Sunday, September 30, 2018

the word

I haven't made it to church in the past few weeks.  This morning I decided to have church at my desk and looked up the scriptures from today's lectionary.  There were several but one verse in particular caught my interest.  In Mark 9:38 John started whining about other believers outside the little band of disciples.  This was usual for them as they each wanted to be the greatest because of all the good things Jesus was doing...the miracles and what not.  The Lord's response was epic:  verse 40. "Whoever is not against us is for us."  Let that sink in a minute.  We are like those early disciples many times...on a power trip.  In light of the division in this country, it rang true with me.  At this point in time, it is hard to know exactly who is against us.  We have a POTUS led by greedy Republicans who thought we were stupid enough to let the Kavanauh a quick entry.  This hearing was scheduled less than 24 hours after the Senate received thousands of pages of documents to review.  There was protesting and at times you could barely hear the speakers.  Wife and kids sat proudly next to their hero.  I cannot imagine, knowing that it would be that way, a husband or father wanting his family to be witness to the drama.  Time and time again senators asked for an extended investigation and more time and were told by old man Grassley they were out of order.  He finally gave up when Cory Booker ripped him a new one.  

It wouldn't surprise me at all that all this drama with the sexual exploitation is a diversion from what's really going on with Mueller v Trump.  There are millions of people waiting for the shoe to drop.  If justice is not served in these cases, I give up on humanity.  I will lose a large part of my faith in this country.  The fact that there is so much activism going on is a sign of an unstable population with real issues.  Climate change is denied.  Elections are rigged.  Deals are made.  It's all about the big money.  

I remember distinctly when Al Franken was accused of sexual misconduct and behaved like a gentleman.  This was during the time that all the GOP dirt was rolling out and in my heart, I believe he was targeted because of his political position.  We have much bigger fish to fry here.  I purposely limit my news viewing to a few sources that I trust.  I don't read newspapers.  I get just enough of it to know the highlights then I go watch Longmire.  I'm in love with Ferg!

If we don't stick together, we are doomed.  Arguing about trivial things like this past week is nothing but a time waster.  There was a thread a mile long on my page from a someone wanting to argue about sexual abuse victims coming out later.  There were two unfriended over that.  The list grows smaller by the day.  I noticed that an old friend has himself set to exit FB which is a good idea.  He's the kind who gets all stirred up along a straight political line and that ain't good for your health.  Enjoy that red and the view buddy.  Life is short.

If you are not against me, you are with me ^j^


Saturday, September 29, 2018

what if

Imagine if you will that you are a minor ( or not ) male or female who has been sexually assaulted.  I've heard hundreds of testimonies from those who were. Rape is an act of violence of the worst sort.  Most victims carry that shame with them for a long time before coming out to someone with the truth about what really happened.  They feel somehow that they are responsible for what happened and are eaten alive with shame.  They carry the stigma around like a lead weight. It takes pretty intensive therapy to work through something like that.  
So much ado is being made about Kavanaugh's nomination because of the allegations made against him.  I am astounded at the number of people who feel like " if you tell it now, it doesn't count."  I would say that now the the perfect time considering the responsibility for decision making at that court's level.  My boy Trae Crowder summed it up perfectly in his latest video, comparing the whole circus to when UT offered a coaching position to one of Jerry Sandusky's alleged accomplices.  They withdrew it when the dirt came out after Vol Nation raised nine kinds of hell over the allegations against him.  Why are people treating this situation differently?  

Patsye and Sally and I spent a couple of lovely hours on her porch addressing class reunion invitations.  They were a last minute thing and we're still scrounging for some addresses. We made phone calls and sent messages trying to round up the last few unknowns.  Many have died since the list was compiled five years ago.  I don't think I'll ever get over losing my buddy Spike.  I wish I could have one of our long conversations again. They weren't often but always like no time had passed.  I talked to another old friend Mike Lutrell this morning and gave him a heads up.  His wife Debbie is a class member too.  

Before heading to Finley I made a swing by the house to see if the back steps were finished and indeed they are.  They are so much more knee friendly that the ones up here!  Finally we have cooler weather to make it easier to get out and enjoy the day.  Seize it...always.  

Forgiveness ~

Friday, September 28, 2018

if the walls could talk

Today was the appointed one for our meeting with Al Sadler who is on a road trip from Michigan to see places he's never been.  He had sent us a letter some time ago written from his grandfather to the family when he was working on this farm.  Oddly enough, he ended up owning a dairy when he went back up North!  It still amazes me to walk through that cavernous barn and hear my echo in the silos.  I never climbed them but a lot of people did, including my brothers.  60 feet tall.  There are still remnants of the getup where the cattle were lined up for feed and milking.  Out back around the shack is where the hog farm was.  It was a huge operation back in the day.  Our heritage here is thick.  While touring we stopped by the cabin to find back steps being built!  Go Johnny and Billy!  It's been a long process with a lot more to go.  

I visited my friend Cheryl this morning at the funeral home.  She looked great but was obviously overwhelmed with losing her husband of so many years.  We talked for a long time because I was early and beat the rush.  She is one of the original blog readers and a constant friend.  

I haven't heard from the sick folks today so I'm assuming they're resting up.  Strep can make you REALLY ill in a hurry.  Lorna and Ann are going to the Hemp festival in Nashville to learn about all things CBD.  Lorna, for sure, will be in heaven. Ann is a soap maker interested in expanding her horizons via CBD.  Can you imagine a bath bomb with that oil in it!! 

Keep smiling.  Keep shining ~  Little Stevie


Thursday, September 27, 2018

break time

There is this sweet little couple that comes to the chicken store every day for what they call "break time."  I  usually pass then on the way to the beer cave and share the latest Reaves picture.  They are sweet as pie.  Both are retired and that's just their outing of the day.  You never know who you're going to run into up there.  

