Tuesday, May 30, 2017

the devil in the details

Four days away from the sawmill gave me just enough vision to see what it would be like without having to face the drama every day.  It is presently 85 degrees and holding so I suppose it's time for irrigation system launch the redneck water hose.  That requires going out in the heat again which I'm not fond of.  What a dilemma.

Season 3 gave me the incentive to go back and start over with Bloodline.  There are SO many layers with all the flashbacks and such.  As soon as I get paid me and the boys are going to see Dr. Pierce and get some itch relief.  Oscar hasn't had a cut since he's been here and both of them scratch the shit out of my arms in joy to see me.  Also, if Oscar is settled in next to me and I move quickly, he's been known to bite a foot.  It will take a mega doggie valium to get him clean.  Pierce bought Daddy's herd when they went out of the cattle business and I see him often at the chicken store early morning after he and Ava have visited the farm on Sorrell's Chapel.

I long for a simple life where I can make ends meet without stressing over every little thing.  Right now my home is the only solace I have and it's got a todiefor view.  Just saying.  I hit a squirrel on the way home today and apologized to his dead body in the rearview.  In my Pollyanna mind, he got up and scampered off to the tree.  



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