Friday, May 12, 2017

taking care of business

My brothers and daughter and I have talked about my final wishes which include cremation and a memorial stone in Gerald's front yard burial ground all legal and whatnot thanks to Bubba. I have always been fascinated by the place and even climbed through sticker bushes before it was cleaned out.  It's a well maintained and shaded spot near the Forked Deer river on a slight hill which I fell down once and tore a hamstring.  That shit bad~ My whole leg turned purple and I couldn't sit for about 3  months.  Lauren was there with me and it freaked her out!

Thank you sweet baby jeebus, today was better at the sawmill.  I was so tired after the past three days that I overslept this morning.  That's what the "meh" was about.  I have really cool neighbors and Pat stopped by for a beer and some chat yesterday on his way to mow the yard.  Mamye was doing the first of a three day run delivering Mother's Day flowers.  I talked to many people and told the same story about 100 times.  The jokes are still flying about the ugliest car in that lot getting stolen.  Dude will be incarcerated for a very long time...just saying.  He's got a rap sheet a mile long at 26.  What a waste of life.

I've been so busy I only that Trump is heading at warp speed to the end of his not so historical term because people don't like it when he fires the head of the agency invesgating his election for fraud and or tampering.  It's good to see Kelly Baby out there cheering for him again.  She's been out of sight for some time thank goodness.  My next show is the Handmaiden one.  That should help my attitude toward the government, right?  

Peace be still ^j^

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