Monday, May 29, 2017

free day

On this the day that we celebrate the lives of those who died for our country inservice, I say thank you to all who have served to protect our freedoms.  A lot of them are threatened and not just by enemies abroad.  Freedom of speech is pretty risky these days and downright dangerous in a peaceful protest situation as we have seen with Occupy and Standing Rock.  Our foretathers weep over that one even if they did run an entire nation out of their homes and industrialize it.  

Writing the name Trump is not worth typing five letters anymore so I vow never to do it again unless I forget and am on a rant.  The more attention he gets, the looser his cannon is.  I have a feeling that a lot of heads are gonna' roll, not just his.  

As a lifelong healthcare provider I have reach out to the governor and both senators of Tennessee regarding healthcare. 
They acknowledge that they "hear" me but continue to try and kill medicaid while protecting big pharm and insurance.  If it were not for TennCare, my grandchild would not be getting the top notch pre-natal care she's receiving.  Those who are at a point in life where insurance premiums are out of reach such as minimum wage workers are often not offered healthcare as a benefit.  Such is the case with her.  I do not believe in entitlements for those who work the system.  That's why we're in the shape we're in.  The oversight is pitiful for Medicare fraud and abuse which the biggest reason that the price tag is so high in the industry.

I took a break and talked to Lorna for an hour about hopes and dreams and gratitude.  It was uplifting and positive which is what I crave these days.  The effects of the nitrous are showing now with a lot of skin sluffing which is okay by me.  Kill the squamous.  

Time to hook up the redneck waterhose ~

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