Friday, May 5, 2017

a different wakeup

I dreamed heavily this morning and fought to come out of the fog of sleep at 830ish.  This old girl was tired.  I wandered to Sonic for breakfast and hit up the shady 'gentral before heading to the Lannom Center to help my friend set up.  I carried books and pictures and she hauled that table in like a warrior woman.  I then began my treatment which was sheer joy.  One woman who was scoping things out came by and asked "is she okay?" because I was laid out real still.  She and another guy made plans to come back by.  While I was there on the table Yaya came in with her stuff from Hexpol so we got to visit as well.  Score on the ink pen and tiny tape measure.

It makes me kind of proud to see so many businesses, many of them small and thriving in our area.  An expo like this is the perfect way to showcase what's good and up and coming in the community.  I watched one woman assemble this huge sign thing from metal parts that she carried in a bag.  Amazing. Abby and Cindy from French's were there delivering sweets to yet another booth.  Y'all run on out there. It's from 2-7.

Guess what? It's raining again.  

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