Speaking of Reaves, Lauren just called and said that they BOTH have strep and have been treated.  Erica posted a picture of one pitiful baby girl looking mighty sick.  Lauren said she could feel the heat radiating off her last night.  At first she passed it off as side effects of the vaccinations but something told her to look further.  By the time they got to the pediatrician Lauren was showing symptoms too so they headed over to her provider to get HER treatment.  Those little POC testing kits come in mighty handy because it takes 24 hours to grow out a culture with an A disc.  Once a med tech, always a med tech.

Once upon a time, we had a pediatrician on staff who demanded that all negative kit test results be followed up with a culture.  I can name maybe twice that those tests missed a positive. I never understood why we did that because they're always treated by the doctor as if they have it.  Just like a lot of practicing medicine it's CYA.  Plus $$.  

I slept until 11 today and it felt like heaven.  It's like I can never get enough and yes I'm taking my antidepressant.  I think it's just the years of wear and tear and stress telling me to rest.  Thanks to some CBD therapy, I'm able to do just that.  I swear by it.  I had run out until Lorna gave me some and was waking up many times during the night with joint pain.  After a week back on, it's gone.  It's becoming a booming industry so I would advise newbies to use a reputable supplier.  FAB CBD offers excellent customer service that includes counseling on dosage, etc.  

Bubba and I have a date tomorrow with a guy from Michigan whose grandfather worked here during the heyday.  We're taking him on a tour of the farm.  Just talked to Patsye about reunion prep because it's two weeks away.  She has the cutest little place out in the country that is perfect for a bonfire.  I would offer my house but Lord have mercy.  You can't walk through here.  

Peace out people ~

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

red shoes

My friend Amy always looked radiant and she loved red...especially shoes.  It wasn't until after the funeral that I saw the picture board with a pair of to-die-for red heels hanging on the edge.  She would so approve.  Regina and I were running late because I had to literally pull paint specks out of her hair where she'd been redoing cabinets for her place at the lake.  The woman is a wizard with a vision when it comes to decorating.  Her entire office is covered with cabinet fronts and drawers.  We held hands and sat behind the pallbearers as Amy's sister gave remembrance and the pastor led prayer. It was a nice service....not real long winded like some go.  45 minutes and we were on the way to the graveyard.  It's a pleasant day, and the sun was out as we gathered around the tent to say our goodbyes.  One of the folks I had not seen in ages is Joanna Callis.  She drove all the way from New York for her best friend's funeral.  I met some new folks too whom I think will be good friends to have.  Us wild women gotta' stick together.

Another friend Cheryl has had a VERY bad year.  She was involved in a wreck that killed her mother a few months ago and she was in such bad shape she couldn't even go to her funeral.  Now her husband has passed away and she's here to bury him.  Nobody said life would be easy but she's had more than her share.  

The plumbers just after replacing the toilet in less than an hour.  New porcelain!  Flushes like a dream.  Y'all live it up and laugh.  It makes life more joyful ^j^

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

loose and free

Today is one of those where I let the spirit lead me.  It's amazing how much fun life can be when you slow down and savor the moments.  The Dyersburg buddies minus one met at Coby Jo's for lunch and everybody was pleased plus we got to see a lot of old friends and I made a new one.  My sweet Katie, a former patient, was there with her Daddy...also a former patient.  Over at the back I spotted a couple of county officials.  It's a casual atmosphere that is going wide open after the 11AM lull.  I wish them all the best.  It's just what that part of town needed.  Out south we pretty much live in a food desert except for gas stations.  

After that Patsye and I toured the cabin to see the progress.  Johnny and Billy were there working away and more windows are in place plus the mantel.  Coming right along.  The plumber is supposed to be here this afternoon to replace the 30 year old toilet so that should be interesting.  

Monday, September 24, 2018

hey hey ho ho

"Kavanaugh has got to go!"  I just tuned into a live protest with a crowd chanting just that.  This whole thing gets more bizarre by the day with Rosenstein planning a meeting with Trump on Thursday, expecting to be fired.  I hope with everything in me that he will take the high road and be fired rather than resign.  No matter what kind of dirt they have on him, he's expected to be a warrior to the end.  Which leads us to what about Mueller without him?  Scary thought.  This administration is dead set on lying its' way out of everything they don't like.  Russian meddling aside, they have done nothing but stir shit since day one.  The instability is staggering and quite dangerous to our country as the cast of characters changes daily.  If they fire Rosenstein and eventually Mueller, they are shooting themselves in the foot right before mid-terms.  The American people are not stupid and have had it.  

So, I missed the birthday party but got to see several videos and Reaves was, of course, precious in her glittery little pink dress and birthday crown.  She tore that smash cake UP!  It's still raining off and on and expected to last through tomorrow.  Life is quiet right now except for the click of paws on the floor now and then.

I'm expecting a visitor at the end of the week....a man whose grandfather worked at the dairy barn back in the day.  That should be quite interesting.  I haven't look toward the cabin but I figure they're putting in windows about now.  It's amazing how different the place looks with new ones.  I still the four eight panes that were across the front of the house.  

Time for me to get off my lazy butt and do something productive.  Y'all be careful out there.  And tell 'em Hoyt said hey.  

Sunday, September 23, 2018

monsoon season

I was hoping that the weather forecast was wrong but I woke up to pouring rain this morning with no end in sight.  Therefore, I'll be missing from Reaves' birthday party because my car is not road worthy in that kind of heavy rain.  Plus I can't see very well.  When I talked to Lauren she was in Lexington picking up a friend and they were getting slammed big time.  It's solid all over West Tennessee and the lane has standing water already.  There's a spot about 50 feet from my house where it has nowhere to go so it just sits there.  The flooding at the bottom has improved thanks to the road commission's work on the ditches.  Do I feel like a shithead?  Um.  Yes indeed.  Who misses their grandkid's birthday party??  One more reason to get a reliable car on the radar.  Lauren understands though because she knows that car like the back of her hand.  

My friend Amy Bane Reed was one of the most vibrant personalities I have ever known and loved.  We spent many good times drinking beer and yakking at Gigi's pool which is now Gena's.  She was a daddy's girl to the core and now she is in heaven with him.  I am sad for the loss of her infectious smile and sense of humor, but grateful that her struggle is over.  You will be missed, girlfriend.  At one time we worked for the same company, she in Jackson and me in the 'burg so we talked work a lot.  

