Wednesday, April 30, 2014

radiology fun

I've been carrying around an order for an MRI on the bitch shoulder for about a month and had to bite the bullet and slide into that tube today. This won't be so bad, I said to myself. I can take a nap, right? WRONG. When Jim gave me the ear plugs and told me it would be loud, I never expected the racket that came out of that machine. If I were the least bit claustrophobic I would have bolted. I'm not though, and was too tired to even move. I might have even drifted off, machine gun sounds and all. Bra and pocket contents in purse, I headed to the beer store before making my way toward home. I'm seriously dreaming about what investor I can get to open a grocery store in South Dyersburg once the flood situation is straightened out. The location, either there or on the by-pass is excellent for the food desert that extends from Kroger,Wallyworld etc to Halls. A downtown store offering healthy food options would be a good choice as well. Nobody in their right mind wants to go toward 51N and 78. There used to be a Kroger downtown which we called "shady" because of the neighborhood, but that seems to have improved somewhat.

My job is usually the same thing ad infinitum with the exception of the occasional "big deal" so I was intrigued to be able to witness a procedure today up close and personal that involved several departments working together and was something I had never seen. Privacy and all that you know, but it was way cool and showed me how it can and should be done. Often in work settings there is inter-departmental friction over who did what and when but this was smooth as silk and that gives me faith that what I do really does make a difference sometimes.

I suppose this particular storm system has headed off to sea by now of is well on the way. I just about flipped out when I saw that Pensacola bridge over Escambia Bay covered in water. There's your global warming at work if not by hurricane by flash flood. I remember the first time I went over that bridge I almost jumped out of the car I was so scared. Bridges falling or collapsing are a recurring dream for me, much like the one I had for years where I was a kid and the the red log cabin was on fire, only I was in the porcelain bathtub singing. I'm not Freud, so I don't have a clue what that's about.

We were discussing one guy's upcoming trip to London at the sawmill and someone mentioned that the royals are headed to his hometown of Memphis which I didn't really understand other than Graceland. Little George will get to learn all about Elvis the King, not to be confused with Jerry the King Lawler.

Keep smiling...keep shining~Stevie Wonder

Monday, April 28, 2014

robber barons

My utility bill arrived today and it was 200 bucks because of the perpetual motion of washer, dryer and water heater. Plus AC now that it's so humid you can feel the sweat drip. The sun is peaking out following a night when we dodged a bullet but the state of OK and AR did not. It's a crap shoot ya'll, unless you listen to the environmental conspiracy theorists who believe that weather patterns are becoming increasingly googly. No, I did not buy Al Gore's book or see the movie but I am a firm believer that carbon emissions were the beginning of the end for our planet. That we continue to, willy nilly, fuck with our ozone in the name of "progress" makes me want to listen to Don Henley songs or go barefoot. Oil is a good and necessary source of energy, much more efficient than coal or you know what over there in Iran. The process by which fuel is made like methanol production using corn from American farmers was poo-pooed and squashed by those who had high stakes in the Arab oil countries. Holy crap, ya'll. I will say this, if I was convinced that it was safer to pipe that oil down from Canada than it is now with trains, planes and automobiles bringing it from Jihadland, I'm all for it. I'm just not convinced that the same people who almost killed the Gulf coast aren't cutting the country in half. What? It could happen.

So, Paul Simon got busted for pushing his wife Edie Brickel when his mother in law called the cops which is a lesson to every man that even when you're rich and famous, never let Mom live in the house. It's hell on a relationship! Lindsay is sick again and so is Miley. John Cusack hasn't signed up for the sugardaddy position so I guess I'll die a born again virgin and that would be a crying shame. Hey..I could pimp myself out as a Dem disguised as Michelle Bachman's sidekick on the abstinence thing. Because that's ALWAYS worked so well as proven by study after study in conservative think tanks and churches across America. Mama said not to say anything if you can't be nice so that's enough on that subject.

Poor Aunt Granny is waiting to get back to the 'burg where she can see her peeps more often like my mama who is her only surviving nuclear family member. They have always had a rivalry and were jealous of each others' talents but always sealed their visits lately with love. Sometimes I think it's Big Ernie's way that they all lose their minds at the same time, ya know?

Keeping the faith here ^j^

Sunday, April 27, 2014

tornado alley

I always know that if the squall lines are moving in from the south it will be a real doozie of a time for storm spotters. That's the scenario this afternoon as we begin a two day marathon of heavy rain and strong storms. My brother and I sat on the porch at the cabin and watched as they moved in. As a weather guru himself, he's done everything from hunkering down in a power outage caused by a tornado and continuing to report the news from Jackson. In the dark! It was the first week of May and we had severe weather every day that week. I had to move to town because the road caved in among other things like no power or phone. First week of May is also the anniversary of back to back Forked Deer floods that ravaged the southern business route into town. Demolition of the crackhead hotel was the last of the ugly things, so to speak. The saddest thing, to me, is the shape it was in before the floods got it. Mr. Davis would be turning over his his grave as well as Mr. Bradshaw. Every time we pass a particular spot on the by-pass headed home, Daddy says hey to Bradshaw because he owned it. I suppose "brother" does now.

Infrastructure is fragile because it's easier to build cheap and hope for the best. I just imagine the owners of those two ferries in SoK can tell you that in the long run, it pays to have lifeboats that work. That is so totally disgusting, yet businesses do it all the time because of the cost of safety. Our most likely disaster locally is either a tornado or earthquake, both of which could cut us off from civilization for awhile. I have a healthy respect for the weather here and have gone to the basement numerous times over the 25 springs I've lived here. Since T is across the road shack sitting on a tall bluff, he will probably join me if the need arises. Otherwise, he might end up in Oz.

The tiny little ticks that are every freaking where are getting all over my nerves because they're so little you barely can feel them until they move. I bought some dust for the yards and dogs so hopefully that will take care of the problem. I planted my tomatoes yesterday but I may have to cover them if the rain gets heavy. Should have known better that to plant before May. Asparagus is a lot of ferns right now and I need to separate it after the rain so it has room to grow. If I do that It will probably last another ten years. Hopefully I will too, ripped up arm and all.

So, yes I'm in a meh mood and can't really apologize for it. Things look more hopeful than they have in YEARS but I'm so tired from the extended struggle to keep pace that I'm losing the motivation I once had to sink or swim. The past ten years have been like a marathon for me and while I feel fortunate to have good health, I can feel it slowly slipping away. Every event, be it physical or emotional, takes longer to get past. That's a normal part of the aging process but it sure does suck.

