luck,  they were out but he told me to come back next week.  On order.  Check and check.  

JC Penney is known for fantastic sales and they have a big sale on infant clothes by Carter so I picked out several things for Reaves.  She will soon be a party animal!  I activated Ellie's microchip today so she's officially mine.  She's taken a liking to the litter box which is gross but whatever.  I just look the other way.  

The plumbers got things running yesterday but said that old toilet needs to go.  Good luck with that guys.  They crawled all over every level of this house and brought me a snakeskin from the basement.  How niiiice.  I tipped 'em well and threatened their lives if anybody fell off the roof and tried to sue me.  Good old hard working boys.  I love it.  

Ellie has spotted today's golfers so she's barking up a storm.  Nobody will come NEAR this house without my canine alarm going off.  

Love ya....mean it ^j^

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

chores galore

I don't have a dishwasher except for my two little hands.  Thus, I end up when things get busy with a counter and sink full of dishes.  I literally had not one clean glass so I was forced to take action today.  Top on my list of purchases are paper plates and Solo cups.  This is why I rarely cook even though I enjoy it and, to be honest, am damn good at it.  I recently got some letters of recommendation for job hunting and one of them after praising my character and reliability and passion, said "and she's a good cook."  I love it. This was from the guy who gets the annual Christmas triple fudge cake.  With holly on top, of course.

My dear friend Scotty and his wife live in Hilton Head and as of yesterday the mandatory evac for their county was cancelled.  That was before Flo changed course and it looks like they are directly in the projected path after she makes landfall.  I hope that bridge to the mainland survives or they're stuck.  God  bless everybody in the path of this monster.  Flooding is the biggest danger because it's expected to slow down after it hits and hover.  

Other than that, I've got plumbers here so that's a good thing.  This post has been a nice break from washing dishes but I've got to get back to it.  Y'all be cool ^j^