Monday, March 19, 2018

blog break

The time has come for me to take the ever crashing desktop to Darnisha to see if it can be saved.  I can blog on a phone and have done so but my eyesight doesn't much allow for that these days.  I need me some screen with bold and caps.  AND a real keyboard.  Today was very productive for me as I killed about four birds with one stone while dodging rain showers.  I kept looking for a rainbow but it never showed up.  

Brian guided me through the maze that is the marketplace and we got that done plus some dental through him.  I checked with the pharmacy to see what my maintenance meds ( only 3 ) cost for cash pay.  Two are cheap.  The inhaler is over three hundred bucks.  Thanks pharma bro.  I ran into an Agee cousin and we chatted about what's up in their world.  Small town pleasures with time to enjoy.  You can't beat that with a stick.

I got a filling this morning so there's that kind of pounding thing still going on in my head.  Good thing I've got some dental insurance lined up!  Still no LTD news.  They are slow as molasses.  

Many years ago I got tired of looking at the piano that I never played and dusting the top so I gave it to Nancy Hardin and our choir director Cooper tuned it so she could practice for Sunday evening service.  My only request to her was that when she died that it come back to my family.  I got a call from an unknown landline today and answered to hear her voice with an offer to give it back and she's not even dead!  I explained to her about the possible move and we remembered how hard it was for her family to get it out of this house and down the steps.  That's on the calendar for mid summer.  

My leg is better.  I don't know what single thing is helping but I suspect it's a mix.  I'm totally off of aspartame.  The brace is helping....and tomorrow is treatment day.  I thought I had lost my car keys at the strip mall ( in the rain ) for they were in my purse all along.  I should seriously keep up with shit better.

Hang on Northeast~

Sunday, March 18, 2018

in the dirt

My buddies at Pennington's loaded up the two straw bales for me early on yesterday. They now have basil and mint, btw.  And a few 'maters if you're one on prepping indoors.  I think I'll try that.  Last year's bales have turned into compost which is a nice value added piece.  Those guys love me.  Well all except for the grumpy one.  They don't carry my kind of compost so off to Lowe's I went with straw hanging out the open trunk.  Hey...don't laugh.  I've done it before.  

Our plans for a stroll down to Jackson Walk Plaza got squished because it was cool and Reaves is sick.  She was happy to see Grammaw and we had some special time.  She will smooth roll off a couch now and even a bed!  She plays hard and fights hard not to miss a thing.  We finally got her to give it up and sleep right before I left to come home.  

412 is a boring drive but made more tolerable today by the patches of spring color.  Not much traffic on Sunday or between 9 and 3.  Lauren bought lunch and we ate like mothers do from something disposable while she fed Reaves sweet 'taters.  Just another day in paradise.  Soon she will have a car and our visits will be different.  We've been together for almost 2 years at this, and I have faith ^j^

Friday, March 16, 2018

the marketplace

I consider myself to be fairly computer literate and can navigate most websites but the ACA is not playing nice today.  I met with my agent armed with what I thought was a valid username and password and we couldn't get in.  Alright then.  Back home to try and rectify that.  And done.  Now that I'm ready to shop plans I'll go back in to see him next week.  While I was there Cheryl checked on dropping the Cadi insurance and it actually WENT DOWN. Lord, wonders never cease.  My camera came yesterday and I finally got the battery compartment open and it works.  I had to stop by Walgreens to get a memory card and the girl who waited on me for the 2nd day in a row actually asked if my knee stabilizer helped!  That's a good sales associate right there.  

I am heartbroken still over the backlash of the school walkouts.  Especially the statement that it was "nakedly political?"  Every gun rights activist in the country is making fun of these kids and accusing them of "being led" by liberals.  You mean kind of  like the GOP is led by the NRA?  There's a thread on a friend's page that I ducked out of that is in its' second day of arguing.  Life is too short.  I did get an apology from a troll there though.  That was sweet and a first.  Most of the time they just get off on telling you how stupid you are.

The brace does indeed help, but not much.  I'm doing the one foot one step at a time thing on these monstrous stairs.  The shoulder....meh.  It hurts all the time but that's my new normal.  Keeping on with the MFR and exploring holistic healing options are what I'm focusing on.  

Other than that, I've got nothing.  I'm planning to visit the girls on Sunday which will be fun.  We can bundle Reaves up and take her for a stroll!

Namaste ^j^

Thursday, March 15, 2018

the conversation

Everywhere I look there is criticism of yesterday's school walkouts.  I am beyond disappointed that these brave kids are being categorized as liberal nutjobs who don't know what they're talking about.  Sure, some of them don't and they're just tagging along.  BUT.  Their point is being made and heard and that's what matters.  Speaking of "that bunch on the left" I'm really tired of being profiled as one of them.  In thread after thread there are trolls looking to pick a fight and win rather than have honest dialogue.  I don't get mad about it.  We are all looking for solutions and as with most issues we are polarized on what the real problem is.  I'm actually doing on the street interviews with folks to ask if they are gunowners and how they feel about assault weapons.  I'm curious as to why people are holding so fiercely to this one particular type of gun.

I drove around the farm this morning checking out the foundation work at the cabin and the floor guys at my soon to be neighbor's house.  Both will be gorgeous when done.  Had to break down and get a knee stabilizer so that meant a trip to Walgreens where I did not tarry.  

The funniest thing I read so far about Tillerson is his comment that "I hope Trump finds out he's impeached on Twitter!"  Oh to be a fly on the wall.

Carry on with hope ~

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

just call me snowflake

I watched live feeds of the student walkouts all over the country at 10am and I must say I'm impressed.  They are the generation who lives with the constant threat of gun violence in schools.  They are the ones who lost friends or were injured.  In spite of lots of chatter, they have organized themselves into a force that must be reckoned with.  I don't have the answers.  

