Monday, December 5, 2016

christmas past

I found myself pondering the marathon that used to be Christmas when I had family.  There was dinner on Christmas Eve at  a paternal aunt's house and later at my cousin's place.  Since we were a mix of Methodist, Baptist and Cumberland Presbyterian often there was a midnight service involved or the earlier one around 5PM for kids.  One of the most magical I remember was in the snow at the CP church.  It was right out of a Hallmark movie.   

Mom's family ( all hundred of us) would celebrate the morning at home then load up for breakfast at Gagas' until she moved into an assisted living.  You could barely move in her duplex but we all got in there and savored the moment.  I'm talking pure chaos for a lot of little kids running around wired on the season.  After she was gone, we continued the tradition at our log cabin where we shared the cooking and feasting and present opening.  My parents ADORED Christmas and would go all out decorating the cabin inside including outside garland and lights.   I've worked in healthcare my entire life and working on Christmas or the eve is my norm.  We always worked around it.  
Most of the players in this Christmas story are gone now.  My family consists of 5 cousins, one aunt, two brothers and a beloved daughter plus a niece and nephew.  Many of them I rarely see.  I regret that I took so much for granted during the days that we were together as a family for any reason.  

Mamye has made sure that I don't drown in darkness during this season of light.  She gave me a tree and made me wrap presents for the dogs.   It's been awhile since she's had one at her house so I think it's special for her too.  

There is so much tragedy I refuse to dwell on it and give it power.  Joy can be found in the most difficult and darkest circumstances and I think that's what Christmas is all about.  I devoutly observe the seasons of the church even though I'm not always in attendance.  The birth of Christ is only the beginning of the good news.  

Y'all be careful out there shopping and give somebody something random.  It feels so good to give for no reason.  Feliz Navidad!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

the moors

It's dark and wet and dreary outside so I'm camped out for the day in my little office trying to get organized.  My only outing has been to the chicken store.  I hear little footsteps clicking on the wood floor as the dogs wander and look for a warm spot, which is normally my bed.  The tree is lit and all is well with the world at the moment.  

In my never ending quest to find Sugardaddy, I colored my own hair yesterday and must say it turned out pretty good.  I'm letting it grow a bit because I can't stand not to be able to put it up in a clip.  Almost there.  I finally have some prints to frame and of course I got rid of every one of them during the estate sale.  I'm talking BOXES full.  The project for corporate is in progress and I'm framing one or two favorites for myself.  Currently I'm doing chair yoga and trying to get motivated for productivity.  Not sure that's gonna happen, if you know what I mean.  

The more Alec Baldwin pokes fun at Trump the stupider he looks when he tweets.  Shut the eff up're about to be POTUS and that requires a little bit of class if you can muster it up.  If're fired!!

Nothing new here so just use your imagination to figure out what kind of strange happenings will come about today.  It's always something.  In two weeks it will be about the time that my mother broke her hip and left the home never to return.  She wanted to experience the festivities at church and was moving from here to there when her fragile little hip just popped and she went down.  We spent Christmas with her at the rehab with her all looking frail and tired following hip surgery.  When the screws came out a few weeks later she went back to the hospital for hip replacement and died on a snowy January night with my brother at her side.  Hospice is a blessing and angels are everywhere.  

I got two cakes made yesterday with delivery coming up tomorrow.  I'm in charge of , you guessed it, deviled eggs for our lab party on Friday.  Thankfully I'm off on Thursday because those dudes take time! Pecans are heading to Mr. Lowrance this week as well.  We are in high gear for the season.

Remember who you are ~  

Saturday, December 3, 2016

dream a little dream

I don't normally dream much because I go out like a light.  Last night was an entire dream sequence featuring my celebrity boyfriend John Cusack. We were at a party or something and he was oblivious to the fact that I am such a catch and he was ignoring me.  Where this came from I have no clue, except maybe I've been watching Shameless which stars his funny as hell sister Joan.  I caught another sister's name in the cast of Grey's Anatomy one day.  I reckon they're all in the business.  

