Saturday, October 22, 2016

in the garden

Today was up and at 'em at 5AM for sawmill duty.  I was met by Tim and Sherry and Nat and Tiffany *jesssusss*.  Marfie Sue was right behind us and on a mission.  It's her 45th class reunion and she's loving every minute of it.  That makes me happy, ya know?  There was no crisis of epic proportions so that's always a good thing.  That full moon was a bitch though!

I took my lunch break to visit Ronald's family at the parish.  After all these years I finally knew all their names when prompted including Walter from the great state of Florida. Brother of Ricky and Sonja.  Our mayor looked weak and fragile but was surrounded by a cloud of witnesses including Jean and Aunt Molly.

I had never met Ron Jr. until today.  As I was leaving I stopped to introduce myself and asked if any of the kids from Northview had stopped by.  "A few" he said.  He told me about a co-worker sharing that HIS kid had done a FB post about Mr. Ronald and his impact on youth.  He was a veteran and mentor.  Kickass griller along with his brother James Frank.  

The grandaddy of all this clan is Son Johnson who helped to build the dairy barn that sits atop Pecan Lane.  Daddy told me that he had a house on the hill (where the kudzu is) and built that barn and the silos from the ground up.  The two houses on our lane were already built circa 1918.  From there it turned into a huge farming operation that was purchased by a man who made a fortune off of a contract with the US government during WWI.  

There was a pond with swans in it right behind my house in the low spot and an asparagus field across the road.  Peonies every freakin' where according to Ms Mary.  There was a chute to send them down the basement steps to be packed for shipment. 

I realize the blessing that is knowing the history of a home that I have known for 61 years.  Every day that I watch the sun set over that bluff, I say a big fat thank you sweetbabyjeebus.  God is good. 

All the time ^j^

Friday, October 21, 2016

girl vs snake

He wasn't very big but sure did scare the bejesus out of me when I walked into the bathroom last night.  I was all ready to do the face wash lay down thing but I had to deal with this emergency first.  (Of course) I took his picture and by the time I returned with a towel for transfer he was on the other side of the toilet.  I got him in one determined swoop and could feel him wiggling as I held on running toward the door.  Out into the night with you serpent!  Go eat some mice.  

Larry is pretty much part of the landscape now because Brook is busy with work and her sick grandparents.  We stay in touch and assure each other he's okay.  Sophie adores him and the boys are warming up enough to let him eat on the porch.  It's cooled off considerably so that they can all enjoy being outside more in between naps on my bed.  These folks got it made.  Just saying.

I have another toothache so it's time to visit Dr. Bobby even before I've made the first payment on the root canal for the bridge.  Lerd.  It's better if I eat soft stuff.  Work was pleasant today with a chance for old friends to catch up on life.  We all know each other so well it's pitiful.  I told my story one more time today, and was heard.  Thank you for that opportunity to bond, dear Lord.  

Somehow I erased this first version of this post so these words will have to do.  Happy Friday even if you're working the weekend.  Which I am.  

Faith ~

Thursday, October 20, 2016

busy busy

Right after my alarm went off this morning I got a text from my boss about a timekeeping question.  I was up anyway but GAH.  I was first in line at the ortho guy's office which he shares with general surgeon guy, both of which treated my parents at the end.  I stayed pretty angry for a little bit over Daddy's predicament but then I realized that everybody did the right thing trying to save him, but that's what killed him.  Mom's was just a big old hot mess of CHF and broken bones.  A LOT of broken bones.  The first I remember was her foot from wreck #2.  Osteoporosis was a big factor.  Anywho, the doc did a thorough range of  motion exam on knee and shoulder and ordered an x-ray.  Thank the lord it wasn't an MRI or CT.

I got through there quickly and headed to the courthouse to vote early.  Only I was early myself and it was 12 minutes 'til opening time.  Well, crap.  Time to go Krogering and swing back by.  Paid the light bill too.  My last stop was at a local upholstery shop to get a quote on caning chairs.  He and I stood out in the street in front of Pennington's watching a cop hemming in a supposed person of interest.  They were talking nice but the boy looked scared shitless.   I could hear the wind chimes inside Mike's store playing their little songs in the breeze.  I've spent the grocery money in there many a time and also with Bill Newsom and Randy Burns.  