I got to see John Mellencamp live at Farm Aid yesterday which was cool.  Didn't get to Willie but I'm sure it's floating around out there somewhere on the innerwebs.  As I said before, these are folks who use their fame to help farmers.  It doesn't get any more noble in my book.  My friend Lorna actually snatched a bandanna off of him at one Farm Aid event.  She later gave it to Wanda as a special gift in remembrance of Doug.  They were rabid fans and on the bus several times.  

This month is almost gone and I'm not sure how that happened but time goes fast these days.  Hold your dear ones close and tell 'em you love them.  You just never know.


Saturday, September 22, 2018

boycott this

I am not surprised about all the Republicans in Texas being pissed about Willie Nelson's participation in Beto's campaign.  What really gets me is that they think he cares!  This man is a legend in his own time and already a kazillionaire.  As he said on The View:  "Everybody has a right to an opinion and that is mine."  Now, I know most of the folks who are mad at Willie also hate The View.  That's kind of a given.  He has always used his fame for good things like Farm Aid.  How many groups throw benefits for farmers??  He doesn't care if you boycott.  Go eat some tide pods and watch a White House press briefing.  Nike won't miss your money either.

I'm kind of at the same place in life except for the kazillions and the bus.  I don't care what people think of or say about me.  I know who I am finally and I pick my battles wisely.  Social injustice and racism infuriate me in a flip over the tables in the temple way.  Our political system is terribly flawed ( term limits ) in many ways.  When I was in my 20s and 30s I rarely voted and knew very little about politics.  There is a new generation of informed voters out there who are just itching to make changes and I believe it will happen.  I was going through my closet the other day and found my Bernie hoodie which I promptly washed and hung for the first chilly day.  

On this day 34 years ago I was in the labor room at Methodist Dyersburg with a waiting room full of people and a pizza party.  It took 12 hours but finally Mary Stuart said "you wanna push for 15 more minutes or use forceps?"  GET IT DONE was my reply.   I had been having erratic contractions for 3 days and she was meconium stained meaning there was some distress.  She got a blood culture and all was well.  We had bought a house on Tickle street when I was 7 months pregnant and I spent those first six weeks receiving visitors who oohed and aahhed over her cute self.  We sat on the front porch swing a lot.  After that, it was back to work.  

The rest is kind of a blur.  Working mothers have no life so to speak.  At that time I was taking call and working weird shifts so my Mother helped a lot filling in the gaps.  My husband worked third at the local rubber plant.  Lauren was the first grandchild and spoiled rotten.  She has grown into a beautiful vibrant young woman with a child of her own.  BTW, she's a much better mother than I remember being.  More patience.

We've got a three day monsoon in progress so, meh.  I like rain but not for days on end.  Reminds me of November.  But, finally the heat has broken for good.  My knee is responding nicely to Tiger Balm and the brace.  Ellie deflated the other therapy ball so it's back to the 'gentral.  All puppy, she is.

Y'all keep the faith.  And always, remember who you are ^j^

Friday, September 21, 2018

birthdays galore

Today is Reaves' first birthday, though technically not until 10:30 PM.  That's when me and anesthesia guy held Lauren's head down while they cut her out.  She cried, immediately which is a good sign.  Soon as she was out, they knocked mama into lala land.  I got to spend alone time with the baby that is my grandchild while they cleaned her up and put a cap with a bow on her head.  There were several hours in recovery after that.  I am so glad that I was in that room.  It's a humbling experience to see any child born, much less your first grandbaby.  We thought it would be quick and easy.  Boy were we wrong!  But you know what?  She's worth every minute of it.  It was time for a last resort section anyway, but Lauren wanted that girl OUT before her own birthday at midnight. Party time for all us Virgo girls.  I looked back on my phone and those sweet pictures right after are gone to the internet I suppose.  Maybe they rotate out when you get so many.  Who knows.  I carry the picture in my head always.  

The temp has dropped at least 20 degrees due to an incoming storm.  I'll take it because it was 100 before.  It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow so beans will be on hold.  Johnny and his crew are back at work on the cabin today and have done the fireplace insert and started on the windows.  They had to tear out the original window frames and redo.  Dude said they loooong nails in them.  

And the thunder rolls ~

Thursday, September 20, 2018

forward motion

The cabin has been sitting empty and silent for a couple of months while the contractor got caught up enough to come spend a few weeks finishing his part.  I noticed his truck down there when I came home from the 'gentral so I cruised down to return his cat carrier and check it out.  It's hot as hades and they're pouring concrete right now.  The new windows are propped up inside visible through the holes.  It's finally all coming together.  Kinda' sorta.  Some day.  

As I was leaving I was right behind the combine and fuel truck entering the field to begin the soybean harvest.  Talk about some dust y'all.  I can't imagine how tough it was to do it in the old days prior to cabs.  I'd say breathing was pretty hard for the operators of said machinery.  

I'm having a hard time remembering to put the toilet paper up where Ellie can't reach it and she's shredding about a roll a day.  It's her favorite thing.  I have also discovered the secret to sleeping late is to let her out when she wakes up while I carry on snoozing.  Live and learn.

I'm still hobbling but making it.  The brace is a must.  Reaves' birthday party is this weekend so I've gotta' get in shape for that.  As it turns out my friend Patsye and I are distantly related through Cousin Connie Ray who is coming to visit.  Lord what a small world it is.  I knew there was a reason I've always been so tight with that bunch, aside from the farming kinship.  

Stay cool and hydrate.  It's dangerous out there ^j^

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

piriformis and sciatica

Since I am "almost" a nurse and it ain't my first rodeo with knee pain, I pretty quickly diagnosed my sudden inability to walk yesterday evening.  I immediately put on the brace and woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain.  I knew I needed some naproxen and had to hold onto things to get to it.  Sleeping on the therapy ball helped and will continue.  It can be caused by extended periods of sitting but I have a suspicion that carrying Reaves around on my left hip up and down the steps was what caused the flare.  Plus crawling around in the yard on the blanket.  Sure does suck getting old.  However, at least I'm above ground.  One more reason to do yoga with Amy and Lorna.  

