Sunday, May 28, 2017


Quite by accident I had some visitors today who were scattering ashes behind the dairy barn.  Bubba and Hub had told me what the plan was and I got a call to come and be a witness.We met and talked they walked up through the poison ivy with me to do the deed.  The ashes were from 2006 and 2017 respectively, mother and son.  They are together on that knoll now, Miller and Anne.  Tears were flowing and I said a little prayer in spite of myself.  In the name of father, the son and the holy spirit,  Amen.

I've been watching too much Bloodline and it's getting really heavy so I needed a break and ran to the chicken store.  The laundry is started and Patrick brought supper.  All is well.  Last night was wave after wave of thunderstorms according to weather underground and their alerts.  I heard them but didn't seek shelter.  I figure if it's dangerous my brother will call me.  He's a weatherman and all.

Ashley and I talked out front while she was taking a break about that feeling of being trapped in a job.  That place is a madhouse full of idiot customers 24/7.  It's the only store between Four Points and Dyersburg since the Plaza and Dairy Queen washed away.  Well, there's Bag a Burger but you have to wait.  

This is a food desert.  Outside of Dollar Generals and fast food there is nothing.  It's like a major ordeal to navigate Lake Road over to Kroger which is why I rarely go.  If someone had the money to invest in a grocery store near the airport they would be giving everybody a break and could make a million. 

I'm just rambling and dreaming.  That's what time off is for. 

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