As usual, we did a lot of people watching while eating lunch and bro spotted one gal about the same time I did, one we like to call "the queen". There's a whole 'nother story up in that side joke but that's not mine to tell. She was followed by a couple whose son and daughter-in-law were there for the same reason we visit and eat, all in one. I saw bossfriend and her Hub and Athena the jeweler and her guy. Our waitress must have been new, and I wish you could have seen the look on daddy's face when he angrily asked her where his pecan pancakes were! Girl..I feel ya. I've given him that look a lot of times before you. Heh.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

kiss it goodbye

I'm sure that nobody would consider it a right like the one to bear arms sell guns at shows to idiots, but this net neutrality thing is a big deal considering how much money "corporate" has compared to us peons out here trying to blog and otherwise stay in touch with the world. Koch brothers be damned! They are to oil what Cheney is to Halliburton and it ain't about nothing but $$ in their pockets and offshore accounts. I read that there are about 32 trillion bucks tucked away in these little tax-free havens. No wonder they can stay rich!!! Can you imagine no taxes at all and it's legal. Yeah. It's a mind blower and both parties do it so it's not a political trait. It's the devil in expensive suits, is what it is.

So, the mud slinging against Hillary has already started and I hope she's up to the challenge. I swear, if somebody at Fox news digs up Monica Lewinsky for an interview I will totally lose faith that anything can be fair in the world of politics. Everybody does these things and the ones who kiss and tell are looking for a moment of fame and a payoff. She had her day and it had nothing to do with Hillary's ability to be POTUS. And yes, I remember Gary Hart and what's her name. Everybody has skeletons in the closet so let he who is without sin cast the first rock.

Back to Edward Snowden. He remains one of my personal heroes for having the courage and intelligence to tell secrets that shouldn't be kept and move on to another location. That he was detained for an unreasonable length of time while the US tried to charge him with treason and worse, is an occupational hazard I suppose. I give kudos to he and those who have that kind of guts. We are so busy profiling and trying to take over the world that our country and our own citizens are suffering because of global meddling. Yeah, I'm in a mood.

Austin and I finally moved the big pine log that's been laying by the asparagus bed since ice storm #1. Shannah is at job #2 and Booger is sleepy while Tori and Aunt Brandy hit the yard sales. All is well on the lane. The gates are open waiting for my brother to arrive and Mom is excited so I am too. I'm thinking he's gonna need several bottles of wine for this trip!

Over and out from the lane.

Friday, April 25, 2014

spring has sprung

I mean all over, full blown tree pollen time for about two weeks now. Plus Mr.Farmer is out there kicking up dust with a tractor. Nothing says spring like cutting the grass for that first time of the season. I noticed that there is a big spot with no grass near the patio so it will be part of said patio shortly. Truth be told, that's where the garbage lived until the thaw came in early April. I hear somebody somewhere says the next 8 years will be like that *sigh*. I'll just have to call cabs to get to the sawmill. Had I been really aware the night before that Armageddon was coming in the form of 6 inches of ice, you can bet your sweet ass I would have been in town where I can get to stuff. That morning was eerie with Shannah in her gown tail trying to help me dig out. The straw that tore my shoulder broke the camel's back is when I fell on the icy front steps going back and forth to try to get my car doors open. That didn't happen until the next day, by the way.

My youngest brother is arriving sometime over the weekend and we chat pretty often so he was kind of concerned that mama seems a tad "confused" is how he put it. Oh boy, as Mr. George would say. He said that she was upset over something and was maybe Daddy worse? Get this. She was mad because he didn't answer his phone the first time she called. Honey, if I was getting fined for every missed mama call I'd be in deep he has two toddlers and a business and lives 14 hours away. I totally get what he and his wife have created for themselves, a life filled with rural delights delivered with an earthy edge. There are many vineyards and microbreweries and a big emphasis on art and small business. Their children are growing up literally in the world that Earl Hamner created from his boyhood for TV. Beats the heck out of Disney. They fly kites and do kid things which are memories that every child needs and many do not have. Please don't worry that BoogerMan will not have any good ones because he pretty much has the run of all his tribe.

I've still got tomato plants soaking until I can get them in the dirt perhaps tomorrow? I saw this woman today who either overcooked in a tanning bed or went on a long fishing trip and remembered all the years that I did that to my own skin just to appear attractive. There's nothing natural at all about white people being past bronze. I keep thinking about the tan mom's face in New Jersey and then my thoughts quickly move toward Christie and I'm outta' there. Here's what I think about the state of politics at this point in time all written up as if you're sitting right there reading it.

President Bush was not responsible for what happened in the Middle East. An opportunistic rich bunch of folks saw a chance to make money off of the fears of the American people that followed 9/11. It was a war served by many brave and loyal soldiers and a few who were in it just for the money. All of them are being mistreated now as they return from combat situations that are like a bad video game with real weapons. And crazy jihadists! You just never know who's gonna be the next new star. I'd say Mr. Bundy's time is over after only about a week of fame. Even the Koch brothers backed off so you know he's scary.

Hillary Clinton would not be a bad choice for president, especially since Elizabeth Warren is staying in the Senate. I think a lot of her bad press comes from the fact that she's assertive without being a total bitch. Her legal and political background are impressive and just think...she spent 8 years living there already! I joined a party chapter locally strictly because I think that the problems that face our country today and the meet-half-way attitude that is required to keep this country out of the toilet will never be found until the money in politics issue is addressed, preferably without loopholes. She took an absolute thrashing from the conservatives over Benghazi with their talking heads jumping on every other word she could utter. They fanned the flames of hatred which got us into this volatile situation where our presence is not wanted. Yankee...Westerner..go home! Honestly, it doesn't matter who is elected president because you have to be rich to get there so it's a sort of figurehead deal to take all the hear from the opposing party. What the F ever.

Speaking of net neutrality Verizon and Comcast were given permission to not give you equal band width with say, a little old blogger like myself who has almost starved to death (shut up) the past few years and probably would have if not for Blogfairy. Actually, she has known exactly when and where I needed a boost and I count that as a blessing every time I see an old USPS mailing box with my address on the front...twice. If there was one single thing in my life which would convince me that Big Ernie is real, the BF is it because it was all about me. I was heard, I was felt and I was loved. Amazon sent me a pre-order notice for House of Cards, Season 2. For 50 bucks..gasp! It's good, but not that good.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are because it's one day at a time. Keep the faith too.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

the beast

I had two fairly hectic days off and both were filled with happy things I rarely have time to enjoy. Went to bed early both nights with lots of doggie love and was still smooth worn out by noon today. My shoulder reminded me that yard work play is about to be a thing of the past except for puttering around on the patio out back. Now that Pride (rest his soul) has gone to the giant sweetfeed factory in the sky the crops are crawling up closer to Casa Poops First there was weedkiller, then some lime. The plowing commenced today and we have a chance of rain tonight so there ya go. Ain't that Big Ernie something else?

