Saturday, February 18, 2017

blogging for babies

It's been forever and a day since I've been to a baby shower.  Today was an exception for Heather and Joe and AJ.  They picked up BG and I caught up with them out in the boonies.  There was lots of food and woman talk with several generations swapping stories about this or that baby and their mama'n'them.  Mama Brock and cousin Cindy pulled it off in style and a good time was had by all.  Thank the lord for GPS or I would have missed the spot.  

On the way home we passed the site of where Heather's great grandmother lived until a huge tornado took out the house and killed she and her son.  There were probably 15 more people killed that night as the twister tore across that part of the county.  A Methodist church was destroyed along with a whole BUNCH of houses.  There is a new home going up in the exact spot where the Hickmans lived and as I glanced over the hills and ponds I shuddered.   Great grandma was at the shower after all.

There also happened to be a cousin who's about to pop and then BG right out the gate.  We had private girl conversations about what happens to your body and such.  Everything was sweet and I enjoyed every minute of that time with our families.  
Baby Daddy disappeared and stayed gone past curfew and still had BG's bag in the car so we were like "dude...where you at."  It was almost dark and I don't do curvy roads after sunset.  Just sayin'.   Heather used to live on Lenox Nauvoo where the gullies are lined with kudzu.  Scared the crap out of me.  

We had to laugh at Miss Jane fussing about George's stubborn side because he sounds just like Daddy was.  Ornery and always right.  Joan was looking good too.  She caught me up on Vicki's current treatment plan. It sounds promising.

This morning was warm enough to do some outside chores and just explore.  I found myself in the yard of the famous red log cabin enjoying flowers that my Daddy has planted over the years.  I know where all mine are mostly, but it's an adventure watching his stuff come alive and ready to transplant! Speaking of which tomorrow is separate crowns day for the asparagus so if you feel froggy come help and bring compost.  My old ass is too old to be digging in the barn.  

Enjoy the moment ~

Friday, February 17, 2017

falling from grace

I am a  pure klutz and will admit it any day of the week.  During my 62 years I've had numerous collisions with door facings because I wasn't paying attention.  I think that's what happened when I hit the floor last night landing flat on my back.  Thank god my head didn't smack and I lifted it up to find that my mid-back was hurting like BAD.  I crawled into bed with the dogs and heating pad and this morning it was even worse.  Like "hurts to breathe" worse.  I'm not an alarmist and since I was able to get up and about and make it to work I figured i'd save a thousand bucks on an ER visit and go see Tracy if it doesn't resolve.  RICE.  It feels better to keep  moving because I'm stretching out all that damaged fascia.  Right Gay???

I'm not at all sure what's going on with the Trump train but I did see a baby named after him on FB today.  The child was wayyyy more cute.  When your hand picked advisor tells you thanks but no thanks, it's time to get down to business.  Nobody is with you fool...nobody.  The ones who are think they'll get something out of it and most likely will.  When I saw the name Petraeus on the short list and remembered what happened up in there, I knew we were in trouble.  One day at a time kids.  You never know what Big Ernie has in mind for a grand finale.  
Time to get the pillow situated for more internet fun.  Hope your weekend is filled with happy things even if you're working.  It's just another day of the week to corporate.  

Grace ~

Thursday, February 16, 2017

today's lesson

I just had a conversation with a young lady who works for DirecTV ( part of the ATT family, you know ) about early cancellation charges for my contract which still has one year.  I never watch it and am paying for DVR and a 2nd receiver.  I pay them ever so often and still don't watch but I know I have to ride out the contract.  I just want to make it basic.  She quoted me a figure plus the amount past due on the account BUT she suggested that I not take that route because the remainder of the contract not paid by the early termination fee would then go to collections.  WTF?   It's my bad that I got the contract to begin with.  At that time I had no Netflix and BG was still living here.  Shortly after that, everything changed.  

