Saturday, October 1, 2016

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I rarely take anything for sleep because I never have a problem crashing.  Since I was off today I wanted to sleep past sunrise so I took a little "helper" which allowed me to sleep like the dead rest until nine freakin' thirty!!!  With no cat harassment!  However she is all up my ass while I type.  What a needy little bitch.

The hunt is on for a new home for Larry.  He was injured in a fight with lord knows what kind of critter and has staples in his leg.  His poor Mama just can't handle the stress of his wandering ways right now so I promised her I'd help find him a home.  He's such a sweet baby.  Surely if I networked to find homes for ten puppies I can find somebody to take this one!  

I went to the 'gentral this morning ( surprise! ) to pick up a clearance hose nozzle so I can wash the Camry.  As it turns out, it's the hose fitting that's spraying everywhere.  Just my luck.  I refuse to get back out so that will have to wait.  My slow leakin' tire was almost flat too so I waited in line at Patterson Brothers for some of that nice guy hospitality at the air hose.  The sky is the kind of blue with white plastered on that looks like a painting and signals fall.  It's dark early now, and that kind of crept up on me.  

What with all the folks dying lately I've been giving some thought to my own funeral plans.  Of course KayKay will be in charge.  I want to be cremated and have a service here on the farm, weather permitting.  Scatter those ashes from the top of the bluff behind the dairy barn.  Neighbor Gerald Brandon has graciously allowed me a spot for a stone in his front yard cemetery. And of course you all know what the inscription will be.


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