One of our adventures was visiting Memaw for a picnic with Ms. Faye out in the sun. I wandered around front with her saying "can't you ever just be still??" and found two metal rockers that I coveted like totally enough to ask her for them. For the patio, you know. The first thing out of her mouth was "I'll have to ask your daddy." She's 80 and still feels that need. Of course he didn't care at all and then he hopped on the gator and drove up to deliver what I left down there. I also scored some concrete blocks for the tomato patch. One man's junk, or so they say. I can't even remember the last time I sat on that porch and now there's a neighbor across the road and UPS/Fedex don't make daily visits. They both order from catalogs because they can't get out. Maybe I'll take him to my crack store Pennington's seed and supply. I dropped a hundred bucks in the past two weeks and never blinked an eye. There was a time in the not so distant past when that wouldn't have been an option, and I'm sure those lean times will come again. That's why I try to enjoy things and stay under the radar, so to speak.

Booger is officially walking with a little help from his friends. There was a video of him at Reelfoot Lake where they went to fish yesterday afternoon just weaving and bobbing. It made my heart jump for joy, if you know what I mean. There is nothing like the pure laughter of a small child to make one forget about the bad stuff. He talks a lot but it's mostly dadadada though he is getting some emotions up in that tiny little brain. Dude can preach like nobody's business and never say anything but that one syllable.

Yes, I'm in a mood and I can't quite figure out why except that I need some therapy. We'll put this at the top of my tod-do list right behind preparing for my next marathon. Yep, I'm a real smartass. As a matter of fact right at exactly the moment when I typed that sentence, he called. I love it when that happens! Y'all keep the faith.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the best part of waking up

I don't like coffee so it's definitely not Folger's in my cup. Yesterday and this morning I was privileged to sit with BabyMan while he slowly worked his way into being awake. He slept last night wedged between his mama and sissy like a Booger sandwich. Mom had to take the big kids to school so we played until she got back and turned on Frozen after which he was mesmerized. We sat on the front porch swing and he told the dogs "nononono" which is what I tell 'em when they get on the bed. After he went to daycare I did some yard chores so that the lawn yard can get cut this weekend. My shoulder is somewhat better so I was able to also chop down those vines and baby trees that mess up the beauty of a beautifully manicured sanctuary. Heh. I'm gonna' have to have some help to get the trumpet vine off of the siding.

The grass is tall enough that Mr.Snake could be there and I'd never know it so I step softly. The air is cool and breezy and it makes me want to just clean the whole house top to bottom except I'm too tired now after picking up sticks for an hour. Maybe I could hire that out too? Nope. Not until Sugardaddy shows up y'all. I'm taking inventory of items that need "improvement" around here like the driveway with multiple potholes and the front and back storm doors that will not close. Also BG's door to the kitchen has this circa 1940s double knob thingy that is a bitch to close. It's either that or climb the baby gates. This is my second day with no news so if they have found the plane somebody just send me a text so I'll be able to sleep tonight. Meanwhile, I'll be cleaning my room and otherwise focusing on self improvement. Call your mother. Be nice to people. Keep the faith. And always remember who you are ^

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

earth day and other news

It started raining yesterday and was still gray and wet when I woke up at six freakin' thirty on my day off. As usual I'm on a mission of piddling proportions to go through the final pile...that which sits in the office that used to be a living room eons ago. I figure if times get really hard we'll use it as a bedroom too! All I need is a futon or day bed plus a little help cleaning the floor. It's been a year since I started the sorting process with what is left of my family's heritage. I'm leaning toward pitching most of the 8000 hand written pages no matter who scribbled them. One of each is just fine. There will be a fire at some point and I will probably dance around it celebrating my lighter load.

Elizabeth Warren has said for the umpteenth time she won't run for POTUS so the voters might as well deal with it and I'm glad. Her common sense and down to earth attitude are what the Senate needs to keep their sanity with the House. Geez, man. I don't wish death or harm on anybody but if Ryan,Limbaugh, Beck, McConnell, Cantor,Paul et all just all happened to be on a plane that disappeared into the sea, I wouldn't lose much sleep over it. That is not to say that I think Dems have all the answers...hell no. Obama's harsh actions via the DOJ earlier in his term against the legal pot industry in California destroyed that economy for many people. It took way too long for my comfort for our troops to be pulled out of the desert hellhole that made Cheney a rich man and veterans have PTSD.

For the life of me I can't understand why so many people think that having a "choice" whether or not to buy insurance or pay a fee is wrong. I mean it's not like insurance companies haven't been pulling that one over on us for years. They are to blame for the inflated cost of healthcare along with expensive and often toxic treatments. Think about how many people get a piece of the pie for, say...a cancer patient. You've got your pathologist and radiologist and oncologist and all the others in between, most of which are members of large groups who contract guessed it. Big insurance. MegaPharm is all up in oncology and hematology practices. Concerning the so called "death panels" as the right wingers like to call it, end of life care is something that should be treated with much more respect that buying some doctor's kid tuition to a private school. And by the way? You have never had your total choice of which provider to see even if you purchase insurance through your workplace. They tell you whom you can and cannot see in their network.

It just dawned on me today seeing a memorial posted to the DHS Class of '75 for KY cousin that it's her reunion year. I don't think she ever went to a one, but they all have good memories of her especially in band. Those were the days when Uncle Jim took as much pride in his field show as the coaches did in their football team. It was Friday Night Lights at its' vintage best. He left DHS after almost 30 years because of cuts to the budget and band size and the folks in Obion county were ecstatic to get him! I went for one show up close and personal and knew he had found his home.

