Sunday, October 2, 2016

god is great beer is good.....

and people are crazy!  I'm beginning to think that my slump is over because I actually care about having a clean house PLUS I'm cooking again.  Today's creation is chicken spaghetti which will be enjoyed by all via tupperware.  Kim said that's one of her make ahead for a week deals.  Lots of butter and cheese and whatnot.  

Of course I had to go to the gentral this morning for my daily fix and there was not a single waterhose to be found.  That means Lowe's which ain't on my menu today.  Larry was back this morning licking his hurt leg and I loaded him up to take him to mama.  This dude literally would not get out of my car until I dragged him out and then he hopped back in.  It gave me the opportunity to see the road again that I remember traveling with my grandfather.  Mama said he told me there were lions and tigers out in those woods.  It's a short distance to the *you guessed it* mighty Forked Deer.  

Larry and I headed back toward home and passed David wandering up to Keith's house for the 100th time.  I remembered that I forgot to give Mozella her B12 so we cruised in there and found she and Helen chilling in the morning air.  Larry crawled out and joined us as we chatted about community news and family history.  I told them that I've never had country fried steak and gravy like my mother made...ever.  She used that kind that had been flattened and fried it up first.  Then came the oven treatment with onions.  OMG.  Mo had to leave for church with Clara Mae so I headed home.  

All the talk is about what decisions will be made about the log cabin.  There are several options and all sound reasonable to me.  We have enough history to create a museum honoring the history of this community and it will happen.  Hide and watch.

This is the day that the Lord has made ~

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