I had a nice long conversation yesterday with cousin Connie Ray who is 87 and planning to drive over this way from Utah after he spends Thanksgiving with relatives in Florida.  He's also scheduling a visit with the Mount family in the Friendship/Maury City area.  Fascinating history.  The man whose father worked on this farm in the 20s will be by for a tour the end of this month.  I love the way it all just comes together when you start listening to the heritage.  

So far today, I'm stepping lightly and carefully.  The last thing I need right now is another surgery.  I'm focusing on wellness and preventive and holistic methods like self treating with MFR techniques.  Thanks for teaching me Gay!


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

new beginnings

Transitioning from a blogger to a professional writer is a real learning experience.  What comes off as charming to blog readers is not really formal enough for print.  My next purchase will be WritersWork, a platform for freelance submissions for a reasonable one time fee.  I did have to break down and buy Office 365.  Gotta have Word, ya' know?  

There was another fight this morning and Sam lost again. I think he growls at Ellie and after that it's on.  Or maybe she just wants to fight, who knows.  I'm not having it.  Sam and Oscar were here first and they're my babies.  Oscar got me on the arm during the night.  I have lots of Oscar scars.  This one won't be big.  

SOMEBODY is peeing on the living room floor and since the dogs are all in the bed with me, I'm suspecting the evil bitch catch.  I'm tired of trying to keep the litter box situation going because she just shreds it no matter how clean it is.  I guess she has feline anger issues.  

I'm learning to use the Kroger app to pinch pennies because they have some very good deals if you pay attention.  More than likely I'll have to ask my brother how to navigate it.  He's the fuel center guy.  As more and more businesses compete for customers, these apps are great marketing tools.

Still hot.  I can't remember this kind of prolonged heat in September EVER in my life.  The leaves are turning and it's 90 degrees.  So, I don't care what Kavanaugh did to whom.  That's not the point at all.  The point, in my opinion, is that appointing a conservative judge while the Orange one is neck deep in alligators is foolish.  Wait until the dust settles y'all.  Mueller is almost ready so hide and watch.  

Peace and love ~

Monday, September 17, 2018

camry tales

I bought my first Toyota Camry when they debuted in 1984.  It was small and square and ugly but it drove like a dream.  When the timing belt went out and left Lauren and her Daddy stranded we decided to trade it in and I've had one ever since.  Little did I know when I bought that car in 2001 that it would still be driving me around.  It is patched and dented and has a lot of stories to go with it.

Anna and her family took it to Chicago to see a relative and Lauren went with them.  She promptly got the epizootie and totally missed the Chicago experience.  That was the longest trip the old Camry ever took.  One time at a house party somebody backed into it and busted out the tail light cover.  I figured it wouldn't be a big deal and I was busy so it just stayed like that until I got lens tape.  And I still replace that lens tape regularly.  

Then there was the time that Tara, and she was a big old girl, leaned on the window button too hard and the whole damn window fell into the door and busted.  I literally drove with plastic over the window until I could afford to get it fixed.  The motor was out and that had to be replaced too.  Then the front door knobs broke and, of course, I had to get one from the salavage yard and pay Patterson Brothers to install it.  Passenger side still has to be opened from the outside and the plastic part of the handle is broken off.  It's so funny because I forget if I have a passenger I have to let them out.  There's an art to it without that plastic part. 

Some asshat parked right behind me at the chicken store and I have a huge dent where I hit his bumper trying to get out.  Those people park every which'a'way up there.  It's so busy they sort of need traffic control.  

Then there was the infamous car theft at the hospital where the robber left his bicycle where my car was.  He abandoned it at the mall but not before stealing another bicycle and leaving it in the back seat.  When I picked it up from impound I had to go straight to DPD to get rid of the evidence.  Even his hoodie from the hospital video was back there.  The car smelled  like him for months.  When I went to his hearing as a victim, there were five other people there who had been his targets.  Even with all that this guy had the stupidity to disrespect the judge by posturing with his handcuffs on. He got got a verbal lashing like I've never seen in a courtroom.  And.  He's still in jail.

I have hauled many things in that car including straw bales and garbage and everything else.  I can fit three bales in the trunk and one in the back seat!  It's beyond need detailed but that's pretty expensive so I'll just wait 'til it cools off and do it myself.  I need a new(er) car but this engine only has 136K miles on it and the block was replaced at 60K due to the Toyota oil gel settlement thing.  Oh yeah, and it needs a manifold too.

Y'all be grateful if you got wheels to get you where to be ^j^

Sunday, September 16, 2018

grammaw time

Lauren and Reaves came for a quick visit and my birthday gift to her was new bras from WalMart so she went shopping while Reaves and I played outside.  We started out on a blanket on the ground and the dogs immediately got into a fight which scared the bejesus out of her.  Inside Ellie went.  She is so alpha.  After a bit of crawling in the dirt and trying to eat sticks, we moved to the swing.  I couldn't get one of the latches to work so we proceeded with caution but the worst part was trying to get her OUT.  The other latch was stuck and wouldn't come loose so I had to cut the strap to get her free.  We were both worn out by the time that was done.  It's been hanging there since Jordan was a baby so it's time to replace. 

Two hours with a one year doesn't seem like much but it kicked my old butt and hers too.  She missed morning nap so she probably slept all the way home.  She is such a happy baby until she gets tired.  Then it's running Stafford fit time.  She's standing on her own without assistance but no steps except for those first few.  I'm amazed to just see her pull herself upright and stand without holding onto anything!  Little things.  

The farmers are taking the Lord's day off I imagine.  All the equipment is still here but the dust has settled and I have my view back.  The contractor said he would be back at the cabin next week so phase next is close.  I am grateful that that plus a whole lot more.  I got the paperwork yesterday to retire my state medical laboratory license.  It's easier to get it back if you do that rather than just not pay.  