So, I still owe the court 25 bucks for not wearing my seat belt but that will have to wait until payday.  I'm straight with the IRS since they kept my refund.  Rent is current until March 1st.  Utilities paid.  Dentist and propane guy paid.  Baby steps to prosperity ya'll.  I do owe a couple or three medical providers but that's gonna' have to wait until the budget gets worked out.  I've been told that those don't have an effect on credit scores now, as if mine is anything but "poor."  You can't get more meager than being 2 years into bankruptcy.  

My phone rang today at the sawmill and it was some odd number so I didn't answer.  Usually there's no voicemail but this time there was.  When I listened it was some little kid telling me to call them because they call me ALL the time and I don't answer.  He sounded like maybe 3 or 4.  For some odd reason that made me smile.

It's pretty.  Time to play outside.  That is all ^j^

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

baby steps

I got off a few minutes early today so I took advantage of the sunshine and visited a couple of car lots.  I saw one that I liked but it requires like 1800 down which I totally don't have so there you go.  I'm about to decide that it might be better to put some serious money into the Camry and drive it 'til the wheels come off.  Note to self: Get estimates.  I cruised through downtown to pick up a new shovel and some bales of straw for the huge upcoming asparagus project.  It feels really strange to be planting something this early and I'm not real convinced it's going to bear this year but, it's worth a try.  It gives me something to focus on besides who's playing footsie with Putin today.  

It doesn't seem that far fetched to me really.  This dude lied about his contact with Russia PRIOR to the election that shocked everybody when Trump actually won, electorally so to speak.  At that point there was already speculation that Russia was involved in our political system in a way much more sinister than we believed.  And there sits poor little Snowden waiting to leave the country because he told the truth about his own.  How sad.

It's time for the man to put the showmanship aside and get down to business with the American people.  If not, step aside and let somebody else do it only not Pence.  Please not Pence.  I'd take a moderate conserative any day of the week and say thank you if we can just create a bit of order out of all this chaos.  Mitzi said it's end times.  

The lab baby Maverick came by for a visit with his Mom today and slept through the entire thing.  He's a big old boy but a good baby she says.  Even though he's #5, she would go for six, she said.  OMG.  What a woman.  I also ran into an old friend who was interpreting for a Hispanic couple having #9.  

It's still chilly and windy but the next few days look promising for outdoor play.  By the time I dig through that bed I'll be covered in mud and straw.  My partner in crime is none other than the most famous organic gardener in West Tennessee who was taught by her father the old school way.  RC Donaldson was his name.  Lake county gentleman.  I gave her my Daddy's old ag books and she lit a candle for him on top of them the night he died.  

Also, Sophie needs a vet visit.  Her nails are so long she can't walk well and even though I've wormed her she's showing bones.  The boys are both so old and such road dogs that they don't really fit into the budget although Oscar could sure use a bath.  It would take a shot of Dilaudid to get him calm enough to be groomed.  

I'm glad yesterday is over because there was really a lot of flowers up on Facebook that weren't for me.  It doesn't bother me it's just a reminder of how single I am!  Thanks to essential oils and all natural soap, my skin is getting better. I finally feel a surge of energy and some sense of direction.  That's the cool thing about being led by the universe.  You never know what's right around the corner. 

Faith ~

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

the cracked pot

My mother gave me a book many years ago with that name, a story of faith and hope in the form of a Chinese folk tale.  It spoke to me then and still to this day helps me to realize that love and trust make anything possible.  It's in a pile "somewhere" in the house like everything else waiting to be resurrected.  I have the dining room blocked off from the dogs to get them used to not hanging out in there for potty stuff and so far there have been no accidents anywhere else.  It will take some tough scrubbing and possibly baby gates but it's gonna happen.  

My friend Mitzi delivered a baby gift today for Atticus J Deak, a hand made creation by her daughter Abbey.  It is to die for cute!  Heather and BG will be rolling into town this weekend for a shower so there's that to look forward to.  He's gonna' be a big boy they say.  That means he'll fit in just fine with the big dogs!  I ordered myself some Epiphany soaps and white sage as my own Valentine's gift and the soap came today.  The sage is probably still in Texas.  

