Sunday, October 16, 2016

going nuts

Most of the good papershell trees are barren this year but there's random wild ones here and there that are loaded.  Years ago I would get on my hands and knees or sit and pick in a circle around me.  Pecans have always been a part of my heritage.  The ones at the cabin did not bear and they're really good nuts.  After that, you bag 'em up in burlap and take them either to Pennington's or Bobby Lowrance out toward Tatumville.  His operation has a blower which makes the picking out MUCH easier.  

When you live in an orchard or grove like I do poachers are always a nuisance.  One time this drunk guy got dropped off by his buddies to wander around with a plastic bag and he ended up on my doorstep asking for a phone and being all pissy like drunks will do.  Another time this old man who came every freaking day had a passing out episode right across from my house and I called 911.  This ornery bastard got back in his truck after they checked his vitals and took off through yard to get around the emergency vehicles and high tail it home.  The EMT said he knew better than to try and stop him!!!!

Down the road is a Hycan tree which is a hybrid kind of thing and quite strange looking.  There are walnut trees in the neighbor's yard.  It's comforting to think that I know the location of every field road and tree around these parts.  That's what comes of living the dream.  

Corporate is coming this week and I'm ready except for a futon laying in the yard.  I have to say that this old house has come a long way.  Taking advantage of two nights' rest, I tackled the dining room floor this morning with door wide open and frequent empties of the mop bucket.  It still needs another going over to be barefoot worthy as do all the other floors.  

So UT got their ass kicked by Alabama yesterday.  Back in the day we would watch that game at Sap's and Bolte would ring the bell every damn time AL made a touchdown.   How annoying!!  Everybody wore orange and it was one big happy drunken party.  Good old Rocky Top.

The moon was amazing even though I didn't stay up late enough to see the whole show.  It rose big and orange and full over the golf course next to the old barn out back.  A sight to behold, no doubt.  

Believe ~

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