Saturday, June 24, 2017

new tricks

I was out and about this morning and stopped by the ATT store with a couple of questions one of which was why I couldn't receive texts from Bubba.  He can text me and we can call each other but his texts to me repeatedly don't arrive.  About five minutes with Nick showed me that I had inadvertantly sent a message from him to spam.  Mystery solved.  He also explained to me ( again ) how to upload those 900 pictures to the Google cloud so that they don't use up space on the phone.  That, as it turns out, is a very lengthy process the first time around.  I should probably wait and do that on somebody elses wifi since I can't get my home to connect with the phone.  I am IT stupid other than the basics.  

My friend Regina is out of intensive care but has a long road in front of her recovery wise.  She was as we say "dyin' sick".  By the grace of God her sister and brother in law checked in on her just in the nick of time to get her to ER for treatment.  A few more hours and she would have been gone.  Family members are with her around the clock urging her to be still and heal which is not easy for her.  She is confused and has no idea how she got where she is.  My heart aches for all of them.  

Since it's cooler I decided to tackle a few weeds in the asparagus bed and gave up pretty quickly because they're six feet tall.  Hopefully the asparagus will survive in that jungle to come back next spring.  I've resigned myself to having just a couple of squash and tomato plants for all that work.  Maybe next year.  

I've made it through 3 weeks of jury duty with no call in so I'm halfway through with that.  Note to self last night was :  "Call TJ"  Car thief is still in jail and his charges probably went to the grand jury last week.  I'm assuming he's either mentally ill or an addict or both because he did a lot of stupid stuff for not much personal gain.  Once again I give a big high five to the IT and security departments at the sawmill and also the DPD.  This guy who have been thieving for weeks was caught within 24 hours of taking my car.  

Have a lovely weekend y'all.  

Friday, June 23, 2017

with a whimper

Cindy passed through West Tennessee this morning with heavy rain but not the 5 inches predicted....only 2.5.  While that's not great for a crop right now, it could have been much worse.  Now the frogs are happily singing in the pond out back by the barn.  

I just erased an entire paragraph which means it's time to commence with the weekend eve and do something different.  Like sleep for 12 hours!  

All is well ^j^

Thursday, June 22, 2017

rain rain go away

Everybody is getting their fair share of it and I watched the radar this morning planning our trip to Jackson between downpours, or so I thought.  It was smooth sailing all the way there and I stopped in Friendship on the way back to see my old buddy Jim at his equipment place.  Me and the dog shared a chair while we got caught up on things and visited.  His wife works there too so I got to chat with her as well.  Win-win!  

As I headed to the car the heavens opened up and the bottom fell out. I feel much safer in all road conditions now that I have new tires.  It's only by the grace of God I didn't have something bad happen prior to that what with all the road trips this past year.  Thankfully I have good friends who have helped with rides.  

Lauren can feel Reaves moving but I can't yet.  Neither of us slept much because we both snore ( and I didn't know that I do) but it was good to share a bed with the dogs anyway.  I have refrained from saying much about my sick friend out of respect for her privacy.  She has turned the corner and is awake and recognizes folks which is a miracle.  Thanks to all of you who prayed for her recovery from meningitis.  Scary.Stuff.  There were four girls in that family and I became an honorary sister many years ago at the pool.  I'm sure there was probably a baptism or something!

Time to wander~

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

ready for the storm

Lorna and kids got limited to only two days at the beach before the storm started brewing.  It had been forming for days and decided to hit full force yesterday.  What follows will be heavy rain for a wide swath of the southeastern US over the next three days.  And Lord, how I hate to drive at all much less in the rain.  It's not scheduled to start until abut 4 tomorrow which will give me time to get Lauren back home.   Thank you SKJ for covering my shift.  

I never watch TV so hearing it as background noise is kinda' strange.  We did some dinner prep together, chatted and went out separate ways to do our own things like old times.  It's comfortable and healthy.  She said she just needed to be home a minute.  There is still no nursery so the living room will remain full until that happens.  Long story.  

Work was full of surprises today including a chance to hug my sweet Tristi and sing a little Bruno Mars together.  My friend is still very sick and my heart aches at thinking of that unstoppable spirit being in that predicament.  She's a Lake county girl and we all know they're tough as nails.  Once upon a time she and her cousin and I went for a ride in her convertible down a dirt field road to her homeplace at Tennemo.  It was like Thelma and Louise, y'all.  

Oh, and if you forget your umbrella?  Just dance in the rain :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

let your hair down

My hair is the longest it's been in FOREVER so it's normally up in a clip because I shower at night and it's a mess in the mornings.  Today  I showed up with hair down around my shoulders and a few people had to look twice to identify me.  It was in the clip before lunch BTW.  

My honorary sister is very very sick and en route to a Memphis hospital.  We've known each other for years and years and I'm the one who told her she was pregnant!  She loves telling that story.  Please lift her up.  Her family and I stood around the isolation room exchanging phone numbers (again) and the plan was about to be executed as we said goodbye.  