The sun is out now so it's playtime. Peace on earth ^j^

Monday, April 21, 2014

easter present

Yesterday afternoon while there was fading sunlight I gathered the Booger familia together in the front yard where it's really green with moss and we proceeded to teach Jordan the art of picking shit up and putting it in a basket. It lasted all of about five minutes but his mom spent the whole day planning to make it a special Easter celebration for every single one of us. There was lots of candy in festive bags and some personal stuff, which is what I miss now that my Mom is unable to spin her magic. Martha Stewart ain't got nothing on this gal! I realized when I called her today that I had failed to call yesterday but Bubba and Tony had church/eggs&doughnuts duty so I know they were fed and nourished by the risen spirit! We started the breakfast thing years ago since nobody had the time or money or ENERGY to do much else. I was broke and they were needing rides so we compromised. I wouldn't trade all the tea in China for that special time with them. Generally the conversation consists of what happened at church like who was sitting next to whats'her'name. My cousin and her family were there yesterday all dressed up and looking sharp. Mo is a beautiful woman and has the spirit of her daddy in many ways. He was a fun and loving man who made every moment special and never stopped trying, even as he made platelets in the end.

That was when Nic was a newborn and came from RI for the death watch. She always told me that when she asked "how's Daddy" everybody said "he's fine." She was blown away when she saw how bad it really was. Deb and I took the brunt of that and so she's left to deal with Aunt Granny alone..well, except for Ron who is every woman's dream husband. Think Robert Redford only nicer. I've gotten so bored with MM that I'm back to Walter and Yo'ville and STILL freakin' seeing things I never saw before. It's familiar, yet fun. I so know all of those peeps. This time around I'm really tuning into the satire.

Off for two, if the spirit allows. Let's all say a silent ohmmm for rest and relaxation.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

he is not there

I worked today and BG slept in following a late night so she's out shopping for our dinner which will include pork tenderloin and asparagus and deviled eggs and who knows what else. Since we are a "family" now with up to six or seven mouths to feed it's a real event when there's something good on the menu. Rarely are there leftovers, and if so they are gone the next day. Austin says I cook like his grandma did. Me and his mom had a talk about how much she misses her own mother the other day and we both ended up in tears while BG looked on in wonder. It's been only three years so she's still processing the whole deal plus everything else she has on her plate. BG was gonna' swing by the graveyard and have an Easter chat with her friend Jacob. That reminded me of the day I hauled that snotty bunch of SS kids to the CEMETERY in a church van. I pulled up next to our family's spot across from the softball field where there are still lots of trees. My grandparents, great-grandparents, aunt Jerri, uncle Bill and others are there. I unloaded them and we sat cross legged on the grass in our new clothes and considered what it would have been like to go look in the tomb on Easter morning and it's empty! Whoa...

The flowering cross was looking kind of droopy when I slid by on the way home plus the light changed and I had to move out of traffic. It's a standing joke with us Methodists that the cross is one of the biggest reasons the Baptists will cross the street for a visit. They all want selfies in front of it, 'ya know. I've seen traffic stop to allow entire families to happily run across the street to that flowering marvel of a tribute. I read an article today about how churches and the people in them have forgotten that everybody can't afford fine clothes. But these folks are usually the ones who will put on their best, no matter what it is, as an act of respect. I remember when nobody even wore pants so I'm tickled to death with the shift to casual even though I rarely attend. Sunday mornings are for sleeping until or when I'm not getting up at 5AM. Who the heck knows at this point.

So, there have been two terrible tragedies in Asian countries where the people customarily don't talk about their pain but just kill themselves or something equally as drastic. The teacher who planned that ferry trip did just that. He was rescued but found hanging by his belt a couple of days later. I'm sure he felt that it was his fault and perhaps it was. But maybe? Just maybe it's one more message from Big Ernie that our priorities should not be with profit and things but with real human relationships. If it's your time, it doesn't matter if you're on the ferry or in the plane. The script is already written, just waiting for the players to show up. Every hair on every head ya'll. I can't wait to see how many times I get called out for that pre-destination theory.

One of my work friends lost her sister this weekend and my heart goes out to she and her's just the two of them now. Mama worked with us forever in the pharmacy back in the days of Captain Lee Simmons and county owned and operated. I remember visiting her when her much younger brother died in a wreck. Tiny little old Halls TN is home to a lot of wonderful people including my friend the Little General and her EMT granddaughter. Just south of there is where Trauma Tommy lives on a kinda' sorta' farm with lots of chickens and his mama. Oh, and TBoy the wonder dog. He posted a video prior to his surgery that had us all wondering if he would even make it through and sure enough he's alive and well and already back to Lauderdale county. You can't keep a good man down, just saying. Poor Sammy D knows better but he just backed Lily into the kitchen corner and she was making sounds that even scared me. Gotta get ready to dye and hunt eggs. We may get done by dark..


Saturday, April 19, 2014

eye candy

I almost drove off the road several times on my way home gawking at everything in bloom that includes but is not limited to the purple of redbud trees blended with the pinks and whites of dogwoods and the hanging masses of wisteria blooms. We used to have an annual race called the Dogwood Dash co-sponsored by the sawmill and various other businesses. I was a volunteer at the finish line where there were three of us...a spotter, timer and a caller. I always ended up with the timer which was unfortunate because half the time they didn't work right. There was no dress rehearsal! The mayor climbed up on a big flatbed trailer and fired a gun to signal the start of the race. It was originally planned and implemented by a group of hard core local runners and turned into a huge community social event the likes of which we haven't seen since. A lot of times the dogwoods were already past peak by race time due to our warm winters. Too bad there is no dash any more because the view is to die for. The flowering cross at the corner of Main and McGaughey will no doubt be gorgeous what with all the varieties still available. There have been years when there wasn't much but some azalea branches.

Being a participant in that church's Living Last Supper was an experience that I will never forget. It was during those years that I came to realize what sacrifices were made for little old me by God and Jesus and Big Ernie and all of 'em. It came out of my "head" and became a part of my reality, no longer something that I merely paid lip service to on Sundays. After my daughter declined to be an active member I continued as a SS teacher to the class from hell, literally. There were a shitload of them and many were rich and not very well behaved. There was a core of friends like Allison and Julia who have stuck with me over the years. Also Laura Jane was in there somewhere. The longest running SS class there is led by Tony Deere who also hauls mama'n'them for eggs and doughnuts when I work. He's been teaching the fifth grade "angels" since BG was that age.

I'm feeling pretty old today all things considered. Never in my wildest dreams would I have dreamed that life as I know it was in the cards. I always expected that as I grew older I would find someone to share time with that was worth being around, and I have. Friends of all shapes and sizes and nationalities and states of mind have reached out to me over my years as a blogger and gave me the affirmation to keep writing even when it's a chore and "i got nothing." Being heard is what it's all about if there is to be peace in the valley or on the hill. If I were a betting gal I'd say that avalanche was a message from above saying "enough already, ya'll." Take care of what's going on with your people and leave the rest to me. We just never learn.

