Friday, May 5, 2017

baby face

I got to meet my in-utero granddaughter today during Lauren's ultrasound.  She was quite active and moving hands and feet every which a way even at 9 ounces.  According to the doc and ultrasound lady everything was perfectly on track for where she is in the pregnancy.  After that we grubbed out at Rafferty's and I remembered how much I  miss eating there back when I had money.  Not that I had it today but by golly it was a celebration of Reaves girls and we had leftovers so there you go.  
It was storming in Jackson when I got up and cleared out of Dyersburg just as I was leaving.  The wind is pretty high so I fought with that all the way back on 412.  Turned out to be a gorgeous day though a bit nippy.  Sometime when I was occupied, Mamye left a tears.  She is heading to the vet clinic right now to have her old friend Tipper put down.  She's down to just two cats and both are elders.  I feel her pain just like she felt mine.  

The circle of life....ain't it amazing ?

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