Saturday, September 23, 2017

the next right thing

Sorry for delayed communications on the birth of Reaves.  It's been a long week getting her here and Lauren recovering.  Reaves is still in the light box getting her jaundice treated and Lauren has a friend spending the night to help with feedings and such because of a c-section. I'm home for the evening and back there tomorrow for discharge and homecoming.

Jackson Madison County Regional is an excellent well staffed facility.  Their employees are pleasant and dedicated to a quality experience for not just the patient but family as well.  I was there as my daughter's advocate and we stuck together for five days without killing each other.  We both cried now and then and felt sorry for ourselves.  I watched, as a healthcare provider, how the whole thing operates on a larger level than where I work.  There are stories of random acts of kindness and people watching that will be shared as I remember them.

The most important thing is that after four days of labor, Reaves was born healthy.  I attended my first live c-section as the end of coach duty.  It was straight out of Grey's Anatomy, just saying.  After some time in recovery following several days of L/ D ( thanks y'all ) we shuffled on into a mother baby unit where all went well until the bilirubin shot up and Lauren got a spinal headache.  I'm home for the night and heading back tomorrow for the transition to Aspell.  When I left Reaves was still nekkid and under the strobe lights but right there with Mom and her tribe. And you know what?  I can't wait to see that mean mug again ^j^ 

Monday, September 18, 2017

the moneychangers

I had to break down and ask my brother for a loan until payday and he helped a girl out even though he's bewildered how I can't make ends meet with my "big fat salary."  I am not nearly as frugal as he is plus I tend to get off point with bookkeeping.  I almost had a stroke when I saw a year's worth of webhosting charged to my card by GoDaddy.  There's got to be another way and I have, indeed, moved it to Blogger so it's once more a work in progress.  I doubt there will be much time for that in the near future what with Reaves coming around the bend.  

I could have sworn I saw the Camry thief on a bicycle this morning hidden behind the gas station where I stopped for a biscuit.  Gotta' check out mobile patrol just in case he got sprung and we can get restitutution...ha.  I felt dizzy and nauseous all day and managed to get my meds picked up so maybe that will help.  Must have Celexa or turn into a hysterical banshee.  I can tell a difference without the levothyroxine as well.  My TSH is up and that causes things to be wonky too.  

It's still as hot as hades around here and I feel so bad for all those water logged folks in the hurricane areas who have no power and standing water.  They are coming back slowly but surely but it will be a very long process.  Meanwhile two more are swirling around out there.  

I remain faithful, in spite of the way I feel right now because I know that "this too shall pass."


Sunday, September 17, 2017


As usual I had the details off and, as usual Wayne corrected me on the year of the horrible tornado.  Dates kind of run together now when I try to remember things.  All I remember was the terror of it and so many casualties.  I went out there with Gumbler while he was constructing the new cross and was amazed at what he was doing.  He was a part of another adventure when one night he was cutting a utility pole for a bonfire and it turned over on him trapping him in the ditch down the lane.  All kinds of folks came as first responders after he called me from the ditch in a plea for help.  The crew used pure strength to lift the pole up while others slid a piece of metal under him and pulled him out to safety.  They were prepared to give him morphine and transport but he got up and walked away like nothing happened.  He did have a couple of shots of Evan to calm his nerves.  

Lauren is still on hold until she hears from the doc tomorrow and has a shower today in Jackson thrown by her local peeps.  The BP is still kind of wonky but not hospital worthy.  Walgreen's gave her a reading of 160/105 on Friday which sent her to JMCGH emergency OB triage.  It was normal there.  Sometimes you just don't trust it unless it's done the old fashioned way with cuff and stethoscope.  Whatever happens we are T minus 2 weeks and counting.  

She was born on September 22nd after two days of sporadic contractions at home.  On the third day I showed up and told them I couldn't take it any longer which ended up with an induction and 12 hours of labor plus forceps.  My legs were numb until the next day and still swollen!

I've had two back to back 12 hour naps and done very little so my shoulder is not hurting today.  So, duh.  Rest is the answer only it's not possible when working full time. Catch 22.  I have all sorts of appointments lined up for the next two weeks and may or may not make them according to what baby Reaves does.  

So far there's no news on Barnabus the wonder dog who went missing on Friday.  Hopefully he will be found and get another chance at a forever home.

As for the nozy asses they're every freakin' where.  They meddle and stir and generally keep folks in a twit for their own pleasure.  I can't stand this kind of behavior.  Drama is not my friend.

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are and whomever you're with.  As for me, it's the critters on Pecan Lane.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

story time

I had every intention of loading up for a Jackson trip today but turned off the alarm and slept 'til 11.  Lauren and Reaves are both fine and it's just those last two weeks that are the most miserable.  This too shall pass.  Mitzi's creations are in the back seat ready for delivery.  My bag is half ass packed.  There is a pack'n'play and rocking chair in place at grammaw's.  