So, all is quiet again here at Casa Poops.  Y'all keep the faith ^j^

Saturday, September 15, 2018

teardrop pattern

The farmers are still at it with the corn and I visited with them for a few minutes before heading to town for an interview.  Beans will be right behind the corn until it's all done.  A few are ready right now.  There were three generations out there amongst the huge equipment.  It's very hard to walk corn stubble without boots and I almost tripped and fell on my butt.  

The interview was with Debby Cresanto , a charter member of Pickin' Up The Pieces quilting guild in Memphis.  She was in town to sew at the local quilting shop and came by The Mill for a very special presentation.  My friend Lorna lost her youngest daughter unexpectedly in December and it was a devastating loss for the whole family, including Hazen's two young children Gracie and Jasper.  Lorna's oldest daughter Amy is a member of the quilt guild and their mission and ministry includes donating quilts to those who have lost a loved one.  Today she presented Gracie and Jasper each with a quilt so they can wrap up in their mama's memory.  It was quite touching and we all cried especially when Gracie tuned up.  Debby told about how they just pick people who have lost a loved one and often deliver to the funeral home because they don't even know them.  It was so heartwarming to hear her stories and to experience this moment with that family.  All of them were involved including Uncle Chris who allowed us to meet there.  There's more to the story, but that will come later.

Since I had a few bucks I went back to Buff City Soap Company and treated  myself.  They were packed as usual.  All the girls there are super sweet, especially the owner Charli Gorman.  As I was leaving I heard my name called from over at Pennington's and couldn't tell who it was until he took off the sunglasses.  The guy I'm accustomed to seeing in dress clothes who loves my cake was wearing a cap and getting ready to do some mulching.  Big hugs, always.  

I returned to find the corn shelling moved across the road and rocking on.  Ryan's crew was here mowing the last time when I left.  Life is good.  It's still HOT as heck so I'm in for the day.  Gracie's plan was to go home, put on her PJs and wrap up in that special quilt to watch Supernatural.  Sounds like a plan.

Y'all be blessed ^j^

Friday, September 14, 2018

ride on

I finally had to break down and go to Kroger because ya' gotta' eat and the cupboard was beyond bare.  Heading up Highway 51 I noticed blue cop car lights flashing at two intersections and a bunch of headlights so I assumed it was a funeral procession and pulled over.  Instead it was a caravan of literally HUNDREDS of bikers riding for St. Jude.  I was too busy gawking to even take a picture!  They were followed by the group's bus.  I know it took a good ten minutes for all of them to pass.  That, makes my heart swell.

I spent longer than usual in the grocery store trying to penny pinch and couldn't get the digital deals because I couldn't remember my password to log in.  People were swarming the 1.99 detergent center.  As fast as it got restocked, folks scooped them up.  I'm straight on the app now so next time I'll be ready.  

I wondered why they quit with the corn after just a few rounds last night.  This morning when I went out they were broken down and have been working on it ever since.  Good old Mr. Neely was supervising the situation when I came home.  I got a call from Lauren who told me that her second interview went long and quite well.  A long interview is good.  She should know something by next week and as she said "It's in God's hands."  She got teary telling me about how she sees that when she does the next right thing, it comes back to you.  

Ellie somehow got my custom Rivergator poster by John Ruskey and tore it to shreds.  *sigh*  Nothing is safe.  She is keeping the litter box cleaned  It's hot as hell but there's no hurricane so I'll take it.  

Y'all be safe over there on the coast.  Over and out.  

Thursday, September 13, 2018

retail therapy

Lorna was my wake up call this morning and we threw together plans for an early lunch.  Wanting something different, we chose Coby Jo's diner on Forrest Street and man was it good.  We'll see each other again on Saturday at The Mill for an interview with the quilt ladies and a very special presentation.  That's my kind of feel good story.  

In not so great news that, following a phone tip, local law enforcement found a decomposed body hanging from a bridge.  O.M.G.  Everybody has a theory and most of them are talking about a man who went missing on Father's Day which I didn't even know about.  We shall see what the coroner discovers.  I suspect that it has not been hanging there the whole time but was moved to make it look like a suicide.  If not, nobody's paying much attention when they drive over that bridge.  I mean seriously y'all.

Florence is headed our way so thoughts and prayers for all you folks on the East coast and especially inland.  On a timely note I read today that Trump took 10M in funding from FEMA to finance ICE.  Jesus.H.  He has come completely unglued.  Those folks in PR are still struggling a year later.  

I've been a writer my entire life but have always done it for fun.  I actually got some money today for writing and that validates me in a way I can't describe.  The style is somewhat different from bloggin and I'm learning but it's a challenge that I enjoy.

While I was a lunch I saw a Budweiser delivery guy wearing a Michelob Ultra t shirt and I just HAD to ask how to get one because I'm kinda' sorta' their poster girl.  He told me to go to the distributor and free.  Just my luck,  they were out but he told me to come back next week.  On order.  Check and check.  

JC Penney is known for fantastic sales and they have a big sale on infant clothes by Carter so I picked out several things for Reaves.  She will soon be a party animal!  I activated Ellie's microchip today so she's officially mine.  She's taken a liking to the litter box which is gross but whatever.  I just look the other way.  

The plumbers got things running yesterday but said that old toilet needs to go.  Good luck with that guys.  They crawled all over every level of this house and brought me a snakeskin from the basement.  How niiiice.  I tipped 'em well and threatened their lives if anybody fell off the roof and tried to sue me.  Good old hard working boys.  I love it.  

Ellie has spotted today's golfers so she's barking up a storm.  Nobody will come NEAR this house without my canine alarm going off.  

Love ya....mean it ^j^

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

chores galore

I don't have a dishwasher except for my two little hands.  Thus, I end up when things get busy with a counter and sink full of dishes.  I literally had not one clean glass so I was forced to take action today.  Top on my list of purchases are paper plates and Solo cups.  This is why I rarely cook even though I enjoy it and, to be honest, am damn good at it.  I recently got some letters of recommendation for job hunting and one of them after praising my character and reliability and passion, said "and she's a good cook."  I love it. This was from the guy who gets the annual Christmas triple fudge cake.  With holly on top, of course.

