Thursday, August 25, 2016


Cousin Marilyn scooped me up this morning and off we went to Jackson and a nice visit with BG.  Lauren chose Olive Garden which was enjoyed by all.  Little treats like that make the world go round!  Marilyn and I have family in common but we also have work and country living as bonds.  She's been in nursing all her life and me, well.  I'm ALMOST one.

Of course the bitch cat Lily insisted on breakfast at 7 and commenced to knocking things off the dresser to let me know.  There was a strange black cat with white gloves on the back porch yesterday and I whispered that he might want to go somewhere else because Lily just doesn't share cat time with anybody.  

I had to hit the bank this morning along with the shady dolla' gentral for dog food and Dawn.  Now there is no excuse not to wash the dishes.  There is always method in my madness.  The three of us discussed mental health disorders, each naming our own tendencies toward a particular set of behaviors, sometimes multiples.  BG has always referred to me laughingly as ADD and I own that.  My trouble comes with focus and seeing a task to completion.   I tend to have great ideas with good outcomes but lack the skills to get it done.  I think I need a keeper, actually.

I was amazed at how many relatives we covered in the space of four hours, and caught up on every other little thing too.  Lauren looks beautiful though swollen from the allergies that dog us all.  She said the ER folks were quite sympathetic  and helpful in quickly treating her attack.  She told us she heard gunshots next door last night which is worrisome.  The neighborhood is pretty tight around their compound but umm...

Just for fun, I've zoned out on the election and am focusing on getting focused on SOMETHING even if it's Netflix on my phone's data.  I've been too busy to pay the satellite bill because I never watch it.  Payday is tomorrow so that's a goal!

My very first blog was titled A Stained Glass Life.  It didn't last long but contains the one piece that I remember writing post 9/11.  Miss Anita was in that piece along with her mama Miss Annie Bell.  We stood side by side in the doctor's lounge and watched in horror as the towers fell.  She is the angel who called me when my daddy died.  Soul sisters, if you will.

The humidity is stifling but not as bad as in LA, I bet.  Come on cool front.  Poopie is calling you east!

Humble ~

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

hot spot

Desperate times call for desperate measures which is why I'm using the badass phone for wifi since I have no service via the land line since Sunday.  Of course you have to reserve half a day to have a service tech show up at random so I'm doing this until Tuesday just to get a blog out.  I know right?  I'm addicted.

Today was another meeting of the minds and pickers as buyers came to retrieve their stuff and walk through the sweltering house one.more.time.  Dennis showed up and Vicki and then Joey and Bubba and them.  That's when I hightailed it to my place on the hill where there's air and clothes to wash.  I ran into Kevin at the chicken store today and told him I'd never been so glad NOT to see somebody as him.  That was after I made the first payment on my washer and bought a soy candle during my lunch break.

We all have trials and tribulations but at least we're not in the rubble of an earthquake, yet.  The earth is shifting and all the homeland security in the world is for naught unless we reach out and help someone close to home.  It's what Jesus would do.  

Faith ~ Hope~Love

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

the sting

I was walking through the parking lot yesterday and a damn wasp lit right on my index finger of the "good" hand and stung the crap out of me.  It took all day for the swelling to go down.  Of course I totally looked up that totem and it was mostly about procrastination and figuring out how to move on because the time is now.  

This was a long day as we had after hours training for upcoming changes in service delivery.  I picked up some chicken on the way home from work and in between work and work delivered my wedding china to a friend and took down the curtains at Casa Grands.  They are currently residing in Trisha's back seat.  AT the sawmill.  Today is her birthday and so is Natalie's.  Happy happy!!!

The stress is lifting but there was a big fat horse fly buzzing me in the car this morning which means more yada yada is in  my future.   But you know what?

This too shall pass ~

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I slept in today until 9 and still wasn't ready to go back down *there* but did it anyway after a dolla gentral run for laundry soap.  I don't like the pods for a heavy load.  Thelma came first and then Clara and Mozella and James.  We are family in the truest sense of the word.  Everybody fusses and fights but when push comes to shove, there will be some grilling going on under the tree.  Labor day weekend, I believe.

