Thursday, July 31, 2014

i voted

BG took me out for some air and a trip to the dolla' store for some pampering essentials when I happened to remember that there's only two days left of early voting. Wearing my signature RCR repair ensemble which is both sleeveless AND strapless plus dirty hair and unshaven legs I entered the polling place for my civic duty. Nobody looked surprised, least of all my friend Anita. Now I'm home for the day which is pretty good for 48 hours post-op. It's the key to preventing clots, ya' know.

I failed to take Lorna's advice on Arnica before Tuesday so the bruising has spread downward to about mid-boob level. Pain is tolerable at times and excruciating at others. The hardest thing for me is to find a comfy sleeping position because I'm one to lift my arms high and stretch to relax before drifting off. I tried the myofascial release ball last night on the bitch shoulder blade and while it hurt for the moment, it's actually a bit better. The surgeon told BG that there was a pretty fair amount of degeneration due to osteoarthritis so that is part of the problem as well. It's probably why I've been in pain pretty much on and off for four years. Let's hope the upward trend continues.

Mama is worried to death about me because she can't "take care of me" when I'm down, bless her heart. She threatens me daily with "I'll always be your mother" warnings to take it easy and not get sprunty. That's her original word for going beyond your physical limitations. I'm actually learning to enjoy daytime TV which beats the hell out of the night stuff in my opinion. I called the local chain DVD rental looking for season 2 of House of Cards to rent and part I was out of course. The whole season is "on sale" for 42.99. I think not.

My mind is on healing and regrouping to the point where I have some clear direction for my life. Obviously some of the areas in which I have invested my time and talent have not brought me closer to the goals that I set for myself so it's time for exploration of opportunities and whatnot. Life is too short to have people on your ass 24/7. Yep...that means you and you and YOU. My room is like a little cave with a candle burning and lots of essentials on the left hand side of the chair. Still, I'm amazed at the mobility of my right hand as long as the shoulder is propped on that little pillow.

The weather is nice and though not cool, not hot by any means and cloudy with low humidity so I'm getting in daily porch time for foot soaking and listening to Mother Nature. My last BF left his ratty ass rocker and foot rest out there so It's all good. As soon as it hits 90, I'll be back inside.

Holla ya'll!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

short and sweet

Against all odds I'm tapping on the bright yellow keyboard only about 18 hours post-op. The sling rig thing isn't nearly as confining as I expected so there's wiggle room for my hand as long as I don't wear it out. I figure it's good physical therapy, no? Surgery went well and I was stoned as a goose when I left for home. All my co-workers rallied to make it a good experience, good as surgery can be! The surgeon arrived from Jackson right on time and it was over before you can say Dilaudid. Not for the woos, that stuff. The nurses were giggling at me and my wide eyed messedupedness as I left the building. I'm staying ahead of the pain so far and plan to keep it that way. BG and Shannah are excellent nurses. Cousin Mo brought dinner last night and my old friend Spike showed up with breakfast on the porch. God is good, all the time.

That's about all I can manage for now but hide and watch. I'll be back before you know it. Thanks for all the karma, prayers and happy thoughts. I wasn't the least bit scared and I feel sure that was the power of prayer lifting me up and over the fear. Once upon a time BF sent me an aluminum back scratcher in a care package and it will be my best friend in the coming days I think. There's a new candle on my dresser and a goodie bag of snacks from the peeps at work. Everything is situated right next the recliner and bed so I'm set.

Keep the faith!

Monday, July 28, 2014

back to the future

As the universe would have it, my old friend JR called today to check on a life alert bracelet for his mama which is something I know nothing about. That's a doctor's office thing. All I know is how to make sure the blood supply look good for out little 'burg and outsource anything that's out of our league. I've done it for almost 40 years and seen a lot of changes. As far as blood goes West Tennessee Regional Blood Center aka Lifeline Blood Services has been a great steward of the precious resource that only 5% of the population will take time out to share. I seriously cannot tell you how many lives have been saved with that precious gift. I've seen many in my career. Fennie was one of the first sickle cell patients that I became acquainted with during my time at the hematology/oncology center. She would also show up in the ER quite frequently with yellow eyes and a low H&H. She lived over in the west side across the tracks and I picked her up one evening for a meal with local blood donors. She cried and so did Mr.Harold. He had leukemia and needed multiple transfusions at the end sort of my like my Uncle Jimbo who was A negative and had HLA reactions to his platelets. That's a horrible way to stay alive, if you know what I mean.

I'm off for awhile and going under the knife tomorrow to fix this clusterfuck of a shoulder. There are promises of gourmet meals from my favorite cousin and a few others. All in all, I know that Big Ernie has my back (and shoulder) and pray that I don't get MRSA. Next to Ebola, that's about the next bad thing. As for me, I'm looking forward to some Aleve post-op as long as I don't bleed to death from that dose of ibuprofen on Saturday. I seem to be not too much of a cardiac risk so there ya' go. Aerobics DID pay off! Right now most of my joints pop and groan with arthritis from years of being a good girl. Highly overrated if you ask me.

I am purposely avoiding the news because it cuts into my happy place. I gave up on believing in the USA when Dubya et al invaded Iraq. War is hell, and it's also about money for defense contractors. The first time I saw the crispy critters hanging on the bridge at Fallujah I knew it was bad for us and everybody involved. All about the oil and the barons, so to speak. Meanwhile, the fracking continues in our country with most people oblivious to the consequences. Here's a true story for ya...My friend Lorna got poisoned by a couple of assholes on a spray-rig during a windy day. As she tells it, they ran her down when she was asking them not to. Some really good attorney with a conscience could take that on and improve all the lives there. Or not. Ya'll call BG with all requests for status updates and or meal requests.

Poops is outta' here until I learn to type with my left hand ^j^

Sunday, July 27, 2014

and so it goes

Even with the non NSAID useless piece of shit pill that I'm taking, the pain is becoming almost intolerable. Following yesterday's meltdown at Casa Grands I went to check on her before picking HIM up at church. What I found was a sobbing inconsolable hot mess of a mother worried to death that Faye is gonna' quit. I had to tell her 10 times that it won't happen if we figure ways to lighten that load a little with some extra help. Geez...the lady is 70ish herself! Instead of waiting for Daddy and I to get back (there were dolla' store and dilly bar runs also) she was holding on to a walker with one hand and a paper plate of muffins with the other. I almost knocked her over with the door! I refuse to give on it this time because even if that person is doing nothing, she is a regular presence. I can't be there nor can any of the rest of us. It is what it is.

