Wednesday, December 11, 2019

ole smokey

This is the name of a distillery in Gatlinburg TN.  Evidently they did not anticipate that their Salted Caramel would be such a big hit.  Neither liquor store has had any since Thanksgiving.  I'm picky about what I drink and I prefer the flavored stuff.  The first time I tasted it after Yaya recommended, I had to say "Devil....not today."  Anyway Crown has a version of it that is seasonal so I decided to try that out.  Not the same kids.  Okay now the whole world knows I like to take a shot.  Sue me.

Today was exercise and errands.  I met a sweetheart of a girl at the mall to pick up some clothes for Reaves and stopped by another favorite place for a gift card.  I've bought this kid so many clothes and there's only two toys.  Not to worry.  She will be well dressed.  

On my way home I thought I spotted a poacher on the road until I recognized Gerald.  We live a mile apart and rarely see each other.  We chatted while he picked up "enough to make a pie" and then went our separate ways.  He is the elder of this community now.  

I refuse to be anything but positive, even if in a snarky way.  That's just my style.  I pour my heart out onto this blog day after day and sometimes it's nothing more than taking out the garbage or one of those series of events that you can't make up.  

Y'all be blessed.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


That is what my friend Pax calls this wonderful tool of communication within an online community.  Of my 1500 friends I probably know 500 personally.  Many of them have been my friends since I started blogging all those years ago and though we've never met, we know each other because the internet don't lie if you're telling the truth.  

Once of those old friends hasn't been around for awhile and I thought of her today while watching PTT by Kristen.  Lois is a hoot and even did some time at second city.  My favorite roving reporter piece was on a turkey testicle festival.  UCMTSU. That's the kind of comedy that I like.  Happy shit, stupid shit, satire and if you don't get the satire just move along.  Kristen Hampton makes me LOL.  So do Trae Crowder, Stephen Colbert and everybody on SNL from season 1. Amy Schumer. Wanda Sykes.  On and on, they make me laugh.  

Most of them do not use "cursies" in their routine with Trae being an obvious exception.  It's part of his character y'all.  Rednecks cuss whether they're liberal or not.  His act is satirical and heavily influenced by politics like with Colbert.  I eat that kind of stuff up.  What I admire most about them is that they are positive people.  They look for ways to urge people to be nice and understanding and otherwise not so holier than thou.  

I am not watching any more impeachment crap.  Call me when it's over and we'll all hold hands and sing kumbaya.  We could probably burn some sage and light candles for a spiritual transformation to sanity.  

Peace and love ^j^ 

Monday, December 9, 2019

dumpster diving

This has been quite the day, gloomy but warm and windy ahead of the cold front.  I went to exercise this morning and made a few personal phone calls waiting for time to take my client grocery shopping.  That involved two wheelchairs because the motorized shopping scooters were both taken.  About the time I got him inside some kid came rolling up with one.  Our lucky day, so it seemed.  I parked the wheel chair in what I thought was an appropriate place to not get stolen and when I went to look for it after checkout it was gone.  OMG.  I asked the checker if she had seen anybody with it and she pointed to where their wheelchairs are parked.  Good save.

As we were wrapping up business I couldn't find the mailbox key despite multiple retracing of my steps from car to apartment.  I had dropped it on the office floor.  Whew.  He paid me twenty bucks and I took a small sack of garbage to throw in the dumpster.  When I headed to get something to eat I couldn't find the money that I thought I had put in my jacket pocket.  Somewhere between that office and my car I had lost it.  I kept telling myself I'd find it later stuck somewhere in my purse of car.  Nada.  The only thing I can think is that it was in my hand when I threw that bag of garbage.  Easy come easy go I reckon.  I'm sure not going back to town to dig through that dumpster.  

This is the second time I've lost a 20 in a month.  Hopefully whoever found them needed it more than me.  Happy to make somebody's day!  It's all on me because I'm not organized at all and stick money here there and yonder.  I've had three debit cards this year because of misplacing them.  I seriously need a keeper.  

Anywho, at least I can say I know how to drive the scooter at Cash Savers.  I got stuck trying to get over a bump back into the store and an elderly gentleman helped by giving me a push.  I guess the battery was about dead.  

Keep the faith ^j^  Oh, and PS.  I dropped an entire brisket sandwich from Arby's down my chest while driving.  

Sunday, December 8, 2019


Today the second  candle got lit.  We sang traditional carols and soaked up Advent as a joyous congregation.  I sat with Delores the stylish one and Hubert the usher.  My friends Will and Mary Beth brought the message through scripture and sermon.  Waiting is the theme.  For the birth of our Lord as an outcast in a barn.  The scripture included warnings and baptisms by John of honey and locusts and camel hair.  Prepare the way of the Lord, was his message.  Indeed.

As a hippie I have always embraced peace at all costs and was even there when the sign went up.  I have one hanging in my house made of copper.  To me the message is simple.  Just let it be.

We prayed today for our leaders all the way from local to POTUS.  For wisdom, clarity and an awareness of how many people are suffering.  Several young people have found their way to my kitchen table because I listen without judgement.  That's basically what therapy is.  Once the story is told, the power of that grief is gone.  Usually it is in response to not feeling "good enough" that people go off the rails.  Loving unconditionally and without judgement is what these people need.  I need it too.

Like Pelosi, I do not hate Trump.  I believe he is unqualified to lead this country and a GOP packed Senate is fueling the fire.  Somebody needs to grow a pair and break ranks.  Like several.  

Eventually it will be over, one way or another.  I will perhaps be able to have conversations with folks who drank too much koolaid for my liking.  These are the ones who were so totally trollish that I had to unfriend or unfollow them.  When you put political opinions on FB, you figure out who these people are pretty quickly.   But.  In the words of the late great Billy Yates:  "This too shall pass."