Mamye came by and we started swapping stories which led me to remember when William and Teresa bought a camper and it caught on fire while we were cleaning it.  The house almost went too but thanks to the DFD  it was saved.  All three of us bailed out the door at the same time.

Conversation turned toward nature events like Irma, Harvey and the big tornado of 2002.  It tore through Millsfield like the cat 5 that it was an killed a lot of people.  The cross on the bluff was destroyed and my friend Gumbler helped to rebuild it.  That was shortly before they found Karen Swift's body in the kudzu. That remains an unsolved crime.  Been watching Holly Bobo's killer and the trial.  If this guy doesn't go away for a long time, I don't trust the court system.  Big hole in the skull years later and a young girl dead with her stuff strewn everywere.  Nursing student, I believe.

Florida and Texas are still trying to deal with the infrastructure and public health crises that extreme weather events cause.  If my employer were to offer pay and travel costs for me to do relief work, I'd be there in a heartbeat.  Our sister hospitals could use somebody like me.  

I have a few other stories to expound on but I'll save them for another day.  Next up.....*nozy asses*

Friday, September 15, 2017

warrior women

Well, as things go it could be worse.  However I'm broke as a joke and have a daughter who's a week or so away from delivery who needs a visit from Mama.  And so it shall be.  My last check was short by a day which is "not a good thing" by any means.  I'm gonna' have to turn tricks to make it through until the eagle poops again.  I've always been resourceful with selling stuff but haven't had much time to concentrate on that what with all that is my life.  Even the 20 dolla' check for jury duty would help at this point.  My quarter tank of gas will get me to Jackson and back which is all that matters right now.

I'm wore ass out.  I got a hysterical call from the rescue dog's owner today that had had busted out and was missing.  I know that horrible feeling of not knowing where your furbaby is or what's up.  The day Sophie disappeared I knew it was a bad sign, especially when she showed up later and crawled under the porch the next day.  I'm thinking she got snake bit.

I am tough to a degree like my Daddy.  I call out to him in times of trouble and he usually shows up as a bird. While I realize that thousands of people are suffering from the hurricanes I still feel entitled to the weariness that is being 62, exhausted and out of options.  Faith keeps me going.  


Thursday, September 14, 2017

death and taxes

Well, the IRS caught up with me again and this time I thought I had my butt covered.  But no...after reviewing my 2015 return I found that I had not reported my retirement income ( again ) which means I now owe them 1200.  I thought for sure that the first time I got burned on that I corrected myself but that must have been in 16.  Sucks to be me.  I only got a couple of hunded back last year because of the same deal with 2014 so this time they'll get to keep it all.  Fine then.  We'll just keep swapping things out until I'm even.

I am taxed at the rate of around 13% which doesn't sound like much to the high rollers who pay NOTHING because of legal loopholes.  In other countries, an across the board tax rate not much higher than that subsidizes single payer healthcare for all citizens.  Our country is so screwed up with its' priorities.  To think that my tax dollars go to pay for some minion's honeymoon trip makes me sick.  I don't care if they did pay it back.....that's just wrong.  I bet there were no penalties and interest.  

We the (little) people deserve much better than we are getting from a government that blows money like no tomorrow.  Our voices are not heard and the clown who is president has made us a laughing stock around the world plus put us in all kinds of danger.    Rant over.

Today at the sawmill was just a day.  Not too bad but busy enough.  We work together well most of the time helping each other out to get the job done.  That's a team if I ever saw one.  To all my works ya. Mean it.

I'm on another "get a dog adopted" mission with a labradoodle and bull mastiff/lab mix.  He looks pure labradoodle to me so I guess the daddy had strong genes.  According to his owner he's sweet as pie and plays well with others.  Outside dog who needs room to roam.  Holla' if you know of anybody who might want him.  

Have a good ladies' night ^j^

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

the countdown

Evidently Lauren is developing pre-eclampsia per her doctor's visit today.  There will be blood tests and a 24 hour urine and then possibly induction after they talk on Monday.  Her blood pressure is elevated and there's some swelling but she's okay and getting excellent care.  Time will tell.  Reaves is already 8 plus pounds so she's locked and loaded.  

My FNP sold her business and moved back home to South Carolina so I met the new staff today for the first time and was quite impressed.  The fact that they take appointments is a major improvement.  Plus there's more than one practitioner.  Tracy is damn good but was killing herself seeing all that volume by herself.  I have new scripts for everything and go back in three months to recheck some things.  

As I was zooming up the lane I passed a black and white road kill victim and had to double back and make sure it wasn't Oscar.  Just a the middle of the road.  Remembet THAT song???

Y'all keep us lifted up with the delivery.  If all goes well, Reaves will be with us before her due date.