My dear friend Scotty and his wife live in Hilton Head and as of yesterday the mandatory evac for their county was cancelled.  That was before Flo changed course and it looks like they are directly in the projected path after she makes landfall.  I hope that bridge to the mainland survives or they're stuck.  God  bless everybody in the path of this monster.  Flooding is the biggest danger because it's expected to slow down after it hits and hover.  

Other than that, I've got plumbers here so that's a good thing.  This post has been a nice break from washing dishes but I've got to get back to it.  Y'all be cool ^j^

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

hurricanes and terrorists

Ellie got my ass up again in time to get the cat carrier out of Bubba's truck before he left for lunch.  Thanks Johnny K!  Looks like Miss Lily is headed to the vet soon.  As for the rest of the crew, there was another fight last night this time between she and her playmate Oscar.  I know better than to stick my hands in there so I used my feet but I only had socks on so I have a small Oscar bite.  Nowhere near like the ones I've had on my arms!  

Tuesday is dolla' taco day so I ran by and picked up some to go and even got to see my girl Tristi in the parking lot.  Got a "through the window" hug.  Lorna called and to make a long story short she was kind of on an emergency run to Lake county after she left me to pick up her grandson at school.  Stuck in the flats of Lake County she prayed her way and plotted mileage to get to the nearest gas station.  She coasted right up the the pump in Obion before it quit.  I'd say she had a powerful angel looking over her shoulder.  Prolly Hazen :)

I talked to my friend Scotty in Hilton Head and he said the mandatory evac for his county has been lifted so they're gonna' ride it out.  This hurricane is a BEAST and threatens an area that is not really used to the big ones.  

I had to call the Little General just because she is who I was with as we watched the WTC get hit and crumble.  The late Miss Anita was with us too.  Back then nobody had TVs except the doctor's lounge and we all knew the code so the three of us wandered over to see what was up.  And, like the rest of the world, we were speechless.  That was one long dark day of fear for our country and it turned into weeks, months and years of cleanup.  Meanwhile the perps were all with Allah basking in glory with the virgins.  

All animals are napping in the office so that's a good thing.  Remember who you are always.  


Monday, September 10, 2018

monday's child

It's quite obvious as of day 2 that Ellie doesn't believe in sleeping late.  It's probably better for me to get up and get moving anyway.  My phone has been wonky lately so I went by the ATT store to get it checked out.  The lady there said " now I ain't saying your phone is old BUT..."  It wouldn't connect to the diagnostics machine because it's an S5.  She popped out the battery and said that's an easy fix for most little quirks just to reset everything.  

I was advised to get Ellie a rubber toy that she can't tear up so Tractor Supply had what I needed.  Then I meandered over to the fabric store to get an iron on patch to fix the expensive shirt that tore on the first washing.  Not to self:  hand wash.  It got stuck under the rotator and ripped when I pulled it. I scored a clearance candle while I was there.  After that was my old stomping grounds New China to meet Lorna for lunch.  Even the luncheon special was too much for me so I have a plate full of leftovers.  When I was pregnant, that was my go to place.  I craved egg rolls, tomato soup and broccoli.  Strange but true.  The owner has switched wives and this one is MUCH nicer.  After that I followed to her storage unit and helped her unload a shit ton of plastic boxes to be sorted through at a later date.  It's a new place, and very nice.  

I came home praying that no blood had been shed while I was out and it was all good.  Ellie has a microchip but you have to pay to have it activated so that will have to wait.  I am learning ( again ) to keep all things up high so she can't grab it and run.  And she loves the new toy, by the way.  10 bucks well spent.  

I've dropped off two job applications and have heard nothing but crickets.  All in God's time is how I look at it.  When I get paid for writing I should at least be able to get out of the hole and buy groceries.  Baby steps.  

Y'all have a marvelous Monday.  And keep the faith ^j^

Sunday, September 9, 2018

puppy dog tales

Things seem to have settled down among the tribe here however I did skip church because I was a little skittish about leaving them here alone for that period of time.  Sam is heartbroken because he's always been my baby, but then he always will be.  He's so old and tired he could care less about playing.  Oscar, on the other hand, loves having a playmate.  I went to the 'gentral to get her a chew toy so that maybe that would keep her occupied and she's already almost destroyed it.  Oh well.  She also bit my MFR ball and deflated it.  I can see already that everybody will have to be fed separately.  

I woke up to a happy birthday call from my own baby girl who is at work.  We celebrate all month since mine is the 9th, Reaves the 21st and Lauren's the 22nd.  All she wants for her birthday is a ton of sushi!  This year it's all about baby Reaves turning one.  I'm really humbled at all the folks who have taken the time to wish me happy birthday in a variety of ways.  It's nice to be remembered...thanks FB!  If it weren't for them, I would NEVER know anybody's birthday.  

Since I've started typing Ellie has torn up the toy, destroyed a pack of toilet paper and a roll of paper towels.  She's out now with her buddy Oscar while Sam chills on my bed.  It's like a zoo, and I love it.  Lily is spending more time outside because of her litter box shenanigans.  I've caught her in the clothes basket a couple of times ready for business and put her out.  She knows how to push my buttons and does it often.  

I cried over a cat video bright and early but I suspect a good cry was coming.  I miss my parents on this day most of all.  It's the orphan effect I suppose.  Mamye and Steve treated me to birthday eve supper which we picked up in the pouring rain.  Last I heard good old Rock Top was ahead but that was early in the game while I was tag teaming on about 5 other things.  Lerd.  What a day.  

Thanks for all the birthday happies.  Love you like chicken.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

birthday eve

On my last day as a 62 year old i had a pretty great time starting with a visit to the grand opening of Buff City Soap downtown.  There was no money for their product but still, a lot of fun.  Plus I was on the live feed.  

