Tuesday, October 25, 2016

small world

I slept late and it was glorious.  Now there are piles and piles of dirty clothes to wash because I fail to do a load a day like organized people do.  Of course I had to make a gentral' run for soap before I could even start.

I met with someone yesterday that I've known for a long time and didn't even realize that we'll be working closely together on quality issues.  That makes me feel warm and fuzzy in a way that only somebody who's been thrown under the bus could relate to.  And I've been thrown several times, BTW.  This is National Respiratory Care week which is in honor of one of the other allied health professions that gets not many back pats.  Everybody thinks we're all nurses!

Heather and Joe revealed the gender of their baby in the most unusual way I've ever seen.  Joe is an army vet with a wild streak so he did a skydive with a BLUE parachute to announce.
He's a great guy even though he likes to say Roll Tide a lot.

Larry is here today after going missing for one.  I figure as long as we can keep him between my house and his he'll stay off the highway.  He slept in the chair in my room the other night...it was hilarious.  Tiny chair...big dog!

Peace and love and serenity too ~ 

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