Today is chair moving time as soon as BG returns. She was all ready to go to church today and the Cadi wouldn't start even though it was boosted yesterday. Methinks it will have to run a loooooong time. Hot is the buzzword for this Sunday but cooler temps are ahead I believe. Bring it..please. Poopie needs cool! It's time for chair moving and my friends are scheduled to get 'er done in spite of the heat. She was worried to death about the little covers that go on the arms and I should have them and where the hell ARE they anyway. I could care less but I took them anyway and carried on with the day.

It's too hot to be outside so the flowers may get watered or may just give it up for growing season '14. Always one to keep a neat yard, I've fallen into the one who lets the tomato plants fall over and the morning glories take over the rosebush. I just don't have it in me to do the big yard thing anymore. They can have it for corn and I'll be just fine with a patio altar of my favorites. It's shady there and I can watch the grapevine take over the ancient maple tree that's about to fall on the house. There's a story about how that got there but I'll never tell.

Peace and love ~

Saturday, July 26, 2014

roll with it, baby

I was set to have lunch with friends today but the car was out of pocket and I'm broke so I made the executive decision to stay home. Following a 12 hour coma I woke to the giggles and squeals that are sweet Babyman when he first rises. He has a wakeup routine that always includes movie time with Scrat or some other character he loves. Dude has learned the wonder of "boookk" read out loud to him and he can even read to himself only you can't understand his words They're excited about their new home and next chapter of their lives. It won't be easy, but nothing worth having ever is.

It wasn't long before the reason for my decision became apparent. BG was at group in my car because the Cadi is dead as a doornail. They can't have phones there so I called the main number to get her hauled out so we could go check on Mama who suddenly decided that she needed to go to Urgent Care because she "can't walk." Nothing new, except with the aid of a walker and baby steps. Both knees are swollen as the norm and she was a hot mess of tears. I called Home Health on my way and poor nurse was way out in the boonies somewhere with poor reception so I iced the knee down and we shall see if further action is needed after her visit. Daddy was a mess as well with wet britches which he blamed on the water hose but I know better. There was an aroma that is distinct, especially to those in my profession. Ms.Faye is too old and too tired to keep up her vigil anymore so I think it's about time for PlanB whatever the hell that is. That one, I'm leaving up to Big Ernie. Lord knows it's out of my hands already.

Without anti-inflammatory meds the shoulder is telling me that indeed the surgery is necessary and I've only been able to keep up with the pace by medicating and keeping my head down and toward the goal of making it 'til a fix can be had, which is Tuesday. There will be even worse pain after but I'm expecting the worst so if it's badder than that, I'm screwed. Being put to sleep has never much bothered me because I'm not much into control these days. The way I see it I'll just go with the flow and respond to whatever comes next. That's a mixture of faith and fatigue speaking the truth.

Which is, of course, how I roll^j^

Friday, July 25, 2014

warrior women

My ethereal kickass organic gardener friend came by for a visit today and it was quite warm but not humid so I'll take it. We sat on the porch and talked about ownership and addiction and whatnot. The thing that so many people don't realize about the process is that it's not just chemical altering substances. Behaviors can become addictive and OCD is one of the most painful for those who have to deal with the addict on a day to day basis. That is what my mama the southern belle deals with every day of her 81 year old life. Her choice, not mine. I ceased dropping and running to put out fires long ago because I'm old and tired and broke. Plus, my shoulder hurts like hell now that I'm off all OTC meds pre-op. Certainly don't want to bleed to death, ya know? Meanwhile, I might die from pain. What's a girl to do?

Booger came to the sawmill for a visit today wearing his camo flip-flops and clutching the remains of his breakfast. I got big sugars and more after I got home. They're headed for their own place next week which is totally a God thing in and of itself. Maybe by Thanksgiving we'll have a place to eat turkey and dressing not standing up. I'll pull out the good china and slap on a vintage tablecloth. There will be deviled eggs and pie all Paula Deen style and everybody gets a belly full. Wonder if I'm working this year? There probably won't be many more posts for weeks on end because frankly? It's not in my skill set at the moment. Thanks to Big Ernie I got the CTS on my left hand done for my last break from work. Like the little nurse said to me yesterday "You'd be amazed at what you can do with your left hand."

Indeed! Prayers appreciated ^j^

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

mysterious ways

The cool snap is long gone but was nice while it lasted. It is now hotter than hades and humid to boot. We are entering the dog days which is mighty dry so, no fires in the near future. Not that I can build one with my left hand or anything. I am resigned myself to the fact that it's gonna' hurt like hell for awhile but be worth it in the long run. We shall see. Of course sports are out of the question for a year but, ohmygod. I haven't played sports in a kazillion years and then not very well. I remember tearing my hamstring as I tumbled down the steep hill next to our little cemetery and BG thought she was gonna have to take me to ER. Truth be known, I probably should have gone. Two days later my entire leg was purple from hip to foot. My little Doogie Howser GP was so alarmed he sent me for an ultrasound. I take enough aspirin that clots weren't an issue, however I couldn't sit on that ass cheek for about 3 months.

The neighborhood theme is running strong these days and I ran into yet another one today at the sawmill. His mama just died and we talked about that and my parents. He's the one who picked Daddy up from his first bloody walking fall on the gravel and brought him home for me to clean up. No ambulance, of course. Ornery old coot! My EMT friends tell me that unless a person consents to the ride they can't force it. I remember the pecan picking guy passing out one day and his response when they came up was hell naw. Dude even jumped in his truck and drove off. I admire the spirit that my parents have about getting old even though it frustrates me at times. They want to stay home and they long for the freedoms that aging has taken from them. Some of their friends came to get them to go out to dinner last night and I was glad to hear that. These are the folks they used to go to the White River with fishing and visiting once or twice a year. That seems like a hundred years ago, yet old friends never go away.

My grandmother's version of life was simply this: "The way I see it Janie, we're all just loaned to each other by God." That keeps me going when the losses seem too painful to bear. It's the same way with true spend intense periods together and go through stuff that binds you together from here to eternity. One of my favorite passages in the Bible describes the road to Emmaus and the believers walking along there together discussing what they had seen. Little did they know that JC was right there with them hearing the whole story.