I got a couple of presents already but today took the cake.  My friend brought me a chocolate lab mix female already spayed and walked me through the paces of getting her acquainted with Sam and Oscar.  There was a huge fight over the water bowl so I see my future consisting of gettin' this tribe together in peace.  Sam ran off for about 3 hours but he's back safe and sound. Presently all three are resting quietly and drying off from the monsoon.  Mamye and Steve bought me a leash at the gentral and dropped it off and we proceeded to celebrate our birthdays.  Once upon a time, Charlie B gave me a little Volkswagen hippy bus from the gift shop.  Steve wanted it but I couldn't bear to part with such a special gift.  I gave it to him today while they were here for his big 60 and my 63rd.. Got a kiss for it too.  

It's raining like nobody's business which means corn will be delayed again.  Lerd.  I did a bit of social work in between dog fights and window sales.  Dakota came by to pick up his window and was tickled to death with it.  I think he's gonna' create something wonderful.  

Stay dry and well.  And keep the faith ^j^

Friday, September 7, 2018

who done it?

 Well well.  The worm turns once again for the POTUS as "anonymous" tells all in an op-ed, an insider at the White House supposedly.  They've been hurriedly putting together a list of 12 "suspects" which includes Kelly, Pence and Sanders.  Boy genius Rand Paul suggests giving them all a lie detector test.  Honey, please.  The fact that insiders are throwing out so much information means that we have a dysfunctional White House.  It doesn't matter who did it.  Pence, obviously, has the most to gain.  But who's to say that somebody didn't write that FOR him or another of the suspects.  I prefer, in my rainbows and unicorns way of thinking, that it's somebody who is watching out for our country from the inside and sending us a heads up.  That would be the right reason, not thinking about what you have to gain.  

We got a monsoon last night and I can hear the soybeans sighing with relief.  I went out today and dropped off a job app and cashed my birthday check from sweet Marilyn and Freddie.  As our little family shrinks, they become more dear.  Lauren has a torn ACL from falling while throwing trash into the dumpster.  Lerd.  Just what she needs.  I figured it was a tendon because she heard it pop just like I heard my shoulder pop.  I didn't have surgery until 8 months later.  

Mr. Holmes left nothing but pecan leaves where that ginormous tree split off.  I'm still impressed that a guy his age can do that much that quick....alone!  The corn will have to dry out now before it goes so hmm.  Still with the children.  

Y'all have a lovely weekend.  Peace out ^j^

Thursday, September 6, 2018


People are so good.  There are three local businesses that I owe money to and I have spoken with all three about my current situation and of course they know I'm good for it and they have all actually thanked me for staying in touch and not avoiding them.  That's respect at the highest level.  I had a consultation with my favorite pharmacist today on affordable asthma inhalers and he suggested using a nebulizer instead.  MUCH cheaper.  That's what I love about hometown folks.  They know you and your mama and all them and strive to do right by you if you're a loyal customer.  Thank you Kevin, Mayberry and Butch.  And also Bubba.  

A year after the State Gazette published A Brief History of Samaria Bend by Rachel Townsend, a guy whose grandfather helped to build the barn contacted her and she put him in touch with me.  He lives in Michigan and will be in this area around the 28th for a tour.  The history buff in me is ecstatic!  Also, the publishers of A Page in Time plan to transition from my mother's father's story to how it led to Ferguson Farm.   It's quite a tale!

Plan B is in place, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.  It will be  implemented after the first of the year when I see what my tax situation is.  It will be a hot mess I'm sure so I'm choosing to defer my next move until I see how it all pans out.  I'm two years away from Medicare which sucks.  Everybody should have it.  If you look at how many people die before EVER accessing these benefits that they paid for, it makes you wonder where all that money goes.  Military parades?  

I need a haircut but I'm letting it go gray.  I think it will be a subtle passage like my mother's was.  Graceful, if you will.  Chucky and Vicki have kept me cut and colored and permed for 45 years.  Now I'm happy with a Marla cut and some facial waxing for a treat.  Once Lauren got a brush tangled in her hair and I had to take her to them to get it out.  UCMTSU.

Holmes Tree Service came this morning and he's already done.  It helps to have a place to put the wood right across the road.  I can still get to it if I get the help to make a Swedish torch!  

Think happy thoughts and keep on truckin'.   


Wednesday, September 5, 2018


I slept in for a change and felt recharged enough to go out on a mission or five.  I don't have a printer so I got my friend Regina to print out some resumes and letters of recommendation for me.  Some people actually don't upload your info believe it or not!  She's the original multi-tasker supreme and was cleaning house when I got there.  We took time out to visit and catch up on each others' worlds.  She almost died from bacterial meningitis last summer and that was the scariest thing I ever saw.  In all my years as a med tech I've never seen a spinal fluid that cloudy.  The angel in all this is her sister Lisa who just, on a whim, stopped by and found her unconscious.  It was a long recovery but it just wasn't her time.  I'm an honorary sister, by the way.  Diane was there on the coffee table with us and Bella got put in doggie jail for scratching me.  

My buddy Cathy has a new job so while I was in her neck of the woods I stopped by for a visit.  Stunning as always, she fits the part perfectly.  I also picked up an application for a local vet clinic because if I'm gonna' work, I want it to be something I enjoy.  Love them critters.   

My homework is done and submitted ahead of deadline thanks to a little help from my friends.  My birthday fundraiser for Dyer County Recycles is gaining steam by the day.  It's sad yet inspiring that this organization has raised only about $2700, mostly through bake sales.  We NEED a place to recycle.  The earth will thank us for it.  

As for Nike, let's just all play nice and get along.  If you don't want the product you have, give it to somebody who needs it and shop elsewhere in the future.  Of course it's about money.  That's what Nike does and they aren't the only ones.  This entire issue is being politicized and I hate that.  More division.

I just got an early birthday surprise on the phone.  More later on that.  Y'all keep it in the middle of the road.  


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

goal tending

In order to not be so overwhelmed by the mess here, I've set a goal of going through one box a day and pitching what isn't relevant.  Yesterday's box held my daddy's bible and some kind of thank you note from then President Richard Nixon.  I have no clue but it was interesting.  I also found all of their letters to each other while he was away in service but have not read them yet.  That will be pretty cool as well.

