Sunday, November 19, 2017

read my lips

I was fortunate enough to experience church at work today.  As I did an ID a patient's family was gathered to send her off to another department with prayer for a safe return.  I waited quietly and bowed my head with the group, thankful for that aspect of my job.  

Lauren and I are both sick as dogs and I even resorted to Lomotil from the chicken store on the way home.  She misses dat baby too.  Hell so do I!  Already :)  If I don't die from the epizootie overnight I'll have lunch with some friends and hook up with another one to discuss business.  If I don't make it through the night, talk kindly about me.  

As I was heading down the home stretch that is Pecan Lane I saw a truck parked in front of the house. I assumed it was pickers until I got closer and found Tommy and Shirley out and about taking pics.  After they left I dodged pecan chunks and waited for Bubba to come back up the road.  He thought he had missed a Thanksgiving dinner when he saw my post about our feast.  It was DAMN good food like my Mama taught us.  Not a lot left, either.  

I'm thankful for so many things it would be absurd to try and name them all.  There have been a million times I've hit a difficult vein and said "thankyoujesus".  Per Tiffany, I now follow it with an amen and "father!"  She sings gospel while she works and worries about her kids.  

Me and my road dog Mitzi took care of our part this weekend.  Others pitched in and helped with a very tight staffing situation.  We are warriors, no doubt.  

Y'all keep it between the ditches ~ Timmy D

Saturday, November 18, 2017

breakfast with reaves

Reaves woke up about 4:30 which is about my ideal wakey if I'm not gonna be stumbling into work.  We sat in my daddy's recliner in my office and bonded while she fed.  My friend gave her some megasize dr browns so that came in handy.  Work was steady but, by the grace of God, manageable.  I just missed seeing the baby on her way out of town with daddy.  There's always next weekend.  

A cold front moved through and dropped the temps by 30 degrees.  It was quick and windy and as it ended up, a huge mess on Troy avenue right in front of Beverly and Randy's house.  I saw a neighbor out taking pictures.  It WAS a big ass tree that took down a pole and all the wires at a major juncture.  Cops everywhere.  You Lattawoods people take a left.  

I have thought a lot about the motivation of giving lately.  Being blessed with a still anonymous Blog Fairy for two years led me to believe in the grace of giving because one is financially able to do so.  All of these fund raising societies and organizers prey on the cause to get PR for themselves.  Take the American Cancer Society v Dyer County Community Cancer Fund.  With the ACS there are huge administrative costs.  DCCCF keeps it local.  

Watching the fall blow in.  That's what Daddy said to me out front one day when he found me sitting in that wind watching leaves fly.  We more than likely talked about the hospital becuse he was still a volunteer there.  Or maybe the coyotes.  Lauren reminded me a memory of Mama when she was dehydrated or something that made her crazy as a loon.  "It's ALL George Bush's fault!!!" she cried out as she tried to climb the curtains.  Lerd.  Mama was a volunteer too.  That's what they did with the church as well.  They honored their faith by giving back their time and talents to the Kingdom.  In that, they never wavered.  Financially they were good stewards in our local congregation.  They are still adored by a whole bunch of us who grew in faith at the corner of Main and McGaughey. 

It's back to the sawmill for me tomorrow.  Let's pray the epizootie doesn't take us all over!  Hold that thought Mitzi Lou.  Love ya....mean it.


Friday, November 17, 2017


I work every other weekend so I don't get to say that very often.  While everybody else at work was all excited about being off the ones of us who are down for duty just carried on.  I've had lots of "moments" when I wanted to backhand a smartass, but today took the cake.  'Nuf said.  As usual I remained irritated but calm.

The girls should be headed this way soon and I'm doing some food prep.  Reaves will only be here for tonight and her daddy will take over tomorrow.  LP is here 'til Sunday.  We get to split our time and re-connect.  Plus she's behind on Stranger Things.

A miracle of sorts happened this afternoon.  My friend Tracy who cared for mama bought her bed at the estate sale.  She has since started a career in travel nursing with plans to sell the house.  Her beautiful daughter Hannah and friend Braden brought it to me this afternoon.  Even the sawed off legs.  That's a story in and of itself.

Y'all enjoy whatever is next on the horizon.  

Thursday, November 16, 2017


My photog friend Jim posts some pretty different types of creations and some of them kind of make my head spin.  That's the ones I call dizzy.  He does great work with landscapes and flowers.  Especially bridges.  

I woke up first around 7 with a bellyache and managed to get three more hours.  I was not feeling well but soldiered on to the doctor's office to find out how to do FMLA on their end.  Then (of course) I went to the gentral' at four points for necessities.  Kroger is just too.much.trouble.  

I had every intention of making cornbread last night but it just didn't happen.  That's what today is for, plus some landry and cleaning.  Company is coming, ya know.  Yesterday my dear friend popped into work with a big batch of giant size dr brown bottles.  Just in time for Reaves' increased appetite.