Peace and love ^j^

Monday, July 21, 2014

smooth operator

I had remote problems last night and ended up watching Frank Underwood gas poor Peter for about the tenth time. It makes it even worse knowing that he pushed Zoey in front of a train. Dayum, and I thought I had known some cold people in my day. He and Claire are a perfect couple cast in ice. The one I most relate to is Nancy because she's always saying "yes Frank" and "how quick Frank?" That's the story of my life and if I were made that way I'd never know any different. The hard part of being me is that I'm a rebel with a cause and it's usually about truth and justice and what Jesus would do. The maddest I ever got was sitting through an annual conference of the UMC, as a delegate and employee of their healthcare system, and hearing the CEO pitch services at a place where "we know what a miracle you are". I failed to show up the next year as an alternate and got kicked out chastised for not doing my duty. Also at that conference I heard a long morose diatribe by a minister my age with whom I was friends in high school. The tone of his rambling addressed not one single rule but how hard it is to keep a family together when you move all the time. He should know, like his father and grandfather before him. There are always ordinations, and I can't recall who was getting blessed that time.

I had just enough time between work and work to visit the ortho doc who's doing my shoulder next week. Duration of the procedure is 1-2 hours with a same day discharge barring complications which we certainly do pray not to have. I saw my warrior friends Vicki and Paula today and they've got me on their list. They clean houses so maybe they'll help a girl out. Mainly I need someone to run errands. I get paid while I'm off but the bills gotta' get caught up on. When you live on the edge like me, forgetting the utility bill can cause sudden blackouts. Still no chair but maybe this weekend. My brother says he'll get it done but he really doesn't have time what with his three jobs to make what I earn as a "professional." This man has the first buck he ever earned hangin' on the wall, framed and everything. He's a tightwad who knows how to party! Some of the best times of my life were spent in the nightclub he owned that is now a parking lot for the Baptist church which meets where the oak furniture store used to reside. Long story, that one.

I heard from Harvey after sending that awesome picture of what I like to call "my house" on the hill. I swear the very same windows with rope pullies are still in this house. The weights alone could get me a trip to Fiji after cashing in at the junkyard. Southern charm and all that. But here's the thing....I don't own it. All these years I have paid rent to the tune of 150K for the privilege of living on my homeplace close to my parents. It was a conscious decision made by me mostly, to raise my daughter in an environment away from traffic and bullshit and enable her to experience nature as a kid. She did all that and more, ya' know? There have always been horses and possums and cows and LOTS of dogs and cats to keep her occupied as an only child in the country. Our yard was host to many a girl scout meeting or SS party. One year the class of which I was a member descended on Pecan Lane in November and funded some charity or another. The Sojourners class, I believe. It was an eclectic mix of rich locals and homegrown travelers. Today's forbidden pleasure via FB and SP was a picture of my friend Sandi's hand holding her mother's with her tatoo of Love showing. BG has one in the exact spot with Faith. And that's what we're keeping.


Saturday, July 19, 2014


Miss Mary and her daughter Juanita came by to scoop me up this morning for a visit with mom and daddy and surprisingly enough, they were both ready to receive visitors early in the day. We showed off the house and talked about each others' families which includes a lot of history pertaining to Calcutt Farms. Mary had a picture of the back of my house made in the 20s which I took a picture of with the bad ass Leica. Damn, I love that camera! Thanks Little John for that and the gas eating Cadillac. Mary told me that her daddy helped to plant the pecan trees that line my lane. A couple of them are hicans? which is a hickory nut and pecan mixture. My own father planted several himself. The magnolias over by the cabin behind the barn are still in bloom due to cool weather and I've yet to hear the ree'a'rees. No sweet corn either! Polar vortex indeed.

I haven't checked in with MSM yet so I don't have a clue who's shooting who or how the investigations are going. Sometimes you just have to opt out on reality, ya' know? All I know is that I will never fly Malaysian Airlines again, even though I never did. Lily is sharing the desk chair with me sucking up and wanting to jump on the keyboard and help. If she didn't think I'd smack her ass, she probably would. When she was a kitten she would lay on my shoulder like she did with Bracken's mom. Following many years of crazy cat lady escapades, she is our one and only le mew mew.

There is an issue that I'm really struggling with at the moment and I'd appreciate all kinds of prayer warrior attention for some peace in that area. Per my reality there are several challenges on the table but this one is wearing me smooth out. A real spirit killer, if you will. One of the curses of being a "strong willed child" is that it takes too many lessons to drive a point home and I end up battered and bruised. And doing the ugly cry WAYYYY too often! Point taken and the ball is back to me. Too bad I can't swing a racket or bat with this bum arm. T-10 days and counting.


Friday, July 18, 2014

innocents abroad

WWIII is rumbling louder by the day and I'm trying not to be alarmed but damn. What kind of idiot shoots down a passenger plane or teenage boys on the beach? One who is doing the devil's work, that's who! Violence and war beget hatred and intolerance and are fueled by greed and self importance. There's really nothing to do at this point to do but pray for peace. Not necessarily "world peace" because we all know that ain't gonna' happen. Maybe just peace for a day, or at least a ceasefire that lasts longer than 24 hours. Or maybe we're just all gonna hold hands and go to Armageddon. I don't have a clue, but I'll go kicking and screaming and trying to fight for justice and equality. Jesus would like that, I think.

I'm rounding up the neighbors for a meet'n'greet with Miss Mary and Juanita tomorrow. Another neighbor's mama died and her funeral is at 10 so we'll have to juggle the schedule a bit. Plus there's the recliner moving deal that needs to happen sooner rather than later the night before surgery. Wayne and Gigi are gonna' help with that. I'm really REALLY dreading this whole thing but I know that if I don't do it I'll be worthless. I talked to an old friend from the profession while he was on the way to work today and told him what ails me at the moment. He didn't have any answers but was a good listener on all levels. We talked about options and realities and honestly it was good just to be heard in a non-threatening way. Free therapy!

Batteries are charging for the Leica right now and there will be pictures of the gathering tomorrow, ya'll hide and watch. Maybe even some of Boogs for your viewing pleasure. I've been way too tired and broken to try and capture a moment lately. Hopefully, this too shall pass.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

as you wish

It's hard to figure out what drives folks and I'm an amateur anthropologist/psych minor so there is some sort of decent groundwork for me to choose what to dust off and what to take to heart. There are certain people in your life with authority whom you must not piss off because they can make your life a living hell. When your turn comes, it's like nobody ever knew the feeling before you. Mahala's Bossholio is one of those authority figures, only he just pretty much let her do the work and left her alone. I'm envious, to say the least even though she and Twatwaffle have had many a round. It's all about power and it's all about control and I've had enough rules to last me a lifetime. No matter how high you set the bar nothing is ever enough.

