Wednesday, May 17, 2017

drama mamas

I am such a live and let live person that those who bitch and piss and moan literally wear me down.  They're work and on occasion I'm one of them.  Normally I stay clear of the conflict but as it swirls around you it's hard to ignore.  Friends and family also have things that are distressing and I have to set limits when discussing their issues so as not to get sucked in.  It's a learned behavior and therapy plus a desire for sanity have helped me to stay out of the fray.  

The wind is fierce and hot from the south slapping the crepe myrtle all over the tin roof of the basement steps.  I touched base with Hub who is the contact person for this family ash spreading next week and he promised to give me a call when his friends get here.  I love that little piece of history which has been added to our story by the universe.  

We are blessed this week with George Patton who is one of my all time favorite field reps and Methodists.  We discussed the changes coming with Annual Conference and who's getting whom in between calibrations, phone calls and all the rest of the chaos that is the lab.  Cousin Marilyn stopped by while I was out and left a message that she loves me and was going out to steal my car!  Gotta love it.

Millette sent me a pic this morning of my wedding day where my blushing bride self was flanked by my mother and grandmother aka Gaga.  That was 38 years ago and I looked very young which I was.  I wore my late cousin Debbie's wedding dress and the maids were dressed in yellow gingham.  Total vintage 70s cuteness. We got an emergency call from the best man on the day before that the pants to his brown tux didn't fit but that got fixed somehow.  I cried all the way down the aisle on my Daddy's arm to face my future husband in front of Willis G and Oscar Bruce at FUMC on the corner of Main and McGaughey.  It being May and all my mother was stoned on allergy meds and sat on the carpeted steps next to me before her escort down.  

My DSL went out night before last while I was watching Bloodline getting ready for season 3 so I spent 30 minutes on the phone lining up a tech visit for today.  He came and fixed a broken wire at the box on the road before I even got off.  Thanks dude!  Hotspot uses too much data.  According to the locals, I'm at the end of the line for their reach from Troy Avenue.  I expect them to cut me off any time because of the hassle of keeping one customer online.  It's my only option other than satellite which costs twice as much.  

That's all I know other than I'm uneasy about the upcoming impeachment because then all the focus goes from Trump to Pence and Ryan and that's even scarier.  Who the hell is Pence anyway????

Faithful always ~


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