Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I'm doing something to get the text all wonky on this blog where it goes back and forth from big to little.  I'm pretty sure it's about backspacing and deletions.  I try really hard to be a grammar nazi but usually fail.  I slept for 12 hours again no..wait, it was 13 last night.  If I were at work it would be lunchtime.  Today, it's get your shit done at the house time.  The floor is nasssssty.  I'm killing flies and keeping doors shut to reduce their presence inside the Casa.  

I got Adrian's sign planted in a softer spot on the way back from the gentral'.  I ran into my old and dear friend Liz and we chatted in the parking lot, enjoying not being at work and able to talk openly.  Her job was one that went in the last cut.  There will be others I feel sure.  This time last year several were put on furlough until January because of finance.   Our hospital had a good year but the others in our "division" sucked ass so we paid for it too.  That's how corporate rolls.  

Liz and I have a long history.  Our mothers worked together at the local employment office until Mama  had a hissy fit and walked out.  We always call Rosemary "disco lip" because Gurney can smooth talk a blue streak.  I remember being totally impressed with Liz when we ended up putting our three girls in a tent together at Camp Hazelwood and she brought lint fuzz for a fire starter!  I don't even know if Girl Scouts have camp anymore.  Must ask Patti Lou.

I bought another dollar store hose the other day and haven't been able to get the old one off so I pulled out the pliers and WD40 and got her done.  My plan is to wash the car and porch but I should probably wait 'til the bean dust settles.  There are a couple of fields left to be harvested down toward the end of the lane.  The corn fields are being plowed to get ready for winter wheat which I adore.  That means beans instead of corn next year.....yay me!!

I read a very thoughtful piece today about how the church should stay out of politics because : separation of church and state.  Of course the evangelicals don't believe in that but they are putting up a ruckus about Trump and his vulgar behavior and it's worth noting that not only is he a perv but he's got a generation of men looking at him and how he acts.  That doesn't bode well for women.  I'd be willing to be he's a closet Sharia law lover.  

I also picked up a Phllips head screwdriver to use in repairing my grandmother's old chair.  My cousin has the table and all the other ones so I'll clean this one up and use it at the ( not so ) round table.  I've cleared the work table in the living room for projects.  Slowly but surely, it's coming together.  

Have a terrific Tuesday, as Jerry would say.


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