I ran into my neighbor Gerald who owns the little cemetery where I'll be buried, hopefully much later. He and Judy have been in our 'hood for the entire time I've lived here and have a fantastically awesome little spot on the river. My daddy is 83 today and got a homemade chocolate cake plus a bunch of funny cards about passing gas and being old. BG had the hair run this morning and an interview that remains to be followed up on with a possibility for work in action, so to speak. The funds are running low again so it's a necessity to get this show on the road. Boogs is watching a movie with her while his mama naps. Maybe I can manage that while I'm off, ya think? HR is all outsourced now so it's the employee's responsibility to co-ordinate benefits with the contractor. I made the call this morning and will get an answer within 2 business days concerning the paperwork which I must take to my doctor and have faxed to them. Now mind you, I've been maxed out on said benefit for several years with accrual that would make you snicker. But hey...I've got it right? Yet another friend is facing a huge challenge by taking on a couple of more greatauntie kids and bless her heart she said she'd understand if I don't make it to help her move on the 30th. It's been a huge blessing for all involved as three families swap houses and start new lives. I totally love it when that happens.

So, the Russian backed Ukraine rebels shot down a passenger plane to make exactly WHAT statement? Terrorists are scary shit and the product of weak governments caving into rich country firepower. So is the current Israeli Palestinian slaughter of innocents. Stop the madness people. Jesus wouldn't like any of this crap nor would Allah or Buddah. Today's buzz phrase? "You will not steal my joy."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

feeling fierce

I'm tired. I know, I know. It's my own fault for not getting fixed sooner but I was being obedient rather than wise. Every day is a struggle with me quietly doing lifts-offs and bear hugs trying to talk myself out of six weeks of pain and physical therapy. On the one hand, if I can't use that hand and arm, I'm screwed. No job, so to speak. No writing or doing of anything that I've done the same way for 58 years. I'm already plotting to do podcasts from my recliner with my kickass smarter than hell stylish red phone (thanks Josh) that costs 600 bucks. I think he knew when I walked in through the slush on that dreary afternoon that I needed something with big digits and a style statement. BG was gone and the fam had just moved in and I was just really sort of a little lost lamb. There have been some tough times for all of us lately including but not limited to family drama and truth vs. honesty. I think we're all on the same page, no?

Now there's something I don't see every day! I just noticed a couple and their child walking down the road toward bi-polar neighbor's place. If Jenny had been with them, Oscar would have followed. Gizmo is still in breeding heaven with the two big girls so we shall see about that. Sammy and Oscar are both sterile so we've never much to worry about that except for free range great danes. BG has an interview tomorrow for the first promising job opp she's seen in months so let's hold hands and say ohmmmm and sweet baby jeebus' please. At this point, even an opportunity for an interview is a blessing.

Changing the subject as I am apt to do, I'm listening to the soundtrack of Rent which never tires me. Always..always, I feel inspired by five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. Meanwhile, the playlist has moved on to Huey Lewis and the News. 'Cause that's how I roll. Conservatives are pretty worried about the Elizabeth Warren upward trend and rightfully so. If I were Mitch McConnell I'd just kiss my ass goodbye and retire quietly into the hills of the great state of Kentucky. If you think about it, the GOP should be courting conservative liberals like me instead of letting the Tea Party run them out of business. That's called shooting yourself in the foot, ya'll.

Anywho...ya'll have a glorious rest of hump day and call your mother.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Lo and behold here came Ms Mary and her daughter Juanita pulling in this morning with books and notes and all kinds of stuff pertaining to the history of our farm. We sat at my great grandmother's kitchen table with mis-matched chairs and talked some serious back in the day chat. I already knew most of the history from my daddy, but this pre-dates what he remembers. I rode in the backseat on a random visit to Mozella, who wasn't home, by the way. We cruised on down to the dead end circle drive that is on the river. On the way back, we passed the little Carter family cemetery where Willie is buried and he died in 1860ish I think? Fascinating. Further research will be into the original land grants and their deeds. The names are always there if you look hard enough. Bubba and I visited the old library and saw the map, drawn to scale by a former architect named Milton Rice. Dude plays a mean flute.

Still don't have a surgery date because I missed the callback from robo-nurse yesterday and now I'm at the end of the line. Today's project is to get my room clean and figure out how to get that recliner up in there. One must plan ahead when there will be extended left handed periods. No writing except by proxy. Hey...I'll get BG and Shannah to type!!!!I woke this morning to dogs wanting out and Booger crying. But when I opened that door and felt the cool air, all I could say was "thank you sweet baby jeebus!"

I don't claim to have all the answers, or even a few of them. I am who I am and my beliefs run deep and along the lines of peace and love. Kids and animals can't help it...we can. Everybody has pain from wounds that, while not always intentionally given, hurt just as much. What I've found that makes it all okay is a plethora of little things like a good hard laugh or bear hug. A random call or text just to check in and see if you've missed the funeral. A card in the mail that isn't from a bill collector. BF always selected her cards carefully and on theme. Love ya...mean it.

My daddy will be 83 Thursday and we had to pick up cards at the dollar gentral' on our animal food run. I called to line up a potential visit with Mary and Juanita and he sounded excited for the first time in a very LONG time. That's worth more than gold, ya' know? Ms Mary cried when talking about her family and memories here. Juanita said "it's hard to talk about this stuff sometimes."

Indeed it is ^j^

Monday, July 14, 2014

polar vortex redux

For the second time this year an unusually strong jet stream got pushed south enough that there will be plenty of cool air filtering in for, if just a few days, an event that is a wonderful treat in mid-July in TN. I'm off tomorrow and will hopefully sleep late but ya'll know how I do. I got the go ahead for surgery so I called the doc's office to schedule only to get a robo-nurse telling me to have a blessed and prosperous day. Lord, if she only knew how blessed I can be sometimes! Like Sue said "little black cloud." She called me snake bit after visiting a casino years ago. We sat at the bar drinking with Frenchie the bartender and watching UofM roundball on multiple TVs. The oddest thing I saw was Asian tourists (like a shitload of 'em) coming to see the glittery dream that is legalized gambling. I'm sure they also stop by Graceland on the way back to the airport.