Grocery shopping could wait no longer so I slept late and then went Krogering.  The Salvation Army folks were out there ringing bells and this time I had cash to put in the kettle.  Normally all I have is a card!  I've never worn leggings before this year and I can testify now that I am in love with them.  Totally.  To hell with a bunch of zippers and buttons.  Granted, there are many folks who can't get away with the look in public...y'all know the ones. The  oversize Santa shirt that Mom gave me is just right for covering the butt and belly which continues to grow. No, I'm not pregnant.  I've just regained the appetite I lost during five grueling years of drama.  There were times when my co-workers told me I was so thin I looked "sick" and that was at 148.

I was foolish enough to get into a contract with DirecTV via ATT when I don't even watch it.  Services have been reduced for weeks now and the only way i know is by email.  If it doesn't happen on this laptop or the phone, I don't know about it.  Not a bad way to live.

Here are some things I've discovered bring me great joy.  Burning white sage. Peach Pecan whiskey.  Frankincense.  Soy candles. Hand crafted natural soaps.  Spontaneous visits from friends with a history.  Shooting the breeze.  Life is not a race.  

Happy weekend to you and your mama'n'them.  

Friday, December 2, 2016

here's your sign

My co-worker came rushing in breathless this morning saying she had witnessed a car crash with *no people* and was delayed while calling the law.  We all crawled into the boss's office window and watched the action.  It seems that somebody had parked in the patient loading zone and left his car in neutral then went inside.  When CB walked by she witnessed a driverless car rolling backwards and it smacked into not one but two vehicles.  Dude was looking pretty sheepish when the law showed up.  It was kind of funny except that I can totally see me doing something like that.  It reminded me of when I ran over Daddy's foot while he was getting out of the Camry at Aunt Granny's visitation.  

I can honestly say that today was like an episode of some TV medical show with lots of scurrying about and teamwork.  And, of course, chaos.  It was energizing for me because I was out there amongst them quite a bit rather than confined to the cubicle.  I actually stood up straight when I walked quickly from here to there.  I saw my Aunt Kathy and we shared Thanksgiving stories  

I'm off with a to-do list a mile long.  We'll see how all that turns out, umkay?  Y'all keep it between the lines and no texting while driving.  I almost had a wreck today from some idiot doing just that.  

Blessings ~

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

in the dark

I didn't even notice it but one of the ancient pecans became uprooted and was dangerously close to bringing down the electrical wires.  My brother called around dark thirty to let me know that they would be cutting the power for a couple of hours to get limbs off before they destroyed the whole deal.  Now, for a country girl I am ill prepared for power outages.  I have kerosene lanterns with no kerosene.  I have no candles except for those little tea lights that don't do squat for seeing.  With no computer and nothing to do I wandered around the house with my phone as a light trying to find things and finally gave up and went to the porch to watch the show.  There were several trucks and a lot of lights and I listened to the buzz of the chainsaw and enjoyed the light show about 100 yards away.  I could hear the voices and see the guy out in the field with a power beam dancing off the trees.  Two and a half hours later the power was back on and it was bedtime!

When Ryder had her last litter by Chester, she chose to give birth under the barn floor which was totally out of reach for us.  We could hear them but couldn't see them until BG came up with the grand idea of using the light on her phone.  There were 9 of them, and Sophie was the keeper.  The rest went to various homes thanks to incredibly generous people.  They were barely weaned when Ryder took a flying leap out in front of my brother's truck and got hit.  She ran back to the house and seemed to be okay.  Sometime during the night she crawled into my room and lay down beside my bed where she took her last breath while I rubbed her head.  I had to work so Bubba came out and buried her before I ever got home.  This yard is a virtual pet cemetery including numerous cats, Butterbean, Ryder, Faith and Lord knows who else.  Oh yeah....the horse is buried behind the barn!  He's supposed to have a headstone with Pride on it but that hasn't happened.  

I'm hitting the naproxen again which is helping with arthritis somewhat.  It's what my Daddy took for years before Celebrex got rolled out at a hefty price, then pulled from the market.  He used to actually get gold shots the old school way from Dr. Holt in Memphis.  