I gave up on shoes today and padded around in sock feet first then bare.  I need some MFR like you wouldn't believe.  It's been a very long year.  This will be my first birthday as an orphan.  I was blessed to have my parents with me for a lot of years.  That being said, the past ten were * how you say....stressful on a lot of levels.  My brother, daughter and I were on call 24/7 for the grands.  Ms. Faye did their cooking and whatnot and Mama continued to try and do stuff she knew she had no control over.  

The bloody stool incident with low blood pressure scared me.  Probably nothing but still.  I rescued my grandmother's silver from the rain today and it's drying out as I type.  So is the box that says Reaves.  What can I say except I'm sorry Gaga.  I won't let you down.

I am at my house now, the one I pay rent for and share with three dogs and a cat.  The dryer is running and washer waiting for another load.  It's all good in my world.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

a long story

Sale day went well in spite of periodic monsoon activity.  The usual suspects showed up before opening and after closing and I talked with a whole lot of folk who just came by to say hi and swap history.  Mamye and Teresa were there to help a girl out.  It's thinned out but not empty so maybe there will be more visitors tomorrow when the weather breaks.  

My hands down favorites of the day were a pack of about 7 women one of which is my new best friend in the history of Ferguson/Calcutt farms.  She went to school where Keith's house now sits.  They left Casa Grands in the pouring rain headed to Tiptonville for another sale.  Bless.Their.Hearts.

Mr. Harold was the one who gave me the ugly cry.  He's been a fixture in my life in many ways, beginning with church and continuing into my years as a blood banker.  He always had candy for BG in the fellowship hall of FUMC and volunteered his service to Lifeline like Mark currently does.  Small world.

Danny and Pat live at the dead end by the river and they have a couple of godkids who showed up on bikes and scooters and a four wheeler along with a dog I mistakenly called Billy who is actually Larry.  You know...the brindle beauty.  It was kind of like a funeral visitation of sorts where folks came by to pay respects to our heritage.  That's faith in action.  

There were butterflies everywhere in between showers, flittin' here and there in the cooler breeze.  Becca and her fiancee crawled down into my snake infested basement and picked out two doors and two windows for their wedding backdrop.  There was a two foot snakeskin hanging on the concrete wall over the steps.  UCMTSU.

Anyway, there's still a Mayberry house or two left so I'll have one this Christmas season.  All is well you know.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

basic necessities

That's the name of the gourmet shop around where my brother and his family live up in the Blue Ridge valley.  They're somewhere close to the spot where Elisabeth K Ross established a hospice for HIV patients back in the day.  Around Afton and Walton's mountain.  Good night John Boy!

I met with several clients at Casa Grands after sawmill duty and everybody had a good time picking and playing until I got tired and had to go home.  Which is where I am currently with a cat on the table purring and lusting over the meat on the stove.  Sorry bitch...that's for the dogs.  

Daddy always loved dogs but kept them outside in cages never allowing them to run free except in the pasture.  He always had border collies ( of course ) because hay and cattle.  The craziest I ever saw him was mudding across the road hollering at the cows and banging on the door of his Toyota truck.  

Pierce bought the whole herd when Bubba took over.  Daddy bought his faithful Gator with the proceeds of that sale.  No more fences, thank god.  I have many memories of him out there with tools trying to keep it all under control because it was his watch.  There's this beautiful brindle pit that lives close to the cabin who has been coming to visit.  I think I'll call him Billy.

Grace ~ 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

the worm turns

Well well well.  Remember the scam artist that hit me up at multiple convenience stores last month?  As it turns out the law finally caught onto him and he's in the Dyer County Jail for something like until he bonds out.  According to his FB profile it looks like the whole family is happy and eating well.  A word to the wise...don't give money to people you don't know.  And sometimes even to the ones you DO know, right Tristi?  Poor girl bought a car from her cousin for cash and was on a road trip when it went into meltdown on 412.  Her daddy had to pick she and Tori and the bug up with a trailer.  Said car is now at the shop and cousin whoever refuses any responsibility.  Go figure.

I hauled some boxes down to the sale barn awhile ago with the last bit of energy I had left.  I am not well, but on a mission to get this thing done.  I'm sure there will be a giant giveaway on Sunday for somebody who wants to clean the place out 'til we see floors and walls.  And they are beautiful, by the way.  Y'all know where to find me.  Come visit!

Faith ~