Wednesday, July 18, 2018

wag of the dog

I haven't been walking because of the extreme heat and humidity.  This morning was cooler with a nice breeze and lower humidity so me and the boys took off down the corn lane.  They love to scamper across the road in front or behind me as I trudge along.  Needless to say I could tell I've been sitting on my butt.  I intend to keep on keeping on unless it's too humid.  That sucks the life out of an old girl. 

So how about that college student that walked 20 miles to his first day at work?  That kind of work ethic is almost non-existent these days.  A lot of people reached out to help him they were so touched.  Goodness is all around us.

So it's back to Step 1 for me which has happened many many times during my life.  That's the only way that they can work is if you keep going back and letting go.  Make things right when you can and leave the rest to God.  I am pretty quick to make amends because conflict makes me literally sick and I want no part of it.  

There are several projects that I'd like to work on but the cash isn't there to buy supplies so I'll piddle some more and sort through MORE boxes and pictures.  It's never ending.  

Keep the faith ^j^

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

humble pie

I stand today chastised and hopefully forgiven.  With some people it doesn't take long.  Others hold a grudge never know.  I sent a prayer request the other day to a few people assuming it would be held in confidence and it was not.  It was a simple shout out for prayer and resolution with people that I trusted.  I don't blame anybody, but it sure did cause me a lot of heartache...still does.  I am sometimes so naive that I see the best in folks most of the time.  The lady at the pawn shop had on a "bless your heart" tshirt that I wanted to take right off her back. The dude buying a saxophone said that southern women can preface anything with "bless your heart" and get away with it. The camera equipment was too old and the TV too.  So.  Back to pimping frames and antiques.   

I need to have another sale which would require some organization but not a lot.  Pickers like to do just that...pick through piles and boxes.  I'm a pawn stars fan from way back.  And I have so much OLD stuff still.  

At least the TV is out of the way in the living room.  Slowly but surely I'm finding the floor in there.  I will take it to Damascus tomorrow since it's in the trunk.  I've reached that peaceful spot briefly where I know that the world will keep on turning in spite of curveballs.  You just dodge them the best you can.  It is what it is and it's in the big guy's hands.  This blog is a place of peace for me but I used to be a BIG time ranter, especially about politics and Iraq.  

Negative Nancy once suggested that I was wasting my talent on being negative when I could change someone's life by sharing my spirituality and looking at things in a positive light.  Everybody has pity parties, don't get me wrong.  But people don't wanna' read that stuff.  They want happy shit like rainbows and unicorns.  Funny shit like Colbert. People love to laugh and it's good for the soul.  Bless all our hearts ^j^

Monday, July 16, 2018

taking a break

You know, like from ruler of the world. All that does is makes things more complicated if you know what I mean..I had two angry calls today from people whose business I was invested in.  I see both sides of the story and choose to step back.  Not.My.Business.  Or my circus.  

If my Daddy were alive he would be 87 tomorrow.  I remember us missing his birthday dinner because we buried GaGa that day.  I'm sure Mama made up for it soon with fried chicken and purple hull peas.  That's the way she rolled.  

I had an honest to goodness drive by from a candidate that I voted for today.  They even left a card on the door!  I walked wifey out and met the candidate in the car.  Lerd, it's hot.  

From now on, it's all about me and what I need.  There will be bills split and arrangements made.  My ATT bill is 192 bucks for two lines.  Not acceptable for a retiree.  I'm thinking straight talk.  My phone is compatible "i think" so we shall see.

Onward girl ~

vote early and often!

Just kidding.  That only happens when Russia is involved.  I went to cast my early votes with a mental list of my picks.  The ones I didn't know, I skipped.  There is a county general along with the primaries.  The told me it had been steady all morning with probably about a hundred coming in just today.  For what it's worth, my votes were cast.

My dear friend Mary Beth came by with two sacks of sweet corn from Kim's patch and I can't wait to get into it.  That will be supper as long as it lasts. I had another one of those dizzy spells at the chicken store and I've noticed that they happen usually when I go from the heat into a cool place.  And really?  I don't know how to avoid that.  I'm taking my BP meds as ordered and everything else too.  I think the heat just has everybody down and out.  It never rained much yesterday in spite of some angry clouds and thunder to the south.  I'm pretty much sure BG got slammed in Jackson.  

Until it cools off a little, I am housebound except for watering the garden.  I'm fairly certain the next electric bill will be a killer so there's that to consider while juggling finances.  Lerd, where's a blog fairy when you need them?  I was blessed with one for a long time and still don't know who it was.  Of course that was half the fun!!

Mary Beth has done research on the windows that she bought and has actually tracked down a relative of the business that was there when they were part of the structure.  Is that cool or what???

There will be no political rant today because I'm sick of the whole thing.  We are so polarized that the world is probably going to implode.  And guess who is pulling the strings?  Yeah.  We need agent 007.

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, keep the faith ^j^

Sunday, July 15, 2018

the patience of job

Today's sermon was about all the bad things that kept coming Job's way in spite of him being a good and faithful servant.  That happens to a lot of the faithful ones as in "bad things happening to good people. The preacher was a former atheist which helped to give a different perspective on the whole deal.  People get mad at God all the time when bad things happen but I can honestly say I've never blamed a thing on him.  There is so much sin and greed and corruption in our world that sometimes all that overpowers goodness and grace.  God doesn't "let" this happen.  Satan always has and always will be around.  I just pray for God's will in my own life and those of others.  

