Saturday, May 13, 2017

insult to injury

After a 12 hour nap I got up and ready for a 'gentral run and popped the trunk to load garbage bags.  That's when I discovered that the sonofabitch who stole my car took the spare, presumably to sell the rim.  Which I'm sure was on his agenda before he left the car at the mall.  The scrapyard is closed today ( right on Samaria Bend ) but I will be up there on Monday with asshat's picture and my car asking if anybody remembers anything.  They see so much of that kind of stuff I doubt it but who knows.  Maybe they have cameras or something.  

His bond was set at 12,500 in court yesterday so here's hoping nobody cares enough to get him out because my keys are still out there floating around somewhere.  From what I hear the guy who found him asleep in his truck is over six feet tall and dude is a scrawny little fucker.  He had broken INTO the truck and was taking a little nap.  I also noticed that when I picked the car up the tire iron was right next to the driver's seat  meaning he was ready to whack something or somebody.  The whole thing makes me physically sick.  

It's a whole 'nother world out there on the streets amongst the thieves and addicts.  Most crimes of this type are committed by someone feeding a drug habit, and around here it's usually meth or crack or opiates.  TONS of meth because we are redneck central.  

I went to Hulu to watch the handmaids and found that I've changed cards since I last logged in.  Oh well.  That can wait for payday.  Meanwhile, the garbage folks have cut me off and I don't blame them.  It was nice while it lasted.  I'm in the hole because of having to pay the towing bill unexpectedly.  Thanks scrawny little mofo meth head.  

This is the second mother's day without hearing mine's voice.  Last year I went into total meltdown mode and cried all day.  This year I will honor her with a vase of peonies at her grave.  I had hoped that BG could come home for a couple of days so we could be together.  We'll see how things work out.  With both of us working and no backup plus one car and 45 miles between us it's like working a puzzle.  

I'm going through hand me downs from Katie and keeping the onesies that are gender neutral.  There are promises all over of a swing, pack and play, high chair and more.  Reaves will totally have what she needs.  I feel for BG being mega pregnant in August and September.  Been there done that and it wasn't fun.  

If you see Jessie Pinkman on a bike holla ~

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