As I go through things I'm saving little reminders of our shared history with my brothers and daughter.  I have a pile going for each of them.  It has fallen to me as the elder and only daughter to sort through it.  She used to laugh about what we would do with all the picture albums after she was gone.  Lord have mercy, the woman documented everything and saved it all.  For years and years I gave her a diary which she wrote in every day.  I have probably 20 of them.  My passion for writing and photography came from her and my youngest brother Tommy.  

I'm winding up with the articles and pics for this edition and job hunting at the same time.  My laboratory supervisor license comes up for renewal at the end of the month and I intend to try and work the fee into my budget "just in case."  There is no PRN work available at the hospital but you never know what might pop up.  

I went out of my way to get cheap cat litter at Tractor Supply because Lily is killing me with the dollar general stuff.  It's convenient but expensive.  Same for dog and cat food.  I love that store!  They have everything.  

It's an explosive day in Washington what with the SCOTUS hearings and Bob Woodward's new tell all book from interviews with past members of the president's staff.  I'm glad I didn't have a nice vacay planned for the panhandle because they're about to get slammed again.  I've been lucky with that over the years.  

And yes, I need some beach time.  It would do my soul some good for sure.  Maybe next year.  Early May is my favorite time before all the kids get out of school and it gets crazy down there.  

Always remember who you are.  And do the next right thing ^j^

Monday, September 3, 2018


I was up and at it early today for a camera/laptop teaching session from Rachel.  I failed to listen to Google correctly and ended up taking the scenic route and turning around as I found myself headed to McCulloch Chapel Road.  I hate that road cuz it's a giant kudzu pit!  That was after I searched through my dirty clothes to find the car key.  Seriously, yes.  I need a keeper.  I tripped on the way out and almost dropped the camera AND the laptop.  Lerd.

Looks like we've got rain coming with the tropical storm making landfall.  It should hit here about Thursday, Lord willing.  The beans are getting irrigated daily now and are beginning to turn yellow in spots.  The corn should come down soon, and not soon enough for me.  

Labor day is traditionally a dove hunting sort of day but I don't hear any shooting so who knows.  I haven't seen the neighbors around so I reckon they're at the lake for a last hoorah.  I've got more writing to do so I best get to it.

Happy labor day to all y'all and your mama'n'them.  

Sunday, September 2, 2018

great is thy faithfulness

Today's sermon struck a chord with me because it was about riding the waves of adversity like Jesus did.  Anger can be a good thing when it prompts social justice which is exactly what He did with the tables in the temple.  Ditto for his calling out the Pharisees over their condemnation of the disciples for eating without washing their hands per the rules.  He was the original rebel in a lot of ways.  But always with a cause. 

I was greeted in the foyer by one of my dearest friends ever complete with seersucker suit looking every bit the part of Southern gentleman lawyer.  Last day for that he said.  And white shoes, of course.  I also mingled with a few friends that I haven't seen for awhile.  Got hugs and everything.  God is good.

My friend Carol treated me to El! Patio! after that and we yakked forever.  It never ceases to amaze me that in a town as small as Dyersburg I can go in there and not see a soul that I know.  We beat the church crowd but they were pouring in as we left.  

Once again, dear Lord, please with the heat.  Normally there's a cool spell during fair week but it doesn't look like that this time around.  Those barns are a mighty hot place to be when it's 90 plus.  So is the midway!!

So I'm just sittin' here lookin' like this with the box fan blowing.  Soon as the house cools off I'll turn it down.  I watch that thermostat like a hawk now.  

I would love to be inside Trump's head right now as mid-terms approach and his popularity plummets.  Of course I couldn't stay too long because I'd get sick but I'd sure take some pictures to look at later.  Heh.

This the day that the Lord has made ^j^

Saturday, September 1, 2018


I've got so many balls in the air I can't even count them.  In one week, I'll be 63 years old and I'm totally starting over on a wing and a prayer for manifestation of the goal.  I know, for a fact, that I need more income.  One person can live on what I make but it cuts things close and ends me up with a lot of racked up OD fees.  If I could just get to zero on what I owe, I can make it.  It's pretty expensive to live here for just one person.  There's lawn maintenance and garbage pickup and rent.  Propane in the winter.  The windows and doors have helped with that but I'm paying for the improvements via the rent.  

Enough about that.  My dear friend just stopped in for an unexpected visit and we got caught up from our last session about a month ago.  Both of us have had drama so it was good therapy to just sit and talk.  We have a lot in common even though he's only forty one.  We met at FUMC when I was a Young Life leader.

I have one article left to write before the deadline and it will be huge.  I spent several hours with the crew at the courthouse learning exactly what they do in the assessor's office and how their work is related to the Trustee and Register of Deeds.  That will require going over notes and job descriptions and basically how the whole process works.  And including pictures which I have several of.   I have a week to get that done.  

It's time to turn the page on the Mary Engelbreit calendar.  I like September but especially October because I get off on the colors.  This time last year we were anxiously awaiting the birth of her highness Reaves.  Little did we know it would turn into a marathon to beat the clock before Lauren's birthday.  As long as I live I will never forget that long week.  None of the usual induction stuff worked.  I bopped on in there expecting it to be a one day deal.  Boy was I wrong!  It turned into six weeks of surgery for the mother of a newborn.  Trickle down effect.  C Section, D and C and repair of uterine tear from D/C.  Geez.  I did, however, get to meet Chester.  

I'm sitting at a place in life where I could easily lose hope yet I choose to remain positive.  I believe in karma because so many people have been so good to me.  I remember the late John Yarbro telling me that I had it coming after the Nigerian prince ordeal.  

I hope you have BBQ and good times on this holiday weekend.  The lakes are full of boats and whatnot cramming through the unofficial end of summer.  Fair starts Monday and the forecast is "hot as heck."  You will not find my old ass there even on Senior day.

Other than all that, it's unicorns and rainbows.  Carry on with faith and hope.  If we don't stick together, it's all for nothing ^j^