Of course I didn't watch the debate but I hear old Donald nailed his foot to the floor while everybody said "told you so."  There were two pages on my ballot today and several names that I knew.  I felt empowered knowing who Jill Stein is and what she stands for.  Same for Hillary and Adrian.  Traffic was heavy and that's a good thing, though I do believe I saw a lot of Trump folks tromping in and out.  There were three of 'em waiting for the doors to open!

My neighbor and Larry's mama is having an episode with her grands that's just worrying her death.  Her grandpa has end stage lung cancer with a prognosis of three months to live.  The oncologist offered a "glimmer" of hope as in low dosage in a not so palliative way.  The end of life folks always have my heart.

Hospice ~

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

there is no I in team

Team building and problem solving are two of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry.  Clinicians are quick to burn out when on the front lines and usually corporate could care less as long as they don't lose perks or shareholders.  There's an O for every little detail of the entire operation with dozens of divisions mixed in amongst it.  In our case, the hospital is owned by a financially troubled company that went way too far into debt to get too big to fail.  Yet, fail they did. They are now in the process of reorganizing things into parcels that will survive, some of them.  The ones that have an acute care facility within 30 minutes and two in-patients will go, as they should.  Every little burg needs a top notch ER and transfer capabilities that are dependable to handle trauma and obstetrics and surgery.  ICU beds.  To have a patient mix like ours which consists of lots of ER abuse and end stage everything as in-patients makes money but it's also kind of a clusterfuck at times.  I don't pretend to be an expert on these things.  I just have an opinion based on 39 years in the hospital as a loyal employee.  

My worries about the future of Tennova are zero at this point because Dyersburg will always be a dot on the West Tennessee map.  My disillusionment is not with the local leaders but with those at the next level who let employees and the community sit in the dark while they spin deals.  We deserve to know what the plan is.  One of the biggest industries in Newbern just shut their doors and put 58 people on a hunt for jobs.  Around here, there ain't many.  

I've got a doc's appointment in the AM for evaluation of left shoulder/right knee plus a long list of shit to do.  I'm working this weekend so Kimmmaye can go to Florida with hub on a golf trip.  Girl had no clue she was headed straight toward where Matthew hit!

Keep thinking positive.  And keep the faith ^j^

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Deborah Lee and Ronald

KY cousin Debbie and I were inseparable as kids because our mamas pawned us off on each other on many occasions.  She lived in town and had neighbor kids to play with like the Troys a house or two down.  All I had was cows and whatnot.  Their house on St. John was state of the art two story clapboard with a guest house in the back.  After they sold it to the Hutchersons, I attended many a party in that little house out back as a teenager.  By that time the Godseys had moved two or three times.  They never stayed anywhere long because they were old school makeover folks who put blood sweat and tears into every home they bought and then flipped it.  The last one I remember, which they never lived in, we referred to as the "new old house" on Main Street in Newbern.  I was invited to explore and still have several items that I scavenged like a pink depression glass bowl.  

Jimbo the builder taught his oldest daughter to embrace the joy of creating things like stained glass and furniture and pretty homes.  Her house sat right next to the railroad tracks and when the train went by you might as well stop the conversation 'til it passed.  She cooked often and we raised our kids together, with her two boys being the brothers she never had.  They moved to KY and bought a to die for house and the whole thing came unraveled.   

Later she married Ronnie who was truly the love of her life.  She had copd and CHF and was on a hefty dose of lasix to keep things under control.  Her application for disability was almost two years old when she died unexpectedly at the age of 56.  Her beloved Ronnie had been hospitalized in Paducah and she had laid off the diuretic so she could get him to the hospital and back for Protime checks.  Her knees were so bad that she was using a wheelchair to get in and out of the clinic with him.  

