Wednesday, May 31, 2017

permaculture and a wood fire

I just finished watering the bales and lighting a fire up front which will promptly go out due to all the green and dampness.  Thats least I won't be on the front page of the State Gazette as poster girl for not watching the burn bans more closely.  There are acres of wheat out here that could be torched in a heartbeat by someone careless.  I remember one time that bean field in front of Donna's house caught fire from a downed power line and it took multiple agencies working together to get it out.  Lots of folks out there watching.  

The day I burned off the asparagus and it got away into the bean stubble I thought I was a goner because my Daddy would kill me.  Me and Debbie Cox put it out best we could with rakes and brooms and it stopped when the flames hit asphalt.  Daddy just laughed as he drove by in his Toyota truck. Silly girl!  What have you done.  

Ryan's guys did the yard yesterday evening and one dude stood knee high in poison ivy weed eating.  The other one drove like a madman making squares in the grass.  The beautiful thing about straw gardening is that every bit that you lay down and nurture will return as compost for the next season.  I've gotten two seasons out of two carelessly placed bales with a few Bonnie plants.  It beats pushing a tiller like Daddy did.  

Speaking of which, I'm really missing my parents.  It has been two years since all of the dying started and only now can I look back and see the true progression of things as they were.  If there were one wisdom I could pass to those who are seeking, it would be spend less time giving to your work and more time with family.  I was the kind who never called in with a sick kid or when I was sick myself.  For forty years I've done that and it just doesn't feel right anymore.  My first grandchild is a bun in the oven and that's what it's all about at the moment.  I'm thinking a six month plan and working it like a trojan.  

Here's the thing.  The more you give the more people expect.  Period.  They don't mean to use you but they do because they don't know any other way to be and you won't stop trying to be more.  Trust is something that comes from the gut when your inner voice is working clearly.  I believe I've found something new in that area which goes nicely with casting a line toward something better.  

I know.  I'm rambling because I can.  Bubba and I are researching details on the ash burial this past weekend because it was a one day hit and miss thing with no time to get the history straight.   More later after a chat with Kansas City.

Clarity ~

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