Tuesday, March 31, 2015

the small stuff

I just got off the phone with my mother who wanted to know if it would be too much trouble for me to take lunch Thursday and return her home from hair. Bubba will have the front end just like on Sundays. Who knows when BG is off but the cadi is much more memaw friendly and was in fact given to us for that very purpose. Somehow I think it will all work out since I've scooped up her out of that Steel Magnolias beauty parlor for years with Glenda and Angel standing by. Oh, and Ms Barbara!

I got out and about in the Four Points area today and stopped by the diner with pool tables out back where Mary Lou used to serve the lunch crowd. Let's just say, call ahead. I played Trivia while the cook did her thing and headed on over to Gigi's house for a visit while I ate. She was ass deep in files from her business and is moving soon so there's a whole lotta' sorting going on. I sat with my back on Wayne's knees and inspected his poor little noggin where melanomas have been removed. More sun damage, especially on a bald guy. I told them about my actinic keratosis deal and we all agreed that the old timers wore long sleeves and hats for a reason. Just my luck...I'm moving to Florida and can't lay out.

Always the inquisitive rebel I'm looking quite closely at the Green Party candidate Jill Stein. If Senator Warren can convince the banks that they're not going to get another bailout and a healthcare environmentalist can make some noise, we might have a chance. Otherwise it's just more GOP bullshit. This Indiana thing is absurd. Ditto for Israel. We are not the world leader we once claimed to be but a country dependent on foreign trade agreements for survival. Our leadership has failed on many different levels and it's always partisan bickering and back biting that get attention. This time it's different y'all. Hide and watch.

Lily the kitty has sneaked her way up under the desk quietly so I guess she's hungry. And so are the dogs I bet. The official head count remains at 10 as of yesterday afternoon. Please call your local fosters and give them my number or else bring big bags of food. My address changed last year when corporate decided to (rightfully so) rename the little road formerly known as Council for the old horseman. This went to voter reg/911/everybody else official including the USPS. None of these folks had a problem with it but mapping systems are like "what?" Anyway, pizza guy is eternally lost on the way to my house.

Hosanna ^j^

Monday, March 30, 2015

chemical drift

That pretty green wheat I was enjoying just got a dose of fungicide and something or another which totally disrupted my day. According to Lorna it's a common courtesy for farmers to share with residents what days they are spraying up close to the homestead. I am surrounded folks. However it's warm and everything is blooming so I'll take it. Today was a Monday following a three night snoozefest with the dogs. Age is creeping up on me in spite of (sometimes)brave attempts to carry on like a mad woman. BTW, pesticides cause Alzheimer's and I'm gonna sue Monsanto. Any wildly liberal pro-bono lawyers out there? Case of a lifetime dude. Even the dogs are sneezing. God bless those puppies out there under the barn!

I get a bonus day off tomorrow which is nice because there haven't been many lately. As I was shuffling through the mandatory audit I noticed that more and more "others" are getting involved and trimming down the wait time. One nurse is working double duty between her former department and a new position. That, my friends, is teamwork. As I was signing out I noticed the signature of one of the last of the great MedSouth group. Dr A is still kicking along with DB over across the street. I'm thinking my next job won't involve spending 38 years in a rabid fight over turf for feeders. I will never forget how the highly political church of which I am a member sold me out to the highest bidder when their "mission statement" changed to transplant center. Yeah...you. My pension from them is with Wells Fargo so we'll see how long that lasts.

The whole thing began with a sale by the county of Dyer who couldn't begin to manage a hospital what with all the good old boy governance. Most of the employees supported Baptist Healthcare and that included physicians. Dyersburg was the one link missing in the Obion to Shelby run for both systems. MHS bid 10M over what Baptist was willing to pay and the rest is history. They kind of carried us until the livers and hearts got going downtown and then cut us loose. I'm not bitter, just realistic.

My friends Scotty and Janet are headed out to a new life at least for a week. We told him to be sure and ask the pilot for a med list. He is SO gonna' cry when he sees my present. My sick elder buddy is still sick and waiting for all the i's to be dotted so she can go somewhere to rest which is definitely something that doesn't happen in a hospital.

