Wednesday, October 26, 2016

bad dog

Beverly sent me a message today that Larry was trying to dig under her chicken coop with is a first for him.  I let his mama know and she was like "OMG" what now!  As a member of the household he has claimed his chair or the hall floor for resting and the rest pile up with me.  It's a ritual and I can only imagine how freaked out they were being in the yard for a week while I was at the beach.  

Speaking of which, I visited with an old friend today and we shared stories with hers involving a two hour visit to Gulf Shores before driving straight the night back home for a family emergency.  That's a whole 'nother story that will play out later.  I thank God for little moments like that to bond with my work peeps.  

Evidently my guardian angel was right over the Camry this morning because as I pulled across the highway from the crossover after seeing NOTHING coming in the dark, I saw an SUV whiz by behind me without lights on.  He got a big fat cussing before I became grateful for not getting T-boned.  

It was busy.  People were snappy...the usual for hump day.  I had intended to visit the funeral home at lunch but was just too tired to make the effort.  I'm sure Big Ernie understands.  I gave my buddy Adrian a heads on on Kustoff and Hobson having signs in the freaking courthouse lawn so now his is right there too.  Positioned directly next to you know who.  

Autumn makes me sad in a way that I can't really describe.  It's bluesy and beautiful but the death of a growing cycle.  But you know what?  It always comes back around to the next season.  That's a comfort in its' own special way.

Leave room for the spirit to work ~

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