I don't know about ya'll but I'm ready for some Hallelujah!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

how am i supposed to live without you?

Numerous artists have recorded that particular song and it's always a tear jerker. My favorite is Laura Branigan who got mentioned by Shannon AKA Monty who is a bitch and will tell you that straight up. I reckon that's why we get along so nicely. Shannon runs an online business and put some of her friends who network out there in a blog post which is something we ALL used to do back in the day. I mean, if somebody on the blog circuit went on vacation it was an unspoken rule that somebody else guest post in their absence. It was the earliest days of telling life one day, one story at a time now that the WWW wasn't confined to business and the wealthy. I don't think Al Gore invented it either...I'm not that stupid. Once I visited Carthage,TN his home town for a hospital inspection. It was around the time that he and Clinton made a swing through Dyersburg, of all places. By golly,we were there.

The oldest friends that I have are still out there, stretched across the USofA from Oregon and Washington to FL and Mexico. Oddly enough my roomie Shannah lived her first four years in California. It's along trip from there to Pecan Lane so I'm totally sure Big Ernie had something to do with that. Old Horsetail Snake is the one who really caught my attention for funny stuff. His site was designed by somebody and so was mine, compliments of the lovely Tamara in Canada which is where Joe lives. We spent six months of email and proofs for Poop Happens. His whirlwind trip across the country choosing Vicki in MI, Tish in TX and me plus Vegas. He required oxygen at all times which I was totally not prepared for but came through. It's what you do for people who choose to share their lives with you on a personal level.

I'm not sure where along the way I met Drew and Mahala and JenBWag and Lori but I've gotten mail from all of 'em so they do indeed exist! They are the kind of friend that puts 20 bucks they can't spare in a card for my breakfast. While I'm in no means out of the woods financially, it looks better than in many many MANY moons barring some unforeseen calamity which is actually quite my luck. Roll with it baby. Idgie and I were Dew on the Kudzu buddies..hey, it was THERE I met Mahala! She won the contest for the kudzu monkey :) Jim and Jamie Dawn showed up about the same time and for years Reverand JD's Sunday posts were church to me. We are polar opposites politically and that's healthy. If I hang with too many liberals I'll get called the "tard" word again.

Wendy Cook. Karen Rasmussen. Stephen Early RJ, Chuck Sigars and JK. Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. I'm feeling pretty spiritual as Good Friday approaches, knowing that his last night and supper were just ahead. When I look at all the many ways they betrayed him, I can relate to most every one of the 12 except for Judas and he's just the devil in disciple's clothing.

Peace ~

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

stealth as a virtue

One of my dearest friends in the whole wide world who was "expected" to be a Chi Omega at Ole Miss (legacy) told me that she would always be in stealth mode just in case she needed the connection. Sadly, that's the way the world works these days! She later went on to marry a biker and a dentist plus a good old boy from home. Her career with a vet school has been long and distinguished serving as a leader of their business department. The only other two people that I know well who went to school there are Dr. Jeff and Sally who couldn't be farther apart in personality. Oh, and of course there was Dick Bruce the educator who diagnosed me as above average intelligence in elementary school.. long before common core was ever invented. Good call Mr. B, and I still think too much and look out the window way too often. Especially in spring. His wife Peggy was a librarian (like Sally) and I'm afraid her love of all things refined failed to impress their only child the drummer. He's always been like me...a force to be reckoned with.

Whatever is putting off pollen right now is absolutely killing me in spite of Zyrtec/Singulair. We moved into this house in the month of April many years before the asparagus got planted and our lives got sent in 90 different directions. During the 90's we all schlepped along raising kids and working our asses off as big fish ate little fish and corporate became not a nickname but a reality. I have never understood the wisdom of not listening to front line people who see the weaknesses and strengths of a place from a personal perspective. Our entire society has been structured to support giant bigger mega Wall Street values by outsourcing labor that could be done by Americans to citizens of other countries because it's "cheaper." Whatthefuckever.

My grandmother Ethel Inez was an old school telephone operator in Halls which is about 10 miles south of here. There's a picture of her perched on a stool with this totally hot looking guy leaning against the table and she looks in the face. That would have been around uh...have to get back with you on that. I can't describe the feeling that I had the first time I saw my face on one of my long lost relatives. Like walking on a grave or something.

I'm thinking about having my footwashing early. More later ^j^

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Well it seems that this one was highly overrated in our neck of the woods because it was cloudy during the eclipse. By the time I headed to work at six, it was full and bright white dribbling light over the lane as I made my way on the familiar course. I always choose to go through downtown proper rather than the busy by-pass because the traffic can be pretty bad (by our standards) at certain times and there's an art to the crossover that my parents failed to navigate as they neared 80. Thus their scheduled rides by whomever is available for hair or church. Mr Dusty is over 90 and still picks daddy up every Wednesday for lunch "with the boys." I hope I'm still able when I'm that age is all I'm saying. Mama crashed out two Toyotas there before her swan song with the third turning into Southtown on Easter of all days. I was at work and she ended up in our ER all bloody and crying and of course that just tears me up. She had on her new outfit and probably an Easter chick pin or something and here she was beat all to hell by an airbag. Their preacher stopped by and gave her the short version of his sermon which was "Surprise!" which I thought was totally fitting for both Easter and her situation. Another time she fell on Easter night while cooking Daddy country ham and there we went to the ER again. It's been non-stop for about ten years and time just runs together in the way that it does when survival means getting up and doing it all again. My friend Pax who is the Citizen Kane of New Jersey is dealing with a similar situation involving his own parents and I can tell from his daily posts that it's wearing on him too. It's a blessing and a curse if you know what I mean.

The sawmill was abuzz with drama today which is always, though expected, an adrenaline pumper when the shit hits the fan. I've hauled a lot of yucky stuff back and forth during my years there healing and serving the sick. I learned WAYYYY early on that my bad mood is NOT the fault of that patient and I'd better be nice and treat him or her as a customer. Do no harm. Take no prisoners when it comes to being that patient's advocate. And never beat yourself up when the outcome isn't what you tried for. It's the Big Guy upstairs who's in charge of the whole deal.