I'm headed to the barn to look for puppies. If I don't make it back call 911 ^j^

Sunday, March 29, 2015

damn skippy

My favorite character in the Stephanie Plum books is none other than Lula herself, she of spandex glory and a large appetite. It is through that series that I came to understand Stephanie's addiction to Tasty Kakes which the dolla' gentral started carrying when Hostess shut down. Now? I can't find them anywhere. I've already had my outing of the day which included a DG run as soon as they opened. Bedtime has been early lately, even before sundown. My body is still on winter time.

I sit here tapping away, only the second Sunday that I've missed eggs and doughnuts since Lori started. Daddy has new pants and Mom has more than she will ever wear so they just need some help getting their act together and making the earrings match. Plus she takes them giving brother and I Sunday mornings off. Win-win, if you ask me. Our traditional after church breakfasts have been all over the Dyersburg map. We started at Mel's Diner a little hole in the wall where the waitress just wanted a job where she could go to church. And you know what? That Easter Sunday Mel's shut down on Sundays forevermore. How's that for a miracle?

We also went through a Perkins phase where the tables were usually sticky but the food and people magnificent. I noticed in today's news that law enforcement is using the old hotel for emergency response training before it's torn down. Great idea! BG used to work the desk there and told me about duck hunters who stayed and actually cleaned their birds in the bathtubs causing major sewage problems. It was owned by a former co-worker who now makes his living doing plastic surgery. Go figure that one. How fitting that the new builders will be a CVS.

I actually SAW puppies yesterday moving around in the dark with the assistance of my handy dandy badass phone that is hopelessly cracked and not paid for. There is indeed a gray and white one and lord knows how many black ones. Pretty soon those 50 pound bags of dog food will last less than a week. I haven't heard if Sally has had her border collie babies but it's close to time. Hers are sold, while mine will be posted on every cute little puppy site I can Google. Hell I might even take them up to the gas and chicken store in the back of a pickup. It happens right there in South D'burg. As for me, I'm doing chair yoga and interpretive dance and listening to boy singing of the Mark Ronson and Maroon variety.

Like we say to the dogs "Y'all go outside and play it's PRETTTTTYYYY"

Saturday, March 28, 2015

customer ready

I hate the mall and hate to shop which is why I never have anything but scrubs to wear. Mama is an armchair shopper who has bought and returned more than I've ever even purchased. Last week on my day off Daddy asked me to take him to get pants for him and pajamas for her. Tippi took him instead and helped pick stuff out. Now, I know my mother like a book and I knew from the get go those pjs would have to be returned. Indeed, and her big idea was for me to hit JCPenney at door opening block buster savings time and exchange the jammies for Dockers. She's already ordered her pajamas by phone. Oh.My.Lord. I got there before they opened and notice a couple of gangstas' hanging out nearby in what was obviously a pimped up car. I locked the door, btw. There was nothing in there worth stealing except for my badass camera and that just wouldn't be a good thing to have it stolen right at the peak of spring.

I heard through the pipeline that my brother is about to be back on the air doing what he does best...being a weatherman in a different location. Some dreams just never die. I remember him as a kid with all his weather equipment and scanners being the keeper of his world and ours. He would rewire shit where something different would come on when the switch was pushed! While I was waiting for the mall to open I cruised over to where other brother works and got some gas. We chatted through the plexiglass window and carried on with our day...he at work and me running errands.

The wheat is a gorgeous backdrop to spring flowers and also looks pretty good to all the dogs. Chester and his red friend have been over today but still no puppies out and about. Ryder sleeps a lot when she escapes into our house away from those little cries. At times like these when the pure goodness and beauty of life pour out on me and give me strength I remember why I became a Christian. I was raised that way, of course, at the UMC on Main and McGaughey. Somewhere along that road to Emmaus it became real to me that the good news Jesus was sent to bring was all about love and tolerance and faith. Yet we deny belief in a loving God every single time we attack someone else for their religious beliefs. My personal belief is the Jesus was perfect and got treated like crap. He did miracles and showed everybody how to have fun and then an angry mob turned him over due to political pressure. Sound familiar?

