Thursday, May 18, 2017

today's news

Okay, I am totally floored that Trump is considering Uncle Joe for FBI director unless there is something about his becoming an indpendent that I'm missing.  At a time when this country should be moving forward and seeking change for the masses the media and the GOP are still rehashing old news like Benghazi and Hillary's emails.  Both were mistakes and cannot be undone.  Let it go.  

I've never been a big grunge fan but was shocked to hear about the suicide of Chris Cornell following a show in Detroit.  Who knows what the demons were, but evidently it was bad enough to be done with a life that included a stunning career in music and a family.  More shades of 13 Reasons I reckon.  

Tomorrow is payday and hopefully there will be enough to pay off the tires, internet, garbage pickup and more plus buy a little food.  My dinners lately have consisted of cheese sammiches and fast food reheated.  I have one tiny little head of brocolli on the one plant that survived the early planting.  I'm ready for round two in ernest after Patrick's tilling.  More compost and straw are on Saturday's to do list.  

The orange day lilies are heavy with buds that should show up pretty soon and then the spring flowers will be gone.  That's always a bummer.  Even the hostas are sending out the shoots that will bear flowers.  We're about a month ahead of usual on everything.  

Watch out for snakes ~

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