Still no plane and I'm really kind of surprised that they're still looking at the behest of a bunch of angry family members. I know you can't make comparisons but I will in remembering the length of time it took to clear the site of the WTC and Pentagon bombings and tentatively identify the thousands of people killed that day. We were so hell bent on punishing the perps in that case that we sacrificed thousands more lives in a war that was never about anything other than big oil. If I had lost a kid during that time or during Vietnam, I'd be highly pissed at the priorities of this country. As they return all eat up with PTSD and not able to afford food because their assistance has been cut I am ashamed of how we roll.

I got to see an old and dear work friends both today and yesterday which kind of helps to change up the scenery a bit. Haven't seen much of Boogs since the howling episode but I reckon he's doing well. As long as there's Ice Age and Scrat, he's good to go. Shannah and the older kids are grocery shopping for supper and gonna' cook it up so I'm free to do whatever, like watch Mad Men some more and lust over Jon Hamm.

Keeping the faith here. Hope you are the same ^j^

Monday, April 14, 2014

along the road

So, a monsoon came through last night and filled the ditches to overflow all over town. As I wound my way to the sawmill this morning the Camry got splashes of mud all over the new tires with no hubcaps, still. Baby steps, ya know? It has showered on and off all day and is much cooler and more spring like. The humidity yesterday was enough to choke a goat, and a southern one at that! I'm gonna take my chances with what I planted tonight because it's sheltered by the house, one of the beautiful things about container gardening. My friend Joe posted a picture of his garden full of poo and it already had a green thing growing...broccoli maybe? We'll get there, but no time soon unless I can round up some help. I went to my FNP today to get started on checking out the shoulder damage because it's simply not getting better. The current injury in tandem with the knotted up bitch on that shoulder blade is about to get more than I can bear and I do pain really well. She ran me through the range of motion stuff and made tsk tsk noises at the pops and groans and most especially the movement that causes the most pain which is straight up or back. At least then we'll know which way to go with physical therapy.

I remember a co-worker who worked for months with a frozen neck even going on a dang CRUISE instead of having what she needed which was surgery. She still can't move her neck easily so what was the point? Syble and I discussed how horrible the insurance companies are when contracting for their patient's medicines. I use an albuterol inhaler and have for years due to severe allergies ( yeah, i know. five dogs) Asthma was diagnosed and I did the injection therapy for years until it wasn't in the budget. Daddy still's part of his Sunday routine, if you will. Only we couldn't find it yesterday because the vial fell in with the cheese or something. I'm telling's like a freaking zoo around here..I went to sleep about 7 last night to a nice steady rain and woke up lord knows when hearing Boogs screaming like he was being murdered. He does that now and then but this time it went on and on and ON! Poor Shannah and the older kids had the light on and she was just rocking him and pattin' that butt trying to make it all better. We think it's a tooth but who knows. Maybe he just needed to be held while he cried...I know that feeling.

It's nice doing business with people you've worked with before because it's takes away the barriers that keep providers and patients from being honest with each other. If your BUN is a tad high you're drinking too many diet dr peppers, comprende? BP is good (with med)and temp normal. Little wheeze left side, no biggie. Halfass controlled with the cheapest inhaler du jour of the megagiantpharmacy network. These devices were mandated to all be constructed and delivered the same way but some work better than others. Too bad if that one's not on your insurance formulary. I've used Ventolin for years with nary a problem. ProAir is a whole 'nother story. So anyway I've got my refills of happy pills and allergy meds for about three months. You gotta love an office that still has Easter candy on the counter.

So, here we are the day after that triumphal entry. Can you feel the mood beginning to change?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

why did the turkey cross the road and other important questions

I was on the way to spend my hard earned money in a loop this morning that included pickup of my parents after the joint service that involved lots of church memebers. A tradition of FUMC started years ago was brought back to life by a stunning cast including Jesus himself, Gerry Anderson. Back in the day when Mark Locke was the director it ran for two hours and involved both Gerry and his twin brother Terry...the twin Jesi, we called 'em. One night during practice the local po-po got a call and ran into one of them in the basement hallway complete with robe. Word has it he accepted his Lord right then and there.

My daddy and I were always cast members, along with BG and the kids that were there then. The choir climbed ancient wooden steps up to the loft where Mark almost fell off on more than one occasion. My favorite memory is of Patti Lou in the marketplace with a basket full of puppies. All the while, my ornery daddy hollered about something or another and banged on a drum. Baby Jesus changed every year according to whomever had been blessed with a six month old at Lent. We went to the local Dairy Queen for lunch and I was enchanted watching the families and most especially the elderly. Some old schoolmates sat nearby with their grandchildren and more than one person stomped up front demanding their food right, damn now. An elderly grandma type with sensible black shoes and hose enjoyed an after church burger. I saw the owner when I went to pick up our sundaes and knew exactly we needed. He shared that one employee was a no show so it was more chaos than usual. After church, no less. I knew better than to even attempt Cracker Barrel after 11. After dropping off the movie rentals and paying the entirely unfair electricity bill current amount due to my local provider at the last minute, scurried over to the FUMC lot to wait for church to let out. I have been there come rain or shine or plastic windows on the trusty old Camry for a lot of months. I am a solitary type person in that I require long periods of down time to recover from the stresses of every day life as I live it. It's not always about the number of people around you but if the harmony is there (which hasn't been too evident to me lately) a state of peace and balance can be found for our fragile mother earth. It's now or never and I'm a believer. This is the day that symbolizes the triumphant entry complete with palm branches.

So anyway, back to the turkey. I was driving east on Samaria Bend up close to the by-pass when all of a sudden this turkey runs in front of my car and I smacked him real good before he went flying. I was telling Mom and Daddy about it at lunch and the lady at the next table said "Thanksgiving dinner!" Jane's newest addiction is Mad Men and I was just amazed to find that there's no market for all the seasons of Breaking Bad and Nurse Jackie. Yep...I love me some LIONSGATE. And of course Weeds.

I ask of any pilgrim like me only one thing during this holy week. Remember that it was all for you ^j^

Friday, April 11, 2014

baby games

Booger is a crawling master and soon will let go of our hands and walk for the first time. It's so funny watching him with a ball because he'll roll it and then crawl like a demon to get it! I told Shannah he'd never have to worry about not having somebody to play ball with. The entire family plus uncle were here for BG's feast of stuffed shells with the real stuff inside. One dish is alfredo and the other marinara. To die for, kids. We were licking our plates and then had ice cream. I went to the crack store nursery downtown for something, ANYTHING to plant and got oregano, mint and rosemary plus a few flowers. No basil though, and that's a must. I love the smell of each of them individually or all mixed up in one big waft. Over the years I've learned that partial sun is good for most everything worth having.