We are in forward motion and that is a very good thing. It beats the hell out of re-living the past. Some artisan or another is at work in the to-die-for house which may be cabinet guy. It's gonna be a pure work of art when it's done, I'm saying. SD? Where you at?????

Friday, March 27, 2015

in a nutshell

Boy was I happy to get done with today's after work chores like getting a yearly gyno exam with my homies. They have a new building and the flow is better now. *snort* The receptionist played with the one baby present and I played Trivia Crack with Bekah only she was at home. Ah! The wonders of technology are many. It's better than having to carry a book around. I looked around at all the ready to burst preggos and remembered being that way myself 31 years ago. According to the biopsy I wasn't ovulating but six weeks later BG was on the way. There was no POC pregnancy testing then, only a blood one that took forever to run but was way easier than waiting for the rabbit to die. Gawd, I feel old.

Still no puppy sightings but I did find a couple of shoots in the asparagus bed so spring is coming just not this weekend. The bales are still getting hot and ready for planting during my vacay week. I'd rather go to the beach with Sugardaddy but that doesn't seem quite possible. Who knows? Miracles happen every day. Meanwhile, I'll keep the day job and play online like the hermit I am.

I'm creating a haven in my room which has been a royal disaster of Titanic proportions since um...about two years ago. I'm still sorting in the other rooms and cleaning floors in preparation for corporate's yearly visit. If I had paint I would spruce things up but well, you know. Meanwhile the dining room door is propped shut with an end table.

If there is one lesson to be learned with the mass killings of late it is this fact: Mental illness cannot be ignored. It is what it is and the system has a hard time keeping track of who's on what med and showing up to work after tearing up doctor's notes. Who gives an honest to goodness mental patient an excuse for work? In the freaking cockpit of a commercial jet? I see a pattern here that has been masterminded by self absorbed individuals like the Batman shooter with red hair. Or the one who killed all those kids and teachers, what's his name. The saddest thing of all about that one is that he got his weapons from his own mother's home.

I played cowboys and indians as a kid too so I realize that sometimes it seems like a game but the technology available now to all the whackos is just astounding. I got a friend request the other day from some guy that I feel sure was sitting at the cafe in Russia thinking I'm stupid. I may be a hot mess sometimes but I've never been stupid. Mr. Bruce said I was a genius and that's what counts. That plus I love kids and animals. And old people, oh how I love them. Looking back I see that every elderly person whom I befriended in the course of my job has prepared me for the death of my own parents. There was Miss Olive from England who regularly smoked ciggies and had three beers during cocktail hour. Me and work guy went to see her at the nursing home before she passed. I wanted to be at her service but it was private just for she and her hubby.

Seeing the anguish and suffering of so many families over the years leaves a mark no matter who you are or who your employer is. Some of us have been blessed beyond belief and failed to share in a Big Ernie kind of way. Jesus didn't ask for a lot of money, just belief in miracles. CAE is the most horrible troll EVER and never fails to jump on my cousin's dem~lib posts with all her Christian judgement. Remember the two political groups that were responsible for his death? *hint*hint* The Lenten season is headed toward Holy week. This Sunday little children all over the globe will wave palm branches in anticipation of the big Easter extravaganza where all the kids get new clothes and colored chickens that die. Hat tip to JenniferJ on that. Over and out from the lane. Try not to murder the Easter bunny on y'alls way home.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

from the heart

One of my all time favorite patients is with us again. We first met when her husband was dying and she told me she was JRD's mama, one of the hot hippie drummers in our high school band. Rumor had it that he stole my tape player but he says no! Anyway, we reunited as adults and carried on an intermittent friendship. He is a traveling salesman who looks ready to settle down and quit chasing the highway. A great GF and sick mom are reasons to stay close to the 'burg. He hates Obama more than most anybody I know and started on that Hitler crap before the last election until I just had to look the other way. There's a difference between poking fun and being a troll. I expect friends to respect my boundaries on that issue and religion.