Saturday, December 7, 2019

put your lights on

I have two lamps that are very dear to me that don't work.  My friend T Lee is not only a master carpenter and woodworker but can also fix any damn thing.  I took the lamps to him this morning and he told me exactly what to get at Lowe's.   I love it when that happens.  We go alllllll the way back to teenage shenanigans.  The last time I went by there he and Logan were in the shop working on a piece for Logan's house and he gave me two bags of crappie fillets.  Pure gold, people.

Pecan picking is at a standstill for now until the next weather event or freeze.  One of my fondest memories is of my youngest brother climbing a pecan tree and shaking the devil out of it.  It was raining nuts!  

So I'm hearing that the White House declined the invitation to be a part of the impeachment hearings.  That says a lot right there.  If they were all innocent as they claim I'd say it would be a good move to at least show up and quit calling it a witch hunt.  This is serious business. The way that his cohorts are ignoring subpoenas I'd say they think they're above the law.  

I remember a conversation a few years ago with a friend about how we, as boomers, had known the best of times and that is gone..the simplicity.  The innocence.  The little guy who could support his family through small business and agriculture.  Unless we preserve that heritage for our kids and grandkids, they will never know how good we had it.  

My daughter was born into the financial boom and subsequent crash of the 80s.  We had two cars, owned a home and could afford quality daycare.  We went on family vacations.  My income, of course, was cut in half after the divorce but we had struggled so trying to maintain that lifestyle and credit was easy.  That whole snowball landed in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy back when they were available.  Now it takes an act of Congress for that.  

Once again, I found myself strapped and had to resort to a Chapter 13 four and a half years ago.  It's so close I can smell it.  That will give me 150 bucks a month for a car payment.  I've never been a very good money manager, I agree.  But I'm learning as a retiree on a fixed income to make ends meet.  If I find a part time cash job, and they show up when least expected, that keeps me out of overdraft.  I've done everything from water flowers to take a list and do the grocery shopping.  I enjoy doing things like that because it broadens my view on life, so to speak.  

Y'all keep on the sunny side ^j^

Friday, December 6, 2019

a healthcare story

I began work as a medical technologist at Parkview Hospital in 1977. We were sold by Dyer county to Methodist Health Systems following a nasty uprising by employees and physicians.  MHS offered 10M over market value for Dyersburg and soon after bought up the other six in West Tennessee. It was a bidding war between Methodist and Baptist and MHS won thanks to Maurice Elliott.  That meant they had a lot of damage control after this huge buy.  We went from paper to LIS in a matter of months which was pretty cool.  They treated us well and we got regular raises based on performance.  There were parties and Christmas gifts .  Free turkey dinner.  The volunteers, including my parents, were a big part of face value there.  They were honored as well.

Somewhere around 2003 the vision of MHS shifted from funneling patients to Memphis to being a transplant center. The entire West Tennesse seven were sold to Community Health Systems, a for profit rural healthcare brand.  They had facilities all over the country and were on a binge to get more.  There was a huge deal brokered by some hedge fund manager to merge with HMA in Nashville.  Once again, we changed hands.  The CHS stock was selling at 60 bucks a pop at one time.  Last time I checked it was about five dollars.  The merger was a huge mistake financially and they began to sell off what they had bought.  That was right after I retired.  

I have spoken with many patients and families who are extremely unhappy with inpatient care at this facility.  Many of them have said "enough" and gone elsewhere.  Ditto for the employees, at least the ones who care.  To be a healthcare practitioner requires patience, thought and compassion.  Otherwise it's just a job.  Is that what you want when you're sick or dying?

I got a bill today from said hospital for my part of carotid ultrasound.  203 bucks on a 1600 dollar charge after insurance. I get 10% off for paying within a month.  Why does a diagnostic test like that cost 2000 bucks?  Here is my theory.

My FNP sent me for those diagnostics and a referral to a surgeon to cover her ass and rightfully so.  I still don't know what I owe for that referral but I'm sure it's pricey.  Add to that I had to travel to Jackson to even SEE a specialist.  There is something wrong with this picture.  

One of my most vivid memories of work is when we hired Corizon to install and implement a cath lab.  That is when the diagnostics ramped up with stress tests and whatnot.  Funnel them to the cath lab.  I saw a lot of bad shit up in there.  

Basic healthcare is a right and I don't know the answer as long as things function as they are.  Medicare for all is not sustainable or economically viable but there must be a better way to keep us healthy.  Lifestyle choice....meh.  Unless you're a meth addict we mostly try to do the right thing for our bodies.  

One thing I know for sure is that our POTUS could care less.  Until others grasp that idea, it's all for naught.  

double duty

Following exercise this morning I picked a few pecans down the lane  These babies are monster size but not falling really well yet.  I had my phone in my pocket during that session but not during Amy's class.  I feel that I have met today's goal. 

What I gleaned from the MSM today is that there was another mass shooting at a naval base, Kamala dropped out and Trump still isn't in jail.  Oh, and Kerry endorsed Biden.  I don't really care who endorses whom.  I will make up my own mind and I watch closely.

I talked to my art coach yesterday and he was very complimentary about what I'm trying to do.  Positive, like a coach should be.  The schedule and artist list are set unless somebody wants to come out of the woodwork and bring something in.  Up front and center will be a painting that Gracie crafted for me with my initial.  There will be things from my home that reflect all avenues of art.  I guess you could call it an eclectic combination across all genres.  

I saw snow in next week's forecast but I guess it's time for a dusting.  I have very little shopping left to do and the whole month to make merry.  I got my yearly Christmas cards from Patsye and Kathy and I'm putting them around the door frame, old school style.  There will be pics.

Deck the halls ^j^