I'm doing a little scream therapy since there's no baby here to scare the hell out of, but usually he just joins in too. The bottom literally fell out of the sky when I left work and followed me all the way home. Thank the lort' that I have fairly new tires because the infrastructure is crumbling, so to speak. Where I live is approximately 20 miles from Lake county where Reelfoot Lake was formed from an earthquake in 1812. Yep..native American style catastrophe! According to legend the Mississippi flowed backwards or some such. That river is big and wild enough to do any damn thing it wants to except fight off the polluters. Perhaps that's the cause of all our recent flooding. I'd have to say we haven't been very good stewards of Big Ernie's gifts.

I've seen parts of this 1300 acre parcel underwater for months at a time and many days when I watched muddy backwater carefully as I drove through it to get to wherever I had to be. Or mama or daddy...or somebody. Most of my life has been spent taking care of others in some form or fashion and now it's my turn. Self care is my new buzz word, if you know what I mean. Peace and love and rock'n'roll.

And keep the faith ^j^

Sunday, July 13, 2014

new song different verse

My friend the melungeon AKA Hidden Mahala and I are some of the smartest most patient gals around when it comes to hanging in there through the hard times. She's right across the border in North Carolina living with bunnies and dogs and TA close to Aunt Moses. Both of us need a sugardaddy more than anybody can imagine simply because we believe in doing the right and spiritual thing and telling those who tend to persecute us to back off. I can identify every one of her office mates in my own sawmill and it's hilarious. Twatwaffle indeed! Hang in there girl I'm gonna' find BOTH of us a daddy. It's a sort of remote location where the biggest thing happens is tourism and (mostly) bikers who like the hills. I reckon they burn or something.

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't actually sat still long enough to read a book in ages. Linda MC gave me 18 and 19 of Stephanie, Lula and Grandma Mazur so I'm set for the surgery whenever it happens. Um, that is after I round up somebody with a truck and a helper to fetch me a recliner from the grands' house. My bed is off the frame and against the wall, stacked three high and wobbling precariously. That must be fixed as well. This may be TMI but we've been watching little bitty prissy ass Gizmo trying to lay it on Ryder and it's hilarious. Those would be some might curious lookin' puppies.I remember my therapist once asking me about what I read and it was always self help. She couldn't fathom that I didn't explore the otherworld instead of trying to fix myself. That led to a wonderful schooling in the joy of words that tell stories of days gone by. For that I can thank several friends, but mostly Marti Ann and Sally. They hauled me to the Southern Festival of Books many years and we did aerobics together twice a week. It was on the way to an aerobics workshop crossing the bridge from TN into Arkansas that I learned the meaning of the word serendipity as the fireworks went off over our heads. I saw a lot of "famous" people there including Clyde, Lewis G and Larry Brown, god rest his soul. I bought a book by Lewis Nordan but never saw him and inhaled it in no time. And then some dog or another got a'hold of it and there you go.

I think the turning point in my vocation as a writer was reading Rick Bragg's "All Over but the Shouting" and being able to relate with growing up in the south of our sixties. Integration happened when I was in fifth grade and I'll never forget the guy's name...Vernell. Mrs. Nixon told him to get that pencil out from behind his ear, obviously pissed that this whole thing was happening in her classroom. That was at Alice Thurmond elementary where my longtime friend Oscar was principal. He's the one that told mama I was above average IQ. Sometimes I wonder if I wasted all that on this one horse depressed existence that is my current life. Sugardaddies and Blogfairies are a nice dream but they don't exist except in your imagination.

Hey..if I write the book I can have both.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

weekend update

It seems that the blogfairy takes many shapes and forms, the latest being a package of flea and tick meds for all our canine friends at Casa Poops. My friend Cyndi is a dog lover also and has a very liberal heart like myself. She always encourages me to keep writing because there are people like her waiting to read about our adventures on Pecan Lane. One man's trash, I suppose! My life is pretty boring most of the time now that I've adopted a zero tolerance policy for drama with no point. Ya'll all know the types, right? In all honesty I can admit that before I entered therapy I was the drama queen from hell, complete with a huge dose of anger that got directed at most anybody willing to take it. There weren't many takers but the one who did left my life years ago and never came back for even a visit. I still get angry but it's focused and on point not some raging diatribe against the world. I call things as I see them and that is interpreted as rebellion by many. Actually, it's just assertiveness.

My friend at work that I've missed terribly is BACK with a repaired back and he cut me loose for the afternoon so here I sit. We go all the way back to when he first started and we smoked together. Since then he's quit and I haven't so there ya' go. He was an early reader of the Poop Happens blog and also encouraged me to keep going. Just got a text from my phone provider (who shall remains nameless) ATT that once again we have gone over our 4G of data so an additional charge will apply. Now I'm not one to have to be facebooking or playing candy crush 24/7 and I spend a lot of time at the desktop Dell so I'm pretty sure they're cheating me. According to data usage on the phones involved, it's not possible. We shall see and let's send up happy thoughts for me and whatever outsourced call center person I get on the weekend.

No news is good news from the grands and they're back under the umbrella of home health which is enough for now. I'm still in shock over the guy in Spring TX where my friend Debbie lives killing half his wife's family. His fat ass collapsed in court as he was charged with murder for shooting an entire household execution style. His sleazy "Gotta'Call Saul" looking lawyer laments the fact that in spite of numerous protective orders he flew under the radar because of the huge gaps in mental health care delivery. Bullshit. Don't kill him, just give him enough haldol that he'll never be a threat to society again.

The CDC and NIH are in the news for their discoveries of thus far isolated virus and bacterial cultures which are being shifted across the country willy nilly for safe keeping. Knowing what I know about the feds, I am gravely concerned but I guess you gotta go somehow. At least it's not Ebola with the bleeding eyes. Booger is napping with two teenaged babysitters while his mama works and they're going grocery shopping after she gets off. We cleaned and filled the pool but haven't been in it so it'll be green again by tomorrow. I came home from work the other day and found it running over down the hill and driveway toward the lane.

Don't stop believing ^j

Thursday, July 10, 2014

crying uncle

I have to admit that my life has not been as bad as some healthwise, probably because I exercised a lot when I was younger. I've lived a life, though not without struggle, relatively easy peasy compared to some. I've never been raped or abused. The losses in my life have been spaced just far enough apart that I came out of each and every one a stronger person with a skill that I had never known existed. That is how we learn and grow and adapt, well. Some of us anyway! I chose a path for myself that included leaving a marriage that was toxic for both of us. We didn't love each other when we married and it showed. Over the years we learned to, but by then it was too late. Firmly entrenched as a two family 70K per year family we bought a house and had a kid. We moved here in 1988 and I try not to think how many thousands of dollars I've paid in rent for the pleasure of staying here on the farm where the GMO lives. Upwind, no less! I've been single for 13 years except for a couple of real losers and a true love.