I met Bubba for breakfast at our old hangout Daylight Doughnuts where Mom and Daddy went every week until they couldn't get out to go to church..  I sat after that among a group of their friends and one kind lady brought their memories to life by recalling what faithful stewards they were.  Mama and Willis G started a homebound communion service for shutins. It was very humbling to serve someone in their home....acting as a disciple one on one.  She talked of Daddy's devotion to the mens choir until he couldn't stand anymore.  At the end they were sort of taking turns propping him up but he never stopped trying to sing his praises.  The last song was his favorite and one that he requested for his funeral.  Hymn of Promise.  I could smell the grease on me from Daylight's hashbrowns during the entire service.  

So if I'm reading things correctly Trump considers China and Russia our allies and the EU not so much.  He even told Theresa May she needed to sue over Brexit.  Lerd.  She just laughed it off like we all try to do.  I have no words anymore.  In light of everything this egotistical maniac has done to our country his supporters are alive and well and trolling Facebook.  No wait, that's probably the Guccifer bunch.

There is a good chance of rain this afternoon which would be much appreciated.  We are in that long dry hot spell known as July in Tennessee. For my bucket list I've been trying to find somebody (that I trust) to take me up in a small plane over the farm.  One of my friends flies 2 or 3 times a week so I'm gonna hit him up.  I've never flown in a small aircraft...only commercial and helicopter.  

There are some really hot congressional races about to be run and I'm just waiting for some balance up in there.  I don't care which party has control if they'll just do what's right for the ones who elect them.  You don't see that much.  Early voting has begun and I'll be stopping by this week.

If you don't vote, you have no right to complain.  Apathy is a serious problem with people who feel that their votes don't matter.  What's even worse is the ones who go and vote straight down their party line without researching the candidate.   This is a right that has been fought for over the generations for women and minorities.  I intend to use it.  

That's all I got.  If you have a sprinkler today would be perfect to run through it!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

one man's trash

They say, is another man's treasure. Such is the antique business.  I visited a store today all divided up into little booths to see if they buy.  According to the nice lady I chatted with almost no antique business does.  The sellers go to estate sales and scoop up what they think will sell.  As I was on the way out I passed my old friend George from the cath lab and he introduced me to his wife.   I was shocked to see him though Ava had told me he was back.  I bragged on him to his wife about how much his spirit helped me out during our beginning days of the cath lab.  

Next stop was the pawn shop where I left a tote full of camera equipment with Denver to research.  I trust him to do the right thing.  It's already smoking hot out there and I was sweating like a pig when I got home.  No more outside until the sun shifts later in the day.  Then I'll water the garden and go produce hunting.  I noticed when I visited the neighbor that she feeds squash to her chickens!  Go figure.  Her squash are a lot bigger than mine.  

My FB memory du jour was one that I posted three years ago when my Daddy was dying.  He has on a Santa hat and a big smile along side my friend the little general.  After a surgery that revealed a HUGE infection in his belly from an old hernia repair, he spent his last birthday at the nursing home.  After that came two more surgeries and a week in ICCU with him struggling to breathe from anesthesia induced lung damage.  A very kind and smart Dr. Ategbole urged me to "let him go" which we did.  Two days after starting in house hospice care he died.  Alone.  That haunts me still.  I got the call from my friend Ms Anita and we managed to convince Mama that she was there when he died.  Tommy and I had already planned that.  Otherwise, she would have never left the room and was very fragile herself.  Being on site during both of their deaths is the biggest blessing I received while working there, hands down.

I slept long and hard last night with dreams about going swimming and Methodist ministers.  Who knows right?  I rarely remember them but I've been dreaming a lot more lately.  Even though I watched the royal tea party live, I failed to notice that Trump walked in front of Queenie which is a big no no.  Oblivious, he just raised his chin and inspected the guard with her trailing behind.  Rude.. Someone commented that the "fake news" about that protest in London is because the Muslims banded together.  Looking at pictures all I see are white faces.  I guess that's fake.  Maybe the Muslims were cropped out.  I'm sure there are a lot of Caucasian ones as well.

Y'all stay cool and hydrated.  Looks like a good chance of rain on Monday so we shall suffer silently until then.  I am forever grateful for a good air conditioner at this point.  Gratitude is the key.  

Friday, July 13, 2018

god save the queen

I ran across a live feed this morning of Queen Elizabeth patiently standing in wait for Trump and Melania.   And she waited.  And waited.  It was obvious that she was not amused at their lateness by the way she held her purse and her facial expressions.  She was gracious as always but you could just tell.  What an insult.  Meanwhile, London is a hot mess of protesters against said Mr. Lateness and his entire visit.  At the rate we're going, there won't be an ally left.  The POTUS is supposed to be headed to Scotland next where he has a golf course.  I felt sorry for Melania, actually.  She looked terrified.

Nothing new in my neck of the woods. It's still hotter than blue blazes so I stay inside.  I'm trying to get motivated to keep on making piles but just can't catch the right mood.  I have a bunch of things for sale but it's a buyer's market  and very sketchy and nothing I can count on until the spirit moves.  And it usually does.  Out of my hands.

I'm still wonky but I'm sure the heat has a lot to do with it.  Well, that plus juggling blood pressure.  Not whining, it just is what it is.  I just got a call from a lab person who is trying to be proactive on a scheduled 24 hour computer downtime which is a nightmare.  Everything is ordered run and reported manually and then you have to go back and enter results after the fact.  A couple of hours now and then is okay but 24 hours????  Bless all their hearts.

I'm finally healing up from that window diving the other day but still don't have a key.  I can lock myself in at night but from the outside I'm screwed.  And so it goes.

Keep the faith kids ^j^