Wednesday, May 3, 2017

MFR tip of the day

My friend Gay is a myofascial release therapist who was trained by the physical therapist who invented the technique, John Barnes and she has traveled the world to do so.  Tomorrow at the Lannom Center the chamber of commerce will be hosting a small business expo.  Gay will be there giving samples of what she does best and will most certainly have her table up front and center.  The treatment consists of stretching the fascia that surrounds the whole body like a web.  When there is injury from trauma, repetitive motion or plain old stress the fascia contracts and causes pain, sometimes at a totally different site.  Five minute positional holds plus some arm pulling and a side of psoas and you're in business.  Insurance doesn't pay for this because as we know they're not about wellness.  So uh...what's up with all those PT clinics??  Y'all go see what the whole thing is about.  Tomorrow from 2-7.  I'm sure there will be a lot of cute jewelry too plus the fabulous folks from The Mill Workspace.  Maybe I can pick up a new ink pen or two ;) 

I ran into Sophie's daddy's keeper at work and he offered his condolences for our loss.  Only animal lovers truly get that pain.  They are so loyal and compassionate.  He has Maggie and Chester, father and daughter and his son has a black lab and golden retriever named Reece.  How perfect for that family.

Honor thy father and thy mother ^j^

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