My daddy has Bell's palsy and not an eye infection so I guess my "almost a nurse" self messed up on choice of doctors. Hell, when the old man says he ain't going, just leave it alone until all the women talk him into it. Home health is now expanding to include the social worker as a resource for this challenging situation. It's the perfect end of life care continuity that comes with well trained professionals out of the box, and family members who know enough to care. It is what you do when your mama and daddy are old and suffering and you can't fix it or even make it better because they won't give up. And you know what? I sure don't want them to. Nothing would make me happier than to see them calmly pass their final days in the red log cabin that is home, her giggling at BG's British accent and him talking about cows. And Law and Order. And Bonanza.....

It was back to the loan shark today because the eagle is about ten days out and there's no food. Our little bit of "entitlement" went away because of a bitchy tenured caseworker for the state. Here's the real rub. Shannah works two minimum wage jobs without benefits to take care of her family. When she wasn't working, it was all paid for. When she started TRYING to live on that pay they took away a lot of her help. Doesn't make sense to me, ya know? She has three children and a good support system but still...really? It takes away every bit of incentive to try and work for a living if you ask me.

I noticed today that a friend request I sent eons ago to Jenny's son got accepted today and I giggled at the time I sent him a bandaid in the mail for his booboo. Who says blog friends aren't real? Not I.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

what day is it anyway?

Oh yeah, it's Wednesday...aka huuuuummmmppp day. Except not for me because I'm off just in time to finish cleaning up the poopie mess that was left after our plumbing crisis. Thanks to corporate for that and also for the back storm door which actually shuts for the first time in years. Maybe that will keep me from having to sell my first(only)born to pay TVA executives their bonuses. She's a good cook and a cleaning wizard so I might get a decent price for her. She's off to see her own wizard this morning and I have a quiet house. It's cloudy and humid, looking like a thunderstorm could pop up at any given moment. Let it rain, I say. In spite of being told there's room for improvement, I'm feeling pretty fortunate to still be kicking despite all the recent drama. I have been here before, at the bottom of the hole looking hopefully up with a shovel and keeping my eye on the light at the top. Dig and step back, ya know? Eventually you will emerge from the dark and that's when your giant snowball comes barreling down the hill for a head butt and return to step one. Ayep. It's one day at a time around here.

My dear high school friend Debbie Elder Cox lost her husband recently following a lengthy illness. We've been praying across the miles to Spring Texas for strength and healing. When she came to visit about 10 years ago she brought a copy of her one experience with the publishing biz, a very well written story about Rahab called The Scarlet Cord. Think the Bible with a steamy side! We went to the movie and she helped me put out a huge pasture fire that I accidentally set while burning off asparagus. At that moment, all that mattered was keeping the flames from covering the entire farm! Thank the lord for roads and ditches.

In a way I suppose it's a blessing to have BG available for the grands right now. I certainly can't keep up with their moods, but she has a way with the elderly that shows her best side...the social worker. She can make mama laugh with her british voice and will smooth tell daddy not to talk like that, old man. Theirs is a textbook case of aging in America during a time when the current generation of bread winners will never feel their security unless they're inheriting wealth. And there's a whole crapload of it out there! Redistribution is not the answer, and that's something that my friend Keith and I agree on. I hate the abuse that happens with entitlements but I also realize that there are people struggling right now who never did prior to 2008. I'm one of them, by the way. So, let's don't waste time on impeaching Obama or repealing Obamacare for the 80th time or trashing Hillary and Elizabeth and Harry. Nancy too. Just STOP!!!! I swear if you'll play nice and meet us demolibtards in the middle we can settle on a bi-partisan decision that life is too damn short to be spent playing political games. More than once I've seen the remark that "They'll do what they want to, no matter what we think." That's not what the founding fathers had in mind for us.

I stopped by Money Mike's this morning and visited with Sara a bit, reading the paper at her counter. There is a new editor who is hell bent on better front page news so I'm prepping my pitch which was totally ignored by the last guy. Let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya on that thought. And keep the faith ^j^

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

a better tomorrow

Well just god bless FB for sharing Lamar Alexander's latest piece of old school Republican good ole' boy crap via his statement about our state's failure to expand medicaid, in effect turning down millions in federal dollars for healthcare assistance in one of the poorest and THE most corrupt state of the Union. Not that we're in a contest or anything. Tennessee is a beautiful state bordered in its' entirety on the west side by the Mighty Mississippi aka Big Muddy. The eastern border is in the Smokies and all that North Carolina has to offer in the way of scenery. I remember driving home from a vacation one time on that highway from the Ocoee river toward Gatlinburg. Gawjus' ya'll! We have a long growing season and very unpredictable weather lying right at the end of tornado alley.

The plumber came early this morning and spent all day chasing junk out of the drains and installing a back door. That snake thing is pretty handy and we joked about his "shitty" day. I was so happy to have water that I would have hugged him if he wasn't covered in poop. He's a good lookin' thang but I bet even his wife wouldn't go for that. He said she can smell him coming! Daddy has an appointment with the eye doctor tomorrow which I made or be damned, and Miss Faye and Mama helped me convince him he was gonna' end up in ER if he didn't go. Of course we had to change the time because of his "lunch" schedule. Holy.Moly.

Sometimes in life you know that Big Ernie puts people there as a test of your faith in mankind. I've known many like that and one of them was a really pitiful product of the angry God syndrome until we talked about how he (or she) can be loving instead of wrathful. This individual was so afraid of not doing things the right way that she adopted a really strict set of standards for herself and others. We all know the type...nothing is ever enough. When dealing with this type of personality it's best to just find a comfort zone and hang on for the ride because you will never be right. Or enough. Thank goodness sweet baby jeebus did what he did to level the playing field.

I see rainbows and unicorns!

Monday, July 7, 2014

monday bloody monday was a real charming piece of crap all day long. The sawmill wasn't too bad after I put a nice huge dent in the "good" side of the Camry meaning no battle scars. Some asshat at the gas station/chicken store parked sideways behind me in a blind spot. I got out and saw just a scrape on his huge ass bumper so I went on to work not realizing yet that my vehicle just started looking a little more ghetto, if that's possible. If my mama could have seen it back in the days after Tara dropped the window and we had plastic wrap for months, she would have died of humiliation. Sometimes blessings are disguised, no?