BG should be on the way to Casa Poops with Reaves in utero and the bag she always carries for an overnighter.  I can't wait until she sees all that loot in the living room.  Poor Lorna is getting rained on mightily down there in Appalach with two kids and a tent.  I'm assuming they're on Plan B or C.  

Over and out~

Monday, June 19, 2017

forward motion

I stayed up late and slept late which is a win for me these days.  I'm usually in the bed by 8 and up at 5.  I had breakfast with some friends at Daylight Doughnuts which is where I took my parents every Sunday after church.  It was the first time I'd been back and I felt their presence.  Red is still there and Dani and of course Rita.  Cyndi and I watched a gorgeous little chunk of a baby girl sitting with her Mim and having a ball.  It hit me in the face that I would be doing that soon!  The little girl's father went to school with Lauren and we caught up on his life via grandma.  

I went by to see Mozella before that and found her comfy and lucid.  She knew me and remembered that Bubba was there yesterday.  I met her niece whom I had never known about so I guess it's true that everybody comes together in the end.  The mayor was sporting a silver bow today.  "Yes chile...I love you."

We had a monsoon yesterday but it drained off pretty quickly because it was dry.  The humidity had dropped by this morning so I was pleasantly surprised to walk out the door and find I could breathe.  There is nothing more miserable to me.  Time to be productive.  Y'all play nice and pay it forward, always.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

who's yo daddy?

My daddy was a self made man who grew up as the son of a sharecropper during the Great Depression.  He had three sisters and they were all as different as night and day.  The only one remaining of that bunch is the youngest, Katherine Rose.  We chatted the other day about Father's Day and the loneliness of having nobody to call your own around.  She spoke of it being a tough day for her because she has lost not only her husband but her brother and son.  

Daddy was raised up in RoEllen and came to high school in town which meant that he walked sometimes and other times caught a ride.  He was very popular and into ag even then.  His ag teacher Mr Sam Reed thought enough of him that he helped him snag a scholarship to UT Martin to get a BS in ag science.  That was interrupted by service in the Air Force and my birth but it finally happened.  He worked until the age of 55 doing double duty as a plant protection specialist with the USDA and manager of the farm we grew up on.  They moved here when I was a year old.  

Our lives twirled around the growing seasons and livestock.  My brothers hauled hay when they were young and I rode along for fun.  One of my most vivid memories of Daddy is of him in his pickup herding cattle in the field across from my house, yelling and slapping on the side of the truck trying to get them back behind the rickety old fence.  He was beginning to lose it a little by that time and it scared me to death.  Shortly after, the cows went away.  

He always put in a full garden and we ate well on fresh food all year long thanks to his talent with the growing and my mother's kitchen skills.  Sweet corn, purple hull peas, fried okra, you name it.  I hated shelling lima beans and loved the fried yellow squash that mama served up with homemade cornbread.   Daddy's favorite "dessert" was a piece of that cornbread soaked in purple hull pea juice.  Nothing like it.  He also established an orchard with apple and peach trees that still stands but doesn't get the care it needs.  

Daddy was raised as a Southern Baptist but converted to the UMC when we were kids and Mama insisted on the family attending church together.  Her family's heritage ran deep at first church.  He sang in the choir until he went into the hospital and served on every board, committee and what have you that they asked him to.  When I was a teenager he fought to have a dance in the fellowship hall for us and was promptly turned down by the powers that be.  Man, he was a dancer!  

He served for years as an official for the Dyer County Fair Association and in retirement turned his efforts toward things like hauling kids to summer camp, working for the local volunteer blood program and becoming a Paul Harris fellow in Rotary.  He and Joe Wood were famous for their fried 'taters and onions at BBQ benefits locally.  That tradition continues to this day.  

My daddy never told me he loved me but I knew it.  He was not a touchy feely person with us, yet he hugged everybody he came in contact with out there in the world.  Mama always said it was because of the way he was brought up during the hard times.  When he was a young teen he fell out of the barn loft and broke both arms!   Guess who had to get his butt wiped by his sisters for awhile.  

Letting my father die in peace was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make.  Parts of me wanted to keep trying for a good outcome but he had way too much going against him.  Two years ago on a Sunday night in June I got a phone call from Mom telling me he was en-route to the hospital AT HIS OWN request.  The diagnosis was not only a strangulated hernia but a massive infection from an old hernia repair on the other side.  After two major surgeries in a week, he couldn't breathe from all the anesthesia.  He never came home after going to the ER that night and died 6 weeks later not knowing he was in this world but not suffering one bit.  

I cherish the things we had in common like flowers and growing things and harmonizing at church.  Our favorite routine was to walk each other's yards and name what was coming up or blooming.  He loved the birds too and whenever I see one visit me up close and personal I know it's him telling me to keep the faith.