Friday, May 26, 2017

adventures with dermatology

My derm friend hit a lot of spots today with nitrous and some kind of shot for the wart that will not die.  I paid cash for the co-pay thanks to a generous benefactor.  Kent and I go all the way back to his move here from San Diego.  I met his lovely wife Laura that day and also Melissa.  She and Lauren became fast friends.  He and I worked together in a number of settings and he has always been fun.  Kim is on much needed vacay but I have return appointments so I'll catch up with her then.

I last talked to Mamye yesterday afternoon.  I called her up to chat only to find that she and Hippie are at the hospital where he was admitted last night.  That is NOT a privacy violation because she told me as a friend.  We're playing "i'm dealing with all this" tag so there will be more updates.  You can tell there are storms brewing because the wind is from the south and hot.  I stopped by Hub's body shop today to touch base with him on the burial this weekend.  I'm trying to work with that and an invitation to a picnic meet and greet with a certain group in Jackson.  

The beautiful thing about giving up control is that peace comes.  I believe that if one searches his or her soul and determines what is right and true, the rest will work itself out.  Call me Pollyanna but that's my mother in me I reckon.  She was a control freak from the get go but we all enjoyed her entertaining!!!! I visited the mayor this morning prior to therapy and stopped by the cabin to pick a single yellow glad that is daddy's legacy.  It's sad there now and I don't go much.

I will refrain from being political today and just ask everybody to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  The Trump train is about to derail and there will be chaos. When the Pope gives you the evil eye, your number is up.

I believe I can fly~

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