Wednesday, May 10, 2017

lost and found

My car is unmistakably tacky and loud to say the least.  However it has four new tires and a door handle which I cherish.  After being dropped off at home and visiting with Mamye and cussing a blue streak about thieves, I settled in for my daily piddle.  Jillzy called me late afternoon and said she had seen my car parked at the mall and the guy was headed into JC Penney, presumably to steal some more stuff.  She quickly called 311 to report on the situation.  About an hour later I got a call from a cop telling me my car had been found abandoned in the parking lot.  I had no way to get there and wasn't sure where the keys were so it had to be towed.  

This morning I called good old Ann at Patterson Brothers to find out what to do.  The towing cost, on me, was 137 bucks with tax and luckily I had that amount to get it out of the lot.  I am broke as a goose now, but that's not unusual.  I needed my car.  The rental was cancelled and the Progressive agent was thrilled to not have to pay anything but the 37 bucks over my co-pay.  

My little friend took me to the lot where I found the trusty Camry wedged tightly between 2 other vehicles.  What I found when I opened the door was a shocker.  Before he abandoned the car this guy had stolen ANOTHER bike and it was in the backseat, crushing my prescription glasses.  There was a backpack in the front seat and the white Jessie Pinkman style hoodie he had been wearing was stuck under something in the back floorboard.  Umm..okay.  So I went to the PD and asked to see the captain in charge with this additional evidence.  They took pics and removed said items.  Though they did not share the information with me, I found that he was booked into county this morning for some other mischief.  Captain said to contact him tomorrow for a full report on my particular part of the ongoing investigation of a crackhead on the lam.  There was some odd looking set of keys stuck in the ignition and thank God I had found the other set.  However, that leaves the original keys either still in his possession or in a personal belongings bag at the jail.  I feel very violated and it's creepy thinking about this idiot driving around in my car.  I hope they throw the book at his sorry ass.  And also that I get my keys back.

My buddy nicknamed me grand theft auto today and the whole sawmill has been abuzz with the goings on.  I'm just glad it's over for now.  Please call me as a witness for the prosecution.  Pretty please.

I had forgotten what it's like to be putting out fires all day while trying to work and keep up.  It's not a good feeling but I did it for a lot of years when my parents were alive.  And, of course, I would do it all again.  

Forward ~

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  1. You have ever right to feel everything you're currently feeling. I'm happy they got the thief.