I noticed last night that the bathroom was draining slowly and that trend continued today with an overflow that took every towel in the house. Since BG was here she got stuck with the cleanup and it's still looking funky while we wait for the "handy man" who has a kazillion other jobs. He will determine if it's plumbing or septic tank and act accordingly. So anywho, BG was down at Mom and Daddy's taking a shower and called me on the way home to take a look at his eye. Matted and infected and running, that lid didn't blink and there was a lot of tearing. Red eyeball. Ornery ass old man. I suggested that I could make a doctor's appointment for tomorrow and then he started the cussing and I'm not going any damn where because you can't make me. Alrighty then, I said. It's your life. And I walked out the door and called their doctor AND home health. Daddy left the ER AMA last time he was there and facing admission so I know this is gonna' be a difficult time. Mom wants his meds "adjusted" but I think it's gonna take a big dose of knock his ass out and go away for a bit.

It's hot as hell again which I suppose is normal for July but it still wears my old ass out. One of my co-workers returned to work today after a leave of absence for surgery and dude got more hugs in one hour than I've had in a year. I can always count on Charlie B for one, no matter what. So far, we haven't had a ripe tomato of even a fried green one for that matter. Life just seems to get in the way of fun stuff on occasion.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

first thing first i'm a realist~IggyA

Guess what today is? You got it...brunch with the grands and the good folk at Daylight Doughnuts. We had planned to go to Cracker Barrel and Daddy agreed for once but I remembered that it's the end of a holiday weekend and everybody's on freakin' vacation but me! That means a big crowd at the interstate based great place to eat with cute stuff too. Our farmer's market opened recently and I hear there's fresh corn and stuff available so who needs deep fried? I would kill for a mess of homegrown purple hull peas. Daddy used to eat the juice over cornbread for dessert. Plenty of homegrown 'maters which I didn't like but smelled really good. And the sweet With real butter? You can't beat it. I saw a dog on FB the other day eating corn the correct way. Go figure that one.

So if you're one who trends things like myself you might have noticed that Elizabeth Warren has really picked up speed lately and that's a wonderful event in my book. Republicans hate Hillary and EW isn't a threat to them (they think) because she's not going to run for POTUS. She's much more valuable right where she is and realizes it. Ironically I read today that a very large percentage of the younger generation will inherit their wealth because of the uneven distribution upward. Just like in the old days, huh? Iraq was not Bush's fault, nor is the current state of our economy Obama's. It started in 2008 and has been in a tailspin ever since, except for the big bank CEOs who collected their bonuses after the bailout. Remember Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Citigroup. BOA? Chase etc.etc.etc., ad nauseum. I truly believe that if they had not been propped up by the Feds we would have been in a depression much earlier than now.

And how do I know it's a real depression? Here's the thing. I earn a good salary in a technical position that I have held for years on end believing that loyalty is everything. I don't go out to eat, buy clothes or do anything other than drink a few beers and hang at the house playing around with a ten year old Dell desktop and a really expensive smartphone. Thanks ATT! I sold my soul to ya'll way back in the BellSouth days. The minimum wage in this state is 7.25 and many people work two or three of these jobs just trying to survive in today's economy. All things considered, I live check to check. We have a village here and everybody's trying really hard to knock down the 300 buck utility bill. If I had a damn back door that shut it would be easier.

Keep the faith and carry on ^j^

Saturday, July 5, 2014

*boom* in the night

Well kids, today is here and the fireworks stands are crowded with kids and strapped parents trying to afford something to celebrate with. My favorites are roman candles and sparklers. We had both when I was a kid and daddy taught me to hold them away from the body so as not to shoot a hole in your belly. My evil twin the procrastinator has been in charge lately but I'm determined to have this house clean by the time I do the shoulder thing because it will drive me crazy to sit there looking at a nasty house for six weeks. I'm kind of doing social detox slowly because there will be no tapping on the keyboard for a long time. Feel free to visit my past if you so desire during this brief hiatus.

We have picked up, eaten and cleaned up our BBQ from Hog Heaven all in less than an hour. BG used to work for the owner doing catering jobs and today is his 50th birthday. I remember them decorating like 90 Christmas trees for parties back in the day. It took everybody and their unpaid brother to get it done before the corporate types came in for their steak dinner. I ran into my old friend Johnny at the dolla' store today and he asked about the fam because we go wayyyy back to Best Western days. He works at Lupo's only now, formerly walking from one job to the other every day. I haven't stayed up long enough to see fireworks in several years because there's always early work or something. This will probably be no exception to that rule because my eyes popped open at 6:45 this morning, but even then it was two hours more than usual. The floor in my room is covered with dirty clothes and I tripped over a blanket during the night ALMOST injuring the arm even more. As it turns out, I think I broke my bird finger or jammed it at the very least. Good thing I've got naproxen.

My brother who is always on top of every freakin' thing asked if I had read the email from corporate about the ladies who came to visit. He got together by phone with them and got the history of a lot of things, including Peony Ridge. There is a neat row of pink peonies over by Faith's grave in the pine grove. I spent two or three years cleaning out a spot that had been buried in compost for ten years. Which was of course back when I was much much younger and had boundless energy for outdoor activities. Now I'm just too damn sore to do anything but look and enjoy. My friend Cathy B warned me not to do something stupid like cleaning off a fence row after surgery. Heh. She knows me well!

~And here it is now July 5th and not only did I not see the fireworks, I never saw sunset. And I slept until sunrise today and woke up sore as hell from all the cleaning yesterday. It's do or die time with a low census at Casa Poops for awhile. My greatest joy is walking from room to room without crawling the baby gate!! I do miss them terribly and I'm hoping we can continue to do whatever it is you call what we're doing here. Homesteading? Halfway housing? I'm not sure but I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. My old hippie self always did dream of life on a commune. The father of Tennessee hippies died this week and it's pretty much a sad thing with the passing of that era. Putting on a dollar store shirt with a peace sign somehow isn't the same.

I do notice a surge in voter interest this year for the first time in a LONG time. The emerging discussions include "wasting" your vote on an independent candidate. If I were Bernie Sanders, I'd not pay heed to that one. "Third" party keeps cropping up which is stupid because it would be one more reason for a super PAC. What is needed is simply this: Congress needs to get off their well paid asses and go home if they can't play nice. No exceptions. Take away the perks and see how many of them want the job! The irony of all that is in the wealth that almost always gets them into office. Rant over.