It's cold and rainy again but we didn't get any tornadoes so that's a blessing. Tulsa was not so lucky. Oh, and now they say the co-pilot had "malicious intent". Normal breathing while he locked out the captain and crashed the plane. WTF? Jesus, it's like the total opposite of Left Behind. I guess even trained pilots can be bi-polar and have a death wish. Those poor people...sigh. Coming so soon behind the museum massacre I have to admit this shakes me to the core. I find it particularly ironic that post 9/11 security measures that allow no entrance from outside the pit are what did this bunch in. This jihad has been building for many years and the old profile of bearded militant middle easterners doesn't quite fit. People who are younger that my daughter are saying eff' it and joining the holy war.

Tomorrow is be good to me day with appointments scheduled for both mammo and pap. Next will be a trip to the dentist and after that glasses. I have put these things on the back burner due to time constraints and the always short supply of money. Plus, it's a chore. My eyesight is fairly good with reading glasses but it freaks me out to drive at night and stuff like that. Ryder and the others are chillin' on my bed while the puppies play or do whatever they do. Their eyes are open now and they are attempting to climb out of the hole. Another week and they'll be venturing out I believe.

I cry a little bit each day now, I suppose because I've finally slowed down enough to let the grief loose bit by bit. It's a cycle, life is. We dream and build and love and lose yet we do it anyway. Because you love who you love~John Mayer

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

follow that star

Damn you trivia crack! I have finally found game that's based on knowledge AND luck which is something that comes in handy for team building. Sometimes I think about who would be my ideal posse for survival. Definitely Shannon would be on it because she don't take no shit evah'. Then there would be Mahala who is already a survivalist over there in the holler and her friend Biff who has an unnamed position involving entertainment. Lorna would be there growing all our food in straw bales organically sound and free of pesticides and herbicides. I mean when a one dollar bottle of vinegar will do it, why bring out the Roundup?

So um, Ted Cruz has to sign up for Obamacare and this of course the fault of our POTUS, you see. That the government pays for their coverage if they disclose it is something voters should watch closely. The same should be said about big petroleum and such. These people do not have our best interests at heart y'all. It's like we're all caught up in this little rat maze of industrialized devotion to productivity as a goal for destroying the earth. Enough dammit! I'll probably get fired because I posted a piece on FB today from Slate which slammed hospitals as being the cause of our healthcare dilemma. NOT insurance or pharm, mind you. Hospitals can only do so much with a broken system. Those of us who work there do it because we enjoy being in relationship with those who are sick even when they spit on us and punch our lights out. Healthcare is an INDUSTRY just like all the others. The difference, as with all jobs, is that when our consumers come to us they are sick. Scooped up by EMS and transported to a badly abused ER to wait for a treatment plan. I can't tell you how many times over the years I've entered a room where the entire family plus Aunt Moses' cousin is hovered over grandma all frantic because she's 85 and dying. I will not be that lady. My daughter the BSW knows how I want to spend my last days and it sure ain't in a hospital. That's some great karma, don't you think? By then I'll probably be in the Keys if they don't break off and float to Cuba. Hell we could always build a boat.

So back to the dream team. I'd want my cousin Mark Agee simply because he's the ultimate left wing Christian and uses that mindset in the legal decisions that he hands down, I feel sure. Jesus would like that, especially during this Lenten season. I would also want other Mark just because he's a good hugger and has always had my back. Amy would be my lifecoach and Gay there for MFR. Joe and Drew and JenBWag always. I can't name everybody because I have sometimers. Speaking of which, there's a new ultrasound technique that breaks up amyloid plaque in mice that could totally cure it. The FDA could speed that up a bit if they wanted to, by the way.

My brothers have lived this farm with me and chosen different paths. Soon I will be faced with the same decision and something in me says that when my parents are gone, it won't be a long drawn out decision for us. There's already an exit strategy if you know what I mean. Meanwhile I am multitasking by blogging, playing Trivia and listening to music. I'm glad I lived long enough to enjoy all this. No wonder corporate says no electronics in the workplace.

It's a good damn thing I didn't put anything in the ground because there's a cold snap coming Saturday. After what we've experienced in the winter of 2015, I'll just sleep in and piddle until the sun comes out again and the puppies can crawl out of that hole.

Which will be soon ^j^