Monday, September 26, 2016

every dog has his day

 I hope you are all incredibly excited about the debate because I am not.  To think that these two people with their transparent lives are going to duke it out on live TV makes me sick because really?  If you don't know by now, why bother.  It's not like there were a slew of viable candidates.  I predict the GOP will swing Hillary's way.  We shall see, as they say in the Bible.  

Larry the brindle pit has become a fixture at my house which is nice for a visit but um, go home dude.  He has also visited the end of the lane where chickens lives.  He's still alive so I reckon he didn't kill any of them.  This is the dog I named Billy during the estate sale and later found that he had a name.  I got in touch with one of his people today and said let's fix this thing.  It took five phone calls just to make that connection a mile down the road.  Lerd.

Speaking of phone marathons, I called to make an appointment for DSL repair this  morning because the gigs are steady burning on the badass phone.  I got somebody in the Southwest region who couldn't handle my billing adjustment question and got transferred three times.  Never one to give up easily, I hung up after an hour with an appointment for cable replacement and the resolve to get justice.  When I got home I called Mary and we hashed it all out about the outage adjustments and whatnot.  Plus the fact that UVerse is not available even though I'm a cell and TV customer.  She marked that as "important."

So the buzz is now that corporate is kind of circling the wagons and the divesting of more facilities is "to be continued."  Wayne Smith, bless his heart, only got his usual whatever millions last year and no raise.  Here's a news flash dude....neither did I.  And I haven't seen one this year either.  I understand that you're in bad financial trouble.  The whole world knows it!  Just remember that a whole shitload of people are in the trickle down of how you handle this divestiture of  what Old Hoss would call "A  bad move."  The sheer magnitude of debt that was the HMA merger was more than the industry can sustain at this point.  There are strengths to many networks such as Tennova if they are free to capitalize on what CHS was originally about.... quality rural healthcare.   We don't need to be a flagship here in the 'burg.  But we've got the talent to make good things happen.  Tick.Tock.

Today's totem was none other than the sly Mr. Fox whom I thought was Larry except the tail was bushy and he jumped like a quick brown one.  That was right after raccoon.  Hopefully with the cool down there will be no more armadillos.  

Y'all keep the faith.  

Sunday, September 25, 2016

hotspot redux

My phone bill doubled this past month due to replacing a lost "device" for BG and using my own device as a hotspot for a week.  This was not the fault of the guy who came a week after I called to fix the  line which took half a day, bless his heart.  He said somebody would be by soon to bury it.  Um.  The line made it through Mayberry's first mowing because I gave him a heads up.  Yesterday, it was different guys and they didn't have a clue.  Thus, line cut to pieces.  I do have the nice man's number who fixed it last time and will be giving him a call.  This time he won't have to cut the bushes away from the box on the house.  Little things.

The Johnson family have been my neighbors my whole life.  There's an entire village between Pecan Lane and Casa Grands on the right side of the road. Out mayor lives in the first house set back from the road closer to the river.  She sees water out the back door lots of times.  There is a lot of family drama swirling right now on their side of the road and I feel for them.  With one family member on hospice care and another between nursing homes, it's a hot mess.  Poor David doesn't understand why he can't watch TV ( it was cut off ) in his trailer with no windows.  I found him pissed off on the road yesterday with a phone book, ranting about his brother.  Just remember guys:  He ain't heavy.....

His particular situation highlights the flaws in our mental health system with particular emphasis on long term care.  Thousands of people deal with this dysfunction on a daily basis because there is no help outside what insurance will pay.  When they're done?  You're out on your ass.  I still owe a local home money for when my Mama landed there two years ago out of Medicare $.  Maybe the Chinese billionaire will change his focus from the gaming industry to quality care. could happen.  

Larry the dog has taken up residence here but I'm not feeding him or letting him in.  He belongs to the guy at the very end of Samaria Bend to the right who owned the GREAT DANE who got Faith pregnant when she was 10.  She developed pyometra and died within a year of giving birth.  When she was sick, BG and I took her to the hospital in the Camry and Cassie Rae came out and drew her blood!  White count was 60K and never budged.  She was my special girl and I miss her still yet I see her gentle spirit in granddaughter Sophie.  