Propane guy made a delivery and I've lost the receipt already but I'm sure I've got enough to get me through until the deep freeze.  Good old Butch.  Since pecan season is winding down we'll be hauling our loot to Tatumville for the crack and blow treatment for which the Lowrances are famous.  Plus, they're cheaper than you know who.

Over and out....peace and love ^j^

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

a brand new year

There is something about a new calendar for the upcoming year that just tickles me to death and I received one today from the recruiter at our nearby blood center.  She's a real go getter which I totally appreciate since our blood supply depends on healthy recruitment of donors. The holiday season is a particularly horrid time to try and keep shelves stocked because fewer take the time out of a busy schedule to give a unit.  Unless your life has been touched personally by blood donation, you probably don't get the importance.  Just imagine if you were bleeding to death and there wasn't enough to keep you alive!  Technology now allows for the blood to be separated into components which are safer and can help more patients.  Platelets are removed, and plasma.  Both of these when left sitting in a unit of whole blood are useless as treatment but excellent when prepared to make packed cells.  Platelet donors are the really dedicated ones because they stay hooked up to a machine for several hours with needles in both arms.  And all of this?  Is done for free by volunteers.

The storm that blew through yesterday knocked down another basket full of Stuarts and I think that's probably it for the crop.  Hopefully next year all the other stuart trees will come back with a vengeance.  So, Gatlinburg is for real on fire and that's scary as shit.  Yesterday's high winds fueled the flames and in spite of rain it kept on raging.  The drought, she is unforgiving.  

I got a text this morning from Larry's mama looking for him and my response was I haven't seen him.  I let the boys out to do their business and when they came back in shut the door and finished gettin' my ready on.  I looked down as I passed through and saw Larry's face peering up at me like a long lost friend.  Dude had snuck in with the others and I didn't know he was in the vicinity.  He misses us.

Another amazing thing is how quickly it takes to get tired after getting good rest.  It makes 12 hour naps seem like the norm.  The aforementioned benefit didn't pan out which I didn't really expect.  I'm working on a grocery list for the edibles I plan to give as gifts.  If you've been a good boy or girl you get roasted pecans or a cake.  Propane came by today not because I was out but because we both know it's better for me not to call him on Christmas Eve.  Which I did one year.  He definitely needs a cake.


Monday, November 28, 2016

everyday miracles

I'm still being a slug, spending my last day off that began with a long wakeup sitting in jammies. Actually, I slept in my Bernie hoodie last night so I guess you could start some gossip there.  The house is so quiet now with the new windows that I could sleep forever except that the bitch cat demands to be fed.   

I stop at the chicken store every day and many times more than once.  My usual stop is about ten 'til 6 where Mr. Gene greets me from where he's sitting on the curb with one of the girls at shift change.  As I pulled in this morning I spotted him putting boxes in the dumpster with his hood pulled up.  This man does what he does come rain, shine, heat or snow.  He is always grateful for moderate weather.  He also changes the gas price signs.  His last words to me are always " you be careful out there."  Indeed sir.  

There's this sweet little couple that eats lunch there everyday about two and they usually smile and greet me as I head to the cooler.  I can tell they don't partake but they're always friendly to me.  They are there EVERY day.  It's the kind of place where older guys like Horner sit around drinking coffee waiting to see who comes in.  Like my Daddy used to do at McDonald's.  Every single one of that coffee group has passed on except for Kyle.  

I have a phone appointment at 11 concerning a benefit that I didn't even know existed.  I may not be eligible but it never hurts to try.  The only catch would be "income limit" and while I have a stable income, there's a lot going out to BK court etc.  There is no way I can afford a car without some additional funds.  And Lord knows I need one!

The way I figure it Big Ernie is running the show and it will happen in His time.  However, I may lose my religion if I have to go through one more winter with no door handles.  I ordered some prints of my farm shots to go in an old window as a gift to the farm owner.  He likes stuff like that, ya know.  There was a huge 9 pane hanging on Mom and Daddy's fireplace that now lives in Bubba's office.  I made it ten years ago and they loved it.  

Hope you don't have a holiday hangover from all that rich food.  Now....onward to Christmas treats!