There is something really nagging at me and I can't put a finger on it but I think it has to do with homeland security. More and more we read of things like next generation jihadists who are often American set out on a mission to destroy us because of our western ways, whatever the hell that means. If they only knew how our country treats its' own citizens maybe they'd cut some slack. Probably not though since they're all just dead set on getting to the virgins ASAP. The Republican party is about to splinter because the old heads and tea partiers are ruining their rep. I cringe every time I see Rand Paul or Mitch McConnell saying what for. If they only knew the meaning of diversity.

I distinctly remember peaceful Muslims being targeted following 9/11 and I was shocked at the number of people who didn't make the correct assumption that every religious group has both peaceful and warrior sides. Extremists love being on the fringe and get a charge on the knowledge that they are the "winning" team. Speaking of which, Fred Phelps was one of them and his congregation reminds me of jihad in more ways than one. Choke on that one peeps. There will always be that guy who lives off the land and doesn't want the government all up in his business so he bunkers down for the IRS to show up.

What else? Ahhh..Colbert and Letterman. I find it interesting and wonder if Stewart's feelings were hurt. Colbert is, however, much more like the cynical David Letterman in that he will cut you where you bleed with his words. I don't have TV service so it doesn't matter to me. Personally I think Chelsea should get a big job like that. I mean, her followers are legendary and she's funny as heck. Yeah, I'm a reviewer too, hah!

God bless ya'll and your mama'n them and have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

chair yoga

It feels good to have a hastily arranged day off ahead of me to hopefully sleep and rest the back and shoulder. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I can't mow the yard take care of the acre I've got with the house. It's worth the money to let a professional do it. That way I can just buy flowers and put 'em in pots in the container garden out back. Since Pride is in heaven the straw bales and/or torn up earth will serve as home to some produce simply because there's a ton of horse shit up in that barn. Our neighbor Gerald shows up every year on his mule to get some for his 'mater patch. He is one of the few elders who knows everything that ever went on out here. I've been told that there was a bar over by the river behind where the Quinn house stood and that my ex-husband's grandpa got shot there. Hearsay, but sounds about right. Our 'burg was a typical river town with the city proper on the north side of the mighty Forked Deer (which tends to flood and turn up dead bodies.)

BG asked me awhile ago how old SammyD is and I had to guess about 8ish. Tim and Amy brought him to me one day after she adopted him from the shelter and moved into an apartment. He has loved every minute of being here with us and first Faith, then the others who have shown up. It's like a shelter here but at least it's warm and they can play outside. Sophie sleeps with her head on my shoulder so close I can hear her breath. Ryder is just big and gawky and skinny with Great Dane ears and a low IQ. I mean, like BAD! A cracked door is all it takes to set her to crying because she doesn't know she can just walk through. Yeah. Like, duh.

In true spring cleaning form my closet is flung wide open and the bed is covered with piles of clothes that will go or stay and I'm totally now showing any mercy. Everything must go!
I also feel a fire coming on real soon. If ya'll see smoke coming from the hill don't be's just Poopie playing with matches.

Pretty day, so I'm gonna' go forth and enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

believe in miracles

We are approaching the time of year that is very important for Christians as it's an observance of the events leading up to his death on the cross. Horribly calculated by the soldiers to last way longer than was humane, he slowly suffocated hanging right there nailed in. There was no way out but to go through the motions of letting go with the faith that others will know about God from you and I don't mean the snippy puritanistic ways of many large churches, most especially those who keep women from having leadership roles and dictate personal belief. How can you, calling yourself a Christian,think that you are more worthy than those who have different ideas about worship. My friend Trauma Tommy is having a major surgery this week for treatment of liver cancer. His progress from the OR will be posted to FB by someone so that the huge crowds of people who love him will know what's up. Thursday, Trauma Tommy. Do a post-it to remind yourself to pray ^j^

I remember giving lip service to belief in angels for years before I was totally convinced...without a doubt...they exist just when you need them most. On one particular All Saints day I sat next to my choir buddy Donna in our robes. The tradition is that bells are rung, one each for the church members who have moved on to greener pasture, as they say. Don't ask me who "they" is but my mother assures me they know most everything. The sanctuary was semi-dark and the sun was shining through the stained glass when I noticed a look on Donna's face I had never seen. In that moment I saw a woman's mother appear as an angel and tell her to keep being a witness. It was a mixture of wonder and awe that I will never forget.

This entire week has been dedicated to those who volunteer their services. At our hospital there are awards for Pink Lady and Red Coat of the year and also one given by my mother's family in honor of Gaga. Now you would have to know her to get this but we swapped memories in HR today of how she started as an admissions clerk, moved to ER and was "forced" to retire at 70 only to be the ruler founding mother for the the Pink Ladies Auxiliary. Honey, nobody will be having to force this old girl any time. As if the torn up right shoulder isn't enough pain now there's a nagging toothache that will get attention tomorrow if I don't end up in ER first.

Anyone who professes to be faithful in belief and action to one God who loves all religions and tribes, is a true follower. I'm tired of the "sky is falling" mentality because I intend to enjoy what time there is left and I damn sure don't know when the gig is up. Not my call. That's the one of the MANY between me and Peaches Geldof. Happy Hump Day eve.

Monday, April 7, 2014

rainy days and mondays

My heart is heavy once again, aching for the losses of friends and families. It's an ongoing series of giving up and moving on even for those who are stubborn and refuse to change. If you can't adapt, you might as well sign up as bait for the Hunger Games. I got two movies yesterday and one was, shall we say "intriguing" in that my celebrity boyfriend was the star and another totally awful piece of fluff called Gravity with Sondra Bullock and George Clooney. I mean, please, my Jesus. I gave up after 15 minutes unlike with Cusack and DeNiro where I watched twice trying to figure out the significance of that Memphis hat.

It's wet and cold which I reckon is okay because it's spring and at least there's something pretty to look at. Nothing is more depressing than days on end of rainy gray skies and brown land. The fields that don't have wheat are covered with clover giving them a purple wave to rival the redbud trees. I know where every flower and tree came from and I moved about half of 'em just for fun. There are Mrs. Council's perennial gifts, of course. They keeping coming back even decades after she planted them in faith that the cycle would repeat itself. There are peonies and jonquils from her and a couple of forsythia. The front bank is scattered with late daffodils and narcissus. There are some hyacinth around here somewhere but I think maybe the mole got 'em. The giant pink blooms of the flowering peony are about to come forth. There will be pictures, as usual.

