Saturday, May 6, 2017

reaching out

That's another one of those politcally correct terms that gets wayyyy overused in the corporate world and gets on my nerves.  That being said I "reached out" to the governor and both senators of the State of Tennessee regarding the ACA repeal.  As this is a hot topic presently, both senators had generic emails waiting with which to reply with Corker's sounding a whole lot friendlier than Lamar's.  No word from Haslam yet but it is the weekend.  

My newest addiction is 13 Reasons Why.  It is masterfully crafted in a way that you never know which twist will take you on that turn.  Who among us has not asked "why" in the face of tragedy whe the truth is that the reasons are usually multiple.  I can sense the frustration not just of the teenagers but of the parents and teachers attempting to do their part to "fix" things.  When things get too heavy I just jump back into Grace and Frankie.

All is well here.  The little alien baby who shall be named Reaves is doing well and so is her mama.  We will share this Mother's day in some form or fashion even if by phone or card.  Heather and Joe are in town with AJ so I'm excited about meeting him too!

The sex count for lab grandbabies now stands at 2 and 2 all stairstepped to be born beginning in August.  Talk about some picture swapping!  

This is the day that the Lord has made ~

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