I was in bed way before dark yesterday just because I could be and slept for over 12 hours.  What a blessing to be able to rest.  The house is still a mess but the laundry is getting done and the rest will follow.  I've got nothing but the rest of my life.  

love thy neighbor ~

Saturday, September 24, 2016

major tech fail

My internet went out about a month ago which involved a guy coming out to lay cable from the cornfield to the box.   It never got buried and was cut today by the yard crew.  I think it's time to shop because using a Samsung as a hotspot is not in the budget.  

The critters woke me up around five and I piddled until Kroger opened so I could get some decent food.  There is a roast in the oven that I'm sure will be enjoyed by all.  If you're hungry you know where I stay.  The front desk doesn't open until 9 so I had an intense conversation with Western Union by phone over my internet failure.  Girl gave me six bucks off of the usual 12 for wiring to Jackson.  Bitches have my number and everything.  

After that I went down to Heaven Cent to pick up my family memorabilia that accidentally got hauled.  It was in a little room all safe and sound.  The dreadlock guy carried it to the car and Bobby Dean brought it in for me.  Currently it sits on a nasty ass floor.  Maybe I can work on that.  DG told me he bought the fireplace for his house.  That made me smile really big.  "Have a blessed day" he said.

So.  As of today Norman Rockwell is on the way to Medford thanks to an incredibly gracious UPS salesperson.  She even offered to repack at no charge.  Customer service..that's what's up.  Last time I looked I'm working for China.  How about you?

November 8, 2016.  Speak your mind. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

the afib flutter

Linda Sue returned to work today following her heart episode which she thought was resolved but um, no.  About middle of the day she started getting in a twit and there it went like a house on fire.  She has only been on the meds for two days and it takes time and tweaking to get things right.  If that doesn't work, there's ablation.  I heard that her words to the ER doc were "I'm so mad I could SPIT!"  I bet girl, I bet.  The sawmill is stress enough but her plate is full of family stuff too, bless her heart.  We expect our cures to be quick and easy when actually they're a process.  Removing stress is the absolute key to healthy living, no doubt.  

I was working today and all of a sudden had a teary moment remembering the remodel of this housed 28 years ago.  We started in October  and by the time it snowed Daddy was painting and hanging wallpaper.  I will never forget the first cardinals in snow.  Lord, what a sight.  It was April when we moved in with a truck load from GAFCO bought with the sale of our house on Tickle.  We made 5K and spent every penny of it furnishing this place.  Now, there's nothing left but the antiques and a few hand me downs.  

Even though I sold the super gigantic heavy dresser I've been adjusting to the one from my father's room which, still, smells like him.  I catch a whiff now and then.  I don't need a ten foot wide mirror.  I need "little boxes" that are organized to where I can find my shit when I need it.  Fortunately I have piles and piles of them.  

Happy Friday from me and the critters.  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

the better to see you with, my dear

I finally quit procrastinating and got my eyes checked last week.  I had noticed that my far away vision like when driving was um..not very good.  The specs that I picked up today fixed that for my drive to Jackson.  As usual, nothing worked out as planned and my BK petition to get a car was postponed again until October for some more number crunching.   As I was emptying my stuff to go through the detector I noticed a familiar face standing nearby, none other than Robert Moore doing federal courthouse duty.  I wondered where he went!  The lady in front of me remarked on how fancy the official BK courtroom is considering all the people who come there are broke except for the attorneys.  Just a little bit of overkill on the decor, ya know?

I walked with attorney back across the courtyard where the (not so) trusty Camry was parked and we chatted about a few things.  She is an old family friend as well so we all know each others' business.  Her brother Tony was pallbearer for not just one but BOTH of my parents.  Then I headed up Highland to pick BG up for birthday lunch.  She had her mind on a good burger so we tried Red Robin and I was in awe of how good a real burger tastes.  Plus....bottomless fries.  Neither one of us could eat the whole thing so she went home with leftovers.  Black and die for.  

My usual route to and from her house is blocked totally for construction so I did a few back turns both going and coming.   At one point we ended up heading north to whatever town is next and did a U turn to get back on track with the by-pass as our guide.  Nothing but time on our hands.

And yes, it's still 90 with no relief in sight until the first snow falls..that's  how we roll in Tennessee.  Wearing a sweater to homecoming is no longer a thing.    I noticed Larry the dog hanging out at Poopie's Pet Hotel this morning so Sophie is grounded until her time is past.  