My neighbor, the "special" family had their music bumped up late yesterday afternoon but I let 'em go with it because hey, those kids need something to keep their minds occupied between church van visits. If I had a dime for every welfare check they've had I would be rich. I remember once when Gumby was living there and let a guy move in his ex-wife showed up and the law was there and it was a bunch of drama. This was the very same guy who left a gorgeous pit named Velvet to freeze to death tied to a tree out back. Bastard.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

small town drama

Well it's official we've had several murders in the past few years and today added another one to the tally. I remember one of the nicest guys I ever did business with got shot in his driveway for providing shelter for the shooter's sexually abused daughter. Now granted, that wasn't the best placement situation what with daddy living on the same street. Then there was beautiful Karen and then the Curtis guy and now someone in a comfortable suburb over by the middle school. Yikes! That would fall to the city law and I understand there was a potential hostage situation with a young boy who was not harmed. With all the drama they've had like a chief in transit, I respect what they do. Local crime is something that we're not used to but is becoming more common. I remember when Mrs. Wilson over on Todd street got whacked by some crack headed thug neighbor. Poor thing had been out for a night of line dancing. There were witnesses and one of them told me about it.

David Crawford was a little blonde headed guy who grew up in Milltown with my ex and hired him to tend bar after his mama bankrolled one. He had dated other friends of mine but at this point in time his girl's name was Jenny. We partied like it was 1999 and Doober could go forever when he wasn't strung out on pills which was "not often." His friends carried the business for him and he met an untimely death by beating at a drug buddy's house. Not.Pretty. The other guy died recently after serving prison time and being um..rehabilitated. Dave was the only guy I ever saw who could walk a straight line in the ER with a lethal alcohol level. Last time I saw him was there. Here's where Geno came into the picture because he and his buddy came from lord knows where and started The Deli which was really quite successful. It was the ONLY respectable place for single women to have a beer and some food. Sometime's we'd drink beer and shoot biggie. Pat was the cook and she and Noler pretty much kept it running.

At that time my cousins Toby and Debbie worked with a urologist who regularly prescribed a can of beer for kidney stone patients. He would bring them out there to drink and eat. Great boss! He is the very same one who brought my wore-ass out self to tears during a Saturday night on call for 16 hours. County didn't have it going on, just saying. I missed out on retirement $$ from them by a couple of years, or so I was told. Seven years or less? You get nada. They were both kick ASS nurses in their day, much like my friend Joycie who officially retired today following years of faithful service to patients. When I grow up, I'm gonna' be her and all the others who have shown me that work can be fun. Joyce loves animals so I bet she'll pile up with 'em and sleep late.

The Little General in Lauderdale is still grieving but managing to move on and be grandma to four kids, two very young and two almost grown. For reasons that I shall not go into Boogs and Shannah are elsewhere so it's kind quiet but BOY do I miss them. Time heals all most wounds. I plan to enjoy my days off and live in the moment with my family and friends. And watch a shitload of TV! I might even watch "A Capitol 4th" like my parents do. Time will tell.

God Bless America ^j^

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

if tomorrow never comes

We've been to a few rodeos around here and watch a lot of Nurse Jackie so the subject of addiction is almost always on the table. Those who aren't touched in some way by addicts don't understand what good people most addicts are underneath the medicating of their pain. It's a game, something to keep your mind occupied so you don't have to feel or be in the moment. Always chasing that next high. My ex told me he was hooked on crack the very first time he smoked it and he lived to be a responsible sober adult by hitting the wall and making the only sane choice. Most people fail to realize that just because your addiction isn't something illegal, it's still a monkey on your back whether it's Facebook or opiates or sex and gambling. I've heard a lot of men use the excuse that they are "sex addicts" according to the therapist yet they're still out there trolling like it's opening day of fishing season. Addictions to certain behaviors are extremely hard to deal with like my daddy's OCD caused from his fronto-temporal dementia. This disease does NOT play. I heard today that a young man who had a history of substance abuse was found dead at the age of 25, in his truck. I didn't know him but know his family and all I could think was "there but by the grace of God go I."

As predicted Mom will be sending back every pair of pants Ms Faye ordered for her because they don't fit. Been there done that more times than I can remember with her. I was there the other day and was pickng up her room and the clothes while she got ready for a shower and she kept standing in the door nekkid talking a blue streak and telling me how to do things. It really pisses 'em off when you move their "stuff." She's got BBQ and sides ordered for the 4th so we'll get that picked up and celebrate Old Glory one more time on Calcutt farm. Usually the Johnson family has a big shindig so there's always that. For a change, the weather looks a bit balmier than usual so there's that as well. Plus I'm off for three days thanks to my friend Sue. Of course she leaves for the beach right after!

During the past ten years or so I have accepted the fact that money is power and is thus responsible for almost ALL evil in politics. Please see above reference to addictive behavior. Early voting will begin and you can bet your sweet ass my well informed self will be front and center because that's what our forefathers fought and died for...the opportunity not to be controlled by the upper crust. These are the people who fund think tanks to support their personally held religious beliefs and push them off on the rest of us. A rant? Oh nooooo...not yet.

Keep the faith ^j^

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

heat of the moment

Well as usual, there's been lots of drama. I was almost out of SRUIs and here come a pack of kids to my house after an extremely taxing day at the sawmill and I lost it. I think the 300 dollar utility bill is what set me off. I have a fairly new central unit and keep it clean so I was just totally amazed that it cost that much to stay cool in June. I paid 350 for three months usually with the old unit. Drafty old house! Plus the back door doesn't shut so the flies are every freakin' where. I got a three pack of swatters in neon at the DG the other day so it's all good unless you step on their little bodies barefoot. Then? Just ewwww. As I see it TVA is raping and plundering the natural resources of the great state of Tennessee like the Ocoee River. There are others, without a doubt.

The Olympic kayak competition was held right there in the gorge that has been created by a tiny spring up around the copper mining area. River outfitters share the power of that dam with TVA which has a very poor track record with ash spills and whatnot. The very first time we put in there was some hysterical bitch up on a rock refusing to come down or be rescued or any of that. With a life jacket! We smooth passed her and headed toward the most fun I've ever had. Everybody got wet, needless to say.

I just noticed Mr. Neely drive by so I guess he's checking out the bean plantin' situation up in that wheat stubble. The top of of the hill is dry and the bottoms are getting there. Daddy said he remembers a bean planting in August that did nothing but return the farmer his seed. How sad is that? Mother nature don't play. Sweet corn ain't ready yet and still no Sugardaddy. We shall see what tomorrow brings.