Deb was always watching cooking shows like Iron Chef and was doing just that the last time we talked.  She shared with me that she had been off the lasix and gained 20 pounds and my radar went off.  "You cannot do that" was my reply.  She promised to get back on the regimen and we went on to do other things on an ordinary afternoon.

The next day I was at work when I spotted Mo in the waiting room of the lab looking pretty distraught.  Nic was with her and he was morose as well.  As she sobbed, we gathered each other in arms and she whispered to me that her sister was dead.  Our sister.  I was in shock and wailed like a banshee.  Later, I ended up on my mama's floor with my head in her lap getting rubs.  It rocked my world.  So did the deaths of Katherine Anne, Mark and Donna.  Mark was mid fifties and the girls were early sixties.  Both of them died at the same age as their father who had a hereditary disorder which they got.  

My neighbor Ronald passed away from cancer and I'm glad I went to visit him last week.  He was in pain and suffering a lot so I didn't tarry.  At least he knew that I cared enough to stop by.  Family and all that.  His service is Saturday and even though I'm working I'll take lunch for visitation at St. Mary's Episcopal.  Some things you just make a way to do.  

I must admit that I always took family for granted as long as my parents were alive.  Now that they're gone, it's up to me to be the elder and try to find the courage and grace that they had somewhere deep inside of my soul.  

And it shall be, always thus and so ~

Monday, October 17, 2016

groundhog day

i'm pretty sure that's the mystery critter and I got a closer look this morning because dude does not run very fast.  He also made no attempt to get out of the way as if leading me toward my day.  I'll definitely have to google that one for wisdom as I burn white sage.  I know, right?  Hippie or what.  We were talking at work today about my rebel side and Kimmaye said I had flower power.  Most people call it an opinionated lady with a side of kindness and love.  For the life of me I cannot understand why people don't "get" that not only is global warming real but it's now irreversible.  When the bees die, there is no food.  That's how we get into the Hunger Games .thing.  I sincerely hope I'm in heaven before that happens.  

I have always been very focused on family because we have strong bonds that have held way past the grave.  I still have cousins and an aunt and brothers and a daughter and niece and nephew plus a kazillion friends so there's that big huge blessing.  Nobody can understand what it was like to be there like somebody who was there with you', I feel badly for BG in that respect as an only.

Gratitude ~

Sunday, October 16, 2016

going nuts

Most of the good papershell trees are barren this year but there's random wild ones here and there that are loaded.  Years ago I would get on my hands and knees or sit and pick in a circle around me.  Pecans have always been a part of my heritage.  The ones at the cabin did not bear and they're really good nuts.  After that, you bag 'em up in burlap and take them either to Pennington's or Bobby Lowrance out toward Tatumville.  His operation has a blower which makes the picking out MUCH easier.  

When you live in an orchard or grove like I do poachers are always a nuisance.  One time this drunk guy got dropped off by his buddies to wander around with a plastic bag and he ended up on my doorstep asking for a phone and being all pissy like drunks will do.  Another time this old man who came every freaking day had a passing out episode right across from my house and I called 911.  This ornery bastard got back in his truck after they checked his vitals and took off through yard to get around the emergency vehicles and high tail it home.  The EMT said he knew better than to try and stop him!!!!

Down the road is a Hycan tree which is a hybrid kind of thing and quite strange looking.  There are walnut trees in the neighbor's yard.  It's comforting to think that I know the location of every field road and tree around these parts.  That's what comes of living the dream.  

Corporate is coming this week and I'm ready except for a futon laying in the yard.  I have to say that this old house has come a long way.  Taking advantage of two nights' rest, I tackled the dining room floor this morning with door wide open and frequent empties of the mop bucket.  It still needs another going over to be barefoot worthy as do all the other floors.  

So UT got their ass kicked by Alabama yesterday.  Back in the day we would watch that game at Sap's and Bolte would ring the bell every damn time AL made a touchdown.   How annoying!!  Everybody wore orange and it was one big happy drunken party.  Good old Rocky Top.

The moon was amazing even though I didn't stay up late enough to see the whole show.  It rose big and orange and full over the golf course next to the old barn out back.  A sight to behold, no doubt.  

Believe ~