I had random pecan pickers yesterday....a friend of a friend with her hub and two little kids.  In February no less.   I'm not sure how they made out but they sure looked like they were having fun.  It's sometimes hard to find a spot where toddlers can just run wild.  I told her to watch out for tractors.  

Thanks to Farmer Joey and Wade the asparagus bed is turned and there will be much thinning and transplanting in the coming weeks.  The season begins in mid-April and runs for about a month.  That bed was so tight it was about to choke itself out.  There used to be a fence by it when there was a horse or two and my mother the jokester made me a pic one time of the stallion eating my asparagus, in early photoshop fashion.  She dearly loved the computer and was never the same after losing her sight and that window to the world of creativity.  

On this day of love, always remember that it doesn't stop because circumstances change.  It's all we need, according to the Beatles.  


Monday, February 13, 2017

spring fever

So far ( fingers crossed ) we've had a fairly mild winter for which I am eternally grateful.   I still look forward to spring, though.  Love love love the flowers!  The ones in my yard are about ready to put on a show when it warms up for a few days.  I picked the one daffodil that was blooming and a bit of quince, baby's breath and forsythia.  

I went down to visit our mayor Mozella and found her resting peacefully watching TV.  We chatted and she seems to be feeling quite well.  There's a patch of daffodils on a bank directly across from the end of my lane that is covered in sticker bushes and who knows what.  I always admire them and today stopped and tromped through the muck to pick a bunch.  The whole time I was telling myself to stay away from the sharp stuff and I managed to get the job done without falling on my ass.  No doubt someone's home once sat there and they were planted by the lady of the house. That is fascinating to me.  

Soon it will be time to start digging at Casa Grands.  Last year at this time I was still in a fog from all the deaths and whatnot so spring kind of slipped by me.  I already have the crimson peonies out back and will have to wait and see what comes up down there next.  The entire edge of the yard is lined with daffodils among pine trees.  It's a sight to behold when they're in full bloom.   Hopefully the trailer thief won't be hanging around to bother me.  That STILL pisses me off.

Tomorrow is of course V Day which means women everywhere will receive flowers from their sweethearts.  My friend Mamye is working today and tomorrow at a local florist to help with their biggest day of the year.  Mine will consist of a glass full of buttercups picked by hand,  It's all good.  

Namaste ~

Sunday, February 12, 2017

day of thanksgiving

I'm trying really REALLY hard to be grateful for little things.  Today I said a quick prayer over Sondra's leftover burrito and carried on with the saving of lives which mostly just consisted of being available today.  That's okay....I'll take it.  I got time to visit with my friend Scotty who is soon to be living the dream on Hilton Head Island with his beautiful bride.  I am so happy for them!  She will be close to her family and THE BEACH!  Guess where I'm going next time I get a wild hair?

The sun is shining brightly with a breeze that's blowing the daffodils sideways.  I've seen a couple of buds but no blooms yet.  As much as I'd like to control things, it takes too much energy when you can just go with the flow and not try to anticipate every disaster.  A solid team will work together finding ways to get a job done.  That involves not only the workplace but in the community.  

Years ago generations of people lived in one house until they all died off.  The great American dream changed all that forever.  One old doc used to call it "the Chicago syndrome" when kids came from wherever at the last minute to try and run the show with elderly parents.  That was none other than Dr. J.R. Reynolds who also cried when my Uncle Jimbo died. 

Speaking of doctors, I've got an appointment with one to get the scope thingy done.  My friend Larry, on the other hand, is facing triple by-pass surgery the day before my little procedure.
To know him is to love him and we all need to give him a group hug.  Just saying.

I'm off tomorrow.  No plans or agenda which is nice.  My new self prefers to think of it as let's see what happens next.

And of course it will ^j^