I am the non-partisan voter who voted for an independent candidate in the presidential election.  I am, literally, a liberal Republican.  I believe in fiscal responsibility which includes working for benefits if possible.  I am pro-choice, recently pro death penalty if done swiftly with accurate evidence and believe in equality for all in spite of race, religion or sexual preference.   Truth be told, there are millions out there like me who don't want to be pegged as a follower of a particular party.  I watch them both and what they do.  I believe that Donald Trump has failed his party and this country miserably and if they could oust him they would.   Enough about politics.  I refuse to engage in name calling over that OR religion.  Speaking of fiscal responsibility, how about that parade and that wall?  How many folks could be fed or have health care coverage for what all that will cost?

I believe that gun safety should be mandatory training for any child, especially who lives in a home where guns are kept within reach of kids.  They need to realize how a gun works and its' safety features.  Their parents should assume responsibility for making sure that happens.  

It's a beautiful day in the hood and the 'gentral was calling my name this morning food.  I can't keep the dogs out of it so it goes quick.  They hear it hit the plate, wait for Lily to abandon it and grub.  Such is life in our abode.  

I fought a battle with multiflora rose and lost miserably yesterday so there's plenty of scratches to prove it.  The cropduster is hard at it again buzzing my house every five or ten minutes.  Farmer Joey and his crew were out with trucks full of whatever yesterday.  It's plantin' time in Tennessee and per crop rotation I will be surrounded again by corn come July.  It's like living in a box.  

All y'all and your mama'n'them be safe and blessed ^j^

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

retail therapy

I have not shopped for myself in years except online or at the 'gentral.  The reason for that is because it involved either a precious day off or a trip somewhere after work.  My wardrobe consisted of scrubs and a couple of pairs of ratty jeans that looked like I was a tenant farmer.  I've always loved JCPenney because they have great sales so I hit them up today for about six shirts and three pairs of pants, all on sale.  As an afterthought I went to see what kind of black shoes they had and voila!  A pair of Clarks in my size on sale for 60.  The young lady at the register told me about a coupon for 15% off so we pulled that up on the phone and the shoes cost me 50 bucks.  

I visited Donna at Sunflower and got 10% off just for checking in on FB.  I came away with several oils, pink himalayan salt and a cute tshirt that pimps out her store.  As a customer, I believe in advertising on my back.  I stopped by the bank to pick up a statement for my attorney who is headed to the trustee with my "much less" income than when the judgement was handed down.  That is why I am getting what I need now because times will be lean, especially if the LTD screws me.  I've tried...HR has tried.  There ain't no hurrying these people up.  I don't want a decision right now because I just became eligible for benefits on March 6th and it will go retro.  I just need to know what my freakin' income will be.  

I just read the headline that Tillerson is out so I've got to go read all about that all slack jawed at the way this administration is crumbling. The idiot really thinks he will be elected in 2020.  O.M.G.  We'll be lucky to still be on the planet by then the way he's insulting world leaders.  

It's cold but warming up.  Maybe I can handle the chill enough to walk the yard.  My knee is still hurting, especially the calf but it's better with decent shoes, a shot and some good MFR treatments.  


Sunday, March 11, 2018

easter people

My Daddy used to joke about the people who only came to church on Easter and Christmas.  I was never one of those.  While I was attending I was there just about every Sunday with Lauren in tow.  She grew up there like I did, very Methodist.  She was an acolyte and was confirmed and joined in about the sixth grade I guess.  Neither of us go to church regularly anymore.  She quit going as a tween when the youth director left to go to seminary but I soldiered on as SS teacher to that age group.  They were a tough crowd to play, just saying.  More than one teacher quit or left in tears.  Said youth director is now long ordained and pastors his own church.  When I was in high school we got our first "official" youth director who was associate pastor.  He pulled the diehards together and we had a voice in things for what it was worth.  After high school, I never went back until Lauren was 2 years old and my daddy told me to "get that child in church."  Yes sir.  

Though I still know the doxology by heart, my spirituality is more out in the world these days.  I have heart to heart discussions with people about God and how He has worked in my life and the lives of others.  Now that I have some time, I will volunteer to help the least of these.  Opportunities abound every single day to do what Jesus would do.  But to do that, you have to be humble enough not to take credit for your service.  Those folks are the ones that make me wanna' slap somebody.  

Holy Week is right around the corner and I like the noon services that are held locally.  They rotate from church to church by the year and it's a totally community inspiring experience to walk that road together.  

Not to be whiny BUT....I still hurt.  I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I'm 62 and that's part of it so suck it up buttercup.  Chronic pain management is a slippery slope amidst this "war on opiates."  The people who are dying in this epidemic are a far cry from this old gal who just counts on a micro dose to function.  I spent time in the yard yesterday picking up wandering to see the latest bloom.  I am determined to keep going THROUGH the pain until I get my body into better shape.  Three months as a sloth has given me the initiative to do things I can do for my health like walk the lane.  At one time I walked 2.5 miles a day.....up the golf course hill ad back.  I did dance aerobics in my 30s.  All of this has kept me relatively healthy but I've slacked and it's time to change that.  

I'm still going through boxes and totes of pictures and other odd things and purging.  Each family member now has a pile of pictures in a box with their name.  Tommy got the Brooks shoe box yesterday.  Work on the cabin is ongoing and tedious as foundation things will be.  I's an old house that's on concrete blocks.  The crawlspace is now wide open.  

I have never in my life been so sick of rain.  Hopefully it will be a good thing for the farmers when the waters recede.  My thermostat changes from heat to air day by day.  Tennessee weather.  Gotta' love it.  

Happy Daylight Saving Time.  Hope you weren't late for church ^j^