Let's think positive on that one.   ^j^

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

the sting

Tomorrow is not only BGs birthday but also the first day of fall.  Not that you can tell it by the weather around here. It's freakin' hot as hades still.  I have a continuous problem with wasps around here and have been stung twice in a week most recently today when I walked in the back door and grabbed something.  Little shits are sneaky when they hide.  Ice and tobacco are a band-aid and ease the pain a little.  I wonder what, if any, good purpose they serve in this world?  

All the little tiny bugs are everywhere too, even inside.  I chased one down at work and smacked him on the keyboard.  There has been heavy fog the past two mornings so I have to take it slow to avoid deer and whatnot.  Bev said they've had mice since the corn shelling but i reckon Lily is TCB around here.

One of the things that I've come to believe with all my heart is that karma is powerful and that doing no intentional wrong and paying it forward are ways to manifest personal wellness.  It will return to you when least expected which is why I try not to expect anything from ANYBODY and be tickled when a gift comes my way.  

Which brings me around to police shootings.  I love cops....absolutely adore the ones who care about folks and truth, justice and the American way.  I know that right now they're all scared the hell to death which is an atmosphere that makes for much quicker and deadlier mistakes.  The reason for this, IMO, is the media.  Yes.  Black lives matter.  Yes, there are bad cops.  It's not all about being black when your rights are taken hostage by an officer of the law.  Or when they shoot you and you have a gun next to the book you're reading.  The whole world is on edge from Aleppo to Charlotte and playing quick draw on either side doesn't help.  

I am watching with interest as the dynamics of corporate change due to an Asian investor.  It hasn't done much for the stock price which was 9 to him because "mega! buy!.  The guy who brokered the whole HMA fiasco has cashed in and is probably in Fiji on MY spot leaving me to deal with Chinese bosses.  Lerd.  Also, in my humble opinion, at least the worker bees should know what's up.  There are 5K in the Nashville area alone.  There is also a new construction planned in Antioch for corporate everything as part of a project on a century farm.  How sad is that.  

I love my job and most of the people I work with.  They are my family away from home, and most days my only human interaction unless somebody drops by the house.  Patients are precious and even when they're a hot mess, they are our job.  We all have stories, lerd.  But because the federal government assures the patient a right to privacy, those stories are told anonymously while we regroup from the trauma of dealing with the walking wounded.  

Thirty two years ago today I had been sent home from the hospital in "false" labor that ended about 24 hours later with the birth of Lauren Elizabeth Parker, aka LP and Apostrophe. 
The epidural worked well and I couldn't feel my feet until the next morning.  I remember Mary Stuart asking me if it was forceps or more pushing and I screamed "get it!".  She was wet and ugly like all babies when they're born but truly a miracle.  

She is my only child and was the only grandchild until about 8 years ago.  In other words, she grew up totally being the shit with her Memaw and Grandaddy.   On a very long road trip to Padre Island when she was 2, I remember her sitting quietly in the back seat with Aunt Nez who had no legs, a bedpan and lasix on board.  UCMTSU

Got an appointment in Jackson tomorrow.  Holla :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

the perfect meme

In early social media days there was a lot of copy and paste type deals where you tell about yourself in a list of things like favorite food, etc.  Boring as hell, and I admit I did it on more than one occasion.  Trust me..nobody reads them.   My first few years as a blogger were rather rant driven so it wasn't until I left Poop Happens that I began to see my blogging as THE story of my life.  Thus, the rambling resume as template for the golden years ahead.

I love to cook but haven't had a dishwasher in years and it's just me so there you go.  I learned from my mother all southern and gracious and deep fried and decadent.  For years I carried around a high cholesterol and triglyceride because my husband liked to fry everything and smoke pork.  Once I started eating lighter, that went away and so did the blood sugar hovering at high normal with the HA1C.  Now I eat when I'm hungry and pick what I want instead of just shoving down the usual. Tonight's menu is a chicken kabob from the famous Dodger store.  

Just got off the phone with friends who lift me up and help me believe that it's all good.  I refuse to be any other way, ya know? There is no future in negativity and control.  I need to save my money for a badass camera but I keep spending on little pleasures like handmade soap from Epiphany Soapworks in Newbern.  

Nothing else new in this neck of the woods.  Carry on ~