I am weary like most. Tired of the partisan bickering while we slowly die out here. I'm a conservative liberal if that makes any sense and I think the whole thing is absolutely bonkers. Get over it folks and give up your salary+perks if you can't REPRESENT. I don't care if you're a Dem of one of the GOP, just get OVER your pampered self and get down here on our level. We're the ones who elected you and you owe us that much. As for the Walton family in Bentonville Arkansas, you will never see my smart ass in one of your superstores again. I don't have the energy anymore and prefer to shop local with my hard earned cash.

We've got Booger tonight while mama works. All I can say is thank you for Ice Age. I feel so sorry for my friend Idgie who's on spring break in Panama City and being pounded with rain. I hope her kids are easily amused!

Over and out ya'll.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

malware take me away

Two blog posts had to be deleted after BG downloaded something and Highlightly snuck in the back door. It's a particularly nasty little thing that makes hyperlinks out of words that lead to aol ads or some such nonsense. I thought I was protected on that but it's been awhile since I looked at the state of IS security on Pecan Lane. Heaven knows I've had lots of other things to do like herding five dogs (yes, Gizmo makes 5) and playing with the Babyman. Austin and Tori were here for a couple of days and that adds some chaos to our mix of three women, one baby five dogs and a cat who thinks she's the Queen of Prussia. It's warmer today so it looks like I'll have to pick up the sticks of winter our there in the front. 100 year old pecans drop them like leaves. Once I was driving home and this huge pecan much BIGGER than just a limb fell right as I passed and saw it in the rear view.

We had eggs and doughnuts today and the cute daughter of the owner touched base with me about a hospital job after she graduates. The Sellers class plus a few extras were there in force and it was the first time since Miss Becky died that I had seen them. I went to the funeral and my mom replied to Becky's niece "Well, at least you got her to church!" Indeed. We were raised together in that church and others just like it by those who came before us. My mother's family hav been members of the Methodist church since it was close to the downtown river. I have found myself remembering that congregation and all the others who have welcomed me during my life. Faithful saints for Big E.

I think my diversity of worship experiences has been a large part of my conviction that churches come and go but the work of the world church is not usually done inside those walls except through charitable donations. For me it has been everywhere from the breakroom at work or on a park bench. Anywhere two or more are gathered, as they say. I listen to a lot of spiritual music up real loud and for me that's a religious moment. I know he's yesterdays news but I love some Michael W. Smith. Same for Mercy Me. God is love, and love is what you must give in order to receive. Free like, with no strings attached. And hell yes, it's very hard sometimes. Kill 'em with kindness hasn't been around all these years for nothing.

It's Sunday again with a full week of work and who knows what else ahead. Thanks to the loan fairy I've got new tires and an oil change plus almost paid the propane guy. Next on my list is tennis shoes. I'm so lazy about shopping I'll probably order them online! Hey..if I can find free shipping why not??

Happy Sunday to all ya'll and your mama'n'them. Bless all our hearts ^j^

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

in my daughter's eyes

Martina McBride sings that one in a way that makes me tear up every single time. When BG was 18 I did a crude video of her life pics with that song to go along. I bet I watched it fifty times during the next year, trying to wrap myself around the fact that she wasn't a kid anymore. That was 11 years ago and we're still trying to understand each other, redefining the terms as we go which is never a bad thing. The only constant is change. I fear for our country and our children if this Congress doesn't get it's effin' act together. Heaven forbid that the nasty vehement tea partiers are running the place and nobody's even attempting to stop them. Man or woman up Dems. There are those like me who've suffered enough because of you playing hide and seek with the devil. If you don't believe it, read Ryan's budget. There will be more poor people than you can shake a stick with if that passes. But hey, in ten years the budget will be balanced...easy peasy. Only what are you gonna' do with all those desperate starving people dude? I'd be scared they would show up as creatures from the dead demanding a bite of your steak.

When I went to college it was a good investment, even though billions are squandered recruiting coaches and players for the athletic departments of most of them. I hope Phil Fulmer and Pat Summitt are enjoying their money in spite of the fact that their family lives suffered as a result of the 110% lifechoice of coaching. I love UT ladies roundball....always have. Basketball is one of the few things daddy and I can bond over. We watched Kelly Jolly and Rebecca Lobo try to kill each on the court back in the day. With the guys, I'm all about Memphis because I totally adore the city don't want to spend more time than necessary there. I was quite worried for BG's safety going down with an unreliable car, a bed and a wad of cash from her father and I. It was one of those times when she needed unconditional love and support and we let her go find out the hard way, but welcomed her back with open arms.

An ex told me one time that I "think too much" to which I would have to reply, yeppers. That's my style and it won't change either so open up with your feelings or I'm outta here. Or you are, whatever works. Two have left for that very reason and it's not negotiable. I wonder out loud and need, though not constant, regular feedback. I did one of those leadership tours today and was amazed at the things that people off the street don't know about healthcare. There were questions that gave me hope for some sort of understanding in the future of what we really do. I do so hope Sugardaddy shows up in the next ten years or I'll be outsourced for age. I really don't think of myself that way, and most folks my age are in administration, along with a whooooole lot of young ones carrying MBAs. It certainly makes for interesting TV shows, right Jackie ?

There is a friend of mine who has sort of turned lukewarm and for the life of me I can't figure it out because we've been to hell and back together. Following her husband's death we spent hours on the phone or in her car just talking about her hubs and the kids. She is a mentor to me not only as a tech but as a mother, grandmother and business woman. Her tribe has scattered since then and I imagine she'll be on the road as often as possible to visit after we get thorough our surgeries and whatnot. I hope she holds out because we're getting to be an OLD bunch!

So, Ebola is about to get out of control in Africa and ya'll know that means it takes only one little virus to jump a plane to the next continent and there you go....a huge fucking outbreak of zombie proportions. All of a sudden it's Doctors within Borders and they don't have a clue what to do because everybody dies. The focus must always be on isolation with a disease like that. Another scary as shit thing is the current outbreak of measles. That's a nasty childhood disease and I remember it well. Such a shame that the makers of the vaccine would not readily make available product without the preservatives that have been linked to autism and other childhood disorders. That's a true story, BTW, thus the giant wave of non-immunization. Google it, ya'll. Now ain't I just a little ray of sunshine? Love the one you're with is my motto for today.