Thursday, May 11, 2017


I'm sitting here waiting on a stray thunderstorm to water my garden which will probably happen according to weather underground.  It's like only without the ads.  There's a handy little phone app.  I should probably sprinkle a few osmocote pellets beforehand.

I called the DPD today to see what's up with little car thief but the Captain didn't return my call.  Voicemail for all!  I did get an answer at county that the perp didn't have any keys on him when booked early yesterday.  He probably dropped them in the mall.  

On so many levels I am weary.  At 61 I cannot continue to do the job of two people that requires constant motion on bad tennis shoes plus a side of stress.  Life is short, and then you die. I finished up 13 Reasons and was amazed at the dedication of this production crew to bring up these issues and play them out.  This shit is real and happens everyday just like crackheads stealing cars.  

There are no rose colored glasses here.  Just the truth~

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