At this point, I don't care who sexually harrassed whom.  The MSM is having a field day with this and it's like watching soap operas that my memama saw.  As the world turns!  She called it her "stories."  Everybody loves a good piece of gossip.  Remember Monica???  That was Trump's fault too.  My only beef with the Clinton administration is NAFTA and what it has done to our country and workforce.  Outsource or die!

Gotta' get on these chores.  Floors don't clean themselves!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Things I've learned today:  Good shoes are a must for work.  So are good people.  The friendships that I have there are more than just something that you have to do.  It's the result of weathering the storms together and praying for each other and doing the right thing even when you're tired beyond belief.  There are daily shared grandbaby pictures from the grammaw club.  We cry, yell on occasion and work it out because really?  We all feel the love.  

I need to message KK and let her know that I'm just now cooking cornbread for dressing.  Lauren has requested that for our Thanksgiving visit.  Oh, and asparagus casserole, Janice style.  Lord how I miss that woman's cooking!  Her birthday is November 20th.  Ya'll blow her a kiss in heaven.

I saw one of the surviving members of the Sellers class today and that reminded me of both parents.  The last Thanksgiving we spent with Mama was at Maple Ridge all Cracker Barrel style laid out on the bed.  After that, Bubba put up her tree.  I can honestly say she had a great time there and Bubba was a large part of making it special.  

The Norman Rockwell depiction of Thanksgiving is one that we all hold dear.  Gotta meet up with 98 relatives that you can't stand and eat buffet style.  My tribe has diminished.  We catch up when we can and if it's close to a holiday well....bonus!

Love ya.  Mean it.  

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

plan C

I was planning on attending the service awards ceremony this evening but one of those "things that come up" did just exactly that.  What began as a young graduate's first job is still where she's at 40 years later.  I have seen a lot during that time.  Leaders and demoninations have come and gone.  Lobbies redecorated and art purchased.  One of the final promises of MHS to us was that there would be a chaplaincy staff.  Within six months, he was gone.

The decisisons that shaped our futures in healthcare were made by a county board of comissioners who took the highest bid between the two denominations.  The facility, built in 1956 still stands in the original spot.  I missed being born there by a few months.  There has always been a board of directors that includes medical staff and local community leaders.  Those faces change too like employee of the month.  

We do an outstanding job with nurturing our patients as if each of us is a chaplain.  In the end, that's what people remember about their visits.  The system is abused by many and patience gets stretched thin but we know our stuff and act accordingly.  I totally love my work peeps.  

Reaves and Lauren are coming in the next few days for another home visit, probably the last for awhile.  She goes back to work soon and Bailey gets her baby all day.  They are the perfect pair!   The two hours Reaves and I had on Sunday morning is what life is about.  The next generation.

Always, forward ^j^

Monday, November 13, 2017

dead skunk

After two weeks I finally got the stank out of my house that came from Sam's carousing.  All it takes now to get him out the door is a spray bottle!  I've enjoyed not having that smell in my nose.  Until this morning.

I was cruising along in the dark not paying much attention when I spotted a black and white puffy thing prancing in the road.  There was no time to swerve and I smooth ran over that skunk with a large thump.  Shortly after that the smell started and in spite of the windows being open all the say, I smelled like him when I got to work.  They were all like "not again with the skunk thing."  I took the Lysol outside and sprayed my car down and rolled up the windows real quick.  That kinda' sorta' fixed the inside but you can still smell it when you get to the rear of that trusty old Camry before loading up.  I've never seen so many of them in my life as this past few months.  They must be feral.  As I was headed home I noticed large vulchers circling the road real low and observed what was left of mr skunk.  Which wasn't much.  One of those giant birds almost smacked my windowshield...scared me to death!  I can still catch a faint whiff but a shower should fix that.  

Lauren will be going back to work in a couple of weeks so we've got limited time for this free range coming and going for family bonding.  The next visit will be them coming here on Thursday.  It's super hard to arrange when only one person can drive!  I wouldn't trade it for the world though.  We've grown into a little family the hard way three operations and a month in the hospital to boot.  Hopefully the next admission will be mine and there's a fix in my shoulder's future.  

We've been busy decluttering at the sawmill and it's therapeutic.  You know how you live in the same house for 20 years and just hide stuff to make room for the new stuff?  Yeah...kind of like that with a lot of papers and pieces of stuff that nobody knows what they go to.  We're soldiering on though.  One of the things that really made an impression on those health occupation teens in Newbern was when I told them that only 5% of the population gives blood for the other 95.  Even they could do the math.  Kids can donate at 17 and many of them do.  Schools require parental consent.  Public drives do not.

Reaves is O negative which means that's the only type she can safely get.  That's less than 15% of the population.  The "universal donor" so to speak.  My mother was O positive and my daddy O negative.  Thus, I got the pair of genes required to pass that Rh neg onto Lauren and she to Reaves.  

Catch ya'll on the flip side ~